A complete list of every episode with summaries and notes from the author. It is still being updated, and as such some information may be severely outdated.

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Episode Summaries / Descriptions

Here are the summaries and descriptions of each episodes. Unfortunately, since many are new/some have not been saved, there isn't much information on certain episodes. I am constantly working to fix that issue, however.

Season 1

Season 1 Cast Smaller

The majority of the first season has been re-written since the time the series first began. Many chunks of it had to be taken out, especially with Frost's crossover gone. In turn, it brought back some old things that were once forgotten.
With all the changes,It takes an almost entirely different tone now. It's now a pretty melancholy chapter, as it shows how most of the characters didn't really get off to a good start in life.

Episode -1: Speedy and the Babysitter

Original Plot written by: Kapus

Summary Button - Speedy, a young hegehog at about 8 years of age, lived in Greenflower City. One day, his parents were going to leave for the day, and they hired a babysitter to look after him. When the sitter finally came, Speeder and Meryl, his parents, left the house. The babysitter was a cat, possibly in her mid 20's. She apparently worked at an orphanage in town, so she was used to taking care of children. When asked what he wanted to do, Speedy said that whenever his cousin Phil came over, they would play sword fights with sticks. And so they did. Speedy had his trusty stick, while Linda, the babysitter, used a mop. They fought for a while, and Linda was actually pretty good at it. Speedy then thought that she was probably the most awesome babysitter that he'd ever have. They had to stop when they heard the phone ringing. Apparently it was from Linda's daughter, Lucy, who called for unknown reasons. Later, Linda went into the kitchen to make a dessert for them. They agreed on brownies, and Linda went right to work. However, that was when the trouble began. She obviously did not know what she was doing in the kitchen. She put several unecessary things in the mixing bowl, including things that no one in their right minds would even think about putting in brownies. She also dumped a pound of sugar into it. Speedy was practically mortified at the sight, and regretted thinking that she was awesome and now started wondering if she was actually trying to kill him or not. When it was ready, She ate it with no problem. Speedy on the other hand, felt like barfing just by looking at it. The brownies were discolored and gooey. And very oddly shaped.

Finally, Speedy's parents came home. They thanked Linda for babysitting, and were offered some brownies. Speeder, Speedy's father, was more than happy to dig in. He helped himself to three servings, while Speedy watched in horror. Meryl on the other hand, was wondering why Speedy didn't eat any-and why they were already out of sugar when they'd just bought some the previous day. Speedy told her everything he saw, and Meryl at first didn't believe him until she saw how the brownies were...different from normal. After Linda left, she was a bit more skeptical about hiring her again.

Author's Notes Button - This was the first of the prequel episodes. The prequels were made to fill in the blanks of the character's pasts, after several episodes were thrown away as Non-Canon, but this whole remake serves that purpose. Being a Prequel, it was very well done. Although it was a pretty short episode. Compared to the later ones, this could have been seen as a short skit of some sort. Especially since it seemingly had nothing to do with the main story. Although showing Linda talking to Lucy over the phone, that was a good touch of foreshadowing.

Prologue: A Determined Boy

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - After the passing of his parents, young Smash The Echidna starts his career as a fighter, being the youngest to ever officially join The Blitz Pit at the age of 14. When the first person he fights ends up being one of the most deadly fighters in the arena, he realizes that things won't be quite as simple as he thought. After a brutal beatdown, his resolve wavers with uncertainty, until the manager of the Blitz Pit comes to talk to him. After seeing his potential, he gives him a bit of a pep talk to boost his spirits. With that, Smash presses onward, fully determined to be able to support him and his little sister, Pearl, with the fight money he would earn.

Author's Notes Button - There isn't a whole lot to say. This is basically a short episode to introduce a couple of the main characters with a piece of their origin story. This episode isn't really finished: it's mainly just missing the fight scene.

Episode 1: Enter: The Blitz Pit

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - About a year later, Speeder won the lottery (and got a good scolding from his wife about gambling) and took everybody to go and watch a tournament at the famous fighting arena: The Blitz Pit. He invited his friend, Vincent, and his family to come along as well. Speedy was very excited to go. And when Vincent arrived, they headed off to the Blitz Pit. Vincent had a daughter named Violet, who was around the same age as Speedy. She was a little bit shy at first, but she soon opened up and became friends with Speedy. He was actually the first friend she had ever made.

Soon, they arrived at the Blitz Pit. They used up their tickets and headed for the stadium's audience to get their seats. The first battle they watched was a little exciting, except for the fact that they got there a little late and missed over half of it. The second battle was also pretty good. It featured some guy vs the youngest fighter ever to enter the Blitz Pit. 15 year old Smash The Echidna had entered his first tournament, and was fighting as hard as he could to win. Something about him sparked Speedy's interest, and he decided to cheer for him. Violet caught a glimpse of someone selling hot dogs in the crowd, and decided to get one for Speedy and herself. Meanwhile, Speedy was having trouble watching because of a large sweaty person behind him cheering loudly, and quite obnoxiously. Eventually while watching, Speedy met up with Linda again, and got a chance to meet her daughter, Lucy. Lucy was about a year older than Speedy, but she acted almost as if she were 4 years younger than him. Her manners of speech were still childish, as if she were still learning how to talk. Nevertheless, they became friends.

Soon, the tournament ended with The Shining Knight as the victor. Smash had lost in the second round. While everyone was leaving, Speedy noticed Smash near the entrance, buying himself a soda from a vending machine. He walked over to say hello, and talked about the tournament. Soon, his sister, Pearl, arrived and joined the conversation. And even sooner, the same obnoxious man from before came and started begging for Smash's autograph, and eventually started to attract a small crowd when he mentioned autographs. He also ended up meeting Lucy and Violet, and one of them insisted that they all hang out sometime. Smash was kinda weirded out, and uncomfortable after the man hovered over him about the autographs, but he agreed. After that, they all split up to go home.

Author's Notes Button - This was the second one of the prequels. Here is where things began to pick up, bringing more of the original cast into the story. This episode showed even more references to the newer episodes. Such as the Hot dog stand guy from The Blitz Pit World Tournament 2010. The Shining Knight along with The Berserker, two fighters from the same episode. And Smash was getting himself some 7up. He was known to like that soda. The Berserker was later made to be the first person Smash ended up fighting in the Blitz Pit.

There are a few minor changes in store for this episode; namely the fact that Pearl and Violet are already friends at this point.

Episode 2: A Growing Circle of Friends

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - A few months later, the group had already become friendy and hung out regularly. One late summer day, Lucy spots a moving truck driving by, and insists that Speedy, Violet and Smash follow it with her. Speedy and Violet were excited about someone moving in. Smash didn't seem to care much, but he and Pearl followed anyway. They followed the truck all the way to the southern outskirts of town. (the truck was moving slowly, and made a lot of stops, which is how they were able to keep up.) Soon, it stopped at an empty house at the southern outskirts of the city. While they were heading over there, they met another cat like Lucy. Lucy introduced her to them as her friend, Tab. But despite Lucy's urges to say hello, Tab didn't say anything. She simply responded with a surly frown and a nod.

The driver then got out to unload the truck as a car soon parked in the driveway. Lucy was so excited, she ran up to the car window and waved at them, only to be dragged away by Smash and Speedy. When the movers got out of their car, Smash apologized as much as he could for Lucy's behavior. The movers, coincidentally, was a family of cats. Two parents and one boy, who seemed very depressed about something. Speedy tried to say hello, hoping to possibly befriend him without making himself look weird, but the boy barely shrugged it off before going inside to put his own stuff away. After that, Lucy helped herself to one of the things in the moving truck to put it inside. Smash scolded her, and told her that they should ask first. Lucy went and walked right inside, before remembering that she should knock first. She closed the door and rang the doorbell again. The door was opened by the father, who looked confused. Smash, quite embarrassed, offered to help bring in the boxes and the rest of the stuff. After getting the approval, he went and helped unload, along with Speedy. Meanwhile Violet failed to get a single word out of Tab, and soon gave up. After they finished unloading everything, the father thanked them. Lucy suddenly blurted out that she wanted to go to the beach. Everyone else seemed to be okay with it, and Lucy offered the boy to come along as well. After thinking about it, he decided that he'd ask his mom first. Smash decided to offer them all to go, considering that it must have been a long drive and they need some kind of break. The family agreed, and thanked Smash for his thoughtfulness. The boy introduced himself as Gizmo The Cat.

The beach was in walking distance, so they went on foot. When they arrived, everyone let loose and scattered about to do various things. Lucy and Tab went to make a sand castle. Speedy collected shells with Violet, and Smash went swimming. Gizmo was also creating his own sand castle, but he later disappeared from everyone's sight. A bit later, Smash saw a green hedgehog girl jump out of the water and then thank the ocean for giving her a good swim. He decided it would be best to not ask anything about it.

Moments before it was time to go, Gizmo had found something washed ashore. As he got closer, he realized that it was a chao. Picking it up, he soon found out that the unconscious chao had cat ears, not caused by a small animal. The chao was alive, but wasn't in very good condition. He decided to take him home with him. The group soon split up as it was time to go home.

Author's Notes Button - The last of the trio of prequels. This episode pieced together nearly all the last bits that needed to be connected that made The Gang what it is now. Meeting Tab, Gizmo and his family, Gizmo finding Kitty, and Lily coming out of the ocean brings out several theoretical questions.

Episode 3: The Love Triangle

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - A young man by the name of Neo, tied up in the affairs of a dangerous gang, was arrested for stealing 8 million rings from Casinopolis in Station Square. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, however, new evidence arose 3 years later that allowed the case to be reopened. The case ended in his favor that winter; he was promptly released on parole. After reuniting with his mother, the two decided to move to Greenflower City, and took a visit down there to get a feel for the area.

While taking a walk in Hedgehog Park, Neo meets and quickly befriends Pearl while asking for directions. She introduces him to Smash, and the two agree to show them around the city. As the day went by, they walked all around the local neighborhood, showing the mother and son all the sights and points of interest they could think of. Eventually the day came to and end, and the two echidnas saw them off at the bus stop. Before leaving, however, Smash revealed that he knew who Neo was through the news reports, and asked him why he did what he did. Neo claimed that he did it for himself, not wanting to bring up the gang he was involved with in the past, but Smash saw through it. He tells him that he was too nice of a person to do something as crazy as that for self gain. He didn't press the matter any further, but he leaves Neo with the comfort of knowing that he had gained the echidna's trust.

Author's Notes Button - This is where the prequels left off. From here on, are the episodes that were created years ago up until now. Canonically and chronologically, this was the first story done outside of the original trio of Kapus Medley and myself. A fanfic written entirely by Alestar13, it had no official name and was only known as "A Very Romantic Story With A Lot Of Action And Of Course Drama". In it was the tale of a rich girl named Jenny, and her "Romeo and Juliet" type of romance with Sonic. Rex and Sally (Acorn, now a new character known as Sally Tyrantia in the remake) wanted them both apart because they were madly in love with Jenny and Sonic respectively. This was also the very first appearance of Pearl and Violet in any story ever, and it just happened to be the one where Pearl adopted Sandy as well. In short, a lot went down, and for the most part the important events are preserved. But the cast of characters have changed and a much bigger plot was brought to the table.

Episode 4: Sally's Treachery

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Author's Notes Button - The RP sprung up from the fanfiction written by Alestar13, which turned into a private roleplay for a time as Smash and Pearl investigated a mystery of a murder. This continued on from where she left off at a certain point, specifically after Sally Tyrantia, the main antagonist, committed murder. They pretty much already knew what happened, but they needed to figure out how and why, and get evidence against the culprit. Basically, They broke through the fourth wall of the story and into the private RP to investigate, and then afterwards, the RP stopped and the fanfiction continued-with Smash and Pearl's evidence at hand.

Because of the way this whole thing went, it's being re-written. The RP is now just simply another chapter (rather, one of the last chapters) in the long-run of this episode.

Episode 5: The Sad Tale of Neo and Jenny

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - Now that there was a warrant for Sally Tyrantia's arrest, Smash and friends were somewhat content to leave it at that. However, for the next few days there was strangely no update on the situation. Sally was nowhere to be found, and it left everyone on edge...until one evening, Jenny goes missing. There was only one logical explanation, and it meant that they had to hurry and find Sally now, before it was too late! Author's Notes Button - The final chapter of this story arc. In the original fanfiction, Jenny was actually in a relationship with Sonic. When Jenny is in distress, Sonic goes to save her, and it costs him his life. Despite that, later roleplays completely disregarded Sonic's death and went on as if it never happened. Sonic's role however, has been replaced by Neo's. And his death is the starting point for multiple character development arcs. 

Episode 6: The Young Captain of the Thunder Bolt

Original Plot written by: Smash

This is Thunder's debut. It basically introduces him around the time he obtained his ship.

Author's Notes Button - This episode was actually relatively new. Originally it was the third episode "Orphaned People", basically introducing Thunder, his brothers, along with Splice. It was never explained how they met up with Splice, and nobody remembers how they met Thunder and his brothers. Eventually I decided to push Splice's entrance further a bit, somewhere in Episode 3-5's arc, and this one afterwards. In anycase, while the plot is still being ironed out, it's basically their origin story of how the brothers were once in The Black Rose Orphanage, and how they became sailors.

Episode 7: Adventures At Sea

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Some time after acquiring his ship, Thunder invites a few people to go sailing with him in search for adventure. They soon find that they're heading right into a storm, but with the captain's powers, they sail right through it with ease. After docking at the island beyond, they find that they've arrived at the resort island of Gardina. But something was odd; it was fairly devoid of people for this time of the year. They soon learn that because of all the storms, nobody has been able to get through. These storms also seemed to pop up out of nowhere only whenever a ship passes by. The Thunderbolt is the first ship to get through to Gardina in a month. The gang finds something fishy about this and begin to investigate...however they can.

Author's Notes Button - This was the episode where Smash meets Luna, and they start dating. This was an ongoing RP, but it went on hiatus years ago. I've been thinking about it somewhat more recently, and I think I may want to reboot this again. Snow Goddess and I considered redoing the roleplay anyway but I may just write it out with some guidance from her.

I've pushed this back so that it flows directly from Thunder's debuting episode. This way we have another sort of story arc, with some more continuity between episodes rather than have things lined up randomly and playing out more episodically.

Fun Fact: This would make the origin story of Smash and Luna's meeting overhauled for the third time, making it the fourth version of such.

Update: Make that four times; The entirety of Atlantis and Luna's introduction is being overhauled, and this Episode is breaking off from it. There will be a brand new episode about Luna instead. Snow Goddess and I have just begun working on this huge development. Meanwhile, I've changed the location and plot of this episode.

Episode 8: Team Violet - The Green Flower Guardians!

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - When Smash and the others return from their voyage, Smash meets a newly reformed Jenny, who had founded a team of crime-fighters: Team S-Girls. Jenny wanted to change herself into a stronger and more independant person after Neo's death. Soon after they started making a name for themselves, Violet decided that she'd do the same thing, and founded 'Team Violet'. Needless to say, they don't have as much luck, and Smash worries about them. Things stay quiet for a few days, but then when a wanted criminal arsonist comes to town, Team Violet is on the hunt. Smash knew they wouldn't be able to handle it themselves, and so he follows them in secret.

Author's Notes Button - This is basically the conclusion of the arc I've rearranged the episodes to set up. The start of Team Violet was never actually shown before, so there is very little information on this episode. On that note, the same could be said for Team S-Girls (or SGirls.) I want to expand on the latter, seeing as we don't have a lot of time between now and Tina's death to really get attached to her.

Episode 9: Kyle The Wandering Hedgehog

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Kyle Tyris, a lone cyan hedgehog, awakes in the bed of an unfamiliar room. A young girl sat beside his bed. She introduced herself as Marina, and she found him washed up on the beach of Emerald Coast, heavily wounded. Kyle began to return the introduction, but then realized that his name was the only thing he could remember. Against the wall of the room was his only possession; a mysterious sword. Its name was also the only other thing he could remember--The weapon was known as the "Gemblade", though oddly enough there were no gems to be seen on it; they appeared to be missing. He soon came to the conclusion that if he solved the mystery behind it, he may remember more about what happened before his amnesia struck. And thus, he sets out on a journey to find the missing gems, as well as his missing memories, with Marina's assistance.

Author's Notes Button - This was Kyle's debut. Kyle was actually created on the same day as the character he met with on the roleplay. Originally, this was basically a roleplay to introduce the characters on both sides and for them to meet and get along. Incidentially, the other character is currently his girlfriend. Many events happened along the way, and Kyle showed his heroic side as he rescued her from a very disturbing creature in a cave, and fought it off before it escaped into the public.

Now, it will undergo a complete re-write, to compliment both the original story and the written one on his page. I'd really like to roleplay it with Alestar, the owner of Marina's character, since this is also her origin story. But that may not be possible given her availability.

I've switched around the episodes to make the overall plotline flow better. This one takes place during the time of the last story arc with Neo and Jenny.

Episode 10: The Central City Fair.

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Taking place a few months after the last episode, Jenny invites everyone to go with her to the Central City Fair. As the gang meets up at her place to ride with her across the region, she introduces them all to Marina and Kyle. Marina was an old friend of her's, but she had only just met Kyle as well. Meanwhile, Thunder and his crew take the scenic route and sail up the coast to reach Central City by ship. When everyone arrives, and Smash introduces Thunder and his brothers to Jenny and the others who hadn't sailed with them before, Kyle's sword begins to emit a strange and familiar glow. The last gem of the Gemblade was somewhere in this city...

