Soul Emeralds
The Sol Emeralds are a set of seven emeralds of great power that originates from the Sol Dimension. Just like their inter-dimensional counterpart, the Chaos Emeralds, they are usually the sought out by heroes and villains alike due to the great power they possess. They appear in Sonic Rush, as well as in its sequel Sonic Rush Adventure, where they are guarded by Blaze the Cat. They are emerald cut gems, as opposed to the brilliant cut Chaos Emeralds.

History in Fanon

EN?GMA headcanon

While the Chaos Emeralds are known to "turn thoughts into power", the Sol Emeralds are known to "burn thoughts into fire". However both sets of emeralds still radiate energy simular to one another which attracts them when in same dimension. Blaze can especially use these emeralds due to her advance pyrokinesis. As fire itself is a known source of energy, the emeralds are also used through combustion or thermal energy.

BearfootTruck's universe

The Sol Emeralds are used as a MacGuffin in "The Fakest Things Alive". Ever hungry for power, Dr. Robotnik cooks up a new plan to steal the Emeralds: He's created a machine known as the Inter-Dimensional Molecular Relocation Device, or IDMRD for short. Basically, it allows someone to teleport objects from another dimension into this one. Unfortunately for the Doctor, the machine breaks down after teleporting two of the Sol Emeralds, prompting Blaze to try to get them back. Although she gets captured, Knuckles & Silver rescue her, thus allowing her to take her stolen Emeralds back. Near the end of the story, Blaze summons the power of the Sol Emeralds to transform into Burning Blaze when fighting Ogorki


  • Even before the release of Sonic Rush, the Chaos Emeralds had an emerald cut design in Sonic 3D Blast.


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