Solar (Element) is a combination element, created by combining the Fire and Light elements.


Combining the incendiary nature and raw power of Fire with the piercing capabilities and compact feature of the Light element results in an element with great offensive power, atypical of most Light combinations. Due to its components, Solar attacks typically take the form of either concentrated energy balls, or powerful laser-like blasts. The Solar element is typically focused on long-range offensive combat, with few techniques meant for close-range fighting or defense. In terms of appearance, Solar techniques are typically pinkish-red in coloration and laser-like in form. However, some techniques have a slightly flame-like texture to them.

While Solar-elemental attacks do indeed take after the Light element in the fact that the attacks are compact and concentrated, it doesn't lack any of Fire's raw power and burning capabilities. Combined with the piercing prowess of the Light element, this makes it easy for Solar attacks to pierce through most defenses with minimal loss in power. Because of its compact yet destructive capabilities, the Solar element is capable of extreme pinpoint aim or wreaking mass destruction. This makes the Solar element perfect for both facets of long-range warfare; full-frontal destructive and explosive combat aimed at hordes of enemies, or extreme long-distance sniping of selective targets.

The power and piercing capabilities of the Solar element results in few elements who can take on Solar-elemental attacks. In fact, no base element has an outright resistance to the Solar element. However, the Solar element is marked by a severe lack of close-range attacks. This means that a person's best bet is to close the range between themselves and a Solar user. Another possible (although improbable and ill-advised) option is to attempt to beat Solar-elemental attacks when it comes to raw power. While technically possible, the piercing capabilities of Solar attacks makes it difficult.

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