The Lost Episodes: Season 1 Cut

Lost Episode 1: The Beginning

The roleplay that started it all for the Sonic fancharacters. For reasons due to past events, it was a crossover between several different series such as Mario, Star Fox, the Legend of Zelda, etc. But it was the first episode ever to have a fancharacter in it. However, due to the extreme stretch in crossovers, this was officially marked as Non-Canon as soon as we stopped using the other characters.

Lost Episode 2: The Birth of Team Speedy

This was the first episode if you discredit the previous one. There were no other crossovers besides Kirby, for there was a Kirby character living on their planet. This was the roleplay that brought Smash The Echidna, Speedy The Hedgehog, and the currently dropped character Two Tails The Fox all together. They formed a Sonic Heroes styled team by the name of Team Speedy. They were physically Team Sonic, to an overpowered level.

However, Even though Two Tails is gone, There are still few/many hidden or obvious references to him scattered throughout the series.

Lost Episode 3: A Warrior from the Stars

A completely unseen episode, which has happened some time ago. The exact events that transpired are unclear, but the main facts remain the same. Later that year, a mysterious starship crashed landed near the city. Inside it was a small, cyan puffball donning a long blue cap with a star at the end of it. It was revealed that he was from a completely different galaxy, fleeing from the clutches of the evil Dark Kirby. He was looking for a place to call home, in hopes of staying away from him and living a normal life. At first everyone is a bit skeptical about him, but he is soon accepted as one of them. It turns out that he was a retired soldier of a group of resistance against an evil army that threatened to conquer the entire galaxy. He was retired because they had lost the war, and what little survivors remained were scattered about the galaxy. Including him, who had left his original home due to it being under the control of the enemy. He lived on another planet, but even then he still had trouble, and ended up leaving everything behind by leaving the galaxy altogether, in hopes of starting anew. But unfortunately, some stray mooks from his enemy followed him. They damaged his ship, and he was forced to make an emergency landing, which didn't end as well as he had hoped. Although he was accepted into the city, he was afraid that since the enemy didn't come to check on him to see if he survived, they might later. And there would be trouble.

This was originally supposed to happen near the end of the now cancelled fangame, "Frost's Adventure: A Warrior's Tale" Since the game was cancelled, there were no other real resources for this episode other than the written story of the game. However, it was still very important, as this began what was known as "The Dark Kirby Saga". There would have been a prequel episode of it, but the story was already set; there was no need.

Lost Episode 4: Meet Lily The Hedgehog

The roleplay that first introduced the new character, Lily The Hedgehog. Speedy had encountered a gigantic robot in one of Dr. Eggman's many bases. Upon defeating it, It began to fall downwards, nearly crushing a captive in the facility. Speedy sprung into action and saved Lily in a heroic fasion. Because of that, Lily appeared to be falling for Speedy. However, Speedy was already falling for another girl, Violet The Hedgehog, who obviously liked him back. Thus starting up a small love triangle. Despite that, Violet and Lily got along very well.

The problem that keeps this from staying Canon is the fact that Lily has changed dramatically in character since then. It's hard to say whether or not she even knows what love is nowadays. Also, the way Speedy rescued her was by catching the robot and tossing it to the side, which is physically impossible due to it's size and mass, was only the beginning of his standing as a sue.

Lost Episode 5: School life

Basically exactly what it sounds like. This is where Violet first meets Crystal, and Crystal meets Zap. Gizmo also gets enrolled, after just moving in. This is mainly just to show what most of the characters do in their regular life. Here we also learn that Violet's mother is a music teacher, and that she's taking piano lessons from her.

The timeline of this episode conflicted with the current events, as some of the involved characters were supposed to be at sea with Thunder and the gang. Not only that, but Violet and Crystal's friendship had been established as early as Episode 3.

Whatever relevance this episode has had will be spread across the rest of the season.

Lost Episode 6: Enter: The "Y" Girls

This episode was beyond ridiculous, to say the least. Basically, A female version of Team Speedy comes to town. They meet Team Speedy, and each of them ends up falling in love with their male counterparts. However, The team was rather twisted. The leader's name was Sierrah The Hedgehog. She was not entirely right in the head. She was incredibly bossy, mean and wicked towards her teammates. Yet when Speedy was around, She would "Try" to be charming. But she just came off as incredibly uneccessarily sleezy, and infuriating to Violet. She and Violet were fast enemies since she was "Hitting on" Speedy. As for the Power type in their team, Lash the Echidna was a failed knockoff of Smash's family name trends. She turned out to be a nerd who created machinery for the team, and she created a sort of power up for herself so that she would qualify for the power type of the team. Whenever Smash was around, She would try to impress him by talking about her achievements, but ended up rambling off about who knows what. Smash always told her that he already had a girlfriend, but, as Smash said, "She don't wanna listen.". The last person of the team was named Taily. Her name was eyebrow raising inducing, but character wise, she was actually the most tolerant of all of them. It just so happened that she used to be a regular girl until she joined the "Y" Girls, which changed her for the worst. She became very weird and eccentric, but she started to regain her old self as she hung out with Two Tails. Two Tails himself actually didn't mind her much and even became her friend. In later episodes, it was heard that Taily had left the "Y" Girls, and left town. No one ever heard from her again.

The episode just so happened to take place on Speedy's Birthday. With Sierrah inviting herself to the party, things went rather badly. She had Lash help her cheat at Spin The Bottle so that she could steal a kiss from Speedy. (It was implied that the kisses were rather inappropriate, or atleast that's what Speedy implied.) She and Violet got into a fight, Lash rambled about something to Smash who was obviously bored, and Speedy overall had a bad day.

Due to the unbelievably embarrassing moments and concepts of the roleplay, This was marked as Non-Canon fairly early.

(Fun Fact: The Y-Girls were not actually flat out gender-flipped Team Speedy. Rather, they were the "evil"(?) counterparts of Team S-Girls, lead by Jenny the Hedgehog. Ironically, this team also fell apart, but for dramatically different reasons.))

Lost Episode 7: Lucy The Scatterbrain

A more fitting name would be "Lucy the Retarded", but that would be downright mean. This was the first episode where Gizmo The Cat starred as a main character, and where Lucy The Cat first made her appearance. This showed pretty much what Gizmo did in his free time, Working in his basement on inventions, taking care of Kitty, etc. Lucy had come over and pretty much hung out and tagged along in all his activities. However, Lucy was literally retarded. For example, She would speak to muffins, and not let anybody eat them, believing that they were living beings. Gizmo was very irritated at this, but ignored it for the most part. But when his best friends, Micheal The Cat and Lina The Cat came over, that's when things went downhill. When Gizmo and Mike went outside to play Basketball, Lucy kept telling them to stop because they were hurting the basketball hoop. She would keep talking to the basketball hoop, telling it that she would save it from the bad people. Gizmo ended up getting ticked off to the point where he couldn't take any more of it, and told Lucy to leave. She refused to leave unless they stopped playing the game. Gizmo finally just said that he would stop, and put the basket ball hoop in the garage until she left. Gizmo said that once she was gone that he would take it back out and play again the next day. Seeing how Mike and Lina lived a long way from Gizmo, they stayed the night. However, the next day, Lucy broke into Gizmo's garage and attempted to steal the basket ball hoop in order to save it from Gizmo, and when Gizmo tried to stop her, she even went so far as to slap him. That's when he snapped. He pounced on her and attacked her. Then Gizmo's father came in and stopped the fight. He pretty much banned Lucy from ever coming to his house again. Later, Lucy showed up with an enourmous battleship. However, she didn't do anything with it. She just kind of..sat there. This began what is now known as "Battleship Tantrum Syndrom".

Lucy was ridiculous, Gizmo actually transformed into a dark form in that episode, and the muffins never did get eaten.

