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Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series is, as the name implies, a series of multiple roleplays that User:Smash The Echidna has participated in. Other main participants are Kapus and Roy (now known as Medley) The series generally revolves around the three's characters, as they live their lives in the crazy city. Most of the events take place in Greenflower City; in an alternate universe from SRB2's storyline, as the city was successfully saved by Sonic the Hedgehog before it was reduced to rubble by Dr. Eggman.

This is the Remastered version of Smash The Echidna/Hyper The Hedgehog Roleplay Series. The main difference in this is that the story generally undergoes a massive revamp, recovering several "lost" events from the older series while removing others and arranging them all in an orderly fashion. Each of the episodes will either get new descriptions or have their older ones edited, if the current changes affects them in any way. There are also several newer episodes in the first two seasons, in an attempt to recover lost events and to make up for the removal of the Kirby crossover.

We are currently on Season 4, though few roleplays have officially made it on the list yet. Because of how many episodes had been removed from Season 3, we are currently scouting out new plots to add to it. An actual name for this series is still pending.

History of the Roleplays

The Roleplays first started out around the year 2006, when the first Sonic roleplay of the series began, and is still ongoing to this day with four whole seasons.

Most of the characters already knew eachother. However, The majority of the earliest roleplays could scarcely be considered "Canon" to the series. Still, many events that happened in the past are crucial to the present settings.

A Kirby Character made a crossover with the Sonic characters in an accident, and ended up living on Sonic's planet ever since. Because of that, The conflict between him and his nemisis ended up getting everyone else involved in their own war, which quite literally went on for 4 years. Frost finally lead an all out attack to defeat his lifelong enemy, Dark Kirby. Smash The Echidna helped in leading it. Thus was the beginning of The Final Nightmare, and the end of the second season of the roleplays. Afterwards began the third, which was the last season. The first season went on for both the years 2006 to 2007. The second was from 2008 to 2009. The third began in early 2010. With the main villain of the series dead, it was unknown what kind of hardships might await them.

The first season's episodes are vaguely remembered. Although there were a few unforgettable events and "incidents", which were rather ridiculous at the least. For the most part, the first season was noncanon. However, many things from the past have been brought back in this version.

The second season was not so different from the first season until around 2009, when characters began to get fixed and/or recreated, some characters were dropped, and others reduced to mere side characters. It was then when we realized: It's time for Dark Kirby to go. And that was when the Final Nightmare began. Many of the second season's episodes are vaguely remembered as well. Although more of the episodes were considered canon in comparision to the first season.

The Third Season was like a breath of fresh air. Every roleplay in it is officially canon except for those specially specified as "Non-Canon", such as parodies or other crossovers irrelevent to the main story or contradicting to the series settings. It was also the first season to give out names to the roleplays without special cases. Not counting "The Final Nightmare", for that got it's name after the third season begun. After the third season began, all the previous roleplays had gotten names.

On the side, there were many individual, private roleplays featuring Alestar13, User:Captivation, and AngelWings respectively. These were separate from the main series, yet still mostly considered canon spin-offs at the time. Throughout the years and seasons, Alestar13 brought up many roleplays that would impact the series on a grand scale. From the birth and adoption of Sandy The Echidna as Pearl's new daughter, to the death of her own main character Jenny The Hedgehog alongside the introduction of the soon to be overarching villains Skull Cross, Alestar was a major contributor. Captivation was only involved in one roleplay, which was more or less a side story that helped Thunder get some much needed spotlight. However, as time passed, the importance of that roleplay grew. AngelWings was involved in a couple of roleplays before she comandeered the Skull Cross plot from Alestar, and expanded on it in ways that amazed everyone.

Later, Season 3 merged with the second, and 3 became the roleplays hosted on the wiki. That was when the series began to undergo maintenance; cleaning out non-canon events and arranging episodes and time-lines. This also resulted in the three Prequel episodes, which elaborated on the very beginning of the series.
Finally, it had been decided on that it would undergo a complete revamp. Several past and/or lost events had been recovered and archived for future reference. The Dark Kirby Saga has been removed from this series, and Frost no longer has any connections to the gang. His page has been moved to a userspace, but a completed version can be found here.


The main contributors!

  • Kapus: Tab the Cat, Lucy the Cat, Shade the Dark Chao, Lily the Hedgehog. One of the original trio whom I began this series with. Kapus drove the plot on almost all the original episodes before I branched out and met other people. On that note, she does not contribute any further and I've since been given permission to use her characters.
  • Medley: Speedy the Hedgehog, Speeder the Hedgehog, Meryl the Hedgehog, Marilyn the Hedgehog. One of the original trio whom I began this series with. Speedy was one of the main characters of the whole series. Medley had a handful of other characters, all of whom got scratched before I took custody of Speedy and his family. Medley doesn't participate in any further RP's either.
  • Alestar13: Jenny the Hedgehog and Team S-Girls. Neo, Marina, Zan Tyrantia, Ragonize and Nyx. Alestar is also the original writer for the Love Triangle arc at the beginning of the series, and the first season finale "The End of the World?"! She's also the original creator of Skull Cross!
  • Snow Goddess: Luna Pendragon. Luna is Smash's girlfriend and later his wife. Snowy hasn't been very involved in the series as a whole, but for only having a single character involved she picked one of the most important roles!
  • Captivation: Estrella Marina and the Mobian Experimentation group. Captivation was a one episode wonder to be honest. That episode just so happened to be the starting point of a really, REALLY important story arc!
  • AngelWings: Cymbeline, Jamos, Ragonize and Skull Cross. Being Alestar's sister, she had full access to all her stuff and pretty much hijacked the whole Skull Cross arc in the best way possible. This series wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for her intervention!
  • D.J. Daz/SuperSonicRemixes: Daz the Hedgehog. Being a guest character in SpTH, Daz deserves a special place here. Even moreso if all the Daz & Smash game concepts were actually canon!
  • E-113:Xi: Ichiro, the Orochi Clan and the Followers. At first it was just the Cosmic Championship, but eventually we started delving deeper into making some really good story arcs! Xi is also my personal go-to man for any ideas that need fleshing out.
  • Kagome+InuYasha16: Diana Capulyn, Perseus Capulyn, and the entire world of Animas. On one hand, the singular roleplay we had attempted to make canon stood out so far from the rest of the series it could have been a spin-off. But on the other hand Kagome literally created an entire new world to bring to the table. Eventually we started getting into the lore and made all kinds of deep connections that make Moonlight Visitor a really important episode!

Other Original Roleplay Writers!

  • Sonicfan919: Created the original plot for Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament. Although it's been heavily revised in my series, he did want to see my version of it upon completion.
  • Banzai123: Created the original plot for Roleplay:Odyssey. This man is an SFW legend for creating such a masterpiece. My adaptation doesn't change too much, as I'm striving to stay as true to the original RP as possible.
  • Memphis the light: Assisted in the original plot for Roleplay:Genetix. While it was my idea at base, he did help develop it. Although in the end I wound up overhauling it anyway long after the roleplay died.

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