For the longest time, Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series had been a crossover between the Sonic and Kirby universes. When the re-write came, the crossover had been separated. The main page only shows what happened to the Sonic verse, as it was the main attraction. This is about the other half.

Due to being the main cause of the crossover, and the most frequently appearing character of the Kirby side of the verse, it is safe to dub Frost as the main character. Chronologically, the whole series began with his backstory, and it showed how and why he traveled to Mobius, and soon attracted other characters in his universe.

Now that the two sides have been split, they are both undergoing re-writes to adapt to their own stories without eachother to lean on. The Kirby side has probably been effected the worst, seeing how 70% of the story took place on Mobius, and was a part of the Sonic side. There will be many new things added to fill in the gaps, much like it's other half.

List of Episodes in Chronological Order

The "episodes", for the most part, are very long. Most of the plot of this saga was to be turned into a trilogy of fan games. And taking out what happened on Mobius, that doesn't leave us with much. Until the main plot has been written out, this section won't be very big.

Season 1

Episode 1: Frost's Adventure - A Warrior's Tale [Child Arc]

Episode 2: Frost's Adventure - A Warrior's Tale [Adult Arc]

Episode 3: Frost's Adventure - A Warrior's Tale: Icicle's side

Episode 4: Frost's Adventure 2 - Dark Kirby's Conquest

Episode 5: Frost's Adventure 3 - The Final Nightmare

Episode 6: Stellis Dreams

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