Author's Notes Button - Before, this episode was "Speedy's Birthday", and the original description said "Another RP about Speedy's birthday". But I never showed the first one. (Un)fortunately, it was one of the Lost Episodes, so there was very little known about it--or even this birthday for that matter. For a long time I didn't know what to do with it, before I changed the plot entirely. There still isn't much information on this episode yet, but my plan was getting all the new characters up to this point acquainted. (Marina, Kyle, Thunder and co.) The main focus of the plot was to bring the gang all together for the first time. I eventually started thinking I should go for something different than "another story about Speedy's Birthday." If the endgoal is to get everyone to meet up and get acquainted, some kid's birthday party might not be the best way to kick things off.

So I whipped up the Central City Fair instead. For the most part it's just wholesome fun for everyone but I found an opportunity for more relevant plot advancement in Kyle's search for the gems! Two birds with one stone; not bad at all.

Episode 11: Return to Angel Island

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - After recovering the 6th and last gem of the Gemblade, Kyle has recovered a substantial amount from his amnesia. Most importantly, he remembers where home is: Angel Island. He lives in the small village of Tillia, and his mother, father and sister must be up there waiting for his return. The only thing is, Angel Island is in the sky. How will he get back? His search eventually leads him to the Mystic Ruins, where ancient secrets of the island are hidden.

Author's Notes Button - This is the final part in Kyle's story arc. I originally intended to pile it all into one episode, but I think it'd be much more efficient to split it up, some. So Kyle's remembered most of the important stuff, but the things he hasn't remembered are pretty crucial--such as why and how he fell from Angel Island in the first place. I plan for Marina to be crucial to Kyle's psyche. He's going to need emotional support.

Episode 12: The World Tournament

Original Plot written by: Smash, Snow Goddess

Smash decides to give the World Tournament a shot for the first time. Unfortunately, the competition is far more powerful than he'd imagined.

Author's Notes Button - This is a chance to start some early character development for Smash. To show that when he felt he was getting stronger, he still has a loooong way to go. This is a good way to let him realize that. But more importantly, this is set to be the new debut for Luna the Hedgehog--also known as Luna Pendragon. (I actually only learned that recently! Snow Goddess, the owner of said character, only revealed that to me around the beginning of 2019. Ironically, she didn't realize Smash's last name was Corliss, either. But I digress.) Luna is joining the World Tournament with her own separate motives, which could lead into a much bigger plot that deserves a new name for this episode.

Episode 13: The Corliss Case

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - It's Mid-October, and Luna comes to the Greenflower Region to visit Smash and Pearl. She finds their house, and runs into Kyle Tyris at the door, holding a banquet of flowers. After introducing themselves, Kyle tells her that it appears that there is no one home. He came because he'd heard from Pearl that today was their mother's birthday, and he wanted to pay a visit. Though it seemed that the family had gone out for the day, so he offered the flowers to Luna before taking off.

Luna heads back into the city, flowers in hand, and soon passes by Speedy. Speedy figures that she's looking for Smash, and tells her that he, Pearl and Sandy went down a road to the west. He hurries off, mentioning that he's gotta meet with friends. (Author's Note: He's heading toward Gizmo's house.)
She heads down the road, and soon finds that it passes by the city cemetery. She begins to have a bad feeling, and can't help but walk into the graveyard. She is shocked when her fears are confirmed: There they were, standing in front of a gravestone decorated in flowers. They are even more shocked to see her. Smash then tells her that their parents passed away a few years ago.

Author's Notes Button - This new episode is an attempt at addressing the case of David and Sarah's deaths, as well as revealing portions of Smash's backstory. It took a while to decide on how much should be revealed, and what should be left for MoDTE at the end of Season 3. I didn't want to reveal too much this early on, but at the same time I don't want to leave out things that should logically be discovered. I might have some more revealed at a later episode, but for the most part the case doesn't get solved till Season 3.

A good portion of this is told in a flashback, so as to get a feel for how Smash and Pearl were three years ago. The rest of it is probably gonna wind up as exposition of sorts until the ending chapter. It's definitely going to be important, though. I have plans to foreshadow some things from seasons 2 and 3.

Episode 14: For Those we Have Left

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - A little ballgame in Hedgehog park is interrupted when 2/3 of Team S-Girls confronts the gang. Jenny and Tami break down crying as they explain that Tina, their third member, was dead.

After getting them to calm down, Jenny explains the whole story. It seemed that Eggman was repairing an old abandoned fortress in Dusk Woods, and so they went to nip his plans in the bud. Being run-down and unstable, their battle caused the whole place to collapse. Tina sacrificed herself to open the way for Jenny and Tami to escape. After that, they came right back to Greenflower City.

The gang goes back to the fallen fortress to look for Tina. Instead of finding her, they encounter Dr. Eggman himself. Eggman and his robots were trying to salvage what was left of the ruins while Jenny confronted him. As she vented and blamed him for Tina's death, Eggman's robots uncover her lifeless body and return her to them. Eggman then scolds her for trying to "play hero", stating that her hastiness to get in his way brought this tragedy upon them. His words strike her hard, and she is left nearly speechless as the doctor made his leave.

They have a burial for Tina, near the same place they buried Neo some time ago. Afterwards, Smash and the gang sit outside his yard that night, talking over a campfire. They each talk about bits of their past, and the hardships they've gone through. They also talk about the memories they had of Tina.

Author's Notes Button - A rather short roleplay. It actually never did get finished, but the concept of it was enough. Smash and Pearl got to see an old friend from a much older story. Jenny The Hedgehog. (Which was actually the fanfic that brought up "Smash and Pearl: Ace Detectives") Jenny had her own Sonic Heroes styled team. Unfortunately, the happy reunion was cut short as they told them bad news. Tina The Echidna, the power type of the team, had passed away. She was killed in a battle against Dr. Eggman. Smash and Pearl were shocked. After talking for a while, they left to investigate more on what actually happened. They eventually ran into Dr. Eggman, who seemed a lot more devious that usual. Smash was more bent on revenge than asking him what really happened, and attacked him. He drove him away after giving him a severe beating by himself.

The first and main change to this was the place in the timeline. Tina needed more time to develop, in order to give her death more impact. I then added the death scene itself in the form of a flashback being told by Jenny, right before they go back to the ruins of Eggman's base. I changed it to a now reoccuring spot in the series: An old, run down fortress in Night Forest (now known as Dusk Woods) Zone. Their encounter is much less hostile this time.
And finally, one of the more important changes is the relationship between Jenny and her team to the main cast. Back then, roleplays with her were somewhat scarce, so Jenny was mostly treated as a reoccurring side character. For as long as she lives in Season 1, she is being written up as an important part of the main cast.

Because of how short the RP was, the episode is also pretty brief. It's also why this is the first episode I had ever finished in the Series Rewrite. The final chapter(s) however, are now of the former sequel episode, Reminiscence of the Gang. Both episodes were a little too short on their own, so merging them seemed like the best option to me. Because of that, that means that this episode is no longer complete, seeing how I never even started on the second one.

This episode is being expanded on further. Tina deserves better than an off-screen death and a flashback explanation. So I'm going to be building up on this and re-arranging some of the plot. The most I can say right now is that this is the start of a certain character development arc for Smash that reaches all the way out till Season 3.

Episode 15: Dawn of a New Year

Original Plot written by: Smash

The new year arrives, and Gizmo's holding a party at his house. It turns out that his birthday is January 1st, so it's a doubled celebration.

This is also a new episode. It mainly exists to show how much time is passing. Usually when I RP'd with Kapus and Roy, the episodes took place at least 1-2 weeks after eachother, unless it's a direct sequel. Sometimes weeks passed within the episodes themselves.

This suffers the same problems as Speedy's birthday party and Crushed. A small event and a subplot that never actually took place; what am i going to do to fill this episode's quota? It'll probably be a series of events leading up to the celebration at the end of the episode or something. It'll probably carry off from the aftermath of Tina's death and how everyone's taking it. Seeing how much of the previous episode is being reworked, what becomes of this relies heavily on how it turns out.

Episode 16: The Green Flower City Grandprix

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - A few months later, the city announces a public event. The GFC Grandprix. People from all over the city, and even other towns came over to participate in a foot-race with several different tracks all around the Greenflower Region. To many's surprise, the world famous Sonic The Hedgehog comes to participate as well. To nobody's surprise, however, he starts a winning streak with relative ease. To everyone else it was a fierce competition for the silver medal. But when the racers find themselves crossing the lake, Sonic struggles with his inability to swim and starts to fall behind. Is this the golden opportunity to take the lead?

Author's Notes Button - I feel like I'm the only one who remembers that grandprix. I forgot who really won, but they've been replaced with Sonic. This was one of the oldest big episodes that still remains canon. Even though I didn't put it up here before, it was mentioned in Splice The Hedgehog, as Sonic's way of recognizing Splice.

Originally, I believe it was only one race across the city. I can't tell you how the track was set up, as the whole layout of Greenflower City was still ambiguous. (I think this was around the time we even settled on Greenflower City as our main setting.) But seeing how it's a "Grandprix", it's implied that there were more than one races. So I recently decided on making multiple tracks throughout the Greenflower Region, making the grandprix grand indeed. Some tracks include Greenflower Zone, Fox Forest, Lake Lily, and Greenflower City itself. Whether or not there are more has yet to be decided, but Lake Lily's was actually considered to be a unique tag-team relay race. Thinking about this event was very fun indeed!

I forgot to mention as well, but this is one of the few stories where Violet is the main character. This is where I plan to explain her character development and some background.

Episode 17: Gizmo's Gadgets

Original Plot written by: Smash

(Summary Pending)

Author's Notes Button - I want to say that this is an entirely new episode, however, this is where I've decided to address certain things that never fit into any other episode. Namely, Gizmo's early inventions. (The Laser Drive, the Magic Wings, the Power Crystal, etc.) This is basically where his dreams of becoming an inventor start becoming a reality, so expect some early character development and brief backstories coming in!

Episode 18: The Little Chao-Raiser

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Young Crystal Corazana is celebrating her 9th birthday by inviting her best friends over for a big party. But she gets a surprise visit from someone not on her list: Her grandmother, returning from her travels abroad just to see her! The elderly, yet spry fox gifted her with a strange, large and striped egg. It was a chao egg! Crystal, having already spent most of her life raised alongside another chao named Krysi, was ecstatic with the idea of having another chao in the family.

However, her grandmother soon informed her that she had been holding onto the egg for some weeks, yet it showed no sign of hatching. She was worried, as chao usually hatch within days at most. She believes that Crystal's power, or rather the power inside the crystal she wears on her tail, can heal the egg and help give it the strength the chao needs to hatch. Crystal however, was completely oblivious to the power she spoke of, but was determined to learn how to wield it in order to save this chao.

Author's Notes Button - This was yet, another birthday episode, celebrating Crystal The Fox's birthday. She invited all of her friends, however Shade invited himself over. During the party, Crystal was given a strange striped chao egg as a birthday present... As Light grew up and got the most attention in the house, Shade was definitely jealous of him. He always barged in and tried to get the better of Light, and always got kicked out of the house because he didn't live there. Shade ended up taking it all out on poor Light. This started up a rivalry between them, as Light stood up to him. Their childish fights and arguments were rather classic. No one can forget the Thanksgiving Dinner fight, where Shade and Light were launching peas and candied yams at eachother with spoons and sword fighting with whole turkey legs.

This began the whole "saga" at Crystal's house. There were many more than what was listed, however, they posed no real signifigance to be fully remembered. This episode in particular holds a bit of importance, if not lacking in the substance department. I'm not even sure if I should keep all the elements of this story arc.

I'm starting to make an attempt to overhaul this entire arc, condensing it all into one episode. As funny as the chao rivalry was, putting this next to the importance of Kitty's plot makes this feel like blatant filler. Making matters worse, I honestly can't remember much about this arc save for a few key elements that stood out to me. This is one of the few arcs that didn't get touched on much at all from the original incarnation of the series. It was only butchered to take out the non-canon elements and never had anything new put into it. Soon, though. Soon.

Finally updated this with an actual plot! I realized that I never showed when Crystal first used her powers, making it ambiguous whether or not she always knew how to access them. Since this episode is supposed to be more about Crystal than Light, showing some development for her outside of her sweet and childish personality this early on will do wonders for her. ALSO, I'm definitely making this the first appearance of Jessie Garnet as well. She desperately needs more shine.

Episode 19: Crushing the Competition

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - With some advice and guidance from Jenny, Team Violet has slowly become recognized around Greenflower City as the young heroes they aspired to be; from solving crimes to helping the elderly across the streets. The Greenflower Guardians were getting the hang of things. But one week, a string of thefts start up around the city's local shops. Team Violet springs into action--only to find that each case has promptly been resolved the moment they get there. What's more, the hero of the hour is none other than Sierrah Swan, her childhood nemesis! Founding her own "Team Sierrah", she showed up at each crime scene to one-up Violet and make herself out to be the hero Greenflower needed. But Violet couldn't believe for a second that she was doing this selflessly; Sierrah was a bully who specifically targetted her for reasons she didn't know nor care about. What she did know was that something about this smelled fishy...

Author's Notes Button - This is replacing the episode "Crushed" where Speedy begins to develop feelings for Violet, and vice versa. The episode couldn't hold up on its own so, as I figured, it was demoted back to being a regular subplot again. This was actually something that had gone on through the course of the story for a while. This is just where it first starts. Again, neither of them realize it but they both are secretly going to Smash for advice on the matter.
And thus begins Smash's career as a love advisor.

Seriously speaking though, the new plot actually comes from an incident referenced in a sidequest in SpTH, when referring to a certain member of Team Sierrah's backstory. Sierrah herself was actually an old, OLD scrapped character from the dark ages of the series. There may be some mention of her in the Lost Episodes, but she was basically meant to be the "evil" counterparts to Team S-Girls, (they were known as Team Y-Girls...because they all had yellow fur. Yeah.) but for some reason they never had any interaction with Team S-Girls. Of course, Sierrah's huge, yandere-level of crush on Speedy was in fact a mirror of Jenny's scrapped relationship with Sonic.

I say "evil" pretty sparingly, because Sierrah wasn't actually EVIL per say. She was just super selfish and self-centered. She was a bully, really. It turned out she was pretty mean to her two teammates too (who were also a fox and echidna named Taily and Lash (renamed to Tama and Opal immediately after bringing back Sierrah.)) and actually wound up driving them both away with her cruelty. After establishing Tama literally running away, I never picked up on what happened to Sierrah and Opal, save for the implications that Opal lost interest and left on her own. I'd scrapped them shortly afterwards and didn't think to bring them all back until very recently, when I began thinking about some backstory for Violet. It occured to me that Team Sierrah's plot actually wasn't that bad; just unpolished.

That being said, you can probably guess which one of the three became relevant in the SpTH sidequest.

Episode 20: A Journey To The Past

Original Plot written by: Smash

After getting banned from Crystal's house, Shade just stuck with Kitty. Kitty was a lot more tolerant to Shade, and the two had become buddies a while back. Although Kitty liked to hang out with Crystal's chao, Krysi, a lot. Shade may or may not have minded that fact after the previous incidents. Kitty didn't even know about that.

At one time when the three were hanging out together, Shade brought up the question of Kitty's origins. Kitty was the first Cat Chao Shade had ever seen. Kitty ended up telling him about his past; How he used to live on Cat Chao Island, being the former prince of the Cat Chao, heir to the throne of the entire island, being chased out by the chao hunters and nearly killed during the process, losing his mother to the chao hunters and most of the other Cat Chao being taken to laboratories, and getting shipwrecked while trying to escape. Shade and Krysi were rather taken by his story. Further questioning to it lead to investigations. They left without telling anyone to go and find the Lost Island of the Cat Chao. They did, and they found that other chao had apparently moved in at the time. After looking around there, They began to search the seas for, at the very least, clues as to where the rest of the Cat Chao were taken. Eventually, they found a few of them, as well as Kitty's father, King Katler. They infiltrated a laboratory conducting experiments on chao, and rescued everyone in there. After bringing them back to Green Flower City, Katler decided to start anew, and began construction on the Cat Chao Garden.

Author's Notes Button - There was another chao who went with them, but I'm not sure who. It might have been Sharp, an older scrapped character. Plus if I don't remember, they may not have been very important.

What IS important is giving this plot a once over. Kitty and Katler being former royalty, the Cat Chao Island invasion, Chao Hunters, rescuing all the chao, etc. I don't think I ever actually touched this since the day it was made, so there's a lot of early installment weirdness to weed out. I also wanna go over what happened to the island after it was abandoned. There's also the matter of how Shade meets Kitty, or even the introduction of Shade in the first place! I keep forgetting that his origins are in a lost episode amongst lost episodes--it was one of the earliest cuts in the series! His character evolved so much from his original state so fast that you wouldn't have thought it was the same chao.

Update: I at least know that official team for this episode is Kitty, Krysi, Light and Shade. And this is where the latter two's rivalry will begin. There's probably gonna be a time-skip around this time however, as I doubt Light would go all that way so soon after just being born. Who knows, I might wind up making a whole new episode to come in between.

It's also worth noting that this unknown, unnamed laboratory is fixing to become relevant later on.

