Snowy Valley, a humble, quiet little valley and plain has served as home to the Snow Hare Clan, Harriet the Snow Hare, along with some of the Ermine Clan, one of these notable Ermine residents being the family of Angus the Ermine. Other notable places that exist in this location are Planet Disco, a party/hangout igloo hub run by Moon the Snowy Owl, Priscilla the Snowy Owl's older sister, who serves as the manager and owner of the hub, playing a role similar to Rouge the Bat's business.


Snowy Valley is often times cold, and surprisingly windy. Since the area is mostly composed of plains and there are hardly any obstacles, when thunderstorms or snowstorms strike, it can be extremely dangerous to travel through on foot and out in the open.

The inhabitants are well aware of these conditions, and are extremely cautious whenever it is night and when they go outside. Children are warned to play nearest their homes and seldom are allowed to go out to the plains or into the woods without a partner or family member coming with them.


Snowy Valley, thus named by any and all who visited and had become residents since its founding, was first colonized by the snow hare Mobians, and have dwelt there even before the conflict between all the species of Mobian and the Clans were created. It is even possible that at the time of The Battle of Dark Gai versus Light Gai, that they had lived there and had drawn the cave drawings that are supposedly still visible in the Snowy Valley Underpass.

Significant Populations

Some scattered members of the Ermine Clan live here, along with huge, family groups of the Snow Hare Clan.

Notable Areas

Snowy Valley Underpass

An underpass that cuts into an underground series of caves that interlock into mazes or catacombs under the surface of Snowy Valley itself. There are said to be wall drawings that depict days of long ago that are drawn there.

Planet Disco

The passage that leads down into that cave is literally built under Planet Disco, a party/hangout igloo hub run by Moon the Snowy Owl. No one goes down to the cave's below without Moon's say-so. Planet Disco is located above ground, on the outskirts of the scattered wooded area. Many Mobians of different clans, tourists, and sometimes humans come there to hangout and party all day long. This is also an emergency base for the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters, in case if something were to happen to their HQ in Ice Floe Falls.

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