Lost Episode 8: Dark Kirby Strikes

One of the many roleplays concerning Frost and Dark Kirby. The exact events that transpired are not fully known. Infact, nobody really remembers this episode. But It did happen at one point. I think. Not that it matters now.

Lost Episode 9: Metal Fusion: Metal Sonic and Metal Speedy

((There was actually a cooler name for this, but I forgot what it was.))

This was to be the first Big, Important episode with a big bad villain and an epic adventure. However, most of the details are unknown at this time. Near the end though, Metal Sonic and Metal Speedy, a robot copy of Speedy The Hedgehog and supposedly Metal Sonic's Brother, both transformed into their versions of Metal Overlord and fused together. The very concept of it was not very well thought out, but the results of the transformation was very, very deadly. It took pretty much everyone in their super forms to take it down, and it still took a long time. For a while, they couldn't hurt it. However, A strange puffball appeared and attacked it, piercing it's inpenetrable defense, and disappeared from whence he came. After that, they were able to hurt it. During the battle, Frost reunited with his long lost brother, Icicle, and the two joined forces to take it down. After the battle, It turns out that the mystery helper was, infact, the long lost father of Frost's comrade, Kirbula. Thus beginning the mystery of what happened to him all this time. It also was a perfect time to ask what happened to Icicle all this time as well.

Unfortunately, Stories changed. With the current story changes, A lot of things in this episode contradict the current facts. Therefor, this episode was shrugged off later.

Lost Episode 10: The Battle of Kaoru

This story was a crossover between Sonic, Kirby, and Inuyasha. Seeing how there is a big crossover here, this was outrightly be confirmed to be Non-Canon. The story was originally about Smash and InuYami, daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and their battle against an evil demon woman named Kaoru, who possessed the body of their friend. The problem was the fact that Kaoru herself did not take any damage from being hit. But rather, Taelor, the girl she possessed, would take damage. To make matters worse, She was slowly being absorbed by the demon. By the sunset of the next day, She would be completely gone. Originally, Smash called Frost on his cell phone to come and detect her weakness, and found none. The story itself had a good plot device, however, it was executed in a pretty bad way. The roleplay was terrible, mismatched, and characters that didn't belong to either users were brought in and forgotten about. A few other people joined, but disappeared very soon afterwards. However, the RP was extremely long, long enough to be written into a book. It actually took 3&a half years to finish, and near the end, all the characters had slowly developed into their current states.

Due to the horrible execution in roleplaying, but having a great story, A remake is currently in process. "The Battle of Kaoru: Remastered".

Lost Episode 11: Saving Yami

Having the same settings as the last RP, Saving Yami is supposedly the sequel to "The Battle of Kaoru". Although it begun and ended during the time The Battle of Kaoru was in process. The story was about Yami, She had been kidnapped by an evil woman named Heaven, who would use her as bait to blackmail her husband, Kadaj. Kadaj gathered Smash, Frost, Kyle, and a few other faithful comrades to rescue her. Heaven used to be Kadaj's girlfriend until Kadaj left her due to her being a cold hearted person. Because of this, she murdered his first wife sometime later, and threatened to do the same with Yami. However, The team managed to trick her and save Yami, and defeat her for good.

A re-write is unconfirmed, and fairly unlikely at this point.

Lost Episode 12: The Unknown Hedgehog

A seemingly new villain appeared. A black hedgehog who's speed appeared to be instantaneous. He introduced himself as Unknown. For he had no given name. For reasons unknown, he kidnapped Smash's sister, Pearl, and fled into an airship/spaceship/base ((I'm sorry. I really don't remember what it was.)) with his partner: Shade The Dark Chao. The only thing on Smash's mind was to save his sister. Desperate to keep his sister safe, He and his friends pursued him. Once inside, Unknown trapped Pearl inside of a machine which, unfortunately, was made to kill whatever went inside. Smash did all that he could to free her, but found that even he was powerless to break inside. He found himself in shock, before going into a blind rage. Smash nearly killed Unknown, and heavily wounded Shade. They barely escaped with their lives.

The following day happened to be Pearl's birthday. Smash sat alone inside of his house, grieving over the loss of his sister. His friends tried to cheer him up, but to no success. Then, Unknown came into his house (without knocking, mind you) and returned his sister-Alive and well. He admitted that the Pearl in the machine was a fake, and the whole thing was a set up. Smash would have punched him in the face, but he was too relieved to find that his sister hadn't left him for good. They then celebrated her birthday, Smash wanting to get her something special just because he was happy to have her back. Of course, Unknown and Shade were not invited.

Unknown is one of the many dropped characters. Seeing as this story revolved around him being the main villain, it can't be considered canon. Also, Shade was out of character, even though this was his first appearance. It would be shameful to keep this canon in his case.

Lost Episode 13: The Birth of Light the Hero Chao

This Roleplay began directly after Crystal's Birthday. The chao egg hatched, and a blue chao with yellow highlights emerged from it. Of course, Crystal is a sweet young girl, and influenced him to become a Hero Chao, and named him Light. Shade on the other hand, (who was still "inviting himself over") tried to get him to turn to a dark chao. In the end, Light turned into a hero chao. Shade started to get jealous of Light, seeing how he always got all the attention from Crystal and Krysi, her first chao.

That's what parts of the story have been kept and are canon. (though not sure about Shade's jealousy at this point.) There was more to the roleplay which actually ruined Light's character. Light, being a Hyper Hero Chao, was one of the last of his dying kind. His parents had apparently died and left his egg alone-complete with a list next to his egg with his name and all his powers that he had inherited from his parents. That half is obviously Non-Canon trash. Light has been reduced down to just a normal Hero chao.

Lost Episode 14: The Darker Side of Shade

Somewhere among the line of rivalry, Shade finally snapped. He snuck into Crystal's bedroom at midnight with an axe and tried to kill Light. Fortunately, he was caught in the act. He was officially banned from the house ever since. No one even let him peek inside the house after that incident. This is when Crystal's hatred towards Shade began. Sooner or later, Shade stopped caring about Light or Crystal, and just moved on.

This episode was around the end of the Crystal Saga. Shade attempting murder over something like this clashes with his character, I think. It turns the silly rivalry into something much darker, and it felt out of place.

Lost Episode 15: Lily's Battleship!?

This was a direct sequel to the previous episode. Lily clarified what is now known as "Battleship Tantrum Syndrom" to be an actual syndrom. Lily temporarily turned evil, betrayed her friends, and built a battleship to terrorize the public. It was thought that it was all because she couldn't give her birthday present to Speedy last, but truly Unknown had convinced her to turn to the dark side. Eventually they managed to get Lily to come back to them. But even at this time, when the roleplays were at their worst, everyone was still wondering "What the heck was her PROBLEM!?". Although a better question would be "How in the world did she build a fully functional battleship in a day, and what exactly did she plan to do with it?" This also revealed Lily's truly bratty side. Although it was evident that she could be a pain in the past, she went over the top starting with the last episode. She found out that Speedy really didn't like her, and liked Violet instead. And because of that, she did whatever she could to abuse him. Starting with her battleship.

