This is an article about Snowbound Zone, a location created by Chamesthehero.

Snowbound Zone is a prominent zone featured inside the continent of Soumerca, Mobius. It was featured within Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero.

One of the most infamous locations inside the continent, it once featured a small village within its gracious white-colored snow and cold temperatures. This location was first introduced within Reign of Darkness, and serves as the home of Rikai the Hedgehog and Madam Weiss until the former annihilated it from existence.

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Ecology and Climate

Most of the environment is covered with snow plains and hills. Throughout the whole year, the location features numerous hailstorms and cold temperatures. It is located in the far southeastern part of the continent, adjacent to Razor Zone, south of Scorched Dunes, and northeast of Mormon Woods.

Higurashi OST - Hayashi

Higurashi OST - Hayashi

Snowbound Zone's theme.

Despite having a negative reputation, Snowbound is also famous for its fields of white snow and beautiful auroras. Most travelers often find themselves gazing at its beautiful horizon; it is a rather common place for sightseeing.

While its inhabitants adapted to its harsh, cold temperatures, vegetation within the region is scarce. The most valuable source of food is the harmless Mobini snow rabbits and other small animals that dwell inside its plains.

History and Appearances



Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Notable Areas

There are multiple inhabitants of note in Snowbound Zone.

  • Snowbound Village: An ancient village of hedgehogs that, due to a mysterious genetic trait, inherited ice-bending abilities. The village itself was infamous because of the presence of an ominous local cult.
    • Rikai's Residence A shadowy, wooden house that belonged to Rikai and his mother.
    • Snowbound Library: A massive, sturdy library which sheltered the survivors of Razor Zone's invasion in the series. It was a relatively wide library that contained many book shelves and isles.

Notable Inhabitants

There are multiple inhabitants of note within Snowbound Zone.

Fun Facts

  • Snowbound Zone's original name was Ice Clan of Soumerca.
    • Its current name alludes to a web server from the massively-popular MMORPG Club Penguin.
  • It shares many similarities in appearance with Northern Tundra, a location from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.
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