There are a vast majority of characters within the series who have minor roles and few appearances. This page is to list all the characters who do not have enough information to fill in a full page.

Character List

Characters related to the main cast

Smash's Family
  1. Rose Corliss (Grandmother)
  2. Terry "Spikes" Corliss (Uncle)
  3. Crash Corliss (Cousin)
  4. Diamond Corliss (Cousin)

Violet's Family
  1. Vincent the Hedgehog (Father)
  2. Viola the Hedgehog (Mother)
  3. Rosa the Hedgehog (Aunt)

Gizmo's Family
  1. Terrence the Cat (Father)
  2. Anna the Cat (Mother)

Speedy's Family
  1. Meryl the Hedgehog (Mother) [May end up getting a page anyway]
  2. Phil the Hedgehog (Cousin)

Crystal's Family
  1. Carol Corazana (Mother)
  2. Henry Corazana (Father)
  3. Coral Hikari (Grandmother)

Kitty's Family
  1. Elder Katler (Father)
  2. Lilia (Daughter)

James' Family
  1. Harry Hunter (Brother)
  2. James' Parents (Unnamed)

Kyle's Family
  1. Kyle Tyris (Deceased Father, and living Grandfather.)
  2. Keija Tyris (Mother)
  3. ??? Tyris (Grandmother)

Main Characters by Other Users

  1. Jenny The Hedgehog (Alestar13)
  2. Luna The Hedgehog (Snow Goddess)
  3. Tami the Fox (Alestar13)
  4. Tina the Echidna (Alestar13)
  5. Marina The Echidna (Alestar13)
  6. Estrella Marina (Captivation)
  7. Kyla The Cat (Snow Goddess)
  8. Cymbeline The Half-Angel (AngelWings)
  9. Diana The Rabbit (Kagome+InuYasha16)

Other Side Characters

Blitz Pit Related
  1. Blitz Pit Manager (Unnamed)
  2. Front Desk Lady (Unnamed)
  3. The Shining Knight (Fighter)
  4. The Berserker (Fighter)
  5. The Elementist (Fighter)
  6. Brian the Hedgehog (Fighter and one-time villain.)
Minor Villains
  1. Peter the Fox
  2. Brian the Hedgehog
  3. Gregory Kugel (Chao Hunter)
  4. Jake Dunland the Hedgehog
  1. Aqua the Swim Chao
  2. Vensha the Dog
  3. Ben the Racoon
  4. Ventus the Lion
  5. Kaine Abbanc the Echidna

SFW Exclusive Characters

  1. Krinkinko the Hedgehog ~Debutting to the series in Episode 57.
  2. The Elder of Frog Village ~Debutting to the series in Episode 57.
  3. Rachel the Goat ~Debutting to the series in Episode 57.
  4. Shade "Tendril" Nightwing ~Debutting to the series in Episode 57.
  5. Micheal Aungel ~Debutting to the series in Episode 57.
  6. Nora Kouba ~Debutting to the series in Episode 56. (I thought she would appear more but she didn't.)
  7. Banzai the Monkey ~Debutting to the series in Episode 67.
  8. Thetis the Wolf ~Debutting to the series in Episode 61.
  9. Ichiro Keiken ~Debutting to the series in Episode 61.
  10. Beat the Cat ~Debutting to the series in Episode 67.
  11. Ciel the Fox ~Debutting to the series in Episode 67.
  12. Gideon the Moose ~Debutting to the series in Episode 67.
  13. Panzyr the Destroyer ~Debutting to the series in Episode 67.

Character Bio's

Smash's Family

Rose Corliss
Age: 70
Gender: Female

An elderly and wealthy woman and Smash's grandmother. After getting rich by Smash's father winning a world tournament and giving the entire prize to her, she lived a very wealthy life. She does her best to look after the family and support them, seeing how she has "cash to spare" all the time.
Author's Notes: I never really used the fact that she got the prize money as any kind of plot device for an RP or fanfic. It was just something that'd happened, and that was the only thing we really knew about Rose...until I held an RP where she came to visit Smash. My brothers and I used to joke about Rose actually being the true first person to have discovered "ultimate and limitless power", which would have caused Smash to freak out.