Lost Episode 16: An Overwhelming Dilemma

This was to be the next Big Bad Ultimate roleplay in the series. Shade had taken all the chaos emeralds and had his own battleship and was trying to conquer Green Flower City, and possibly the entire world. At the same time, Dark Kirby was launching an attack on everyone. It was chaos, and there were too many problems at hand. Shade completely demolished Green Flower City by himself when he revealed that he had an entire fleet of battleships which he had crash down on the city and self destruct. Meanwhile, Dark Kirby was bent on killing Frost and stealing the Power Star from him. After fighting them for a while, they managed to fend them off for a while. Something lead them to seek something out far out into the ocean to a place called the Shadow Lands. They hired Thunder The Hedgehog to sail them out there. Once there, they investigated the spooky island until they found a cave with a portal of some sorts. They went inside and were immediately warped to a very strange place. They learned that it was called "The City of the Lost Kirbies". There they found all kinds of people who were thought to be "lost" for some time. Frost's uncle, Cheese's uncle, Flare's "True" father, etc. It was supposed to be a holy sacred realm of light sorts, yet, there was a forest full of "Evil Kirbies" directly next door to the haven. (Evil Kirbies were a sort of "subspecies of kirbies/batamons/puffballs. Pitch black kirbies with blood red eyes and menacing glares that pretty much live for murder and bloodshed. They don't seem to have eyelids either, so they can't blink. They are but a running trend of jokes nowadays rather than used for actual plots.) Of course, they had to go inside the forest to retrieve an item. Sooner or later, All of a sudden, everything went blank. All of the heroes, Including Dark Kirby of all people who was not present for quite some time in the story, were instantly warped to a blank white realm, where "The King of Evil Kirbies" was. Somehow, he was erasing time and space. Or another way to put it, Making it so that nothing existed anymore. Somehow, they managed to survive it and fight the evil king together. There was a confusing plot twist about the origins of the Power Star during the battle.

The roleplay stopped there. It was never finished. And thankfully it never will. The whole thing was confusing, overwhelming, and confusing again. There were waay too many plot twists. Frost wasn't even supposed to have an uncle. The origins of the Power Star were to remain unknown, and the City of the Lost Kirbies is a contradiction to itself. And erasing the existance of everything really can't be possible, no matter however which way you look at it. This episode took a turn for the worst, crashed, and exploded. The only surviving piece of canon we could accept back then was the fact that Dark Kirby struck again. Which is a moot point after the crossover split.

Lost Episode 17: The Day the Sun Came to Visit

This episode was funny, and rather creepy in a way. Unknown was trying some sort of crazy experiment with a gigantic magnet. Somehow, it backfired and ended up drawing the Sun closer to the planet. In fact, it got so close that the Sun was practically in the atmosphere. Everyone else at first thought it was just plain summer heat, but they soon came to realise that the sun seemed to be getting bigger. Once the heat advisories started to go out of control, they knew something was up. They soon found out Unknown was accidentally attracting the sun closer, and it seemed that the sun had temporarily fried his brains, as he was hallucinating on the ground. They managed to reverse the effect of the magnet and set things back to normal, and gave Unknown the scolding of his life.

Since Unknown was the cause again, this episode is Non-Canon.

Lost Episode 18: The Dark Sword

This was Darkyle's first appearance in the roleplay series, but he had been (almost) well known before hand. Darkyle made his appearance as the villain. He had obtained The Dark Sword, an evil blade in which if it strikes someone, they would go into a deep coma, never to wake up. In a way, it was an instant death weapon. He was going on a rampage with it. Unfortunately, Kyle's mother happened to be one of the victims. Smash and Kyle teamed up with everyone else to find a way to defeat Darkyle and destroy the sword for good. Once they destroyed it, the curse on all the victims had been broken, and everyone regained their consciousness. However, they needed to be treated for the wound from the sword's slash.

Whether or not this episode is Canon was difficult to say. It eventually went with Non-Canon, as Darkyle now has a new role which may contradict his position in this roleplay.

Lost Episode 19: The Demonic Invasion

This was the start of a huge intermission between the main plot. Gizmo met a demon rebel who resembled a hedgehog, named Natalie. Natalie told him about her race of demons, which were planning to invade. She warned Gizmo of the demon's nature and protected him from the invasion, fighting against her own kind. Gizmo tried to help from the sidelines, but ended up being spotted and fighting them head on. The roleplay never did get finished. However, If anything, this would probably be considered Non-Canon due to being uber creepy and having a demonic apocalypse, despite having another creepy demonic apocalypse episode later.

honestly i still don't even know what the heck. Myspace roleplays were weird like that.

Lost Episode 20: Splice and the Angelic Hedgehog

This was the RP introducing Cymbeline The Half Angel/Half Hedgehog. It at first started out as Smash meeting Cymbeline and becoming her friend. Cy' was unfamiliar with the city, and needed a guide. Smash did just that, as he let her on his motorcycle and gave her a free tour. However, the subject soon changed and Dr. Eggman's name was mentioned. At the sound of his name, Cymbeline became shocked, and accidentally revealed her angelic wings-in the public. With everyone staring and all eyes on her, Cymbeline ran away and hid in a forest. There she met Splice. Splice talked to her, hoping to find out what was wrong and offering to help, and soon becoming her friend. Actually, She apparently fell in love with him at first sight. (Atleast, after he introduced himself.) The two of them stayed together talking for a long while. Cy trusted Splice enough to tell her about her origins. She was a half angel from the Angel Kingdom. Splice was awestruck to have met an angel. Later, Splice eventually finished up the tour of the city once things calmed down and met up with Smash.

For the most part, These events are canon, but they will be slightly altered to fit the story of Splice The Hedgehog. Therefor, the episode itself is Non-canon. The events are split up across the game.

Lost Episode 21: Clay's Awakening

A mysterious hedgehog, sleeping soundly since old times, finally awoken by an accident and found himself in a desert. He met with quite a few people at the time of his awakening. Including Shade, Kyle and Keela. He was a curious one, but everyone else was more curious about him than he was curious about his location. As the mystery of Clay unfolded, They eventually came to battle with his nemisis and twin brother, Xiao. As their journey went on, A small romance started up between Clay and Keela...

To be perfectly honest, I forgot all about the ClayxKeela pairing. Huh.

Lost Episode 22: The Remaining Galaxy Soldiers

The time was drawing near. Frost had gotten in contact with Meta Knight and a few survivors from the Galaxy Soldier Army. He began to round them up so that they could all meet up on Mobius, where they could fight together to finish Dark Kirby off for good, or atleast keep everyone safe from him. They had a very small space station as a rendezvous, where they had their meetings. They soon began to build a new base on Mobius after everyone arrived. However, Dark Kirby found out, and he attacked them before they could finish. And prior to that, he destroyed their space station and intentionally had it crash down on Mobius. Fortunately it was a small one only big enough to cover up a single area in Green Flower City. Dark Kirby chased the galaxy soldiers around with his army and a pack of Demon Beasts, sent from Holy Nightmare co. (Of course, because he works there.) It was a dark time for the Galaxy Soldiers. Everyone managed to team up and fend them off. The city was in shambles though, and they had to quickly repair everything before they decided to come back at full force.

It was just one of those "Near the End of the season" type of important episodes.

Lost Episode 23: Metal

An unfinished RP. Smash helped to solve the mystery of a missing girl, and soon helped to save her life. He then learned the history of her race, and learned that a war was soon to break out against them. He was prepared to do all that he could to stop them.

It had a much more interesting and fluid story than the summary implies, but it's been so long...

