Smog is a dangerous poison technique.


The user exhales a thick, foul smelling gas, typically stated as being dark green, black or gray in color. Typically, this is exhaled through the mouth for a thicker spray, but some users prefer to release it through their nostrils (or backside) for a greater smokescreen. On inhaling the gas, it is hard to breath and can suffocate, and the gas itself provides a roughly forty percent chance of poisoning those that inhale it.

Unfortunately, Smog is affected by it's gaseous nature, leaving it possible and almost likely that a Wind-manipulator would remove the cloud of toxic gas. Likewise, while all Poison-wielders and robots/Robians/most cyborgs are immune to the poisoning effects, almost all organic beings are vulnerable to it's effect, no matter of whether they are allied or enemy.


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Pokemon Users

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Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to it's low power but relatively high potential to poison, this technique has a C-rank.

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