Terry "Spikes" Corliss
Terry Corliss mug

Age: 37
Gender: Male

A construction worker living in Emerald Town. He is Smash's uncle and the father of Crash and Diamond. He's the only one in the whole family who was born with spikes on his knuckles, hence the nickname. Three spikes on each hand. He takes care of his family the best he can, and sends his support to Smash and Pearl from afar. He and his wife broke up and divorced, for seemingly unknown reasons. The only one's who really know other than the two are Crash and Diamond.
Originally worked directly for the city, Terry branched off and began his own business: the Corliss Construction Agency. (C.C.A.) He and his team of builders and handimen travel across the Emerald and Greenflower regions taking commissions from other cities, businesses or individuals to build or repair. He has helped with the restoration of Greenflower City at least three times before.
Author's Notes: Ah, Spikes. Your origin is so dubious. I honestly am not sure how I came up with him, because I remember Kapus making another character named Spike(s?), being Smash's cousin who looked almost exactly like him. I know Spikes was already made at the time, it's just that I confused the two so much that I could almost never tell them apart. (I didn't get Spikes' design down pat at the time, so...yeah.) Anyway, It was actually a while before I decided that he would be Crash and Diamond's father. Before that I just kept saying "Smash's uncle Spikes." without really thinking about it. And it took even longer before I thought "Hey, what happened to their mother?". I really wasn't sure what to do, but the best idea that came to mind was a divorce. I didn't really want another death in the family. And it was only after I got his design down all the way when I gave him the name "Terry", and left Spikes as a nickname. It was only after I recently had the idea to give him a cameo appearance in SpTH that I came up with the Corliss Construction Agency. I'm thinking that Terry's a pretty buff and stout guy from all that heavy duty work he does. His entire team probably is as well.

Crash Corliss
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Smash's cousin, living in Emerald Town with his father and sister. Smash and Crash have a pretty close relationship, as they were known to be playmates as children, and Crash is the one who bought Smash's iconic motorcycle for his 18th birthday. He's rather bumbling and clumsy, it's almost hard to believe the two are related.
Author's Notes: Yeah, I know. It's an obvious play on Smash's name. Crash really hasn't showed up in a long time. I'm still thinking of when and where I should use him next.

Diamond Corliss
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Diamond is Crash's little sister and the cousin of Smash and Pearl. She's a bit shy and unsocial, often letting her older brother do all the talking. But she can be kind and sweet deep down.
Author's Notes: Another play on words. Diamond never got a part in any RP or fanfic. She was just known to be Crash's sister. I never really got her personality down pat. I know I wrote it down somewhere, but I don't remember what she was (supposed to be) like.

Violet's Family

Vincent mug
Vincent the Hedgehog
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Vincent is a local policeman living in Green Flower City and a longtime friend of Speeder The Hedgehog. They're often together on the job, and tend to be found idly chatting. He is a much more competent man who takes his job seriously. Since he and Speeder are such good pals, there was really no problem (or surprise) when Speedy and Violet became a couple. (Speeder was actually rather excited about the growing relationship, leading to some moment killers and ensuing hilarity.)
He often dotes upon his daughter.
Author's Notes: Vincent came way later. Around the time I bothered to stop killing off my characters' parents. In all seriousness, Vincent's an okay guy. But he can't match up to Speedy's father, in any way. Speeder's just that awesome.

Viola the Hedgehog
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Viola is a music teacher in Green Flower City and Violet's mother. She is the one who gave Violet her piano lessons, and is her biggest source of encouragement.
Author's Notes: Y'know, like Sarah, I made up that part about her being a music teacher right when I wrote that. Also, I gave her the color scheme that Violet was originally supposed to have. Don't ask why she didn't have it in the first place.

Rosa the Hedgehog
Age: 33
Gender: Female

Rosa is Violet's only aunt, who lives on an island off Emerald Coast with her mother. Violet occasionally visits them both during summer vacation.
Author's Notes: Rosa was originally named Rose, and she appeared in one episode that became non-canon. I don't remember all of what happened in it, but I kinda remember the island being under attack by someone (it was either Dark Kirby or *ahem* Unknown. It was a long time ago.) and the island may or may not have gotten blown up. Pretty crazy.

Gizmo's Family

Terrence the Cat
Terrence the Cat mug

Age: 38
Gender: Male

Terrence is a doctor in Greenflower City, working in the hospital at the north-west corner of town. He is a very busy man, and doesn't get much time to stay home. Regardless, he's a kind and patient man who helped inspire his son to work toward his dreams. He taught Gizmo some of the basics in first aid and bought him several science kits and books for him to study with. It all paid off in the end, and he's very proud of him.
Due to his poor eyesight, he is almost always seen wearing glasses.
Author's Notes: Gizmo's parents really didn't have much of a role early on in the series. In fact it wasn't until the remake when they actually got their names. Terrence eventually moved out of the shadows and had a few minor roles, and showed to have been a huge inspiration to Gizmo. He's very busy, but work pays extremely well.

