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Cquote1 "There are only two rules you have to follow here: one is

survival, two is instinct. You break either one and your dead." Cquote2

Snow the Arctic Wolf informing Scourge on the rules of survival that have to be followed in Holoska


A snow white wolf with light blue eyes. His attire is black cuffs on wrists and legs with white gloves, blue and white boots with black soles. His fur is snow white. His ears stick out from the sides of his head. The outside of eyes have black lines shielded next to the sides of the eye. His hair is white and covers his head down to his shoulders. He has a lot of chest fur and neck fur, plus fur on his arms, legs and tail.

When in Were-wolf transformation, eyes shrink to thin, small slits, height increases to 4' 10", muzzle grows longer, feet and hands reduce to wolf paws and feet with sharp black claws, hair grows bigger and more wild, and he develops sharp teeth.


Though kind, honest and openly friendly, Snow is usually protective and aware, always keeping his mind open and always on guard. Like a dog, Snow will warm up to someone overtime, and will become mentally and emotionally attached to that person, protecting them with guard dog like instincts and aiding them in anyway he can, regardless of dangerous circumstances and/or risks of life. He can sometimes be stubborn and persistent when protecting someone, himself, and/or others. When set to a task, he won't rest till he has accomplished what he has set out to do.

When in Were-wolf form, he's more wild dog than Mobian, and his speech isn't clear or recognizable, so he often talks in grunts, growls, wining, and other verbal dog noises. But he keeps his protective and dominant dog genes, but often through more violent means.


Early Life

Snow was born and raised in his Clan and stayed there till he reached the age of five years old. From the moment of birth, his parents found out about his Were-wolf transformation, and, fearing for their son's safety, sent him away to survive on the outskirts of the forest and later the White Sea. Eventually, though, a year later, Snow returned to his Clan, only to find out his parents had been banished upon the Clan Elders discovering that Snow had Were-wolf powers, and later Snow was banished as well, this time taking refuge on the White Sea.

A New Life on the White Sea

Years later, at eight years old, Snow was exploring the White Sea, and found a stranded ship. Exploring it, he found a young Harper Seal that was tied up in a fishing net. After saving her and bringing her to his igloo, Snow learned her name was Ava and the two developed a fast friendship. A couple of months later, the two friends were attacked and bullied by a group known as The Tundra Rogues, a group of united Mobians of other Clans, that were banished, abandoned, or betrayed their own Clans, led by the vicious Striker the Wolf. Snow managed to fight back and scare Striker and his gang away, but they've been enemies ever since.

New Friends and Enemies

Two years later, Snow met an Ermine family that lived around Snow Valley and befriended an Ermine named Angus. After learning about Snow's current, lonely state, Angus's family offered Snow to stay with them, and so he did. Much, much later, Snow met an Arctic Fox named Lea who had run away from her Clan for reasons only she knew, and the two became good friends. Months later, Snow heard about the Alpine Dark Egg Legion, and organized his friends, and later others, which became known as the Alpine Freedom Fighters.

Reunion and Now Revealed Secrets

Several months later, with help from one of the Elders of Snow's Clan, who was also a Were-wolf, Snow learned of his parents' whereabouts and soon was reunited with them after five years without them. He also learned that the lead Elder of his Clan was corrupted by the Eggman Empire, and had been manipulating his Clan into war with the other Clans and endangering the human villages. Now with his father and mother with him, together, they exposed the corrupted Elder, exiling him to the White Sea, and Snow's own father took up the task of lead Elder till the time was right for a true leader to arise.

Powers & Abilities

Werewolf transformation. When in transformation, Snow's speed and hunting abilities are strengthened. His strength, agility, smell, sight, and hearing are also heightened.


Well athletic and fast, often through movement of running on all four limbs, or just two. Can run at speeds near (but not exact) to Sonic. Can dodge, jump, and climb objects with ease and grace.

Able to hear and smell an enemy or someone from a mile away through concentrated focus.


Since he is both stubborn and persistent at times, he often puts himself in a dangerous position, thus endangering himself and/or the lives of others.

When he eats, or digests chocolate, his dog genes react, which causes him to go into fits, fainting, Were-wolf form at random, or weakened to the state of exhaustion, no use in limbs, even involuntary bathroom problems.

When in Were-wolf form, he is able to endure deadly, even painful wounds, but when he is back in his normal form, he is easily taken by the effects and faints or goes mad with the pain and runs off into the woods till he recovers.

Sometimes, when enraged or upset, Snow will turn into a Were-wolf at random, and usually lose control to the beast within, making him unable to recognize faces, smells, and voices. When this happens, he can often be taken off guard and taken out easily. He goes "savage" in other words.

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