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"In the end, I think this fight will be the one where Chaise proves his true loyalties. To me, it seemed he was angry about the Iron Dominion attacking. Besides, if he was really loyal to them, don't you think he would've abandoned the Alliance for them by now?"
—Smithstorm's insight, Tide of War

Smithstorm, formerly known as Smithkit is a brown tomcat with black patches, two black paws, and amber eyes. He is a Warrior Cat apart of SwiftClan who is Cody's good friend in Tide of War. He is named after the Smith Family.


Smithstorm is a medium-sized short-furred non-anthropomorphic brown tomcat with a stocky frame, several black patches along his body, one black forepaw, one black hind paw, one black ear, a black tail-tip, and amber eyes.


Smithstorm is level-headed in contrast to his more bee-brained brother Thistleheart. He acts as a sort of brother to Cody the Wolfdog in the wake of the Iron Dominion's invasion of Planet Minecraft and Chaise the Wolf's loyalty being called into question.


Before the Series: Some time before the events of Dakota's Search, Smithkit and Thistlekit were born to Stonefoot and Mossyfur.

Dakota's Search: Smithkit first appears when Dakota Smith and Shell the Buizel visit SwiftClan's forest to drop off Flame the Litten, then known as Firekit. Smithkit, his brother Thistlekit, and their denmates Briarkit and Rosekit come close to sniff Firekit but are otherwise not mentioned.

Haunting Evil: In the chapter Telling Off, it is mentioned that after the Battle of the Base, Smithstorm and Thistleheart were made warriors.

Tide of War: Smithstorm mainly appears in some of Cody's chapters. It is mentioned that he is Cody's good friend. When the young wolfdog relays his fears about his father Chaise's past as part of the Iron Dominion(unwillingly), Smithstorm relays some surprising insight despite his youth, stating that the fight will show Chaise's true loyalty, and that it seemed to him that Chaise was angry about the Dominion's invasion.





Thistleheart is Smithstorm's littermate, but their full dynamic is unknown.

Cody the Wolfdog

In Tide of War, Smithstorm is Cody's good friend, much like Boulder the Lycanroc and Storm the Buizel for Austin Smith. Smith storm sometimes relays surprising insight to his canine friend and comforts him when he's upset.


He is named after both the Smith family and The Storming Alliance.

  • He is similar to his Clanmate Bravestorm in this regard, as Bravestorm is named after both Braveheart the Fox and the Storming Alliance.

He is the second known SwiftClan cat to have the word "storm" as the suffix of their name, the first is Bravestorm.

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