Anna the Cat
Anna the Cat mug

Age: 34
Gender: Female

Anna is Gizmo's mother, who most often stays home due to being unemployed. She tends to the house while Terrence is away. She enjoys baking as a hobby.
Author's Notes: Anna actually made an appearance long before Terrence did, though still didn't have a name back then. She simply greeted Gizmo's visiting friends and offered them freshly baked cookies, which is where I had the idea of making baking her hobby. There really isn't too much else to be said about her; She didn't have nearly as much development as Terrence did.

Speedy's Family

Meryl the Hedgehog
Meryll Mug

Age: (No information)
Gender: Female

Speedy's mother. Meryl is seemingly the only sane and competent person in the household; Speedy's silly and irrational, his father is bumbling and careless, and their chao is just like a little kid. That just leaves her and the baby. She's the one who keeps the house in order and the rest of the family in line, which has proved to be a stressful job. Regardless, she is still a kind and caring mother.
Author's Notes: I miss the old episodes taking place in Speedy's house. It was almost like one of those family sitcoms where the mother is the only one with any sense. Still, Speedy and Speeder can be serious when the time calls for it; They're just fun loving guys at heart. We can only imagine what the baby sister will grow up to be like. Meryl might end up getting a page anyway.

Phil The Hedgehog
Age: (Assumed to be around Speedy's age.)
Gender: Male

Speedy's disabled cousin living all the way across the country. It was never explained how he ended up in a wheelchair, but it's known that he can no longer walk again. Speedy and the rest of the gang went through a lot of trouble simply to visit and celebrate his birthday one year.
Author's Notes: Phil only made one appearance during the entire series. I don't know where in the country he lives, or what on earth happened to his legs, but he was treated as if he had just been released from the hospital, from what I remeber at least. To be honest, I don't know much about him at all. All I know is that he's Speedy's cousin and that he's handicapped. I don't even know what he looks like. Interestingly enough, we all imagined his fur color to be brown.

Crystal's Family

Krysi Corazana
Krysi Sprite 3

Species: Chao
Gender: Female

Crystal's chao whose stuck by her side since she was a child. Despite not being related by blood, Krysi is looked upon as Crystal's sister, and treated as family in the Corazana household. Krysi serves as a foil to Crystal's pure attitude, being energetic, and fiesty and somewhat hot tempered. She has a huge soft spot for Kitty, and ends up being more bashful and tame around him. Evidently, they ended up mating and having a child not long after the grand opening of the Cat Chao Garden.
Author's Notes: Krysi's character has always been like this. It's just that she's been so overlooked that she hasn't really shown much of her character since A Journey To The Past. She shares many common traits with Crystal's other counterpart, Jessie. Though she seems to lean more towards being a tsundere than...whatever Jessie is.

Krysi has an actual page now, so you might as well look there for more info.

Henry Corazana
Age: Somewhere in early 30's.
Gender: Male

Crystal has a noticeably overprotective father. He is a dark gray fox with a sharp gaze. He also has a bit of an accent, and has hints of an eccentric personality. He wants nothing more than his daughter to grow up in a safe environment.
Author's Notes: Honestly, Crystal's Father had absolutely nothing to him until I placed him in Splice The Hedgehog. That's when and where his personality (and design) developed. Him being an overprotective dad makes it a bit troublesome to get Crystal to go out on adventures. It was revealed then that she never actually tells him or her mother about the dangers she's faced.

Carol Corazana
Age: Somewhere in late 20's.
Gender: Female

Crystal's mother bears much resemblance to her. Though Crystal is silver colored, her mother is purely white. Going hand-in-hand with her husband's quirks, she often worries about Crystal and her chao, and has a rather interesting thought process.
Author's Notes: I know I tried to develop her in the past, but I really didn't make much of any progress toward that. The only thing I came up with was that she was the one who gave Crystal her iconic jewel that she wears around her tail. But that role was given to the grandmother, so she ended up having nothing. Like her husband, she didn't start to develop until SpTH.

Coral Hikari
Age: Somewhere in mid-to-late 50's.
Gender: Female

Crystal's grandmother is an adventurous traveler who is always on the road. She gave her the crystal band which she wears around her tail through mail during her travels. Where she got it is a mystery.
Author's Notes: A mystery that has long since been in question, but only recently has it been delved into. In Episode 75, we learn more about her grandmother's history...