Lost Episode 24: The Final Nightmare

This was it. It didn't start out like it sounded like, but it eventually got there. At first, things seemed to be weird. The Space Colony Ark had drifted out of orbit and completely out of sight from the entire planet. Then later, they found out that the Eclipse Cannon had been taken off of it. While investigating, they got horrifying news. They heard that the Chaos Emeralds had gone missing the exact same time Frost heard about Garnet Star, one of the many stars in the Jewel Galaxy somewhere near Frost's home planet, had been completely obliterated. To make matters worse, Frost's companion, Kirbula, was on Garnet Star at the time. Frost later gets a distress call from the Emerald Kingdom. Nightmare's whole space fortress was hovering right over Emerald Star, threatening to destroy the whole planet if they did not surrender to them. They attempted to hold them off, but unfortunately, Not many other people other than the entire population of the Emerald Kingdom were able to escape before Emerald Star suffered the same fate as its neighbor. After failing to save the planet, Frost called a meeting at Smash's house. Smash, at the same time, was ready to call a meeting as well. They gathered up most of their friends, and went to infiltrate the Space Colony Ark, which they had stolen. On their infiltration to the Space Colony Ark to investigate, They were caught by Dark Kirby's soldiers. They managed to fight and get away, and they found a teleportation device leading to the inside of Nightmare's fortress. Using that to infiltrate, they managed to get inside. But they didn't last long before they were caught. They were outnumbered, and thrown in the dungeon. Using their wits and what little resources they had at hand (since all their useful items were taken away, Including the Power Star which Dark Kirby took into his own hands.) They managed to bust out the jail and escape. Unfortunately, They were caught again. Once again, they managed to bust out. This went on for a long while until they were down to the last dungeon. Dark Kirby decided to just kill them all. He had them all lined up for death row in an immediate execution.

Meanwhile, Kyle had been trying to shake off a disturbing spirit that was haunting him--or rather, Stalking him. Eventually, it possessed him and lead him on a long journey. First, it gave him the ability to fly up into space. He stole the Chaos Emeralds from the Eclipse Cannon and left undetected. Then, he began a journey starting on Jade Coast. A few of Kyle's friends such as Violet and a few others, followed him in concern because he didn't answer them and he had a very spacy look in his eyes. After following him for a long time, He apparently was unlocking the 7 Mystic Temples to open the gate to the Mystic Realm. Once they got through the portal leading to the road to the Mystic Realm: Prismatic Angel Zone, Kyle finally turned around to face them at the alter leading to the Mystic Realm. The spirit possessing him spoke to them through Kyle's body, telling them that Kyle must come with him to the forbidden city to unleash doom upon the living. He then left Kyle's body, leaving him out of breath, confused, and disoriented. He repeated what he said and ordered Kyle to come with him. Kyle of course refused, and fought him. The rest of his friends joined in on the battle and managed to drive off the spirit temporarily.

They left back to the main lands, and Violet told them all about what happened to her before she started following Kyle. Apparently, Speedy had gone missing. Speeder, Speedy's father, had called him and recieved no answer. Speedy was really locked up in the dungeon at this time. They began a search party and soon found out about the infiltration of Nightmare's fortress. Seeing how Speedy never replied, They figured that they all must have been in danger. However, Neither one of them had any means of space travel. This left Kyle with no choice. He used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to turn super. He flew into space, and went all the way to the fortress. (Of course, he had to ask for directions there by one of the people who stayed behind) After some time of flying, he finally managed to make it to the fortress. He landed inside of the hangar, just in time to revert back to normal after exhausting his power. He wanted to take a rest, but his friends lives were in danger. Fortunately, one of his friends just so happened to be in the hangar. Speedy somehow managed to escape the executions that were about to be brought out. Speedy was shocked to find Kyle, but Kyle was relieved to find Speedy. Speedy quickly filled him in on what was going on, and hijacked a space ship in the hangar. Kyle joined him, rather frightened since Speedy went at full speed through the entire fortress to the large room where they were holding the "Mass Murder". He started shooting the troops like crazy, managed to get everybody crammed inside of the ship alive, and busted out of the fortress and headed home as fast as he could. It was shocking to everyone that they managed to get out without killing anyone that they were trying to save--or themselves, for that matter.

Once they got back home, Smash and Frost were about ready to go all out. They gathered up everybody. The remaining Galaxy Soldiers, All of their friends, Everyone they knew pretty much. They all gathered up and had a huge meeting at Smash's house. Smash, Tab, and Frost came up with a plan together. One team would go all out and attack head on, The other will sabatoge the Eclipse Canon and get it to fire at itself, destroying the entire thing. The last team will infiltrate the back of the fortress at the right moment and take out the engines and main reactor. It was a solid plan, and the next day they set out for the final battle. They went through with the plan. The people who went head on didn't get off to a good start. They were ambushed before they could even get out their ship. they stayed inside for a long time, waiting for everyone else to get ready. Once they got the signal, they busted out and attacked with full force. The battle was incredibly dangerous. They were drastically outnumbered. When things were looking grim, Gizmo lead the infiltration team to the back and took out the main reactor by completely blowing it up with the help of Speedy, Shade, Icicle, and Kitty. It was a close call, because the explosion took out the entire area and they had to escape before they were taken down with it. The huge explosion completely threw off the army, and that gave Smash and Frost their chance to run into the room with the Eclipse Cannon. They aimed it at the right position and got it ready to fire, while everyone else was to evacuate immediately. The moment it fired, They removed all seven of the Chaos Emeralds and retrieved the Power Star from the cannon and escaped. And with that, the cannon fire reversed back to the fortress as planned and wiped out the entire army.

It was a huge relief at the end. The episode was full of drama and suspense. Of course this was considered Canon, in its time. It's just a shame that they didn't fight Dark Kirby or Nightmare head on for the climax of the season. In hindsight, this could have been executed way better. This episode isn't entirely dead though, as it's being overhauled on the Kirby Fanon side.

The Lost Episodes: Season 2 Cut

Lost Episode 25: Zap's new friend

This is a new one. its the episode where Zap adopts Aqua. I still haven't decided how they meet, yet.

The reason this is here is because I'm moving the meeting to the next episode, Enter: Team Garnet. and just look how well THAT turned out.

Lost Episode 26: Enter: Team Garnet

The introduction of Team Garnet, as the name implies. This was a new one too, mainly because it was never recorded before. Jessie and James come to Greenflower City to see Crystal, who was already a part of the team. There they meet Zap, who was visiting at the time, and Crystal convinces him to join. This was also when Zap adopts Aqua the chao, and begins raising him as his subordinate in Thunder's crew. At least, that was the original plan, but I'm really not feeling it for Team Garnet anymore. Ah, Team Garnet. How I both liked and couldn't ever figure out how to properly use you. Obvious pokemon references and jokes aside, Jessie and James were both completely different characters with entirely separate origins before I paired them up in Team Garnet in order to try and give them both some form of limelight.

That wound up being a failure too, especially since I eventually started to not care for James' lack of character and relevance to literally anything. He's literally "just a dude". He has no backstory, no real connections to anyone outside of Jessie, who was already a rarely occuring side character with far less shine than she needed. He's almost as bad as Hyper, where if I take him out of the picture it hardly changes anything. Of course, this also means that I'll need to rethink Team Garnet itself and kind of make it into an unofficial friend trio (Jessie, Crystal and Zap). I don't mind revamping Jessie's character, as she's a concept I've tried to make work since the beginning of the series. James doesn't have anything going for him.

That being said, if Team Garnet doesn't exist anymore then this episode's going to be replaced with something else entirely.

Lost Episode 26: Emerald Isles

Smash was invited onto a cruise ship by his friend, Star the Porcupine. Seeing how he needed a good vacation, he went along with it. He saw a lot of familiar faces-Including Eggman, who also was there for a vacation. Smash felt a bit uneasy with Eggman along, but then just shrugged it off later. The RP has been cancelled due to everyone leaving.

Lost Episode 27: Gizmo and Kyla The Cats

Another roleplay starring Gizmo. The whole purpose of the Roleplay was to give Gizmo a mate, but ended up becoming much more interesting as Gizmo learned of Kyla's past, and investigated the strange reactions between the Power Crystal and Kyla's necklace. It started out as Gizmo watching a motorbike race at the stadium. While he was watching, One of the bikers had an accident and totally wrecked her bike. Gizmo was shocked at the sudden crash and stared at the wreckage. He then realized that the other racers were going to come back and hit her. He sprung into action and carried her out of the racetrack before she could get run over. She was still alive, but pretty badly hurt. Since he had nowhere else to go, he took her to his house to recover. He also took the remains of her bike to see if he could fix it. Unfortunately, it was all a pile of scrap metal. So, after studying a bit on the motorbikes, he managed to create one of his own. The girl came to while he was still polishing it up, and was rather surprised about the whole thing. But overall, she was very grateful towards Gizmo. She was also incredibly impressed with Gizmo's custom motorbike. The two of them became fast friends, and ended up falling for eachother.