Episode 21: The Grand Opening

Original Plot written by: Smash

Former King Katler decided to build the Cat Chao Garden somewhere in Greenflower Zone. After announcing this, Several chao come over to help with the construction. In return, the king welcomed them in with open arms once it was finished. It wasn't long before Gizmo heard of this, and came to help as well. When the time came, Katler hosted an opening celebration for the newly built Cat Chao Garden. Despite it's name, it was open to every chao, and even non-chao were welcome to stay. Katler then resigned his position as King, seeing as he lost his kingdom, and from then on became known as "Elder Katler".

Gizmo, upon learning about Kitty's origins, realized that he couldn't keep calling him his pet. He let him go, telling him that he was free to go wherever he wanted. In the end, Kitty chose to stay with him anyway. From then on, the two had declared eachother "Best Buddies".

Author's Notes Button - This part was not mentioned, despite happening almost directly after A Journey to the Past. This was enough to be it's own episode, and so here it is. Honestly I wouldn't change this episode much even if it's literally been untouched since 2009. Of course I don't have it written down anywhere so I'd have to go by memory mostly. Speaking of memory, I'd forgotten to mention that this is where Kitty and Krysi mated and had an egg, which would later bring their child Lilia into the story.

Episode 22: A Family Reunion

Original Plot written by: Smash

After having another party at his house to celebrate the grand opening of the Cat Chao Garden, Smash recieves a letter in the mail from his grandmother. She wanted to come visit him and Pearl. She was going to arrive the very next day. Looking at the condition of his house, he was distressed to see how much work they would have to do to clean up after their little party earlier. The Gang agreed to help straighten up, and they spent the whole day working. Soon, the time came when his grandmother arrived. She was a kind, elderly lady who got along well with Smash's friends. He was a bit nervous at first, but he was glad to see her after several years. Only a day after Smash's grandmother visits, does she come back with the whole family. It turns out that they were all planning to visit them at the same time on that day, which happened to be Smash's birthday, but Rose ended up being a day early. They all celebrated as a family, and Smash was presented with his motorcycle. Crash ended up blowing his life's savings off on it. Smash's uncle, Spikes, said he'd hook him up with at a driving school so he could learn right away.

It wasn't long before the rest of the gang comes over to celebrate. Even Luna came from overseas to spend time with him. It was the first time everyone had all been together at the same time.

Author's Notes Button - This was one of the main events that was lost in time; a family reunion on Smash's birthday. This was merged with the previous episode, which was when Smash's grandmother Rose came to visit.

Adding onto that, it's worth noting that the rest of the gang was here too, to celebrate Smash's birthday. I had the idea of having Luna come from abroad to personally wish him a happy birthday. I also wanted to have Luna meet Jenny, and have them talk about Smash. This would also be a good time to establish that Jenny has a pair of atlantian bracelets, which were made in Luna's home country. I actually already wrote up the scene where they chat.

Episode 23: Violet's Summer Vacation

Original Plot written by: Smash

(A revamped episode of old. Violet heads off to visit her relatives living on Emerald Coast for the summer. they live on one of the many small islands scattered about the area.
Speedy becomes lonely while she's gone, and eventually shows up one evening to surprise her with a visit.

This episode is vastly different from what it originally was. I don't even fully remember what all happened, but I know it had something to do with the house (and island) blowing up in some sort of attack. Yeah.)

I keep feeling like I've written at least one scene for this episode but I haven't done squat. But this episode is basically a follow up to Crushed, and interestingly enough far more detailed.

Episode 24: The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog

Original Plot written by: User:Captivation

Summary Button - The first roleplay ever to star Thunder, Captain of the Thunder Bolt. This RP introduced Estrella Marina the Hedgehog, who is now his girlfriend. After returning from a sailing trip, Thunder and his brothers, Lightning, Electric, and Zap, were heading home. Zap ended up falling through a broken plank in the wooden docks and, while he was halfway stuck through the floor, noticed a couple of thugs trying to kidnap a girl. After being helped out of the hole, he told his brothers that someone was in trouble, and rushed to her aid. He unfortunately could not phase any of the thugs, but Electric took over and drove them away. After making sure that the girl was alright, she introduced herself as to being Estrella Marina the Hedgehog. They decided to talk while at their house, as they needed to get home and also wanted to question her about the thugs.

It turned out that the thugs work for some sort of organization which experimented on animals, and often resulted in mutating them. She was an escaped subject and they were trying to get her back. They later learned that because she escaped, all the other subjects were mutated into monsters, leading most of them to want to kill her for it. Thunder vowed to protect her and to put a stop to the organization. There were facilities all over the world. Conveniently, it has always been Thunder's dream to sail across the entire world, and write a book about his voyages. However, Thunder did not start right away. Although he did take out one facility, which was when he learned about several others across the world.

Author's Notes Button - I've managed to recover about half of the whole RP. Unfortunately large botches of it were cut out, but it's enough for me to make out. I still think that Thunder and Estrella's meeting was fate; their backstories have much in common. This is also the start of Thunder (and Co.'s) massive shift into the main character roles. They may not have much time in the spotlight, but Thunder especially becomes the gang's MVP for sure.

Episode 25: Mysterious Origins

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - Now holding a new license in his wallet, Smash triumphantly rides home from Central City on his brand new motorcycle. While heading back, he passes through Emerald Town, and out through Emerald Valley. In the valley however, something catches his attention. He sees Jenny and Tami squaring off against a pyrokinetic girl. He stops nearby and goes to watch, trying to figure out what was going on. The battle was pretty heated, and that mysterious girl seemed pretty intent on taking Jenny down. It didn't look like Jenny was losing, though, so he decided not to interfere unless things got bad.

Eventually they did, but not for the reasons he was expecting. Two other people showed up and intervened by attacking all three of them. They introduced themselves as Icicle and Inferno, "the two second creations of Ragonize", and claimed that Jenny and Ember, the flame-throwing girl, were created using their genes. Their orders, however, were to eliminate them. That was enough for Smash to jump in with a surprise attack, catching them off guard. The other three were surprised at his appearance, but they all join forces to take the two assailants down.

After the battle, Smash asks Jenny about Ragonize, and what all was going on. Jenny explained that she doesn't know much about Ragonize personally, but that he was a part of a smuggling ring that she was investigating. It wasn't long after she began looking into the matter when Ember began attacking her. Jenny was pretty badly shaken up by the sudden news of her being a descendant of someone who tried to kill her. And the heavy implications that she was an artificial hedgehog didn't help. Smash and Tami promised to keep it a secret between them.
Smash decides to personally look into the matter. Jenny and Tami join him, and they eventually learn that the smuggling ring's name is "Skull Cross". They weren't able to learn much more than that, unfortunately.

Author's Notes Button - This roleplay almost went by forgotten, thanks to how short it was. I didn't realize it at the time, but this was the real introduction to the Skull Cross arc. The roleplay actually ended somewhere during Smash and Jenny's discussion, so I ended up filling in the blanks after realizing exactly how this fit in with the main story. (when I first rediscovered it while looking over my old stuff, I was more than a little flabbergasted.)

Episode 26: What Lurks Beneath The City

Original Plot written by: Kapus

Summary Button - The sewage system begins backing up in drains in various parts of the city, leaving people unable to use their sinks/tubs/toilets/etc. Thinking that there was a clog somewhere, a team of plumbers and sewer workers head down below to investigate what is happening.

Things gradually get a little better, but ultimately the problem still persisted. By the end of the week, however, it got to its worst as the entire city was affected. The workers had never emerged from the sewers, and were declared missing. After hearing this, Smash calls a meeting at his house, and discusses the problem with everyone. Eventually they all agreed to investigate the sewers themselves, and hopefully find the missing workers.

Author's Notes Button - Originally, Smash was called in by the Mayor and "hired" to check out what was going on down there, since he was known to be a hero of some sort. Due to the Lost Episodes not being "Lost" back then, it was acceptable. But now the story needed revising, and has appeared a bit earlier in the series as well. Also it was one of the few episodes where Frost had a rather big impact on the general feel of the plot.

Episode 27: The Search for Marina

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - After solving the mystery in the sewers, the gang soon realizes that during their investigation Marina suddenly went missing. Kyle and Jenny both contact Smash in distress and everyone sets out to form a search party. Unfortunately, not even the police were able to help. There were almost no clues left behind; only an unlocked apartment door and opened window. They could only deduce one possible scenario:

Marina had been kidnapped.

Author's Notes Button - This was another RP that got lost. And unfortunately, there's no way to recover it. It's been confirmed that Skull Cross was the culprit.
Also, in the original version, Kyle got a potion with insane healing power in an event on the 4kids Sonic X forums; Kyle rushed over to a person who used it on himself to restore a lost limb, and pleaded for him to let him have it. Afterwards, he traveled all the way to (a different site, actually.) Marina's home, and used it on her. I've decided to retcon that; instead, Marina's getting a fake arm from Gizmo. (Oops, spoiler. I never actually mentioned what happened to her.)

Anyway, I've pretty much got the whole plot planned out, although there are some loose ends I need to look at...Regardless, I've already started this one. This is basically the main turning point of the series. We'd already seen some dark things before like in Neo and Jenny's arc, and the plot began to steer towards darker tones once Skull Cross was introduced, but this is like a wham episode in comparison. After this nothing is the same anymore.

Episode 28: Sayonara, Jenny the Hedgehog.

Original Plot written by: Alestar13, Smash

Summary Button - Winter was just coming around the corner, and everyone was preparing for the cold weather. As Smash heads off to the Blitz Pit for the day, he finds an envelope sitting on his welcome mat outside. Deciding to read it later, he takes it with him.
It wasn't until after he fought a couple rounds in the pit when he found the time to read it. There he finds a cryptic message from Jenny, one that almost sounded like a will, alongside a gold bracelet with beautiful atlantian carvings and an emblem made of sapphire and emerald on the top. Smash was shocked; this was the same bracelet he gave to her for her birthday. It was a pair that were custom made in Atlantis, so there were only two in existence. She must have held onto the other one.

After failing to contact her by phone, he postpones any other matches he had waiting for him and leaves the pit immediately. He goes to search for her, hoping to catch her before she departed, and finds that she's not at home. He starts to panic a bit, and comes to one conclusion of where she could have gone to. He heads back to the Greenflower City docks and desperately tries to find a way to the Frosted Isles, where Marina had been held captive just the other day. He pleads for someone, anyone, to take him out to sea, but no captain dared to sail those waters at this time of year. There were dangerous snow storms that makes it too difficult to navigate past the glaciers. The only one brave enough to go back there had to have been Thunder himself, and he was nowhere to be found.

Smash returns in defeat, trying to calm himself down as he remembered that the letter promises her return. Choosing to believe in her word, he goes home empty-handed. That night, Smash has a nightmare about all the deaths of his friends and family, each one killed off before his very eyes as he can do nothing to save them. It eventually carries over to the people that were still living, until finally Jenny steps in to put an end to the madness--and forces him to stay behind as she is enveloped by a blinding light. He wakes up in distress, and now conflicted on what he should do.

While Pearl heads up to Violet's house for a sleep-over, Smash heads out to the Blitz Pit again, with three matches on hold for him. Feeling anxious and unsettled, Smash marathons all three matches, effectively wearing himself out. He wasn't feeling like himself. While resting in the infirmary, Speedy comes in and talks to him. He asks him why he did what he did, and lightly scolds him for it. Having the sense talked back into him by Speedy made him feel a little better, if not somewhat embarrassed. He then calls it a day and heads back.

Before returning home, Smash visits the grave of David Corliss with a banquet of flowers. Despite everything that had happened, he hadn't forgotten his father's birthday. Still, he was troubled by Jenny's departure. He silently asks his father what he should do, even knowing that he wouldn't get an answer.

After a long day at work, Smash finally comes home to find another envelope under his door. This time, it was from Tami. A letter from Jenny and now from Tami; he knew this couldn't have been a coincidence. When he read the contents of it, he realized that his worst fears had come true. Smash was shocked, and fell into denial. He didn't bother to even come close to finish reading the letter and drove all the way down to Station Square, only to hear the same news from her butler. It wasn't until he saw her grave when he had finally come to accept that she was gone. Jenny was dead.

Upon rereading the letter, he learned that she was killed in a battle in space. Jenny and Tami had been battling the mysterious organization, Skull Cross, but lost to them and it cost her life. Tami also said that she would be leaving the continent very soon. She needed some time away, due to the recent events. She ended the letter with a warning about the organization, and not to pursue them. She was worried that if he did, they'd kill him too.

That night, the first snow of the year began to fall...

Author's Notes Button - This one wasn't even a roleplay. The owner of the character, Alestar13, told me the news herself. So basically, I just wrote it into the plot. But since I never heard about Tami again from that point on, I decided to resolve that myself, by adding that SHE was the one who told Smash, (which fills the plot hole about how he heard about it.) and that she was too shell shocked to stick around after all that'd happened, and left everything behind.

This ended up having to get heavily revised after I began rewriting the plot to have Jenny as a main character. Some of the main points still stand, mainly the second visit to the Blitz Pit, but now Smash has more of a reason to be feeling unsettled, despite still using the excuse of being worried about the previous incidents. There were even more revisions to show how huge of an impact this had on Smash.

Episode 29: Snow Day

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - The next day, snow had covered the entire city. Everyone took the time off to play in the snow and enjoy themselves. They had classic snowball fights, built snow forts, snowmen, and had hot chocolate at the end of the day. Speedy attempted to make a whole snow castle, and Violet had secretly built a catapult to launch snowballs at people.
Everyone had a good time, all but Smash. He fell ill after hearing of Jenny's death, on top of being severely depressed. Pearl wound up staying home to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Gizmo finishes making a new prosthetic arm for Marina; one that's closer to her real arm. He leaves the large and bulky one in his workshop to study it later. Gizmo also tells her to visit about once a week or so for a routine check-up.

Several days later, Thunder returns to the Mt. Frostbite base to investigate the area they found Marina in. The only clue he discovers is a mysterious map...
At the same time, Smash arrives at the Blitz Pit to request a leave of absence...

Author's Notes Button - It was just another one of those casual days. There is nothing wrong with those. The main changes to this is it's place in the timeline. This was originally after Smash was married, but it was moved back to fill in some more time before the wedding. Now it serves as a breather episode from the series of heartrending events, yet still holds some level of importance. Because I retconned the whole magic potion restoring Marina's lost arm, I had to come up with another alternative. An episode I have yet to find a place for in the series involves showing Marina's career as a model. Surprised?
The episode largely took place at a beauty pageant. One of the main reasons I haven't brought this up is because I haven't been able to talk about it with Alestar in years. I'm pretty sure it's still canon on her side, so I'm gonna go over it eventually, but I digress. The point here is that Marina could never achieve her goals with that bulky arm of hers. (For reference, think of a teenage girl with Duo's arm from Megaman 8.) That's where Gizmo comes in.

Meanwhile, Thunder's map discovery is more like foreshadowing the next episode.

Episode 30: The End of the World?

Original Plot written by: Alestar13

Summary Button - It was now late December at the Corliss residence, and Pearl, Violet, Speedy, and Marina The Echidna were playing in the snow with Smash watching over them. Smash, still bothered by Skull Cross and depressed from Jenny's passing, stays on the front porch rather than joining them. Keeping his promise to her, Smash still did not tell the others about what happened; he feared for their safety if they were to get involved with Skull Cross.
Kyle soon comes to visit, and they all have lunch together. They soon get the news from Gizmo that Angel Island had fallen from the sky, landing by the Mystic Ruins. This prompts the gang to set out to Angel Island to investigate. They learn from Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald, that said emerald's power could no longer reach the island for some strange reason. Meanwhile, Kyle talks to his grandfather, who believes that a great evil had been awakened in the world.

Smash then gets a call from Pearl, who relays a message from Splice to call a meeting at his house. Concerned, Smash tells her to call whoever was left and wait for them to get back.
That evening, the whole gang met up in Smash's living room. Smash gave a brief summary of what had transpired that day, informing everyone of the new threat looming over the horizon. Splice then steps up and tells them his side of the story. That afternoon, he was attacked on the road by a strange, draconic, shadowy creature. His attacks barely seemed to phase it, but he somehow managed to fend it off. It sunk into the ground and vanished, but he wasn't sure that he killed it or not.

Then Thunder goes ahead and gives HIS story. He and his crew (consisting of Lightning, Electric, Zap, and Estrella,) were on an expedition at the south pole. They had found a peculiar map that lead to a sort of ancient temple somewhere in the antarctic. They found the temple, and entered. There was a long stairway that lead underground. They soon found themselves inside a darkened, solitary room: To their sides, the walls were decorated with murals, while in the center there was an altar with an ominous, red gem. It glowed with a strange aura, dimly illuminating the room. Thunder insisted that they try to figure out what the murals depicted before touching the artifact. They used a lantern to light their surroundings, and soon found some inscriptions written in a foreign language under the murals. Thunder was able to decipher them, and come to this conclusion:

In this world, there lies an ancient, demonic race that knows naught but chaos and destruction. They have eternally been sealed deep inside the planet, never to awaken so long as their power was held intact. The altar before them was, in fact, the seal that kept them from reawakening. The red Draco stone was an evil artifact that the demons were drawn to and empowered by. If it was removed from the altar, the seal would then break and the demonic race would rise again.

