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Hair and Fur: Pearly white/silver

Eyes: Watery Blue

Skin: very pale

Other: Dark blue markings on tips of ears. Burnt orange markings on quills/hair
Blue, cyan, and pale orange dress that can be turned inside out to reveal a peach, orange, and soft blue dress.

Dark blue hand-less gloves

Dark blue choker with sun charm/Pink choker with moon charm

Gold earrings

Gold crown with red rubies and a single heart


Bracelets with moons on them/Bracelets with suns on them

"Hehe, lets play again sometime~"

"Have I let you down Mr Moon?"
Her Crown

Sun and Moon elements



Sol is a cute hedgehog who is princess of the Crescent Kingdom. Which is known to be ruled by the moon, while another part of it as ruled by the sun. Because of this, Sol has both Moon and Sun abilities. She is ageless, which most account for her princess-ness of such a lovely Kingdom.

Sol is currently single but has been set up multiple times. But she's clearly never shown an interest and managed to get out of it. Her best friend is a small orange flicky bird named Momoko.

Theme Song: Moon, a vocaloid song.


Sol is a pearly-white furred girl with very pale muzzle, chest, stomach, and inside ears. Her eyes are bright blue in color, often which make her seem as if she is crying. Most-likely from her title and position in life, she has deep blue markings on the tips of her ears and orange markings along her hair/quills.

Sol has a frame similar to Amy's with almost the same frame/bust. Though she is just slightly taller.


File:Sol alternative dress.png
Sol being a princes wears many fancy gowns. All of which are reversable due to being of both the sun, and moon. The normal side is moon, while the other side is sun. She often shifts it as to wear both sides.

Her most common outfit is a medium blue dress with shoulder pad styled sleeves and lighter blue markings along it. At the center is a small orange heart jewel with creamy orange ruffles. The inside of her dress is cream orange as well. The sunny variant of the dress is peach colored with orange/pink, and pale blue coloring.

She wears many pieces of jewelry, bracelets, a choker with a sun/moon gem on it, earrings, a crown, and rings.

Another dress she wears is a much shorter, cute everyday style of the previous dress mentioned (as shown on the left.) Consisting of a blue dress with princess-puff sleeves and small peach ruffles, a V-cut at the chest and a moon and sun printed on both sides of the dress. In the center of the skirt is a peach upside down V shape and thick cyan ruffles. She wears cresent moon earrings, a dark blue choker with moon attached, and dark blue boots with red ribbons.


  • Sun and Moon elemental, as mentioned
  • She can spindash, somewhat.
  • Luna Ring: Small crescent moon shaped beams
  • Sunny Bomb: A little bomb that explodes in a ball of light.
  • Golden Daze: Hits the target with her crown
  • Mid-day to Midnight spin: Uses both of her sun and moon charms, Sol summons both a hot and cold tornado.


A sweet princess who is often titled as "The cute moon princess" by others. But Sol isn't full of herself, she's
File:Sunrise Sol.png
very gentle and passive. She will only attack if someone is forcing her to. She will do whatever it takes in order to save her kingdom and people.

She is also known as "The daydreaming princess" as she tends to fall asleep or put her focus elsewhere during meetings. Sol doesn't care about many serious things, but again she is like a typical princess in the way that she dearly loves her people and land. She doesn't like it when others try to threaten it.

Sol has an admiration for Sonic the hedgehog too.


  • Fancy, pretty things
  • Elegance
  • Midnight strolls
  • Exploring new sights
  • Chao/Flickies
  • Jewelry of all shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Nice people


  • Mean/rude people
  • Snobs, or those who assume a Princess is helpless or a jerk due to being royal
  • Dirty things
  • Lectures
  • Things she seems honestly boring
  • Being busy
  • Harm coming to her kingdom of course!



  • "Let the sunshine in!"
  • "Lets give thanks to the beautiful scenes above us"


  • "Aw.... I really thought the sun was guiding me today..."
  • "I really thought I had it this time...."
  • "Oh well, that was fun anyway!"


  • "The sun and moon are your friend, so I'm your friend too~!"'
  • "I promise to lend my powers the best I can. If I die it doesn't mean I failed. Please! Let me have a chance to make things better!"


  • Sol is somewhat colored like Silver, but has quills like Shadow. She has no relation to either however.
  • She has no connection to emeralds. Despite what many would think
  • Sol dreams of exploring the world someday and often contemplates on how to achieve it.
  • No matter how different she tries to change her appearence, people can still tell its her.
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