This episode was moved around a bit, mainly because I'm pretty sure I got the timeline wrong before and put it far too early. In the end though, I had a discussion with Snow Goddess which resulted in Kyla being removed from the series. It turns out she really couldn't be anything but a love interest for Gizmo. The reason I cut off the relationship was because I felt that it was too cut and dry. As I just mentioned, she served no other role but to be his girlfriend. And I knew this, because that's exactly why she was created. Back then I had the same problem with Lina being too much of a satellite love interest who lived too far away to be of any relevance. So Snowy made Kyla and we roleplayed from there. They were both made pretty much the same way, but the key difference between them was that Lina was a part of Gizmo's backstory. He's known her since they were kids. They had the sort of distant childhood friend romance thing going on.

Don't get me wrong, Kyla's story intrigued me, too. I actually wanted to keep her around, but Snowy disagreed. While I'm still on the subject of romance plots, I want to say that Kyla stands out from all the love interests in the series. If you know me, you'll know that I can't just do lovey dovey roleplays as a basis for a plot. I need something going on in between. And every canon love interest delivered. They all brought something to the table. I could make a list, even.

  1. Luna was the first one. She brought an entire kingdom into the story, with other characters and items and other things that expanded on the world building of this series. She also married Smash by the end of the first season, which changed A LOT. Luna in and of herself is a pretty cool character anyway, and is definitely someone Smash needed in his life.
  2. Speedy and Violet are two main characters. Need I even go on?
  3. Estrella Marina brought in a darker plot, right around the time Skull Cross was introduced. Captivation also wanted to tie her story in with it, and I have at least one idea how. Not to mention Estrella and Thunder's backstories are so similar their meeting HAD to be fate. She also gave Thunder and his crew some spotlight, and a new crewmate!
  4. Marina was not only created the same day as Kyle, but introduced in the same roleplay as him, as well. And for once, the pairing was my idea. In this case, it was less of Marina bringing something to my series and more of me bringing something to Alestar's canon. Even then, the Search for Marina happened and that was an extremely important episode. Even moreso now that I've expanded on it.
  5. Where do I even begin with Cymbeline? Not only do she and Splice make my favorite pairing in like anything ever, but her story delves so deep I probably can't even explain it because it's so spoilerific. She's also a playable character in SpTH, so that helps.
  6. Diana is admittedly a bit of a stretch, but I can't really talk too much about her since we don't have a lot going on after Moonlight Visitor, plus the character she's with was more or less a side character up till now. Regardless, her story is great and we visit an entirely different planet. I can't really complain about her giving Mike his much needed day in the limelight, either.
  7. And then there's Kyla. Her story was interesting and if we delved into it more I feel it could've been pretty great, but the relationship between them felt a little forced. (to be fair, so was Smash and Luna's originally, but that's why it went through so many revisions.) Like, I was actively trying to take it more slowly in the initial RP. Not only that, but the only characters involved in this were Kyla, Gizmo, and Kitty, and Kyla's chao I can't remember. (I THINK she might have been trying to matchmake Kitty as well, but that wasn't gonna happen.) The point is, no one else was involved. No other characters knew about this, Kyla's plot didn't add anything to and couldn't really be linked to the ongoing story. Even looking ahead, I couldn't find a way for her to have relevance in future episodes. The whole plot felt almost like a spinoff.

tl;dr Kyla was kinda filler, no offense intended.

Lost Episode 28: Dimensional Disaster (Original Version)

In the dead of the night, everyone in the forest was sleeping peacefully, as they should. Until a loud explosion shook the forest. Startled and frightened, A young cat went to investigate the commotion. She eventually came across a gigantic crater in the ground, smoke still rising from it. A few other people had come to see what had happened as well, but she was one of the first. Down in the very center of the crater was a glittering object. Carefully climbing down inside, She picked up the object and examined it. It appeared to be a bizarre looking Chaos Emerald. Not knowing what else to do with it, she took it with her and headed home.

The next morning began with excitement. Speedy was inviting everyone to board a plane to go and celebrate his cousin Phil's birthday party. Everyone began packing and getting ready for the big party. However, Smash didn't get off to a good start in the morning. A red streak breezed by the window of his house, leaving him to be a bit confused as to what could possibly go that fast and was red. Suddenly, it came back and came inside of his house uninvited. It was Speedy, although something was wrong about him. He was acting a lot more goofy and bumbling than he usually did, and he didn't knock either. After a couple of sentences, he walked straight for the refridgerator and started to complain about how he didn't have hotlinks. Smash started to tell him off, but then that very instant, Another Speedy came inside. He peeked inside and walked in because the door was left wide open and he wanted to ask Smash about what was going on with it, and to invite him to Phil's birthday party. When the two Speedy's saw eachother, they were completely baffled, and in less than 5 seconds began to argue over who the real Speedy was. Smash was at a loss for words. He tried to calm them both down so that he could figure out just what was going on.

Around the same time, Gizmo met someone named Wave the Cat who claimed that he lived right across the street from him. However, Gizmo lives on the outskirts of town and there is no house near enough to him to be considered neighbors. No house across the road included. Gizmo was confused beyond belief.

Eventually, when Speedy was about to leave to his cousin's party, he was attacked outside his house by a mysterious spirit that resembled the face of a blond horse. Although Speedy's parents couldn't believe it, they knew that something had happened because Speedy was injured. They postponed their trip to investigate just what happened, and let Speedy recover. Through further investigation, they learned of the crash the previous night and ended up coming across Amber the Cat in the forest. Upon first meeting her, she was rather shy and didn't open up to them. But when Smash explained the current situation they were in, she decided to cooperate. She showed them the strange emerald, and the "other" Speedy told them that emerald was a normal Chaos Emerald. He then started to explain how things should be, but this place was completely different. Through serious deductions, Smash came to the conclusion that the other Speedy and the mysterious Chaos Emerald were from an alternate parallel dimension. How and why they were here on the other hand was anyone's guess.

They later found out that the alternate emerald had a scary reaction to the Master Emerald. Although Knuckles didn't really like it, he allowed them to investigate the reaction. The first time they tried, a huge amount of Chaos Energy was focusing in one spot and blew Smash down the stairs of the shrine. He tried again and managed to withstand the energy, the next thing he knew, he and the other Speedy were transported to the alternate dimension--proving Smash's theory correct. While there, Smash got to see everything that the other Speedy was talking about. It all seemed so wrong, but he pressed on. Apparently a chaos emerald had gotten lost in the dimension, and Smash had to find it and bring it back with him. Afterwards, he returned back to his dimension. Hopefully things had gone back to normal. However, he was wrong on so many levels.

Things began to get thrown back and forth between dimensions at an alarming rate, and they encountered the same spirit again. And this time he spoke. He was known as Acura Mustang, someone from the alternate dimension. He somehow discovered how to travel through the dimensions, but in order to do that he needed to become a spirit. When he came to the other side, he found that his role on the other side of the parallel dimensions had been replaced by Speedy. And because of that, He needed Speedy to die. No one really understood that, but they didn't want him to kill Speedy, so they tried to fight him. He escaped after a few minutes of battling. They investigated more on Acura and found out that on the other side, he was a very wise and respected scholor, until he learned too much and eventually went crazy and left. No one on their side ever saw him again, until now. Later, It turned out that he was using The Mystic Realm, a realm between dimensions, to merge the two dimensions together. Thus resulting in a huge catastophe. They managed to reach The Mystic Realm and challenge him. It was a tough battle, but they defeated him. Upon defeating him, they sealed the Mystic Realm back and returned the dimensions back to normal.