But there also lie another temple on the exact opposite side of the world; the North Pole. There lie a temple that held the blue Hero stone, which had the reverse effects on the demons; they were weakened by its power and fled whenever it came close. Both stones were required to stay on the altars in order to keep the seal from breaking. If it was broken, then the destruction of the world would soon commence.

It was after they had finished deciphering everything when they suddenly felt a powerful surge of dense and evil energy. The stone had been removed, and they caught a very quick glimpse of a figure fleeing the room, but it was far too dark to make out who it was. At that moment, they could feel a slight tremor in the ground, and they could hear faint sounds of distorted cries and cackles. The crew fled the temple as fast as they possibly could. Unfortunately, they found no sign of their thief. They then fled the continent and headed back for Greenflower City.

The gang was nearly speechless at Thunder's story. He told them that all of this happened a few nights ago. He also discovered that shortly after they left, a large, ominous storm formed over the south pole, slowly expanding across the ocean. It was too dangerous to return even if they wanted to.
The situation was grave. If Splice had already been attacked by one now, there's no telling how quickly they'll overrun the world. They needed a plan of action. Thunder would set sail for the north pole and get the Hero stone, in hopes of warding off the demons until they could find a way to seal them back. Everyone else would remain on standby until further notice. Thunder took his crew and left as soon as possible, while everyone else stayed over at Smash's house for the night.

The next morning, they learn that Station Square had not only been overrun by them, but many of the citizens had been possessed and were rampaging about. The city was under a mandatory evacuation since late last night...

Author's Notes Button - One of the darker roleplays that managed to stay canon. The roleplay was supposed to be still in progress, but it'd been put on hold--until the site Ale and I were roleplaying on suddenly died. It's also been moved ahead in the timeline to serve as the climax of the season, and having Smash's wedding as the happy ending of it.

I began a rewrite on this a while back, but it's been put on hold ever since I started researching and developing Skull Cross. Fortunately, however, I've gotten a pretty solid idea on how this goes down from start to finish. It took quite a bit of brainstorming, but one specific decision from Alestar13 and character bio from AngelWings led me to a eurika moment that allowed me to tie this in with the current canon and not stand out too much from the rest of the series.

Episode 31: The Beginning of Change

Original Plot written by: Smash, Snow Goddess

Summary Button - After surviving the catastrophic invasion, the world is struggling to recover and return to normal. Search and rescue operations were ongoing 24/7, but for the time being the gang had found peace...until Smash reveals that he and Luna are getting married in only a few days! There is little time to prepare, but the couple was confident that they could have everything set by the new year. This new year would mark the beginning of change for everyone.

Author's Notes ButtonInitially named "Smash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding, it was exactly what it sounds like. Smash had finally proposed to his girlfriend, and they had their wedding. Everyone was invited. Speedy was Smash's best man, and Zap was the ring bearer. It all went smoothly. Smash even made up with Sam, his old rival and currently his brother-in-law.

This episode was moved ahead much farther than it originally was, due to being too close to when Smash was 16-17 years old, when he was 19 when he married. So, This was made to be the Season Finale. It fits perfectly as that, too. For reference, this took place on January 2nd, 2009.

For the rewrite, I struggled at first since I was mainly focused on the wedding, but after giving it a bit of thought I decided to go about the logical course of action and consider giving some insight on how the world currently is after nearly getting wiped out, and then putting a chapter close to certain character arcs: Thunder's sailing quests, Smash's stance on Skull Cross and Jenny's death, Marina's arm and Amerie moving into Tillia. It's an epilogue, so it should be treated as one.

Season 2

Unlike the last season, this one has kept quite a few more of the older episodes in this season. Though it introduced some new ones to elaborate on events that had apparently happened offscreen. It also starts to push certain story arcs into motion.

Episode 32: Casual Days

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - It had been a few months since the disaster that struck the world, and already Greenflower City was back on its feet. While some roads and buildings were still damaged from the earthquakes, life in the city was almost normal again. Smash had just finished moving into his new home with Luna, now living in the city itself instead of on the countryside. It's just as they finish unpacking when they hear about the grand reopening of the Leaf Mall. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get Luna more acquainted with the city, Smash takes her out to the mall for the rest of the day. Author's Notes Button - 'Smash and a few of his friends were hanging out at the Leaf Mall, taking a look around and buying a few things. The Blitz Pit was set to reopen in the coming days and Smash was ready to make his return.
The original RP had been pretty normal until someone tried to rob the store that they were in. However, the problem was resolved before Smash could do anything about it. All the while, Speedy had been seen doing very bizarre things. Later, they decided to go to Hedgehog Park, as there was a fair being held there. There were a lot of fun games and treats, everyone enjoyed themselves.

This episode was moved ahead to be the start of Season 2. If it wasn't for the Final Nightmare, it probably would have BEEN the start in the first place. This episode held a lot of inside jokes and introduced Shade's cowboy hat. There was also another short but classic Light and Shade face off.

I decided to cover some events and such revolving around Smash and Luna's new life together. They moved into the city, after all. And into a pretty dang big house. There are other things to address too, seeing as this is the beginning of a new season. Basically just how everyone's doing after this short time-skip.

Episode 33: Bonds

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - Speedy's next birthday is right around the corner. He's super excited about it, but Violet seems listless and unfocused. When her closest friends, Crystal and Pearl, try to find out what's wrong, she explains how she feels about Speedy, and admits that she is in love with him...but she's also worried about being too forward and making him uncomfortable. She wants to do something special for his birthday; something to let him know that she cares. Pearl suggests buying him a locket, noting that they tend to have an long lasting impact on people when you give it to them, and also mentions the fair in Station Square taking place the day before. Violet agrees, and decides to get one with a picture of him together with her at the fair.
(Later, Speedy is also given his own chao at the party.)

Author's Notes Button - This episode had it rough before now. It was Speedy's birthday, and the gift from Violet was important to the developing bond between them, and this happened to be the birthday where Speedy got his first chao. But back then, Lily was a brat and caused too much trouble for it to be really touching. With the revamp of the series, more substance and less Lily is prepared for this episode.

I haven't touched this much since I wrote a small scenario several years ago, but it's one of the older episodes that I'm not really worried about. The only thing that concerns me is what he named the chao: Speedler. It's just bad. I'm just gonna make an executive decision and rename him to Dash. (I'm pretty sure I had a red run-type chao named Dash in SA2B anyway. Maybe.)

Episode 34: For Old Friends

Original Plot written by: Smash, Kapus

Gizmo's old friends, Mike and Lina, come over to visit for a few days. It had been a long time since Gizmo last saw them; the three were overjoyed. They spent the days playing together, and remembering how much fun the old days were. They then start reminicing on their childhood, realizing how much they've grown since then.

Author's Notes Button - This episode was originally "Lucy the Scatterbrain", since that was the only other time Mike and Lina visited, but that put too much focus on Lucy and not Gizmo's friends. Here it focuses more on a happy reunion, and them becoming aware of how things are changing. The episode was named after the song from Breath of Fire III.

This episode is being LARGELY expanded on; as such an improved summary will come up soon. Let's just say that the trio have one more adventure together, for old times sake.

Episode 35: Thunder's Mission

Original Plot written by: Smash, Captivation

Summary Button - Continuing his quest to shut down all the facilities involving Estrella Marina, Thunder sets out to strike again. All the people he freed from the previous facilities had migrated to a small cave near Lake Lily, hiding out there until the organization was taken care of. During their next raid, Thunder and co. uncover some disturbing secrets about the goals of this organization. Soon afterwards, they are attacked at sea by an unknown elite force. They suspect that it was the same people, however, their technology was unlike anything they had ever seen before...

Author's Notes Button - This is basically a new sequel to The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog. There isn't much to say about it now, but recent brainstorms and discussions sparked an idea for how to go about this episode. This was set to be a new roleplay between me and Captivation, but unfortunately it's been several years since I was last in contact with her. But I'm not worried too much: This episode has become very important.

Episode 36: A New Life

Original Plot written by: Smash

Smash's first son, David the Hedgechidna, is born. The gang throws a surprise baby shower for him and Luna upon their return from the hospital.

Author's Notes Button - This event was actually never seen before. It's something worth turning into a whole episode. Originally, the kid was named Shade (as he was originally Snow Goddess character,) but I had at least four valid reasons to change it away from that; one being we already have a Shade in the form of the dark chao. Besides, it makes far more sense for Smash to name his first son after his own father, with expectations of him becoming his successor.

Actually debating on whether or not the kid's born here, or if they just learn whether it's a boy or a girl and decide on the name. The timeline of this episode hasn't exactly been very clear, and can go either way. (Not that it matters a whole bunch since this arc's right before a time-skip.)

At the end of the episode, it cuts to Pearl discovering Tami's note, revealing that Smash never told her about what happened to Jenny...

Episode 37: The Skull's Cross

Original Plot written by: Alestar13, Smash

Summary Button - Pearl confronts Smash about Skull Cross and Jenny's death. Smash explains that he promised Jenny that he would keep everyone else away from Skull Cross until they were strong enough to face this threat, and thus, asks her to keep the matter a secret for a little while longer. The two have a very heated discussion about what Skull Cross is and why he can't risk getting everyone involved, eventually ending up with Pearl calling Smash out for always being overprotective of everyone by trying to take on the threats by himself. After getting Smash to realize how this was affecting everyone else, she asks him to train her in exchange for her silence.

The next morning began their training. Pearl had just a little bit of experience to work off of, but she proved to be a fast learner. They ended their session when Smash left for the Blitz Pit. But on his way back home, he runs into Violet, who also wants to train under him. Pearl told her about their new training regimen and wanted in on it, too. Smash accepted with a sigh, but later realized that Pearl probably intends for him to get everyone closer to his level as soon as possible, considering the threat of Skull Cross looming on the horizon. She probably has the right idea, he thought.

Finally continuing investigating the only lead he had on Jenny's death, Smash asks Thunder a few days later to take him to the Frosted Isle; the mountainous island where Marina was held captive last autumn. During the trip, Thunder talks to Smash about why he wants to go back there, and suspects it's about Jenny. At first shocked, Smash soon hears from the captain that he took Jenny and Tami to the same island before the former went missing. After giving Smash some clues, the echidna devises a sort of failsafe plan in case something goes wrong.

Once they reached their destination, Smash scales the mountain alone. He finds the secret base where Marina was locked up, and encounters a group of mysterious people trying to smuggle something. These people were a part of Skull Cross. He learns that they, for some reason, are trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds and take them into space amongst other things. Smash fights his way through the wave of grunts, but is nearly beaten when their leader comes into the picture. As the battle moved onto the ship, he taps into his High Tension state for the first time, and manages to escape with the emeralds through an airlock. The ship had not yet reached the clouds, leading to a clear descent to the ocean below.

Smash wakes up on the front deck of Thunder's ship. Unable to hide anything from him at this point, Smash explains the situation in full to the captain, and asks him to keep the others in the dark about it. Thunder disagrees, leading to a short argument. After hearing Smash's reasons, however, he agrees against his better judgement under the condition that Smash allows him to help.

Author's Notes Button - This was originally a talkplay type of thing, which involved Alestar and myself inserted into the story for no real reason, along with Frost and Icicle. Nobody knew what they were really smuggling, but it was revealed that even G.U.N was against them when their ships came to the scene. But this episode has gotten a revamp, so that it can be properly added.

In the original rewrite, Smash transformed into Light Smash in the battle, but as that has become a scrapped form, I nerfed it down to High Tension and made him escape rather than drive the enemy away. In the initial roleplay, however, it'd started off with the introduction of Ultra Smash, powering up from the Master Emerald. Yeah, I don't know either.

I gradually added more onto the episode as I felt it was too short in its original state, but I wound up getting carried away. This has basically become the apex of Smash's character development arc. It's the big turning point where everything, from how everyone feels, Smash's conflicts and resolves, to more truths about Skull Cross--it's all laid down on on the table at this point.

Episode 38: Hidden strengths

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Escorted by Thunder, Smash returns home badly battered and wounded from his encounter with Skull Cross, and is immediately taken in by Luna. While she patches him up, she tells him that she knew that he almost died because the couple's stone she wore began to lose its color. Yet, she also mentioned that before it became completely gray, it shone a bright sky blue color, and then turned back to a dull blue a short while later. It remained that way until he finally returned.
Smash then explains the story behind the organization, and Jenny's murder. He tells her about his encounter with Skull Cross, and his intent on putting an end to them. He knew though, that he wasn't strong enough to do it. And deep down, he knew he couldn't do it alone. Luna, naturally scared to lose him, tried to calm him down and be rational about it, and try to form a plan. She tried to convince him to get help, but Smash already had Thunder's aid; he didn't want to endanger anyone else.

A couple hours later, Pearl comes over from their old house in Greenflower Zone after hearing what happened to Smash. She finds him resting in bed, and turns to leave as to not disturb him, but Smash calls out to her. He apologizes for winding up the way he did, but thanks her for talking some sense into him the other day. He admits that she was completely right, and if he didn't listen to her advice he would have died out there.

The next day, Smash was back on his feet after Luna's healing, yet decided to take the day off from the Blitz Pit. The battle yesterday was still fresh on his mind, but what troubled him most was that latent power he tapped into. He had a feeling that this would be the key to victory. For the next month, he devoted his training to trying to tap back into this power and control it.

A few days after the incident with Skull Cross, Thunder's whole crew pays Smash a visit. They have a small meeting, in which Thunder explained to Smash the details of his own mission to shut down the Mobian Experimentation Facilities around the world. He then explains that, not long ago, he and his crew were attacked by a mysterious airborne vessel while returning from their last raid. They boarded the Thunderbolt, and fought with strange weapons of advanced technology they had never seen before. Fortunately they were able to fend them off and get away safely.

Thunder then shows him a picture that Zap was able to take of the ship. He then shows him a photo that he took of the ship Smash boarded. The vessels were clearly different, but a certain insignia on the hull of each one caught Smash's attention. They both had Skull Cross' logo on them. Thunder then explains that after making the connection, he could not keep the secret from his crew. After all, they both were secretly fighting the same enemy. Smash gives in, allowing all of them to work with him in solving the mystery behind Skull Cross. As Smash gets back into his training routines with Pearl and soon Violet, eventually other friends began to join him in his exercises. Soon, a good portion of the whole gang began training under him for a time. This chain reaction was just what Pearl had intended, although in the end only a few of them kept training under him. People like Speedy and Splice began training on their own, while Thunder's crew generally had their hands full with other matters.

By the end of the month, Smash had finally developed a method that would allow him to control the power he held, and successfully used it to achieve his High Tension state. Once he managed to get it under control, he began testing his newfound strength, and soon found that he couldn't keep the form up for very long. Despite that, it greatly increased his strength, and thus he decided to use it as a last resort in future battles.

The very next day, Smash had gathered his family and called Thunder and his crew over to show them the fruits of his extensive training. He showed them his High Tension state, highly impressing them, but then mentioned that if they were going to take Skull Cross on, he still had a long way to go.

Author's Notes Button - This episode draws out over the course of a month, since that's about how long it took him to fully gain this form. Because of that, this didn't actually have an episode, originally. As a matter of fact, this really just happened out of the blue in the original story. Smash just asked himself if it was possible to transform without the Chaos Emeralds, and used them to try and find out. His method was literally just blindfolding himself while performing super transformations over and over, and have Pearl suddenly take the emeralds away. They repeated this for a month until he wound up tapping into his own life energy rather than Chaos energy. While this method has been reused in the current version, it makes a bit more sense in that Smash already tapped into High Tension once before. Originally he had no such power or experience. This did not happen in any roleplay either, as far as I remember. It was talked about in a later episode though.

Later, I went over this event and had it continue off of a lost episode. I don't actually remember the details, but it was a roleplay on the Sonic X forums of 4kids, and there was some big battle that caused Smash to transform into Ultra Light Smash. After that he supposedly questioned that power and worked to gain control of it--thus developing High Tension. When I began the Series Rewrite, however, Ultra Light Smash was soon nerfed down to simply Light Smash, and the Lost Episode had long since been lost and forgotten. The event had changed to the current previous episode: Jenny's True Enemies (which was later renamed to "The Skull's Cross".) Even then, this episode was rather barebones for a while. Fortunately, the rest of it sort of came together once I began to actually think about the aftermath of Smash's encounter with Skull Cross, and how it would affect his family if he suddenly came home half dead.

Now that Skull Cross has officially been linked to Thunder's side of the story, I wanted to find a place to reveal such. This episode was the perfect spot for that. Smash's investigation should be a bit easier now with more leads.

Meanwhile, the other members of the cast that join Smash in his training are besides Violet and Pearl are Speedy, Splice, Crystal, Gizmo and Kitty, Thunder's crew for the first month, and occasionally Luna. In the end, only Violet and Pearl stick around as the others kind of fall out of it for one reason or another, or start doing their own regimen. Speedy in particular, as he started developing his own fighting style that utilizes his explosive firepower in close quarters. Splice just keeps fit.

Episode 39: Someone to Love

Original Plot written by: Smash, Medley

After a long time of hesitating, Speedy finally musters up the courage to confess his feelings to Violet. It turned out that she knew all along; she just wanted to give him as much time as he needed to tell her. Speedy was surprised to hear this, but was happy to know that she felt the same. After getting that off his chest, he was much more open about his feelings towards her. Though he still didn't like being teased about it.

