Smokey the Fox is a character set to appear in an as-of-yet untitled story. He is a young silver fox taken in by Lucky Smith after a visit to Soleanna Forest. He is an orphan fox formerly apart of a clan of red foxes who went with Lucky to be a warrior.


Smokey is a young male fox. Being a silver fox, he is jet black from head to tail with silver-white fur on the back of his head, neck, and his back, with a white tail-tip. He has amber eyes and thick fur.


Smokey is kind but shy, and friendly and spunky. Being an orphan, he feels lonely if his missing family is brought up in any form. However, he found sympathy in Lucky and later his adopted sister Tundra Smith. He is also shown to love his caretaker Nightfoot, a red fox who took him into his clan and took care of him.


At an unknown point before the series, Smokey lost his parents as a cub to sickness, and he was taken in by a red fox named Nightfoot. Nightfoot took care of Smokey until Lucky Smith, Boulder the Lycanroc, and a visiting Dark Mobius Finitevus visited Austin Smith, who was now living in the forest. Smokey was often seen beside Nightfoot, a red fox, but when the visitors left the forest later, Smokey wanted to come along, so Lucky took him in.


During training, Smokey learned that his dark pelt is perfect for stealth, and began learning from Carson-a silver fox in the LDF-how to do this. Despite still being an apprentice, Smokey is already being relied upon for being sneaky.




Smokey is currently the second orphaned Mobian to be adopted by a Mobian of the same species, but a different breed, as he is a silver fox adopted by a red fox(and later a coyote).

  • Shane the Wolf is the first, being a gray wolf adopted by a timberwolf.
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