Cquote1 A thief has to run out of town as fast as he can, but a good conman can leave whenever he wants. Cquote2

Snike the Weasel
2 ft. 9 in.
45 lbs
Station Square
August 18
Con artist


Snike is a fast talker and displays an air of confidence. He's even more weaselly than his son, Klinx. He can talk you end to buying a pile of garbage and be gone before you even realize what happened. Also, he is very outgoing and never hesitates to speak up, even when he shouldn't. He enjoys living life as one adventure after another, constantly moving around due to his various cons. However, this nature doesn't give him a very strong sense of responsibility or loyalty, usually doing things purely in his own self interest. The only exception to this is the fact that he genuinely cares about his son. Snike regrets not having been a better father to Klinx when he was growing up, and wishes he could do more to make it up to him.

Snike is cunning and as would be expected he is hard to trick. He is good at inferring things from a situation. An interesting tendency of his is giving people nicknames. He has a lot of stories as well, although it is unknown how much of them is actually true. Be careful though, because items have a tendency to disappear when Snike is around.

Physical Characteristics


Snike is a grey weasel with a lighter grey fluffy muzzle and light grey chest fur. He has teal eyes and a hooked tail. He also has some hair that comes down onto his forehead.


Snike wears a beige fedora-type hat, white gloves, and brown loafers.


Snike has no outstanding physical abilities. He claims his only real talent is his ability to read people, which is something he is very good at. He is also a very good actor and can put on very convincing performances to make you believe him. He is able to pick locks, pockets, hot wire cars, and other such skills. His pocket picking skills are such that you don't even realize he got close enough to you but suddenly your ATM card is gone. Snike is very slippery and can easily disappear before you notice.


Snike grew up in a poor family. Because of this he went out trying to get money. He got into conning after watching a local swindler pull off a very successful scam. When he was about twenty years old he met Lila the Weasel, and they fell in love. Lila's family were rather sophisticated and conservative though, and never approved of him. So him and Lila ran off to the Hill Top Zone together. There, they had a son, Klinx the Weasel. Throughout Klinx's childhood Snike was mostly off working. Lila and Snike got into arguments about him not being a reliable father, and eventually separated although they never formally divorced. Klinx continued to live with his mother but would spend days with his father. Snike is frequently on the run now due to some of his more questionable business dealings.


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A lot of people, anyone he's conned.


Klinx the Weasel

Klinx and Snike don't see each other very often, but when they do it can be rather awkward. In the back of his mind Snike somewhat regrets not spending more time with Klinx when he was growing up.

Roleplay Appearances


~"Con means confidence."


  • Snike was based off of Jack Burton, Sarah's dad from Chuck.
  • Snike's theme is Con Man by Dispatch.
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