(This was another somewhat lost episode. Rather, I didn't write it down because I forgot which episode it really took place in. So I ended up making it it's own. Also, Speedy actually kissed her before confessing. That was rather shocking, coming from him. Considering the confession is all I really remember about this episode, it will probably wind up being merged with a different one.

Scratch that, I definitely have some ideas in store for this.)

Episode 40: The Case of the Stolen Cycle

Original Plot written by: Kapus

There is a thief going around robbing random places in Greenflower City, and leaving strange Thief's Sign marks in the form of graffiti on the walls of the places he robbed. One night, Smash's Motorcycle is pilfered from his garage. The same mark is on his wall. He immediately calls a meeting at his house to investigate the matter.

(This is an older episode that I kept procrastinating in bringing back. I don't exactly remember all the details of how they caught this thief, but I do remember Smash creating a trap for him back at his own house. I'm not sure why the thief returned to the scene of the crime, however...Perhaps he forgot something important? What kind of thief accidentally leaves his wallet at the crime-scene? It also introduces the Thieves' guild that appears in Episode 46. Speaking of the Thieves' Guild, that's a thing that like, showed up twice but never fit in with anything else in the story. I don't think I'll keep it without adding some big things to make it relevant.)

Episode 41: The Blitz Pit World Tournament 2009

Original Plot written by: Smash

The time was drawing near. Once every summer, The Blitz Pit holds The World Tournament. Fighters from all around the world gathered to test their strength in the tournament. With all kinds of fighters, it's very tough to win. Smash was determined to win this time now that he had been working on a "Secret Weapon" as he put it. (Under Construction)

Author's Notes Button - Originally this episode was the World Tournament 2010, and a lot went down here. It started off as the introduction of a new character; a hotheaded butterfly who quickly became rivals with Speedy. (he was kinda wimpy despite all that bark, so one Speedy Thwack would be enough to shut him up.) I don't remember his name, but it was the beginning of an interesting arc. We kinda forgot about it later.

Besides that, there was another important plot that happened in the same episode, concerning a murder at the Blitz Pit. Paul the Bear was shot by someone in the Black Rose. The gang tried to chase him down. I don't know all the details but I know we learned the hard way how the Black Rose disposes of people in secret--by dumping them into the ocean. We also learned of an underwater city with manatees. The city was covered by a giant air bubble so mammals could breath in there. If anything, I could bring this back in either an episode about Thunder's adventures or have it related to Atlantis.

Last but not least, let's not forget that this was also the famous tournament where Smash and Kyle faced off in the finals. It was originally a 3 man free for all, for some strange reason, and Smash showed off his High Tension state to finish one of the two opponents in one of his most memorable K.O.'s in his career. Unfortunately he burnt himself out doing that, and Kyle defeated him.

For this episode, it focuses on the tournament itself and Smash's confidence in his High Tension being his undoing--hence why I had to bump it back from 2010 to 2009. It's here where he truly learns the limits of his abilities. (Basically, his use of High Tension leaves such a toll on him that he wasn't able to recover between rounds...)

Episode 42: Kyle's Journey

Original Plot written by: Smash

There is an old story passed on through the village of Tillia. The story of the man who left home to find help, for his village had been shrouded in darkness, and returned with the sword that shone with a brilliant light, and sealed the evil away for all eternity. This was the story of Kyle's great grandfather, who was the first to come into possession of the Gemblade. Since then, the running line of 'Kyle's had each taken turn becoming the guardian of the village.

However, the story wasn't completely accurate in some places. One day, the village is attacked by a mysterious man shrouded in darknes. He called himself "Delano, The Black Dragon of the Night". He was after the "treasure" hidden deep under the village of Tillia, and would kill anyone who would get in his way. Kyle challenges him, and attempts to drive him off. The dragon was tough, wielding a massive scythe and wearing thick, scaly armor which seemed impenetrable. Kyle, however, manages to severely wound him by casting a powerful spell with the Gemblade. Delano took the blow head on, in order to try and counter. His counterattack ended up snapping the blade in two, causing the gems to scatter and leaving Kyle in shock.

Delano is forced to flee when Keela stands up to him, and promises to return once his wounds heal. Kyle then consults his grandfather about the Gemblade. His grandfather, being the second guardian of the village, told him about the tale of the original guardian. He then revealed that the attacker, Delano, was in actuality the very "darkness" that plagued the village generations ago. The seal wasn't eternal, and it had weakened enough for him to break free.
Though Delano was not at full power yet, he was still a threat as long as he was free. Kyle then asks about the treasure beneath Tillia, but he admits that he knows little to nothing about it. All he knows is that Delano wanted it to power himself up.

Kyle's grandfather then tells him to head to a desert town in Sandopolis. The only one capable of restoring the Gemblade while retaining all of it's power resides there. Kyle and Keela then set out on their journey. But before they made it out the village, Kyle's mother comes to them, revealing that she managed to recover the Gem of Earth. After taking it, she bids them farewell and good luck.

It was a long journey to the desert, but they managed to find the desert village their grandfather talked about. To their surprise, it was completely empty. A ghost town. It appeared to have been like this for several decades. Soon, they came across a large temple, and curiously entered. There they met the man they were looking for. An old echidna, somewhere in his late sixties. He listened to their situation, and agreed to help them. However, he required several things to fix the Gemblade. One, he needed all 6 of the gems to be recovered. Two, he needed at least three Kartilla Gemstones, to help the flow of the magic power of the gems. And finally, he needed an exceedingly rare Star Stone. The last was especially hard for them to get their hands on, due to them only appearing after a meteor shower. However, there was a meteor shower the night before the attack on their village. He then gave the two a strange, stone tablet with a star pattern engraved on the front. He said that it would help them find Star stones. And after that, he gave them the Gem of Fire, saying that it had flown into the temple several hours ago.

After learning of everything they needed, Kyle and Keela left the desert village.

As they searched for the remaining gems, they paid a visit to Knuckles, to ask if he knew anything about Kartilla Gemstones, or anything that may help. He had no idea what the gemstones were, however, during the meteor shower, he heard a crash somewhere up in the mountains. He took a quick look but couldn't find anything. However, he recently came across the Gem of Water, and returned it to them.
After leaving, they run right into an unexpected visitor. Gizmo came to visit, while trying out some new enhancements he'd made to the Magic Wings. Kyle and Keela filled him in on the situation, and asked for his help. First they asked where they could find the Kartilla Gemstones. Gizmo told them that they were not on Angel Island, but far north of Greenflower City in the Kartilla Desert. Keela then asked of he could take her there, leaving Kyle to take care of the rest on the island.

After splitting up, Kyle goes to investigate the mountains. He soon finds that the star pattern on the tablet was glowing, a sign that the star stone was close. It lead him deep inside of a cave hidden in the side of the mountain. The star stone was at the end of the cave, lying in a pile of rubble on what appeared to be some sort of ancient shrine. Though the shrine itself was old, the damage seemed rather recent. There was still a cloud of dust present from it collapsing, as well. Kyle began to wonder if the star stone had crashed in and destroyed it.
After leaving, he found the Gem of Wind at the base of the mountain. That made 4 gems had been recovered; Leaving only two more to be found. He decided to head back home to check up on everyone.

Meanwhile, Keela and Gizmo reached Kartilla, and Gizmo left Keela to find the gemstones. Keela talked with the mayor of the desert town about the gemstones, and why she needed them. The mayor found the whole thing to be rather far-fetched, but she offered to pay for them with a treasure she had taken as a souvenir of her recent travels with Thunder. Fortunately the mayor accepted it, after seeing how desperate she was. She was then escorted to the Kartilla mines, where they offered her freshly excavated gemstones.

Meanwhile, Kyle was relieved to see that Tillia was still safe. He talked to his grandfather about their current progress, and asked him about the shrine in the mountain. He told him that the shrine was where Delano was sealed away. The star stone might have crashed into it and weakened the seal enough for him to escape. Kyle was rather shocked, but had a feeling about it since he found the place.
Suddenly, the two hear some commotion from outside. Worried that Delano might have returned, they both rush outside. However, it wasn't an attack that caused the ruckus. Everyone crowded around a single spot, marveling at the site of a large hole in the direct center of the village, with a long stairway leading down underground. Kyle offers to investigate it, but first asks how it came to be. One of the villagers said that he found a strange object by the old, dried up well at the edge of the village. When he went around, asking everyone what it was, it glowed and opened up the passageway. Kyle then wondered if it lead to the treasure that Delano was after. He then headed down to see for himself.

Down at the end of the passage, Kyle finds a strange altar, with two pedestals holding mysterious objects. Upon closer inspection, they appeared to be oddly colored rocks with a dim glow about them. The one on the left was dark gold, while the one on the right was silverish. Thinking that these two were the treasures that Delano wanted, he decided that as long as the passage was open, he should take them with him.

Later, Kyle and Keela meet back up on the way to the desert village. Kyle had wanted to see the man again and ask him about the treasure, but decided to continue searching after Keela then gives him the Gem of Ice. She said that Thunder found it drifting along the ocean, and called out to her and Gizmo while they were on their way back. With only one left to find, Kyle inserts the 5 gems into the handle of the Gemblade, and uses the blade itself to track the missing gem. The blade glowed yellow as they drew closer to the gem, it's power of tracking made stronger by the 5 gems. They track it down to Azure Lake, somewhere away from Sandopolis. After retrieving the final gem, they hurry back to the desert village.

The two unload all of the required items onto the old man, and plead with him to hurry and fix the Gemblade. They didn't want to waste anymore time, as no one knew when Delano would be back. While he is working, Kyle asks him about the treasures he found. The old man was surprised that Kyle had found them. He admitted to having heard of them from his great grandfather: They were called the Ores of Mystery. The golden one was the Ore of Power, while the silver one was the Ore of Spirit. He then said that there should have been a third treasure which, if fallen into the wrong hands, would bring disaster throughout the world.

This disturbed all three of them. Kyle didn't see anything else down there. If there really was a third one related to these, then where was it? While pondering this, Keela suggests that they use the ores in repairing the Gemblade. If Delano wanted them, then he wouldn't be able to get them if they had already been used. The old blacksmith agrees, but says that he can only use one of them on the Gemblade. Kyle chooses the Ore of Power, feeling that putting spirit into it would be somewhat redundant as it can already cast magic. Keela asks what will happen to the other one, and he offers to use it to forge another sword, specially for her. She happily agrees, but he warns that it won't be ready for quite some time. He then gets to work on finishing the repairs on the Gemblade.

Finally, the Gemblade is repaired. The new and improved sword emitted a soft, golden glow with it's newfound power. The blacksmith then tells Kyle that he can now cast even more powerful magic spells than before, and teaches him a special technique for the coming battle. After bidding their farewells, Kyle and Keela hurry back to Tillia.
Upon returning, they find that Delano has already returned, and broke into the underground passage. When they enter, they are surprised to see Delano standing in front of the wall behind the two pillars. He turns to them and reveals that the treasure he saught was sealed behind the wall. With the ores of power and spirit in place, it formed a seal that he never could have broken; the wall was protected by a forcefield and one with an evil heart couldn't even go near the ores once the seal was activated. He had planned to force one of the villagers to break it for him, but even he was surprised when he found the ores missing. He then drew his weapon, and used it to break down the wall. There they could see an entirely new room with an altar in the center; a large, black orb pulsing with dark energy sat in the center of it all. Before he could enter, Kyle and Keela confront him one last time.

The battle was fierce, but they gained the upper hand together. However, Delano manages to take hold of the artifact anyway, and begins to transform. He grows three times his regular size, and begins overflowing with power. The battle quickly turns grave, and they are dangerously close to losing. However, Kyle tries out the special technique taught to him by the swordsmith, and is able to transform himself. With this new form, Kyle is able to vanquish the dragon.
After the battle, they take the artifact and cast it off the island, letting it fall down into the depths of the sea.

Author's Notes Button - This episode shows that the Gemblade was not as powerful as it always has been. A fun fact about it: The Gemblade didn't glow at all originally. Though it was dull and tarnished without the gems, it didn't look as brilliant until after it was mended with the Ore of Power. It was a more silver-ish color, back then.

In anycase, I like how this plot nearly wrote itself as I went on. But there's still a lot to explain, mainly about the Gemblade's origin. I did reveal some of it, of course, and brought back the very villain the original Kyle fought against generations ago.

Episode 43: Dimensional Disaster

Original Plot written by: Kapus, Smash

Summary Button - In the dead of the night, everyone was sleeping peacefully. Even those who lived in the forest...all but one, that is. A young cat awakes from her slumber when the earth shakes with a loud boom. A bright flash of light shines nearby, catching her attention immediately. The female cat hops down from her tree branch to find a small crater in the ground, with something shining from within. It was a strange, neon orange emerald. Curiosity got the better of her as she reached for the jewel. She soon felt the powerful suction pulling her in, as a bright light formed under the emerald. Her hand went right through it as the light grew larger by the second; It was some sort of portal! Her startled cry was quickly silenced as she was swept away to another world...

The next morning begins with some excitement. Speedy's family is preparing to fly across the country to visit their relatives. His cousin Phil is having a birthday party. He invites his friends over as well, thanks to a mistake that landed them extra tickets. He invited Smash, Violet and Gizmo, but Smash offered to pay for the others who wanted to come. They had one week before the flight.

That afternoon, Crystal comes running to Smash's house in a panic, saying that Speedy and Violet fell through a hole in the ground and disappeared. Baffled, Smash hurries to the scene to investigate, only to run straight into a rift that opens up before him. The next thing he knows, he's flying through a bright tunnel of swirling colors before winding up--right back to where he was before. Except, something was strange. The city was completely gone. Smash and Crystal were now standing in a barren, ruined wasteland. Looking to the west confirmed that Fox Forest was still there. Greenflower City.

The wind blew harshly, kicking up clouds of dust as they looked on in bewilderment. The rift closed behind them, trapping the two in this strange new world. What on earth was going on? Whatever the case, Smash had a hunch that Speedy and Violet weren't too far away. They set out to find them, and eventually find their way back.

Author's Notes Button - I finally came up with a good idea for a rewrite; one that ties in with the ongoing story, too. I've archived the older version elsewhere. Originally, the villain was an old scrapped character returned for vengeance. Acura Mustang's goal was to merge his dimension (which was for all intents and purposes, the old original version of the series long before the rewrite) with the main one. This caused things to go flying back and forth between the two parallel dimensions and cause absolute chaos.

It was an interesting concept and a very fun roleplay, but I felt that it was too meta for it to be canon. It also kind of hindered with the story telling of a later episode. I couldn't remove it from the series because this was Amber's debut, so I decided to just rewrite it. I basically have everything plotted out, but I don't know how it ends. That's where I stopped, really.

Episode 44: Smash The Echidna: Target of Assasination!?

Original Plot written by: Kapus

Finally, they were getting ready to head out to Phil's birthday party. Things were back to normal, and everyone was getting together. They were finally ready to leave. At the airport, as they were checking in, Smash noticed two people staring at him and whispering to eachother, then walk away quickly. This slightly disturbed Smash, but Speedy shrugged it off, saying that they were probably gossiping or just fans of him because he fights at the Blitz Pit. Gossiping about him didn't really make Smash feel better, but he decided it wasn't too important. A bit later while they were waiting for the plane to arrive, he saw the two people again walk by, look at him, then walk away. Smash started to feel a bit uneasy. And finally, when they were boarding the plane, he saw the same two people somewhere behind him whispering and pointing at him. Smash suspected that they were stalking him. When they got on the plane and got on their seats, Smash saw the same two people get on the plane and walk past him. They looked at him as they walked past. Smash gave them both a stern look as they walked past, and then told the others that something felt wrong. The same two people seemed to be stalking him, and if they were fans they would have spoken up before. Moments later, before the plane took off, A couple of security guards were seen hauling the same two people out of the plane. Smash immediately got up and asked to know what was going on. The guards said that they got on the plane without tickets. Smash's heart sank. They were most certainly stalking him. But for what reason? He returned to his seat seeing that he couldn't do anything else at the time.

Later, while they were still in the air, A panic could be heard from the pilot's room. They gave an announcement saying that they had to make an emergency landing on a nearby island, due to engine damage. Smash gasped and looked out the window. There was smoke coming from the turbine on his side. Fortunately, they managed to land safely. Smash and his friends immediately got out the plane to talk to the crew about what was going on. They said that the turbine had been badly damaged and that they would need a replacement. Smash walked over to it and checked it, and was shocked when he found a brick stuck inside of it. He wedged it out and showed the people what he found. It was disturbing to all of them, but Smash was most disturbed. The repairs and replacements would take a while to complete, so Smash and the rest of them went to check out the island, however Gizmo and Kitty stayed behind to help out with the plane. While out exploring, Speedy, Violet and Lily went into a souviner shop, and Speedy bought a funny top hat with a tongue sticking out of it, and a necklace for Violet since he noticed that she looked interested in buying it. Smash went to get a snack and check out the hotel that they would be staying in for the night.