This was the original beginning of the second season. Because this and many of the following episodes haven't been saved anywhere else, I will leave the full description down here for now.

As far as continuity goes, this was on the fence for a long time. I wanted some of the things shown in this episode to be introduced at a later date, but at the same time, I wanted to keep this episode around for multiple reasons (one of which actually involving said "later date".)

I already knew that many revisions had to be made anyway, seeing as this hasn't really been changed since I started overhauling backstories and whatnot. I thought I could just fix it up a little and it'd be fine...
But on the other hand, I felt that this episode is hurting my series a little more than I feel comfortable with. It was basically making the early installment weirdness canon by having it as an alternate dimension. Some of that stuff I honestly wanted to put to rest for good. My main issue though, was the fact that this was Amber's debuting episode. I couldn't very well just get rid of it.

Instead, the episode has gotten a major overhaul, yet still keeping the basic gist of the plot relatively similar.

Lost Episode 29: The Unexpected Turnabout

This was originally supposed to be non-canon, but it somehow made its way into the Canon series. This was a Phoenix Wright styled RP. With a tad bit of changes in the selected characters, it was to be fully canon.

A hedgehog and a otter were out in the street one night, and it seemed the two were having some sort of conversation. It seemed to last for a little bit that is, until the otter pushed the hedgehog out into the street. Something had hit the hedgehog and killed him right then and there in the streets. A person was screaming at the sight of it, and another person was pointing at this someone else shouting "You're the murderer!" And that's how this whole story begins.

Smash went outside his house one night because there were police cars right outside. He found the police arresting someone in his yard, and gasped when he realized who it was. It was Hyper. He ran to them and asked them what happened, and they told him that they're arresting him on the charges of murder. His trial would be the very next morning at 9:30. Smash was so shocked, he didn't know what to think at first. He went inside to think about what to do. Moments later, he got an idea: He called Gizmo and told him what happened. He told him that he was going to defend Hyper, because he knew that he didn't murder anyone. There wasn't enough time to take the Bar exam to become an actual lawyer, so he asked Gizmo to make him a fake attorney's badge. Smash spent the rest of the night preparing for the trial, and didn't go to bed until nearly 4:00 AM.

The next day, Gizmo came right to Smash's house to give him the replica of an attorney's badge. They then went to the courthouse. Smash met with Tab and Speedy at the lounge of the courthouse. Smash told them that he was going to be the lead defense, and that they had to back him up the best that they could. Pretty much

Pic 1.png

everyone else went to the gallery to watch. They met with Hyper, and had him explain what happened. Hyper told them that he was walking down the road, and then he heard a scream and saw a dead body in the road, and then he saw someone pointing at him, and then ran away because he was frightened. When they went into the courtroom, they found that the prosecutor was a beginner as well, so they were safe. When the trial began, the detective came and gave her testimony on what transpired that night. Smash, Tab and Speedy then came to notice that there was no evidence to be brought to the court. Later, they brought on their next witness--and to their dismay, it was Lily. Lily claimed that she met Hyper a little bit before the murder. Through a long time of trying to piece together her story with the facts, they finally came to the conclusion that she had absolutely no relevence to the murder. (or even an idea of what she was talking about.) Their next witness was a man named Benjamin. Through cross examining him, it was clear that he was hiding something. The victim had died from being hit hard by a large and dense object. And he was on the road, so they thought that it had to have been a car. But Benjamin claims that there was no car. They later learned of a different prosecutor who was originally supposed to be on the case until someone else was reassigned for it while they were on recess. And also, they got an explanation out of Hyper, but it was a bit vague.

They later had him testify in court. However, he was so traumatized from the whole event, he mixed up the events a few times. But they still managed to get some info out of him. They then went onto their next witniss, a girl named Brianna. She was with the victim before the murder. She had been talking with him by the beach, and then she left. However, while she was leaving, she passed by the Black Rose Orphanage and happened to see a car going by at high speeds. The old prosecutor had come and joined the current one for the case. He showed multiple pieces of evidence. One was blood on the rail near where Hyper tripped on the sidewalk, one was a crowbar with a bit of blood on the tip, the other was a photo of a car--with a massive amount of blood on the front.

Adding up the facts they came to this: That night, Hyper was walking down the road that night, heading towards Smash's house because he had to talk to him. He tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and fell down, injuring himself on a rusted rail beside him. However, at the same time, the murder took place and he was blamed for it. Before hand, Brianna was talking with the victim, and then they parted ways. Seeing how the victim was in the

Pic 2.png

area, it was safe to assume that the time of death was moments after they left. Brianna saw a car speeding by her where she went. The victim was a really kind and generous person and would be willing to help just about anyone in need. He was even known for going around the public and doing whatever he could to help people. Seeing how he was that nice of a person, he would obviously go to help Hyper when he tripped on the sidewalk. And what could possibly have hit him while running across the road to someone screaming in pain? A car. With all that added up, Smash thought that it was time to bring Benjamin back. After cross examining him for a while, he said that he was called to the Black Rose Orphanage for something urgent and it needed to be the top of his priority. However, he stopped at a fast food shop. Smash didn't buy that part. Benjamin also claimed that someone could have hijacked his car. Smash still didn't believe that. Benjamin claimed that he saw Hyper kill the victim with the crowbar. Smash was going to raise an objection before the prosecution pressed him into blurting something out loud. "OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE I RAN HIM OVE-" He stopped himself before he could finish. They finally caught him. He admitted that he ran the victim over with his car, which would explain the photo of the bloody car. The prosecutor told them that there were some dark things going on in the orphanage, and that he was sure that Benjamin was sent to kill someone who knew too much. That was why he did what he did, and why the orphanage called him in the first place. The crowbar that he used was fake evidence to trap him. However, Benjamin told him that since he confessed using fake evidence, his confession was illegal and he couldn't be declared guilty.

That's when Smash stepped in. He was going to cross examine him, however, Benjamin gave up his rights to speak. Smash then thought for a moment, and then came up with solid proof. He asked for the keys to his car. Benjamin took them out of his pocket and showed them. Smash ordered the Bailiff to try them out in the bloody car in the parking lot. He came back and said that it started just fine. Smash's eyes shot towards Benjamin fiercely. He began to beat around the bush and told him that there was no way that he could even get to the court if someone had hijacked his car, while his car was still out there and he had the keys to it. Even though Benjamin said that it was possible to hijack a car without the keys, Smash said that the fact that his car was outside was more than enough proof that someone didn't hijack his car. And further more, his car was the murder weapon. And if no one hijacked his car, that could only mean that he was the murderer! Benjamin froze, while Smash gave him a serious look and let him know that he lost. They had proved Legally and Illegally that he was the murderer. There was no other way to go. Benjamin ended up breaking down, going completely insane and erratic-beating on himself and screaming loudly before he collapsed.

It was finally over. The Judge handed out his verdict: NOT GUILTY. They began to plan their celebration in the court lobby. However, the prosecutor had to go into the judges chambers. He came out looking sad, as he had just lost his job. However, he regretted nothing. He had apparently been chasing down Benjamin for 5 years. Now that he was caught, he could relax. Smash wanted to hold a little party at his house, and invited him. He agreed to join them.

This was never meant to be canon. However, There were so many ways to link this to the main plot of the series, it just couldn't be Non-Canon. Unfortunately, there were many bits and pieces of this RP that was lost, due to being done on a xat chat. But the main elements have been saved.

