Smith is a believed rogue of the village that declares war on Kingdom Kon. He and Julia the Hedgehog begin a romatic relationship despite their two sides being at war.


Smith the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 17
  • Unknown Parents
Romantic Interests Julia the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Blonde
  • Hair:Blonde
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Tribal Outfit decorated with Inhibator rings
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Ghost Abilities

Flying Disk

  • Advanced Combat
  • Flight(With Weapon)
  • Ghost Abilties
  • Stealing
  • Conning, Smooth Talking, Lying
Other Information
American V.A. Scott Weinger
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Burn It To The Ground-Nickleback

Original Creator Famotill


As a child Smith was a street rat stealing what he could to survive. He was abandoned by his father after his mother died. He eventually stole from the wrong people. The king of Arania. He fleed and was forced to leave the village. He eventually met a group with extraordinary abilties. They promised to train him. He followed the group as after years of trainign they taught him multiple abilties. He was given an anthropromorphic disk that allowed him to fly to any heights as well as travel at incredible speeds. After honing his fighting and gunsmanship skills Smith worked on his "ghostly" abilties. He could turn invisible as well as phaze through objects.

A Change of Perspective

After growing with the group Smith was devastated to find that they had brought people into their group to test them and drain their abilties to enhance their own. Smith ran from the group and fleed back to his Kingdom. He returned to find it destroyed as it was at war with Kingdom Kon. He was captured by guard, and was about to be put to death when he made the King an offer. He told him that he would travel to the village to learn their secrets. The king gave him a chance and sent him off.

Meeting Julia

Smith traveled their to act as a rogue from the opposing Kingdom of Arania. He met Julia first who when she touched him felt a spiritual connection(SoulTouch). She fell in love with him after that and snuck him into the village. They spent their days together and snuck out to meet each other in the forest. Julia was still afraid to show her feelings. On one occasion when Julia was in her room in the tribe palace Smith snuck up their to take her to explore the world instead of being locked away in her village. They shared a small kiss as Smith brought her back. Smith the whole time had been informing to the Arania kingdom as found out by a supscious/jealous Powhatan who had previously saw them kissing. He returned to the village and shared the news. Once Smith returned to find Julia she wasn't waiting for him. Only guards. They put restraints on him so he couldn't phase through them. Julia visited him and apologized for telling them his powers and his location. He then apologized for what he did. Julia couldn't believe he really did this to her village. She left without a word stinging with betrayal. After thinking for so long that he actually loved her Julia went to talk to Grandmother Wither(the anthropromorphic tree) and she guided Julia and told her that Smith did love her. Julia remembered that today was the day that Smith would be executed and crushed to death by her father's hammer. She ran as fast as she could to the middle village ofthe Kingdom. She ran in front of her father and laid on Smith before Knacku could strike. She said that she loved Smith and if he killed him that she would have to die to. Along with the Kons, the Aranians had heard this and called forth a truce. This allowed Julia and Smith to be together. However Knacku was still supscious about strangers.


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