That night, Smash and Speedy were walking around the hotel before they went to their rooms. Smash noticed two people look at him and start whispering to eachother, then walk away. Smash pointed that out to Speedy and said that something was still very wrong. But he would investigate later since he was supposed to check into his room. Moments later, they all went into their assigned rooms. Smash found out that his room had a serious water problem. The water sinks were backing up and there was nasty black stuff coming out the faucet and the shower, not to mention his tub was frighteningly filthy. He demanded another room. The girls seemed to be content with their room. Later that night, A bunch of commotion could be heard from Speedy's room. There was a spider on one of their beds and it frightened everyone. It then introduced the fact that Speedy's family has a large fear for spiders. After being woken up from the screaming, Smash didn't go right back to bed. He went outside to catch a bit of fresh air. While he was out there, Smash heard a bit of commotion coming from the lounge. He looked in there and found the same two people arguing about something about something they knocked over. But when they saw him, they immediately stood infront of it and said that nothing was wrong. Smash played convinced and pretended to walk away, but then peeked back in to the room. They definitely seemed suspicious. He quickly walked away and pretended to be examining a soda machine when they walked out the room. They looked at him strangely, then left. "We're onto eachother" were the exact thoughts that ran through Smash's mind as he slit his eyes at them while they walked away.
He then walked back outside to relax and think about the situation. While he was standing outside, leaning on the wall of the building, His sister came out and told him that she found a very weird looking fly and caught it. Smash took it into his hands and examined it. It certainly looked like a fly, but it was hard. It was made of metal. Smash decided to take it to Gizmo to see if he could figure out what it was. When he got to Gizmo's room, he woke him up and asked him to look at it. Gizmo was reluctant since he was half sleep. But he woke right up when the fly flew right out of Smash's hand and buzzed around their faces frantically before flying out the window. Smash knew that it was definitely not a fly, and had a pretty good feeling he knew what it was.

The next morning, There was a huge riot going on in the plaza. Smash went to check it out and found that someone poured cement all over the local flower garden. The people were furious about it. Smash found this extremely strange and went to investigate. Upon investigating, one of his friends found a man snooping around the plaza and said that he snuck into the alleyway. They went after him to see what he was up to. While following him through the alleyway, they came to a corner. When they turned, the man was gone. They searched the entire area but couldn't find out where he went. They eventually left to look somewhere else for clues. A bit later, They realized that Violet had gone missing. They went to search for her, retracing their steps back to the alleyway. While inspecting the alleyway again, They suddenly noticed a panic going on throughout the city. The forest that lay right next to the city was on fire. Everyone jumped into action and did what they could to put it out. Once the fire was out, they started to investigate the area to see what started the fire. The whole area was burnt down, but they managed to find something peculiar. It was a burnt piece of metal, but Gizmo managed to find out what it was. It was the remains of a remote control time bomb. Someone had bombed the forest. And one of Smash's friends had stayed in there for the night, although she was found alright. Smash was now extremely worried. Someone was still after him, even on this island, Violet had gone missing, the forest was burned down and the flower garden was cemented, and the townsfolk's angry eyes were on them. Smash further conducted his investigation, and finally discovered a secret in the alleyway which lead into an underground passage.

Down inside, Smash found a secret hideout, and a bunch of thugs inside discussing something. Violet was also tied up in the room. Smash and his friends quietly devised a plan to get him out, but before they could come up with anything, Someone came into the passage. He saw them and gasped. Speedy immediately jumped him and beat him down. This obviously alarmed the thugs in the other room and they started to come out. Everyone hurried out the passageway and made it into the alleyway. However, the thugs caught up to them. Smash stepped forward and told them that he knew everything. He knew that they were trying to kill him and demanded to know why, and why they kidnapped his friend. They said that a lot of money was on his head, and they were just in it for the cash. Smash told them to come and get him, he would take them all on. Everyone else backed him up while Pearl made a break for the secret passageway to save Violet. One of the thugs tried to stop her, but Smash killed him and and allowed her to keep going. Everyone else jumped into the fight and took them all on. They were a bit outnumbered, but they managed to defeat them all. The police soon came in to see what was going on and arrested the thugs. However, a few had escaped the scene before the police arrived. Soon afterwards, the townsfolk forgave them for accusing them of all the trouble, and the plane was finally fixed. They gave their final farewells and re-boarded the plane, which took off towards their original destination. Everyone was glad that it was all over, but there was still a problem. Why was there money on Smash's head? Who hired them to kill him? Smash thought that he defeated all of his enemies, but there was still someone who held a grudge.

They finally made it to the party, and gave a thousand apologies for being incredibly late. They didn't seem to believe their excuses, but they just shrugged it off and went along with the party. It was a lot of fun and it took their minds off of the troubles for a while.

When they got back home, Smash had a pending match at the Blitz Pit, and decided to take it on now. A few of his friends came to watch how he did. His match was up against Brian The Hedgehog, A guy who Smash refers to as "A tenacious cream puff.". Smash came into the ring with confidence, however, Brian came in with fury in his eyes. Smash noticed a disturbing difference in his appearance and was immediately set onto the defensive. Once the match began, Brian practically lunged at Smash. He was a lot faster, stronger, tougher, and crazier than he usually was. Smash fought with all he had, but Brian began to overpower him. Smash pulled every trick in the book, and even powered himself up to high tension, yet Brian wouldn't fall. He didn't even seem to get tired. Eventually, Smash exhausted all his strength, and Brian took advantage of him. He literally mopped the floor with him and stomped him into the ground. Smash was barely conscious afterwards. However, he did not want to go to a hospital or be escorted out of the arena. He went back home by himself. The moment he got back though, he collapsed on the couch and told his friends about what was happened. He suspected that something happened to Brian, and they needed to investigate for him. He physically could not move any more. Luna was able to heal him, but he still needed rest. On a previous mystery, they had discovered a thieves guild in Green Flower City. They decided to pay it another visit to see if anything was going on. They found out that there were thieves from here who were out on that island that they landed on first who got arrested. They left and decided to see what was going on with Brian. They caught a glimpse of him talking to two thugs, one of them they recognized as one from the island. They managed to hear a bit of what was going on, and it was evident that he was the one who hired them. He appeared to want to fire them now. They told Smash about what they found out. Smash immediately got up, disturbed, and checked a picture frame on his table in the livingroom. Brian had previously given him a picture frame as a gift for unknown reasons. Smash discovered a spy camera located on it, and destroyed it immediately. He knew that they were in trouble. Smash said that he was feeling well enough to have a rematch with him. He went into his training room and brought out the seven Chaos Emeralds (on the previous episode, they needed the Chaos Emeralds to get into the Mystic Realm, so thats why he still has them.) and went to Brian's house--Just in time to catch him with a strange bottle, which happened to be a drug.

Smash had finally found out everything. Brian was jealous of him because he never could beat him, and wanted to become Number 1. But with Smash in the way, there was no way he could do that. So he had to have him eliminated. He hired someone to kill him. They tried to make the plane crash or blow up. But that failed, and they landed on an island. He had people positioned there as a plan B to kill him there. They spied on him and tried to blow up one of his friends, kidnapped his other friend for bait, and no one knew why they cemented the flower garden. But Smash found them first, and he defeated them. With that plan gone, he had to resort to using a drug to power him up. However, that plan failed as he is not allowed to kill another person in the Blitz Pit or he would never become number #1. He then gave him a "Reason You Suck Speech" over how pathetic he was to have to cheat to beat him, and he didn't deserve to even be a fighter at the Blitz Pit. Smash then told him that he would like to either have a rematch fair and square, or test out his "drugified" state against his super form, as he held out the Chaos Emeralds. Brian looked frightened, and couldn't decide what to do. He ended up running away. Smash scoffed at him as he watched him run. It wasn't long until some "dignified" looking thief came back to them with Brian completely tied up. He told them that they could do whatever they wanted with him, as he doesn't take such despicable jobs. Brian had come to try and get him to kill Smash again, but he was refused. Smash was very disappointed with the fact that he couldn't beat him up, and just decided to turn him in to the police. Luckily, Speedy's father is a policeman, and he was already very familiar with the situation. He took Brian to jail, and that was the last they heard of him. Smash was still disappointed, and decided to start some training in his super form. Just then, the Chaos Emeralds randomly separated.

Smash felt cheated.

Author's Notes Button - Some changes had to take place, since Frost was an active hero in this story. It's a bit of a shame too, since Frost had quite a few funny moments here. (Mainly the incident with the pink squid in the hotel's tub.) There are a few other things here that I realize I didn't write out very well, but remember, this isn't the final version. I figured I'd fix the stuff when I get to it in the actual re-write.

Oh yeah, and Brian. I felt as cheated as Smash did when the emeralds separated. I had written up a scene for the original version of Memories of David The Echidna where Brian kidnaps Pearl and Smash comes in and literally kills him for it, showing some dark "not afraid to dirty my hands" vibes from Smash. But given how that entire episode got split and overhauled, (not to mention how much I downplayed both Smash and Pearl's own strengths to be able to be phased by this wimp in the Season 3 finale,) the most I can confirm as far as Brian's fate goes is just a swift kick to the butt from Speedy.

Episode 45: Crossroads of Fate

Summary Button - Camp Crystal, a fun and event-filled camp for spring break, was opening its doors the very next day. Everyone was excited to go, and were busy packing up to meet at the bus stop the next morning. Speedy, Violet, Gizmo, and of course Crystal herself, were no exception. However, all this excitement was merely background noise to Smash whom had taken notice of some unsettling news. Three men had gone missing; one of which he recognized as a fighter from the Blitz Pit: Razor Klaue. He could understand one, maybe, but three people at once? Something wasn't right here.

Later in the day, Smash stops by the police station to see Speeder, congratulating him on his promotion to Detective. While they chat and have a good laugh together, Speeder subtly hints that he wants to talk to him in private later, so Smash heads off to wait at their usual spot in the coffee shop.
Eventually Speeder shows up and they sit down to talk. Speeder first talks a bit about the mole in the police force and asks for Smash's patience in getting the case files for David's death—he doesn't want to make any sudden moves now that he's in the spotlight, as he is concerned about a "mole in the police force," and doesn't want to risk alerting him or her. But he does mention that he is just getting started on the case of the missing men. While he doesn't have much to go off of, he does know that it's eerily similar to the case of Marina's disappearance two years ago. Fearing that Skull Cross may be behind this, Smash offers his assistance in case things get messy, but Speeder refuses to rely on him unless he knows he'll need backup.

At the same time, Captain Thunder catches wind of some Skull Cross smugglers sneaking into Greenflower, just before he learns of the three missing men--one of which being a friend and ally to his crew. Suspecting right away that Skull Cross was behind it, the crew attempts but unfortunately fail to intercept the smugglers. Without any clue as to their destination, Thunder seeks out Speeder for any helpful information.

Author's Notes Button - I realized that I never specified when Speeder made Detective, and since that was the main thing keeping him from delving deeper into the Corliss Case, I figured it'd deserve its own episode. But more than that, since I'm rewriting this whole Secret of the Mutants arc, I felt that another episode was needed for some heavy foreshadowing. I mean, really heavy. This is also the first, and one of the only times Speeder takes a leading role in an episode.

Episode 46: Camp Crystal

Original Plot written by: Smash, Kapus

It was finally break time from all the insanity. Everyone was going to a new camp that was opening up to have a bit of a vacation. Smash and Luna were too old to really enter the activities and such, so they just decided to come along as guests and watch over the whole thing. While everyone was preparing for the day, Speedy decided to hang around in the park for a bit. He met up with Lily, and they began to chat a bit until they discovered the remains of a Hedgehog/Echidna hybrid in the park. Speedy, being highly concerned about this, told Smash about it. Smash was also concerned, Especially since he had just had his first child with Luna, who was also a hybrid between the two species. But he didn't know where to begin in investigating, so they just told the park owner and he took care of it.

The next day, they all gathered around the bus stop, heading off to Camp Crystal. Crystal herself was especially excited, not because the camp had the same name as her, but because her old friend Jessie Garnet had come down from Emerald town to join them. On his way there to meet up with everyone else, Smash and Luna passed by a large building that struck him as suspicious. The building looked rather large and important, but he couldn't find a single door or window on it. They began to feel uneasy about the place, but knew he had to hurry up or they'd be late. They arrived just as the others boarded the bus. They hurried inside, apologizing for being late. The two decided to tell them about the building when they got back.
Once they got there, they were split into pairs as cabin mates. Smash and Luna were guests, so they didn't count. Splice teamed up with Lily, Speedy with Violet, Tab with Lucy, Thunder with Lightning, Roy with Lisa, (Those two characters never made any other appearances, so it may end up being a cameo if they stay at all.) Crystal with Jessie, Gizmo with Kitty, Shade and Hyper both teamed up with two unfamiliar people, and finally, Zap with Pearl, since no one else was around that she would team up with. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, although they did discover a cave behind the water fall in the park of the camp which had fresh Topaz' growing inside.

There was a science contest opening up there, whoever could make the most interesting contraption would win a gold trophy. Of course, everyone entered. The pairs tried to come up with whatever they could. They were allowed to use material of any kind. In the end, Gizmo and Kitty came in first for creating the "Remote Control Bow&arrows". Lucy and Tab came in second for creating jet shoes, to boost one's running speed. Speedy and Violet came in third for creating a house/motor raft which they called "The Axium". Crystal and Jessie put a light inside of one of the topaz' and made a pretty light. They also showed how it could make a flashlight by putting it inside of an empty paper towel roll with a magnifying glass taped to the other side. Pearl and Zap modified a bike to have two seats. Thunder and Lightning made a lightning rod, but they couldn't demonstrate it without a storm. As for Splice and Lily, Splice was tormented day and night by Lily and couldn't come up with anything to make. Lily secretly made a "contraption" which looked like an elephant doll with random objects sticking out of it including a fan and random springs. When she turned it on, it smoked and sparked as if it were about to catch on fire. She called it "The Doorknob". She got one vote for that personally from the judge himself. Splice didn't know whether to tear his quills out in frustration or break down crying.

Soon, it was time to go home. Pretty much everyone was satisfied from their vacation. Although Splice could scarcely call it a vacation.

Author's Notes Button - Camp Crystal was a fun RP and I'd love to do another one like it. I especially enjoyed it because I had wanted to do a camp just like it, except more based on sports-like events instead of science contests. That was where Jessie was originally supposed to debut, but I could never really get it to work out, even in my head. Thinking of it now, I may have been inspired by Camp Meadowcroak from Arthur.
Also, Thunder's Lightning Rod was intended to be a new weapon for him. I don't remember when I first considered weaponizing it, it may have been then or it may have been recently. Either way, I'd forgotten up till now that it was already shown in story.

Episode 47: The Secret of the Mutants

Original Plot written by: Kapus

A few weeks after their return from Camp Crystal, Smash was taking a walk in the city with a couple of friends. The group stopped in front of a large building when they heard a loud noise. A strange object came flying out of the only window of the building due to an explosion on the inside. Smash found it, and looked up at the building. The window was very high, about three stories high. It was on the same building as before, the one with no visible entrance. Knowing that something was very suspicious about this all, he brought it to Lucy to examine it. She said that it would take a while for her to do a full job, so he decided to come back later. The next day, the gang all get the news that Lucy had been kidnapped. They search for her, and then find her in an alleyway just fine. She told them that she wasn't harmed, but the people that kidnapped her stole the machine and ran off.

About two days later, Hyper came to Smash's house, which wasn't exactly usual. Hyper didn't often come to visit him. He told Smash that he found a "Thing" in his front yard. And it was dead. And it smelled absolutely terrible. Smash went to check it out and found a dead Fox/Wolf/Mutatant thing lying right where he told him. Speedy came over and saw it as well, and both he and Smash were thinking the same thing. Something's up. They went to talk to Tab about it, and while they were talking outside of her house with her, they saw two men walk by on the sidewalk. They both stopped, looked at them and then whispered to eachother, and then left quickly. Smash was even more concerned, seeing how the last time he saw that, he nearly got killed. He then got the idea to follow them. He and the others pursued them into an alleyway--and ran into Shade on the way. Curious, Shade tagged along as they kept following them until they got to a corner. When they looked, the men were gone. They searched the area, but found nothing. However, they were right next to the mysterious building with no entrance. Smash immediately knew that they had somehow gotten in there. There had to be a way in somehow.

They searched all over for an entrance, and soon found one in a secret manhole which lead to the sewers. However, there was a passage that lead into a dark facility. At the entrance, they overheard a few people talking about creatures getting lose from there, and that they were test subjects for something. One of them suggested they use Chao for their experiments to help stop the subjects from going crazy. One of them also mentioned that they found "Him". Even Smash was scared when he overheard the conversation. From what they could understand if they linked that to the creatures found dead in the park and infront of Hyper's house, and the two men that spotted and whispered to eachother about them before running back here, they were kidnapping people off the street and mutating them. He wanted to go in and check out what was going on, but there were security cameras littering the place. They immediately left to go back.

The moment Smash got home, he called everyone to his house for a meeting to fill them in on what's going on. They soon devised a plan to get inside. Gizmo, Lucy and Kitty were to create something that would disable the cameras so that they could get inside, while Smash and a few other people were to go around to see a few other friends who didn't attend to the meeting and gather them up at his house for safety. Once everyone did their parts, they moved onto part two of their planning. Gizmo, Kitty and Lucy created a dart gun that shoots electrified needles which were designed to completely disable almost any electronic. Smash and Speedy then came up with the idea for Kitty and Shade to find a way into the air vents and find the main source of the security system and disable the cameras, and also have the computers that show what's recording pause when nobody was on either camera. Once that was done, the other team would go in and find out what's going on without being detected. The team for infiltration was Smash, Splice, Gizmo, Tab, Speedy, and Jessie, who was still visiting from out of town. Everyone else was to stay at Smash's house and wait incase they called.