HOWEVER, as I looked over this story arc, I realized that there were some things that needed to change. And in order to make those changes, Hyper needed to go. Hyper was, unfortunately, only relevant in this one big story arc which served as the build up to the events of SpTH. The problem is that he was practically non-existent before and after said story arc. He was so detached from the gang and the rest of the story, yet this whole arc just kinda revolved around him all of a sudden. We don't know how the gang met him, we don't know when they met him, why they cared about him, why he cared about them, etc. Really, I feel like he literally did not exist until the Secret of the Mutants. And I know that's not true, but he either had minor appearances before or was involved in other lost episodes. It was kinda like the deal with Syria, who the gang kind of knew yet she just kinda stayed apart from everyone else. Only it was worse in her case as she never got a main part.

At any rate, writing him out of the canon was actually fairly easy, but it means I'll have to adjust some episodes a great bit to compensate. Unfortunately, the Unexpected Turnabout took the brunt of the blow from his removal. This has been booted from canon and put up as a spinoff instead. I might make a page for it (and rest of the Ace Attorney cases) if I start actively working on it again. However, there was more to it than just Hyper that convinced me to remove this episode. Aside from the blatant Phoenix Wright episode being as blatant as it was, I think that it revealed too much about the Black Rose to the public. It was the incident that caused Tab to go investigate it in SpTH, and supposedly a few others as well. But realistically speaking, that place should've been on lock-down by the police first thing after the trial.

But like Dimensional Disaster, I'm not going to get rid of it completely, as there are some important elements to it that come up in the future. This episode is getting overhauled into a murder mystery (outside the courtroom).

Lost Episode 30: Ace Attorneys / Turnabout Gardens

This was supposed to be a series of Phoenix Wright styled RP cases that took place here on this wiki. But neither of them really got off the ground. However, I managed to salvage what I could and revive it within the series. The first case had already happened, "The Unexpected Turnabout". This is actually the second case, where Gizmo was the defendant under the charges of massacring chao. In traditional PW style, the second one onward allows you to move around and investigate before the trial.

The Lost Episodes: Season 3 Cut

Lost Episode 31: Two Worlds, One Love

This was one of the very first roleplays I entered on the wiki, next to the Return of Mendoza(--which wasn't even nearly long enough to call a Lost Episode.) Even after looking over it, I cannot tell you what the plot was supposed to be. The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber may have been infamously bad, but this was actually worse. This was irrepairably messed up. To be fair I might have understood the plot a little better if literally every other person in the roleplay wasn't either godmodding or steering the plot in random directions. This roleplay might have violated more of my personal guidelines than Ultimate Soul Caliber did.

In the end, it was cancelled, and someone got banned. It was that bad.

("Gods? What? Wait, Hey! No fair! Why is everyone some kind of ascended being but me?" - Splice the Hedgehog, Two Worlds, One Love.)

Lost Episode 32: The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber

Sadly, one of the few roleplays I ever saw to the end. The infamous roleplay of 2011: The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber. The general plot was that a villain named Dark Lord Inferno wielded an evil sword called the Ultimate Soul Caliber. The sword's true power was to awaken soon, and when it did, the world would be shrouded in darkness. The heroes had to stop this before it happened, and only the power of the chosen seven, who would become Ultimate Elders, could save the world.

At least, that's roughly how it probably should've gone down. The problem was there were SO MANY PEOPLE doing things that contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the plot. There were entire chapters full of filler with people who held literally no relevance to the plot, and never appeared during anything related to what was supposed to be going on. The other problem was that the people who were somewhat related either wouldn't stop fighting over nothing, kept getting sidetracked, and generally wasted time. Even Darkstorm, the guy who was meant to be the main protagonist, openly admitted that he had no idea what he was even doing and had to let Smash take charge of the team and lead them all.

These aren't even half of the problems I faced. I wasn't even halfway through the story when I stamped a big fat NON-CANON in bold red letters on THIS roleplay. This was just as much of a headache for me as it was for all my participating characters.

Lost Episode 33: The Gang's Day Out

After dealing with Cy's dilemma, She and Splice decide that they'll have a real, official wedding, and get married for real instead of to foil her mother's arrangements. With the two officially engaged, the whole gang decides to get together and celebrate.

This mainly existed as a filler episode, so that it didn't jump right into something completely different, and to have a bit more "screentime" for Splice and Cy'. Ending their story arc like this only seemed appropriate anyway, but such events didn't really need their own episode. I replaced it with something far more relevant.

Lost Episode 34: The Troll Chronicles

I don't even know why I thought to join this, but the main reason I dropped out of this was due to being left behind after everyone split up into different parts and nobody informed me on where I was supposed to be editing. It was rather poorly handled. The basic plot was that trolls were running amok throughout the world, trolling people and causing a ruckus. They had to be put down. That might have been my reason for joining, but this only taught me that I shouldn't get involved with Trolls in any way.

Lost Episode 35: Crystal Madness

This was an interesting one. In layman's terms, an alien race went on a rampage across the universe, and eventually attempted to conquer Mobius along the way. This roleplay definitely had potential, though certain people tried to godmod their way to shortening plot-important ordeals to minor, one-line tasks. (A blatant violation of one of my guidelines, and in fact, the very violation that inspired me to write it in the first place.) Regardless, it was still fun while it lasted, and Splice got to put Metal in his place once more. The only reason this is a lost episode is because the RP host left the wiki before we made much progress. Shame.

Lost Episode 36: Turnabout Haste

The third case in the 5 case Ace Attorneys saga. A few days after the celebration, Smash is shocked to hear that Speedy of all people had been arrested. Naturally, he was the first one to arrive at the detention center. It also rattled the atmosphere at the police station, as Speedy's father is a cop. I already explained why this is a lost episode.

Lost Episode 37: The Demonic Epidemic

Can also be called "Smash Tries to Solve a Mystery in Fantasy Japan Land (but fails entirely.)" This was argueably more out of place and setting than The Battle of Kaoru. For about a third of the story, Smash was just missing out on all the action, only getting a chance to investigate the aftermath. He wasn't that helpful until he fought Darkness' rival, who had literally nothing to do with the main plot. He also convinced Mia to help them; otherwise the group would have had to fight her due to them being dumb. However, I ended up missing out on the climax entirely, so...yeah.

Either way this was another non-canon RP that actually got finished.

Lost Episode 38: The Crystal Chronicles

Gizmo reunites with Kyla after the latter has a bike wreckage in a race. It was actually an attempted murder by a mysterious blue cat with a scar over his left eye. Gizmo rescues Kyla, but was unable to catch the culprit. Eventually they learn a bit about Kyla's past, meet with a chao from Kyla's original home, and Gizmo begins preparing for in case the man decides to come back for a second try.

This was the long awaited sequel to Episode 33. It pretty much clears up Kyla's backstory, as well as sets up a direct problem with the assassin. Even I don't know what was in store for this RP. Unfortunately, that doesn't matter now. Kyla's been written out of canon.

Lost Episode 39: Rise of the Crystal Souls

This was supposed to be the revival of Crystal Madness. It never got off the ground. In fact, I don't even know if this counts as a lost episode.

Lost Episode 40: The Great Escape

After a long time of absence, Shada returns from Atlantis and heads straight for the Corliss residence. After a heartfelt reunion, She tells Smash and Luna about what's been going on for the past two years. Sam, her twin brother, is now king of Atlantis, a great and terrible war had just ended, and now she finally had the time to leave home safely. To celebrate, she invites the whole gang to go out to eat for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Station Square.

