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The Sol Dimension is a fictional place in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a place that is known to be where Blaze the Cat, and Marine the Raccoon. As the name suggests, it is the dimension with the known Sol Emeralds. It is not highly known, but however, it is heard of in the Sonic Rush series.

Places/Planets In The Sol Dimension

Kingdom KinetiX

A Kingdom created by user Famotill. Here people of what are called "Second Branch Kinetics".Here almost everyone has a Kinetic ability. The Kingdom has a friendly relationship with Blaze's Kingdom. The former King was killed after an attempt to destroy the Sol Dimension with the help of Eggman Nega (as he would use the shattered remains as NegaWorld. Or as he called the destruction "Cheap Construction"). All in all, Kingdom Kinetix is a peaceful Kingdom with many diverse people and powers. If you would like you may certainly add your characters as citizens of Kingdom Kinetix.
50 castle-wr

A general Look of the KinetiX castle


Splash The Cat

Short The Cat

Candy The Mouse

Lola The Mouse(Deceased)

Prince KintetiX (Deceased)

White The Hedgehog(Incarcerated)

Bugz The Bunny

Sparks The Bat

Terry The Bear

Professor Cheese


Ruby The Cat


Shard the hedgehog


Solaria is where Princess Nikki Percival Kaji was born. All of the the residents in her kingdom are called Solarians. The King of Solaria goes by the name Ferdinand, and the Queen goes by the name Serena. People live in peace and harmony on Solaria. Then there's the villain of the kingdom, Dr. Eggman Nega. Whenever he invades the kingdom, the royal family puts a stop to it. You can welcome your characters to the kingdom if you'd like.


Nikki the Hedgehog (Moved away to Mobius)

King Ferdinand

Queen Serena

Planet Kyron

Planet Kyron is the residence where Selene the bat, Fable the fox, and Solaria the hedgehog where born. This is another reason how Fable gained her nickname. The king and queen of this kingdom are Queen Ebony, and King Reynaldo.


Ivory "Fable" Harris (daughter of the king and queen, ran away to Mobius.)

Selene the bat (Resident, moved to Mobius, but remembers nothing of her past)

Solaria the Hedgehog (sent to look for Ivory.) (Named after the planet)

Queen Ebony

King Reynaldo

Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse (the planet gets its name from Its constant dark side) is a peaceful world with a great economy and trade. But Eclipse has an excessive amount of crime going on with in it. Many crime orginzations like the U.C.L and Bomb Shells usually commit acts such as thief, counterfeiting, and even murder.
Planet jpeg-1-

Planet Eclipse


Ridel the Porcupine

Hazel the Hedgehog

Cools the Hedgehog

Falone the Porcupine

Bombshell the Porcupine

Rust the Fox

U.C.L (United Crime Lords)

President Laziano the Bat

Riot the Racoon

Blitz the Racoon

Revenge the Racoon


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