Kitty's Family

Elder Katler
Age: ???
Gender: Male

Elder Katler, formerly known as King Katler of the Cat Chao Island, is the founder of the Cat Chao Garden residing in Greenflower Zone. Despite his big, bushy black eyebrows, he bears much resemblance to Kitty. Not just in appearance, but attitude as well. They're both silly and laid back, yet have a strong sense of duty for when it counts. Being Kitty's Father, Kitty looks up to him and holds him in high regards. Katler mentors Kitty and continues to teach him everything he knows, even after losing their old kingdom in which Kitty would inherit the throne. Katler is one of the only chao in the series known to be able to speak fluid english; the other being Shade. (Kitty supposedly can too, but prefers his native language.)
Author's Notes: I've always liked Katler. I feel he serves his role fairly well. I don't have much else to say about him right now, though.

Age: Less than half Kitty's age.
Gender: Female

Lilia is the daughter of Kitty and Krysi; a silver-colored cat chao. She is a very innocent and naive young girl, and is about as curious as a monkey. Or a cat, in this case. Fortunately her curiosity hasn't cost her much. She doesn't know much about the outside world, but every day is a new learning experience for her. Crystal and Gizmo take turns looking after her, as Kitty lives with him and Krysi lives with her.
Author's Notes: Lilia was named after Kitty's deceased mother. Aside from that and her design, I didn't have much else going for this child. In fact she was nearly forgotten until about halfway through Season 3 or so, when I remembered the RP where Kitty and Krysi mated. Wasn't as bad as Sandy, though.

James' Family
  1. Harry Hunter (Brother)
  2. James' Parents (Unnamed)

Kyle's Family
  1. Kyle Tyris (Deceased Father, and living Grandfather.)
  2. ??? Tyris (Grandmother)

Keija Tyris
Age: Late Thirties to Mid Forties
Gender: Female

The mother of the current guardian of Tillia. Keija Tyris is a well respected figure in the small village on Angel Island. She is graceful and polite, calm and collected, and most of all kind and wise. She was once a masterful marksman and helped the previous guardian, her husband, uphold the peace in Tillia. After being widowed, she retired and left everything up to her two children, Kyle and Keela. While she still guides and mentors them, she has taken up gardening instead of archery.

Keija is actually not from Angel Island at all, and met Kyle the Third during his travels abroad. Before taking up archery, she carried around a slingshot with her for target practice as well as self defense. That same slingshot is hung up on her bedroom wall.

Main Characters by Other Users

Jenny The Hedgehog
Jenny mug

Age: Presumably 18-20 upon death.
Gender: Female
User: (Alestar13)

Jenny was one of Smash's earlier friends, and is still remembered as his best friend alongside Speedy. Being one of the oldest members of the gang, she was someone Smash could talk to on a more equal ground. Despite the distance between their homes, they were very close knit. The two of them had been through a lot together, be it cheerful carefree days, adventurous quests, or heartbreaking tragedies. They could relate to each other, knowing just what the other was going through. They often confided in each other when the other felt troubled or insecure, or looked out for each other when the other needed a hand.

She was killed in a battle against Skull Cross.

Luna The Hedgehog
Luna the Hedgehog Mug

Age: Somewhere around 23
Gender: Female
User: (Snow Goddess)

Smash's wife. Luna is one of three triplets, and the princess of Atlantis. In her youth, she was a rather outgoing, energetic and loving girl. She was excited when Thunder's crew docked their ship on the coast of her homeland, and that was when she met Smash for the first time. Eventually the two fell in love and married, whisking her away from her country and to the urban Greenflower region. Over the years, she has grown to be a more mature and wiser woman, being calm and collected most of the time. Even after settling down and becoming a mother to four kids, she is still more than a match for a good number of the main characters with her powerful hydrokinesis.

  1. Tami the Fox (Alestar13)
  2. Tina the Echidna (Alestar13)
  3. Marina The Echidna (Alestar13)
  4. Estrella Marina (Captivation)

Ember The Hedgehog
Ember Mug

Age: Same as Jenny.
Gender: Female
User: (Alestar13)

Ember was apparently a longtime rival of Jenny's, who began to attack her in full force once Jenny began her investigation of Skull Cross. A pyrokinetic loner with a handicapped arm, she seems to know more about Jenny's history than even she does. Ember mysteriously disappeared after her death...

Cymbeline The Half-Angel
Cymbeline mug

Age: A few weeks older than Splice
Gender: Female
User: (AngelWings)

This half-angel, half-hedgehog is from another dimension called the Angel Realm. She is the daughter of a noble Angel Lord. But right now, she resides in Mobius, engaged to her beloved Splice the Hedgehog. Before she met Splice, she was seen as an outcast amongst other mobians, discriminated against for being a half alien hybrid. Splice was the first mobian who told her she was fine the way she was. His kind words lifted her spirit, and ultimately convinced her to stay and make Mobius her new home.

  1. Diana The Rabbit (Kagome+InuYasha16)
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