(This was actually a relatively recent addition to season 3. However, due to the fact that I had already added Shada to MoDTE, as if she had been around for a little while, I had to boot this 10 episodes back from it to make the time gap more believable.' This episode was pending for some time since the relationship between Lightning and Shada has been severed due to both my and Snowy's revamping in our respective series. The main purpose of this RP was to focus on this couple, so at the moment the RP is in danger of being a Lost Episode. However, with the way it progressed, we could still salvage it if we so wished. That doesn't seem to be likely, and I doubt I could manage this on my own. As such it became a lost episode.)

'Episode 41: 'A Meteor Story

After a meteor shower one night, several sentient objects, called the "Stones of Eon"s, took on the forms of bracelets and latched themselves onto several random people around the world. Not long afterwards, these same people were attacked by mysterious robots in an attempt to obtain the stones, despite them being pretty much impossible to remove.

It was a pretty interesting plot, and it had potential. I originally planned to let some of my more undershadowed characters, like Amber and Thunder's crew, but the story ended up focusing more on Smash than anyone else. While I was kind of fond of the RP at first, the inclusion of Metal Smash, Metal Pearl, Metal Gizmo, and Metal KITTY made it too much for me to bear. Metal Smash alone is non-canon, but good god, this was going overboard. I eventually lost the will to continue soon after Metal Krinkinko showed up.

Episode 42: Turnabout Vengeance

Like a bad dream, the fourth person Smash found the the detention center was yet again, his own sister. This time, he actually has a better chance at helping her.

Pic 3.png

A callback to Episode 4, where Pearl had been arrested under false charges of attempted murder. This time, Pearl was attacked in the park by a woman named Ema. She was arrested for supposedly killing her in response, though in reality all she did was punch her once, and she fell down.
The victim was actually the same person who attacked Pearl in jail all those years ago. She had come back for revenge, but failed.

Smash promises to do all he can to help her, but it seriously wasn't looking good for her.

I seriously have NO idea how she's going to get out of this one. Honestly, how am I supposed to think of a solution for this? This is going to be crazy...I'm no genius, and this is next to impossible without breaking the willing suspenion of disbelief. If I say she was like, poisoned, or otherwise previously wounded, Pearl probably wouldn't have been arrested in the first place. At least taken in for questioning, not put on trial. I MIGHT be able to work around previous wounds, but...It's not looking too good, let's just say that.

In all honesty, I'm probably just gonna rewrite this. I wrote myself too far into a corner that the only way I can get back out is through some inane levels of bullhonkey. And bad writing.

Lost Episode 43: The World Hero Tournament

The World Hero Tournament was pretty fun, I'll give it that. Unfortunately, it died off, and I eventually wrote it out of the canon alongside Numbered Days. I try to avoid having plots with god characters and such. But regardless, some of the fights were pretty cool. Smash's battle was one of the best fights, but Pearl's was kind of a headache. For the most part it was about trying to defeat someone who is clearly godmodding, and I think she held up pretty well in that regard. But still, it got to the point where I didn't even feel like dealing with Skate's crap anymore. And Banzai had all but abandoned the roleplay by that time, so I couldn't get an official disqualification or any kind of administrative intervention. So, I just quit.

Lost Episode 44: Numbered Days

Ironically, while the World Hero Tournament was left to rot, its sequel actually got finished. Like its predecessor, this was fun while it lasted and had some epic fights, and a generally good plot. In fact, the only thing that keeps this from being canon is the reason I stated above: I try to avoid involving physical god characters in my series. I don't want that. It's a shame, but oh well.

Lost Episode 45: The Metarex Saga

This is the odd-one out, as it's a fanfic that was made deliberately non-canon, and is still actively in progress. Started off as a roleplay, The Metarex Saga is, as the name implies, the third season of Sonic X with Smash and Co. taking the lead. So far it's one of the best fanfic's I've written, as it is very fluid, has a nice handful of chapters, and doesn't rely too much on past events for me to have to stop and go back for revisions all the time. (Lookin' at you, MoDTE.) I'm very sad that I cannot make this canon. But hey, at least I can actively use Frost again! It's a total callback to the last era of the series!

Lost Episode 46: Rise from the Ashes (Unnamed Turnabout)

This takes place somewhere around the middle of Memories of David The Echidna. Naturally, one more case just had to come up before the whole thing was over. This time, Smash takes on one of the masterminds behind several of the past incidents, including crimes committed by the Black Rose Orphanage's gang, the deaths of Smash's parents, and other atrocities to be revealed.

(It's nicknamed "Rise from the Ashes" there due to the similarities to the first PW game's final cases. The 4th case was meant to be the final, but Rise from the Ashes was a bonus. This could be seen as a sort of bonus as well, as it appears smack in the middle of a fanfic, when Pearl's case was to be treated as the last.)

The Lost Episodes: Season 4 Cut

Lost Episode 46: Natural Enemies

This was one of my favorite RP's on the wiki during its time. Heck, it's still one of my favorites even now. All the natural elements of the world were on the brink of being thrown out of balance--figuratively speaking. By this, I mean all the users of said elements were about to go to war; starting with Pyro and Aquakinetics. This was all a plot orchestrated by a dark, sinister, and deadly organization known as "The Followers of the Void". These people's signature ability was Void Magic, a type of magic that absorbs any and all types of energy, and can suck the very life out of people. This pretty much put them on par with V/Velious on my "Most Dangerous Villain" scale...which is at the very top by a very large margin. This was a desperate struggle to survive a mission with an already slim chance at success.

Sadly, it got cancelled. Otherwise, it most likely would have been canon.

Lost Episode 47: Down Under

To be honest, I'm neutral on this. Basically it went like this: G.U.N. was escavating stuff underground and, as a result, drove several native Nerbs, a race of moles, out of their homes. They moved them into prison camps, and basically tore up their lives. One Nerb escaped from underground and saught help from the people on the surface, and that's how Smash and the gang got involved in a mission that would pit them against the military.

It seemed promising enough, and I thought it might have an important impact on my characters with it's deep plot. However, it slowly began sliding downhill, until it really started racing down. It's one thing that some of the characters were being kind of obnoxious, (Krinkinko, Candi, Frederick, etc.) but then the story started getting dark and edgy. That was okay, but then it started getting unnecessarily grim and gory.

Let me give you a few examples: Frederick began killing off his teammates when they began to join Smash's team, or at least see the light of the truth about what was really going on. He chopped Krinkinko in half, tried to burn off Candi's face with lava, and fried up and ate Mike and Clyde the two headed roosters. Mind you, Candi was the only one who wasn't on his team. Is it any wonder why I hate Frederick? Also, if that wasn't enough, there was earlier in the story: Candi was eaten alive by a giant mole-beast/thing, and they had to cut open it's stomach to free her half digested, yet still living body.

Now, I don't really mind stories that are a little dark and edgy, but there is a line. And this story crossed it.

Lost Episode 48: The Neo Stellar Royale

This is yet another tournament episode that never got finished. (There is literally only one tournament RP I've actually seen through to the end. ) This had gotten me pretty hyped, as it was made by the same person who hosted the Cosmic Championship and Natural Enemies. In fact, the name is a play on words: It literally means "The New Cosmic Championship". In this tournament, Splice stepped up to the challenge rather than Smash. He had a climatic match with Subzero, which unfortunately did not finish before the tournament was cancelled.

Splice was totally winning tho, just sayin

Lost Episode 49: Mystery Aboard the Winter Cruiser

A direct sequel to the timeskip episode at the end of Season 4. Smash and Luna board a cruise liner to celebrate their 6th anniversary. Things are all well and good, but some strange incidents take place and prompt the couple to investigate.

That's literally all I've got so far. I don't know for sure what kind of mystery they're dealing with here, but it's something I've been trying to sleep on.

I decided not to make it an episode at all. The cruise will be referenced during the previous episode but that's going to be set up as the epilogue. I hadn't decided until recently that the initial timeskip episode would be the very last one to end the series.

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