Finally, they were ready to put their plan into action. Kitty and Shade made their way through the ducts, and when they came to the security room, only three people were in there. They had to do a sneak attack on them. With the "Chaff Gun", the dart gun they made, Kitty was able to paralyze the men. They ended up tying them up with an electrical cord to something Shade cut and shoving them into the closet. They also had to gag them to make sure they didn't cry out for help. After that, they called Smash to tell him that they were ready. Smash's team moved in and explored the area. They had a few close calls, but they managed to go undetected for the most part. They did run into one person, but they all jumped him at the same time and knocked him out cold. They then came to one room and found something horrifying. Test Tubes sat on both sides of the room, opposite from eachother. In there, there were normal people slowly being transformed into mutants. There was another room across from where they entered, but it was locked by a keycard and a handprint scanner. They used the guard that they had just knocked out to get in. However, they quickly had to leave because someone was coming from another room across from the entrance. After hearing voices for a few moments, and then a blood curdling scream, Kitty and Shade found the room via air duct, but they found themselves directly under the table that the man in there was using to work on his subject. It turned out that they were infusing Chaos Energy forcefully into their subject's bodies, along with things called "Elemental Rings". But doing so made their subjects go insane and hostile, and soon die. This one appeared to be a success, as it awoke in almost a dazed state, and obeyed every command given to him. The man then went into the other room, and Kitty opened the grate to go and open the door for everyone else to come in. They told them what happened, and they were horrified.

They went into the room that the man went in and found that it lead downstairs. They went down a long, spiraling starcase, until they came to a laboratory room. They saw a bunch of men in there working on one person, a green female echidna. The area was pretty secure, so they left. When they got back to the room with the test tubes, they started to discuss what they found out. They found out what they were doing, but they had no idea what their motive was or who was in charge. They went to search other areas of the building, and then came across a room with a window. However, they didn't go inside because someone was in there. But when they peeked in, they saw a large piece of furniture infront of a window, and a man sitting at a table which had the same object that Lucy was kidnapped for. This confirmed their location. Moments later, they heard someone coming and they had to leave. They all then met up at Smash's house. Smash explained everything that was currently going on, and then they waited a couple of days before going back to see what they could do. When they got there, they saw some of the people working there hiring Chao Hunters to go to a chao garden hidden in Fox Forest, the same forest that Amber lived in. They immediately contacted Kitty and Shade, who were going through their last routine, to tell them what they found out. Angered, Gizmo took the phone from Smash and called back to his house to tell everyone else. He told them to go to the Chao Garden and ambush them. Kitty and Shade joined them shortly afterwards.

Later, things started to get crazy. They found a route leading to the sewers as an alternate exit, and found some of the workers getting chased by a giant slime monster--identical to the one Smash was hired to kill recently. They went back into the facility to investigate more. They found out that they were going to get a certain ore from the minds in a desert town far to the north. And then when they were in the room with the test tubes, one of the mutants escaped and the lights went out. They heard screaming and sirens going off, security running by without even noticing them, and then they heard that the slime monster that was in the sewers was inside the building attacking people. Through all the insanity, Smash found the chance to rescue one of the people who had not yet turned into a mutant from the test tubes, and tried to find a way to escape in the dark with only the lights from the warning sirens illuminating their path. Meanwhile with the others, they had successfully defeated the Chao hunters, and met a cat who lived in a village nearby. They learned of his tribe and how they had to leave their old home due to a massive forest fire, and they relocated here. Speedy, Violet and Shade had seen the same old burnt down village months back.

Later, everyone met back at Smash's house to discuss what was going on. They decided that they'd have to wait a while before going back again, since it was all hectic due to the security breech. The next day, everyone awoke in shock. They overslept until 4:00 in the afternoon. And Hyper had gone missing. Smash immediately caught onto what happened. They all couldn't have slept in for that long at the same time. He also found that his front door was unlocked. Someone got in and drugged them, and kidnapped Hyper. He already knew where Hyper was, and they went on an all out assault on the facility. They beat up whoever showed up in front of them and muscled their way through everything. They found Hyper in the same room as that Echidna had been in, and were too late to save him before they injected Chao DNA into his blood. Before they could do anything else, The Gang fought them off of Hyper and saved him. They also saved the Echidna while they were at it. They muscled their way out and went back to Smash's house to let Hyper and the Echidna girl rest. The Echidna was the first one to wake up. Smash explained the situation, and then learned that her name was Melissa. Melissa stated that she knew Hyper--not personally--but she knew him. When Hyper woke up, Melissa told them to take her to Emerald Hill, and she would explain everything there. The team then split up. Some went to Emerald Hill, while the others went to the desert town, Kartilla.

In the team who went to Kartilla, they found out that the ore was a certain gemstone that reacted strongly to Chaos Energy, and could be used to channel it. The mayor didn't generally let people into their mines, but he had struck a deal with the people who came to get some of the ore. However, Kyle told them what the people's true intents were, although he still didn't know why they were doing it. They then got to have a look at the ore themselves, but didn't take any.

Meanwhile, the team who went to Emerald Hill found out that Hyper was born there. Hyper's parents worked for the facility which were doing the experiments. They let Hyper be one of the test subjects. Later, His mother quit her job there, regretting what she had done. She abandoned Hyper, seeing as how he had gained lots of physical strength and Earth and Wind powers, and he was still just a child. She was afraid that he would come after her for revenge, so she left him and went to live by herself on a nearby island. However, her husband never did come back from working at the facility.

The two teams met up at Kartilla. They had discovered that the men were preparing to relocate to a different continent: Morlinia. For what reason, they did not know. But the next morning, they found that they had already gotten a head start on them. They went to Thunder and pleaded for him to take them to Morlinia. He agreed when he found out their reasons, and took them there as fast as he could. When they found the area where the people had docked, they docked near them--but out of sight--and went to find out where they were going. They caught them unleashing their mutants on a small town as a threat. They were threatening the town's mayor to destroy everything if he didn't tell them the location of something. The Gang sprung into action and fended off the mutants. They also discovered that they had bought some of Dr. Eggman's robots to add to their forces. Once the town was saved, Smash talked to the mayor and discovered where they were headed. They then followed them deep into the forest and into a rather large metallic building. They busted in and beat on everyone until they got to the boss. They forced him to tell them why he was doing it. It all boiled down to one main thing: Money. Smash was disgusted, and ready to pulverize him. But while they had their guard down, he took Lucy hostage and held her at gunpoint. However, Lucy managed to save herself by turning on her automatic propeller hat that she made recently, (Commonly known as a "Beanie", but the propeller hat a motor and spun when turned on.) and letting the propellers smack him in the face until he let go. That was when the rest of them jumped him. After beating the snot out of the boss, the rest of security came into the room. Smash told them that unless they wanted to end up like their boss, they had better leave. The security spared not another minute to scram. Smash tied up the boss and took him out of the building. The town's mayer came and thanked them for what they had done, and said that they would take care of business with the building. They then took the rest of the people involved in the facility back to Green Flower City and turned them in.

It was a solid victory, although a tad anti-climatic. Even though they solved the case, their problem was far from over...

Author's Notes Button - This was one of the best episodes in the series. There were some things I didn't quite get, and therefor left hanging in this description. What exactly was it that they were after in Morlinia? They were some kind of gemstones, but what they did is beyond me. I kept forgetting. And what was that strange object that they kidnapped Lucy for? I don't think we ever got to find out what exactly that machine was supposed to do. Besides explode, that is.

There's a huge amount of work to be done on this episode as it's one of the most important ones of the season. Namely, it's what really kickstarts the arc that leads up to SpTH, kind of like how the Search for Marina just shifts the tone of everything dramatically.

One of the first things I need to go over is the fact that Hyper has been removed from the canon. As I've stated why in Lost Episode 29, Hyper was only relevant in this one arc and never really showed up before or afterwards. Removing him from the series as a whole doesn't leave such a huge impact, but for this episode in particular it sorta complicates things as we learned about his backstory and everything sorta kinda revolved around him for a chapter or two. It's fine though, there are ways to get around it.

Another major thing is the antagonists. Their motives and goals need to be revisited, as I feel like it kind of leads us to a dead-end that doesn't link up to any of the further episodes. There's potential here that isn't being used, to sum it up.

Episode 48: The Outbreak

Original Plot written by: Kapus

Hyper came to Smash's house to talk to him, like he planned to the other night. Speedy had come over too, since he knew Hyper had something to say and was interested in what it was. Hyper told him that he was feeling really weird. He was frequently overheating, getting dizzy, and randomly fainting. Smash of course became worried, especially since the people that were creating mutants had gotten a hold of him twice. They suspected that had something to do with it until Hyper passed out and Speedy discovered something frightening in the newspaper. One of the mutants had gotten loose and died in the middle of the street, and scientists claim that this was the cause of the recent outbreak of the new Plague. Symptoms of the plague included dizziness, over heating, fainting, and becoming very violent. Smash immediately took Hyper to the hospital to be looked after. However, the plague was new, and there was no known cure for it. Smash and Speedy immediately went to Tab's house to tell her what was going on. She was shocked and rather scared of what might happen. Lucy, who happened to be there at the time, told them that she had heard of some kind of ancient treasure that could cure any sickness. She had read about it in a book. They then decided to go to the library to see what they could find. After a while of searching, they came across a book that spoke of the ancient treasure. The same book that Lucy read. Apparently, an ancient tribe used that treasure to keep their people in good health. They lived on an island somewhere up to the north. They then decided to talk to Thunder about going. They talked to him and he said that he would be ready to set sail in about 15 minutes.

While they were waiting, they noticed that Tab went missing. They retraced their steps to see if they accidentally left her somewhere, and found her passed out in front of Lucy's house. Smash was horrified and immediately rushed her to the hospital. They confirmed that she had caught the plague. It was spreading fast. They decided to gather up their friends in the city to go with them. They found Shade, Violet, Crystal(although Crystal wouldn't go without her parents.), Lily, and Splice, the latter of who actually came to them to warn them about the plague. However, they were already preparing to leave. Splice decided to join them. Thunder was yelling out orders for his brothers to get the cargo on the ship and the ship itself ready. While he was doing that, Speedy and Violet caught a glimpse of a female dog washed up on the beach. They went to her aid, and soon got her to wake up. She had no idea where she was, but it apparently wasn't where she was supposed to be. Thunder then came to them to see what was going on. The girl said that the last thing she remembered was being attacked by pirates. Thunder offered to take her to where she was originally going to go while he was sailing. She agreed, and they all boarded the ship and set sail. Violet tried to be nice and get to know her a little more. Smash introduced her to everyone, and tried to have a friendly chat with her. However, he and Thunder were both humiliated by Lucy's childlike obliviousness and Lily's "Lilyisms". The girl saw them as an eccentric group all together, when it was mainly two people who ruined their first impression.

Soon, they came to the island with the town that the girl wanted to go to. It was her home town, Gardina. She then told them that her name was Vensha before thanking them and leaving. They decided to stay a little while and see if they could pick up any information on the island that they were headed to. Gardina was right along the way there. Thunder went to buy some supplies for the ship, Speedy went to see if he could get any souvenirs, while Smash, Shade and Splice took a walk around to see what they could find out. Smash eventually started up a conversation with a local sailor at the docks. Smash asked him about the island to the north, and the sailor told him that it was completely haunted. Ghosts roam around the island at night, no one who's ever gone to the island have ever come back, there are even ghost ships that circle the island at night, and a dense fog covered the entire island the moment it got dark. Smash was disturbed, but it did sound like a generic ghost story. But if his intuition served him well, there was some truth behind it. He decided that they would stay the night and then head out the next morning, and return before nightfall.

The next morning they went along with their plan. They went out to the island as early as they could. When the island came into sight, They all could see how creepy it was; even in the daylight. They docked their ship and went to check things out. Thunder stayed behind and kept the ship ready so that they could leave as soon as they returned. They searched the island, and came across a stone panel on the ground with a moon symbol engraved on the surface. Nobody could figure out what it was, so they left it temporarily. They soon came across a village; An abandoned old village. They looked around, mainly taking peeks in empty houses. Although after Smash opened a door and found spider webs everywhere and a gigantic spider walking leisurely by. He then resorted to looking through the windows only. All of a sudden, all the local wildlife vanished into hiding all at once. Smash took this as a sign and got everyone to hide. They heard something big moving through the forest quickly and roughly. Soon, the threat passed and they heard the animals again. Disturbed, They all got out of their hiding spots and continued looking around. Eventually, they moved on after finding nothing that would help them. They went to investigate the cliff past the mountain. They were at the foot of the cliff, and needed to get to the top. Splice hurried back to Thunder's ship and asked if he had any tools for climbing cliffs, and was given a grappling hook. After taking it back to the gang, Smash climbed to the top with it. On the top, Smash had a good view of the entire island. He saw several shipwrecks-about 7 to 9 of them surrounding the island. It sent chills down his spine. He also saw a mysterious building near one of the beaches. He took his eyes off of the sights and looked around on the top of the cliff. He found a large rock blocking what seemed to be a passageway. He immediately took notice to the cresent moon carved into the face of the rock. He couldn't move the rock either, which brought him to the conclusion that he had to solve some sort of riddle to get past it. He climbed down the cliff and told everyone else what he found out. He then lead them all to the strange building he found. They investigated the inside, it was mainly just an empty room with a pedestal in the middle. Suddenly, Lily began to look afraid. She said that Steven sensed something, and she wanted to get out of there. (Steven being the top hat that Speedy bought, which she pretty much stole from him and wears all the time.) Smash took that as a sign. Lily is crazy, and almost never showed signs of being scared before. And if she "Sensed" something, that meant that they needed to leave. Now. Smash hurried towards the door, but it sealed itself, trapping them all inside. Just then, one by one, each tile on the floor began to fall down into a bottomless black abyss. Everyone backed up against the walls, and thankfully the floor next to the walls were stable. After all the rest of the floor had fallen, the door unlocked and everyone got out. Just then they noticed that Lucy was missing, but she then came back saying that she was taking a look elsewhere. Smash scolded her for separating, when he then noticed that the sun was setting. It was lower than when they had planned to leave. They were late. Smash immediately got everyone and ran towards the beach on the other side of the island. They ran as fast as they could, trying to beat the sun. It started to get dark, and they began to hear odd sounds. A dense fog began to cover the island. They finally got to Thunder's ship. Thunder was shouting at them to hurry up and get on so they could get out. They all boarded the ship and tried to leave. While they were boarding, a small rabbit hopped on board, most likely wanting to leave as well. Thunder already had his ship ready to sail away, but when they tried to move the ship, it wouldn't budge. Everyone was panicking, trying every idea they had to get the ship moving. Nothing worked. Soon, the fog had covered the entire island. Speedy noticed a creepy looking fish in the water, swimming around them. Before he could draw anyone's attention to it, the ship shook-and began to sink. Thunder screamed at everyone to abandon ship and got out all the life boats and threw them over board. Everyone jumped out into the boats and tried to get away. Soon the life boat Speedy was in started sinking as he noticed the fish next to him. He was about to get into someone elses boat when the fish lunged out the water and started to drag him under. Violet jumped out of her boat and saved Speedy, bringing him back to her ship. Which then stopped moving. They ended up swimming as fast as they could. Everyone began to see spirits coming after them. Thunder, who was in an inflatable rubber boat, was going as fast as he could until his boat shot under water at an alarming instantaneous rate. Everyone was thrown into the water and getting pulled under. Smash was the only one who managed to escape, as he somehow managed to knock one of the ghosts off of him with his bare hand. However, after he cleared the fog, he passed out.

Smash awoke, seeing the sky and hearing the waves of the sea. He sat up and found himself on the deck of a ship. He turned and saw Speedy's top hat on the rail, hanging to dry. He stood up and looked around. A familiar face came to greet him. He soon realized that he was on Vensha's ship. Vensha had been out looking for her father after she had been shipwrecked, and found Smash in the sea. Smash explained what happened and asked her to take him back to Green Flower City. She agreed to do so and sailed back. Smash didn't know what to think anymore. He failed to save Tab and Hyper, and now everyone else was gone. He even got Thunder's ship sunk, too. Once he got back to the city, he started to go back home, but then got another idea. He went to Speedy's house, and managed to bring out the house/raft creation from Camp Crystal; The Axium. Speeder, unknowing of what was really going on, helped him tow it to the docks with his car. There he met Luna, and their months old child, both seemingly waiting for him. She said she knew he had gone far away somewhere, and wanted to know what was going on. Smash explained the situation to her, and she insisted on going with him. Smash refused, fearing that he might lose her too, along with their child. But she wouldn't let him leave without her for the same reasons. He gave in, and let her and the baby come with them.

Meanwhile, Speedy woke up on the beach of the island. He looked around and found everyone else lying around him, still unconscious. He then found a fox named Stan, who said that he rescued them. He told them that it was foolish of them to come out here, and asked him what they were doing on the island. Before answering, he took them all into his home. He apparently lived on the island as he was shipwrecked some time ago. Speedy explained the situation to him. Soon everyone else began to wake up. And it wasn't long until they found out that Smash was missing, although Lily was mourning over Steven rather than Smash. Stan said that he never saw him, or Lily's hat. Shocked at the loss of their faithful leader, they started to think about what to do next. Speedy then announced that he would take the lead in Smash's place, while at the same time, Splice had already decided that he would lead everyone. They began to argue over who would lead, but then both ended up leading at the same time. Stan decided to help them. After a bit of deductions, they came to know that to move the stone Smash had seen earlier, they would need a cresent shaped artifact. And that was most likely inside of a secret passageway beneath the stone panel, which apparently only opened at night. If they hurried, they would be able to get in, because it was almost dawn. They ran to the panel and found that it was starting to close. Using a shovel, they managed to brace it, stopping it from closing. They all went down into the passageway and explored the area.

