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This goes over all the locations in the series. The geography is unlike any of the world maps in canon Sonic games, despite having many reoccurring areas from different games, such as Station Square from Sonic Adventure and Emerald Town from Sonic Battle. Central City is sort of a merge between the city from Sonic Battle and Sonic Adventure 2. And the arrangement of all the locations is based on the world map from Splice The Hedgehog (which was also based on how the world-building developed over the years of roleplaying.)

The Mainlands

The Mainland (no official name) is, as the name implies, the continent where the main setting of the series takes place. This continent is split into three separate regions: The Greenflower Region, the Emerald Region, and the Kartilla Region.

The Greenflower Region

The region that takes up the southern section of the continent, the Greenflower Region consists of many areas originating from SRB2, with a few series original zones added on. This is where the majority of the cast lives.

Greenflower City

Right below the region border is Greenflower City. This is where most of the main characters live. It is a large, country-like city due south from Station Square. Unlike it's busy, industrial neighbor, Greenflower City is much calmer, and has lots of open fields dotted with flowers. It's also home to the famous arena, The Blitz Pit.

Greenflower Zone

Directly south of the city lies this lush, green zone. Prior to Season 2, Smash and Pearl lived somewhere within the zone. The Cat Chao Garden is also hidden away here. There are many hills of varying sizes, and several rivers, streams and waterfalls. There is a bit of a canyon located here, which holds the biggest waterfall in the region.

Fox Forest

West of the city lies this serene forest. It is a popular attraction for tourists, being almost like a national park, and is a known gathering spot for children of the city. There are few people who actually live in the forest. While the area is somewhat open with many clearings, there is a point where the woods become thick and unkempt. There is a fence bordering it from the rest of the forest, but some adventurous individuals go beyond it anyway. Deep Fox Forest is full of very tall grass, walls of trees and shrubbery, and is generally difficult to navigate. It's very easy to get lost.

The forest is at the base of a mountain, and exploring the deep woods far enough will lead you to the very foot of it. Unfortunately it's practically a large wall, but there is a cave hidden somewhere along the line, which may lead to the other side.

Tulip Road

A simple dirt road through Techno Hill Zone. Unfortunately, the road ends only a third of the way through the zone, as it was destroyed when a deep trench was dug through it, soon filled with toxic sludge. No one dared to fix it after Dr. Eggman poisoned the area with his slime factory. On the other direction, the road branches off in two different directions, one leading back up to Greenflower Zone and the other to Fox Forest.

Techno Hill Zone

South of Greenflower Zone and Fox Forest, Techno Hill Zone was once a beautiful area not unlike Greenflower Zone. But several years ago, Dr. Eggman took control of the area after building a factory that pumped out slime into all the rivers and lakes. It wasn't long before everything was polluted, and all life in the area began to wither away. Despite this, there are some residents of the zone who refused to move away.

At some point, the gang manages to reverse the effect, by sucking all the slime back into the factory. This caused said factory to flood, and eventually had all the slime trapped inside the main building. After ridding the zone of the slime that filled the ponds and lakes, life slowly began to return to this poisoned landscape, despite all bodies of water being completely dried out.

Blue Lily Zone (aka Lake Lily)

South-west of the scarred hills is a big blue lake with lots of flora and somewhat exotic plantlife growing around it. It's fairly close to the ocean, and a couple of rivers branch off from it towards the sea. One larger river flows directly into it from the mountains, with a few smaller streams branching off from it. With all the water around, traversing the area gets a little bit tricky for those who want to stay dry.

One of the main highlights of the zone are its signature lilypads. There are many large, green lilypads floating about the lake, big and strong enough to hold a grown mobian afloat. Because of that, they are often used as makeshift rafts or platforms, making travel much easier and fairly enjoyable.

In the center of the lake is a small 'island' with a fountain on it. While it may look like a very old decoration, it's rumored to hold secrets to an underground labyrinth of unknown treasures.

Brayleigh, Village of Hope

One stream flows into Lake Lily from the inside of the mountain. This watery cave is where numerous mutated, deformed and/or handicapped mobians rescued from the Mobian Experimentation Facilities have gathered. At first it was just a dozen and a half, but eventually their numbers grew as Captain Thunder freed more of their kind. They soon moved to build a small village outside of the cave; a place where they could all live together in peace.

The village is not particularly large, but thanks to the fresh water from the river and fertile soil, they were able to establish a fair, rural lifestyle. The people whom had all but fallen into despair from the cruel experiments had found hope once more.

Arid Canyon Zone

The large mountain range looming over Fox Forest holds a canyon on the other side that reaches far below sea level.

The Emerald Region

Dusk Woods Zone

Although technically on the border of the two regions, Dusk Woods is actually considered to be a part of the Emerald Region.

Station Square

Emerald Coast

Mystic Ruins

Emerald Valley

Emerald Town

Central City

Petalwood Pass

Lost City of Eleyrah

The Kartilla Region

Daunting Desert Zone (AKA Kartilla Desert)

Kartilla Oasis

Crimson Badlands Zone

Other Areas

The Continent of Morlinia

Not much is known about this place, as it has only ever once been visited in a roleplay before. Otherwise it's just a common mention when conversations lean towards overseas, amongst other references. In actuality, this was originally the main setting for Medley's own project.

Mt. Frostbite

Jade Island

Haunted Island (name pending)

Mercedes Island

Ocean Laboratory

Other Areas (Canon)

South Island

Angel Island

The Village of Tillia

Important Areas by Guests

The Kingdom of Atlantis (Snow Goddess)

The Angel Kingdom (AngelWings)

Secret Research Facilities (Captivation)

Animas (Kagome+Inuyasha16)

The Dragon Kingdom (E:113:Xi)

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