Cquote1 Snow Element Humanoid, transform!! Cquote2
Snowey's transfromation phrase.

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Snowey the Kitsune is a fan-character created by FlowerOfTheWind. He's an anthropomorphic kitsune who has the ability to manipulate ice.


He looks like many Mobian foxes. He has cyan fur and light cyan eyes. He also wears purple sneakers.


He's mostly sad and quiet, explaining why he is always seen as a loner when he sits in the stormy weather. He can also be seen as nervous when meeting new people, especially humans in Station Square. He's mostly hated by fellow Element Humanoids for not following the leader's orders, and instead spending his time sitting, crying for his mother (who's actually dead).


Like many other humanoids, his early history is unknown and that he got his anxiety/depression after a freak incident which happened to him as a kid (which he's not gonna tell about until you're old enough (such as 18 and so on).


  • His original name was Snowey the Fox.
  • His Element Humanoid transformation is "Snow Element Humanoid".
  • He also had the ability to manipulate water as well.
  • Snowey is a pun on "Snowy".
  • He's the third character from FlowerOfTheWind's universe to be identified as a recolour.
  • It is unknown if Snowey has a father or if he's still alive.
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