Meanwhile, Smash and Luna had arrived at the island, a safe distance from the fog that had completely surrounded the entire island, preventing them from entering. Luna tried to manipulate the water to clear a path through the fog, but they learned that it regenerated far too fast for them to safely get through. They began to devise another plan.

Back with the others, they were still exploring underground. It was a series of long, dark and dank corridors. There were a few traps they had to make their way past, and a few ghosts came to try and stop them. But Splice and Speedy managed to fend them off with their powers over Fire and Ice. Finally, they came to the end of the path. There was a wide, circular room with a pedastle in the center. Resting on top was a cresent shaped artifact. Knowing what they had to do, they took it with them and left. But the moment they took it, ghosts from all over began appearing rapidly, and they chased them out of the entire underground area. They made a mad dash towards the mountain and climbed to the top of the cliff. Upon inserting the cresent artifact in the stone carving, the stone moved automatically, revealing behind it a tranquil spring. They examined it for a few moments, before Thunder gasped in shock. He took a picture which he had been holding onto and matched it to the area they were currently in, and revealed that what they were seeing now was the Legendary Miracle water, a treasure he'd wanted to discover and had been searching for, for 3 years. They then realized that the Miracle Water WAS the treasure they all were looking for. One of the ghosts appeared and told them about it, since they already found it. The Miracle Water was kept in secret from the world outside of the island. They were able to cure sicknesses and keep their people healthy, but if it were publicized, the water would not only lose its specialty, but it would most likely become foul and muddy, and lose its healing effect. However, when Splice told them their situation, the ghost agreed to share some with them. Thunder then began to yell at the ghost, telling him that they sunk his ship. And they couldn't expect them to leave without a ship. The ghost told them that they do that in defense, and then agreed to give him his ship back. They looked out towards the beach and saw the Thunder Bolt rising to the surface. Thunder was so relieved, he shed a tear. They returned to the ship to look for something to contain the water in. They then took two large barrels and filled them with the water, and prepared to leave. While they were returning to the ship again, they noticed that the fog had completely disappeared-and there was another ship nearby. The ship turned out to be Vensha's. She had come to rescue them. At the same time, Smash and Luna docked the Axium on the beach and found them all alright. Smash and the others happily reunited, overly relieved that the other(s) were still alive. It was a crowning moment of heartwarming for the group. They then told Smash all about what had happened, and they all hurried to get back to Green Flower City. Thunder felt as if it had been ages since he had touched the wheel of his ship. When they got back, they hurried to the hospital and delivered some of the miracle water, and then gave the rest of the barrel to the mayor. Smash kept the last barrel in his house. They only needed a sip of the water, so they hoped that it would last a while.

It wasn't long before everyone recovered. Tab, Hyper, Kitty, Everyone had recovered from the plague. Smash held a huge party at his house. It was the first time Tab had ever smiled in a long time. There, they told stories about all of their adventures to Vensha. Vensha was rather shocked about what they had all gone through, and admitted that she thought that they were just a group of incompitent goofs. After telling her of their last adventure, Tab came up to Smash, and gave him a present. "Happy Birthday", is what she told him. Smash, both startled and confused, immediately referred to the calendar. It was July 7th. His birthday was June 21st. Smash felt like crying, but he kept a straight face and accepted the present. Everyone else decided to turn the celebration into a makeshift birthday party for him, soon after.

Author's Notes Button - There were quite a few changes made to this, namely the replacing of Frost with Luna, and them using the Axium instead of a warpstar. The results were the same, but it showed a bit more of the bond between Smash and Luna, as well as giving the latter more screentime. Pearl originally stayed home the entire time, either in their house in the city or the outskirts, I don't remember. But she didn't appear in this episode. I might make it so that she joins the group going to the island, or that she catches the plague herself...

There's also the issue that I couldn't remember the name of the island they went to. The only name I remembered was Gardina, and if we're being honest that's a place that was never referenced ever again. Even the ghosts and the miracle water were remembered at least once or twice later on, but this episode kinda didn't tie into anything else. It kinda just happened on the side of the main storyline.

Of course, since this was a direct continuation off of a now Lost Episode, there are some changes to be made to the beginning. One of them being a shift in the timeline: This can happen right after the Secret of the Mutants.

Given how much the series has changed since the original roleplay, this episode stands out in that it's completely inconsequential to the main plot. It completely fits in with what took place previously, but it also can be completely removed without effecting the storyline at all. I may have to think long and hard about what to do with this arc as a whole.

Episode 49: The Murderous Conspiracy

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - The Blitz Pit World Tournament 2010 is finally beginning. The preliminary brackets are being set up as fighters from all over the world gathered in the ring. Smash is super stoked for this tournament, but casually wonders where Speedy is. For the past few weeks Speedy had been going on and on about how he was going to “blaze a trail straight to the top”, but now that the show was beginning he was nowhere in sight.

Meanwhile, Speedy is with his father at the scene of a crime. A young boy no older than him was found dead in an alleyway not far from the Leaf Mall, early that morning. With Speedy hanging close by to try and learn the ropes from his dad, the two work together to try and figure out what happened. While looking over a potential clue, Speedy catches sight of Tab standing nearby, watching them. He calls out to her, and he and Speeder approach her. She looks unusually shaken; her stoic face replaced by one of suppressed shock. Speeder asks if she knew the victim, and she reluctantly replies that the victim was someone she had met during her time in the orphanage. He was a kind boy who was adopted some time before she left herself, and had only recently got in contact with him again. It was only a week ago when she met him on the street for the first time since they were children. She couldn't fathom why someone would kill him. Speedy promises her that they'll get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile at the Blitz Pit, the bracket was set and everyone headed off to the lockers to get ready. Smash went to the lobby to grab a drink, and notices the news report of the murder last night. Some of the other fighters lingering in the lobby commented on it, but Paul, a large portly bear and a friend of his father, stands next to him. He comments that it's typical that someone gets killed in the middle of the night and nobody knows who. He then quietly asks him if he's ever heard of the Black Rose. Smash says he knows about the orphanage, but Paul tells him that he's referring to the “thorns behind the rose”; a sinister, criminal operation lurking in the shadows and using the orphanage as a front to cover their gang. They were just rumors floating around, of course, but Paul talked as if it were the truth. With an uncharacteristicly grave tone, he asks Smash to meet him out back behind the Blitz Pit during the halftime break to discuss it further. When Smash asks "Why me?" he responds with the cryptic response: "It's because you're David's son." With that, he walks off and leaves Smash feeling tense and disturbed.

Eventually the prelims begin and he faces off against a man named Terrador. The two appear to be evenly matched and both begin to enjoy pitting their best skills against each other. Unfortunately the match ends too soon, when the building is flooded with police and nobody is allowed to leave. There had been a murder in the locker room: Paul had been poisoned to death.

Author's Notes Button - This is the new story replacing The Unexpected Turnabout, (See the Lost Episodes for reasons behind its removal,) as well as one of the arcs from the Blitz Pit World Tournament 2010. It still holds the same general mystery behind a murder at night, the victim and the villains both remaining the same. However this will not take place in a courtroom or trial or anything like that. The details of the case are still being worked out, as the Unexpected Turnabout was admittedly very screwy to begin with. This is the episode that begins to bring the Black Rose's treachery to light.

And yes, I do mean THAT Terrador Custos Bellator. The two have met and fought before on another site, and both times Smash won. (But that isn't to put Terrador down; they were both really awesome matches and the second time I felt Terra had really learned and developed from the first match and made the second one a REAAAALLY close bout. I want to canonically include both of them in the series somehow, so I figured making the first one like this would work. This guy is one of the few characters I actually enjoyed fighting.)

Episode 50: What Is Skull Cross?

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - A surprise visit to an old friend takes a tragic turn when Violet learns that Jenny has long since been dead, her mansion completely vacant. She calls the rest of the gang over to inform them and hold a small memorial for their old friend. The guilt weighs heavily on Smash, Pearl, and Thunder for having already known about Jenny's fate. Smash then announces that he will do whatever he can to get to the bottom of this.

Despite nearly getting killed during his investigation of Skull Cross a year ago, Smash gets back on the case and goes over everything he knows. In the end, it still isn't enough to answer all his questions. Then, a familiar face emerges after two years; Jenny's old rival, Ember, is in town. Not wasting a second, he confronts the woman who knows more about the mystery organization than anyone else...

Author's Notes Button - I've been wanting Ember to show up at some point. After all, she knew more than anyone about Skull Cross, but was always so darn cryptic about it. She only showed up in two episodes; one of them being non-canon, so I needed to give her some kind of relevance to the plot.

Also, I didn't want everyone to go for so long without knowing about Jenny's death, when they all used to be really close back in the day. Sure it's been nearly two full years since she died, but regardless, three years is pushing it. The main reason I didn't have them learn about it was for the same reason Smash never told them; I didn't know how to do it without getting them involved with Skull Cross.

I also plan for Smash and Thunder to work together on investigating one of the Mobian Experimentation Facilities for leads on Skull Cross' motives and goals. Their discovery is legitimately alarming.

Episode 51: Splice The Hedgehog

Original Plot written by: Smash
Summary Button - With the outbreak of the plague subsided, things began to calm down a bit in the city. Though with rumors floating around about the Black Rose Orphanage involved in crimes due to the recent murders, a few people decided to investigate. Tab, having lived there once, was one of them. She decided to investigate in secret, as it was a
Splice the Title Screen with The Hedgehog

The Title Screen

personal matter.

One day, Splice wakes up early in the morning to hear the phone ringing. Upon answering it, he hears a man's voice on the other line. "Agent Nero! Abort Mission, return to base immediately!" was what he said. Startled, Splice stammered out a confused reply, but the mysterious caller had already hung up. Later, after eating breakfast, he tracks the number of the caller back to the Black Rose Orphanage. He was shocked, almost terrified of the thought that they would even call him. He quickly pulled himself together, and decided to go to the orphanage to figure out what was going on.

When he arrives, he sneaks around to the back, hoping to be able to spy through the window nearest to the back door, only to run into an adult blue hedgehog. The two stare at eachother in silent surprise, before Splice speaks her name. Clara, Splice's old caretaker while he was growing up. They started to ask eachother why they were there, only to get interrupted by the sound of the back door opening. Two thuggish hedgehogs marched out and immediately noticed them. They identified Splice and Clara as two runaways who they could get a lot of money for taking them back to the orphanage. Splice felt naturally scared of them, but managed to overcome his fear and challenged them. While Clara ran off to safety, Splice defeated the two goons and hurried back home.

Splice and Clara have a talk about what was going on. They discussed what they knew about the orphanage, and Splice's mysterious phone call. Before they could decide on what to do next, a large airship arrives above the city. To Splice's surprise, it was none other than the Egg Carrier, which began dropping off large black cases packed with robots. Eggman was launching an attack on Greenflower City.

After fending off the robots, and gathering up some of his friends to help, The gang meets up with Sonic the Hedgehog, right before Eggman himself arrives. They fight him together, and drive him out of the city. The city, however, was in really bad shape. He burned down a few buildings and tore up a number of others. The group gathered infront of Splice's house, and discussed their current situation. Sonic said that he was going to go after the Egg carrier, knowing that Eggman was still at large. Splice, Tab and Crystal all agree to go with him. Clara reminds them of their other problem with the orphanage, and tells them that she'll stay behind to investigate for them. Splice decides to try and do his best to help stop Eggman, and go back whenever he can to figure out what's really going on in the orphanage...

Author's Notes Button - Unfortunately I can't say much more than this. This is a fangame in the making. There is a lot to this story that's still being worked on. Fortunately the removal of Frost from the series is not a big hindrance, despite him being an optional party member back then. Splice The Hedgehog settles a number of things in the series, most of which I cannot say here due to spoilers. But what I can say is that It puts a stop to the Black Rose Orphanage's gang, and the orphanage itself is taken under new management. It marks the indefinite closing time of the Elemental Rings factory, and it also brings Cymbeline, Splice's girlfriend, into the series along with Daz, a character who so far has only made a one-time appearance canon-wise. (yet had his own spinoff series: "Daz&Smash") So yeah, a lot happens this time around. An important thing I'm planning to implement so as to improve on the storytelling of a game taking place at the very end of a big arc, is to have Splice pretty much be absent for a good portion of Season 2's later half.

I could make an alternate canon timeline branching off from the Bad Ending, but I'd probably depress myself before I get anywhere.

Season 3

With a few exceptions, just about all of these episodes were to be SFW exclusive. However, many new plot points were made/revived and returned in their own new episodes. As the series grew, many of the SFW plots had been filtered out or heavily re-written to fit with the storyline. Despite that, Season 3 is the most hectic and dangerous time in the series for the cast. Interestingly enough, nobody actually died since Season 1...

Episode 52: Cymbeline's Return

Original Plot written by: AngelWings, Smash

Summary Button - It has been three months since the defeat of the Black Rose. The Black Rose Orphanage, now under new management courtesy of Clara Alison, had just finished its renovations and officially became known as the Bellflower Orphanage. The Elemental Rings Factory had closed down, and the revolutionary Elemental Rings were no longer in production. It seemed like a new age was coming.

One late afternoon, Splice gets a surprise visit from a friend he parted ways with three months ago: Cymbeline the Half Angel, hailing from another world: The Angel Realm. Cymbeline asked if he could spend some time with her, to which he gladly accepted. The two spent the majority of their evening at the large Leaf Mall, which had an arcade, bowling alley and even an ice skating rink. After leaving the mall, Cymbeline spreads her wings and takes Splice for a ride in the skies.

After their flight around the Greenflower region, they land on the beach and watch the sunset together. While they had lots of fun, Splice could tell that something was bothering her the whole time, and asks her about it. Cymbeline opens up and explains that she actually ran away from home, due to being forced into an arranged marriage. On her 18th birthday, she was set to marry a noble angel lord's son. They didn't have much time; less than two weeks, at that. Once the others realized she was gone, they'd come looking for her. She asked Splice for his advice.

Splice wasn't really sure what kind of advice to give her. He didn't know what to tell her to do, so he asked her what it was she really wanted. Cymbeline thought about it, and talked about how all her life she was sheltered and had to follow strict rules, barely ever getting the chance to let loose and do what she wanted to do. She knew now what she wanted more than anything.


Author's Notes Button - It's about time I got around to rewriting this story. Heck it's about time I got around to giving this episode a proper summary. At any rate, the plot hasn't changed too much from its original incarnation; it's just been cleaned up a lot. This episode pretty much goes over almost everything I had to do with Cymbeline before the Mystery of Skull Cross. From the arranged marriage plot, to the post-game Fallen Angel quest in SpTH, to the birthday sprite comic I made several years ago. (back then though Splice was scrambling for a birthday present since he forgot all about it till the last minute. Here, Splice is the only one who knows when her birthday is.) I still think this episode needs a new name but I've got nothing yet.

Episode 53: The Angel Bride

Original Plot written by: AngelWings, Smash

Summary Button - The second half of Splice and Cy's story arc.

Cymbeline returned to the Angel Kingdom in hopes of convincing her mother to call off the wedding arrangements. She had five days left before the wedding; if she couldn't change her mind then she planned to leave the Angel Kingdom permanently.

Knowing that no matter the outcome, Cymbeline would be back on Mobius at that time, Splice began making preparations for her birthday party. They were set to have the celebration down in Greenflower Zone, at Smash's old house. When the big day came, the whole gang had shown up. They had food, games, movies, cake and ice cream, balloons, everything they'd need for a wonderful get-together.

All but the guest of honor herself. The day was nearly over and Cymbeline was nowhere to be found. It's then when Splice comes to the conclusion that Cy has gotten held up at her arranged marriage, and explains the situation to the others. They all agree that if it's something that she doesn't want, then they should go in and help her out. So the gang makes a trip to the Angel Kingdom to sort things out.

Author's Notes Button - This is part is newly added, as we never did get this far. I did write out most of the story, and for the most part it still stands to be accurate, but I'll most likely re-write it when I get around to making the full episode.

Episode 54: The Cosmic Championship

Original Plot written by: E-113:Xi

Summary Button - Everyone is gathered together in Hedgehog Park to count down the new year. Just as the ball drops, Smash suddenly vanishes into thin air, sending everyone into a panic.

Smash finds himself standing in a strange area, and learns that he has been chosen to participate in The Cosmic Championship. He wasn't alone, either. Two other familiar faces had been chosen as well: Kyle Tyris and Electric Star. The three were very much confused; Smash was suspicious at first, remembering the hoax "Shadow Crystal Cloud" tournament not too long ago, but they decided to do their best and participate anyway.

When Smash's fight comes up, he faces a man going under the alias of "Angelus". Smash went in with full force. Despite his efforts, he finds that he is easily pressured into the losing end. In order to turn the tables, Smash activates his High Tension state and gains the upper hand. The scales appeared to tip too far over in his favor though, and his quick victory leaves a feeling of unfulfillment in the air. After their match, Smash calls him out, accusing him of throwing the match. Angelus tells him that he saw the potential in Smash, and felt that he deserved to be the one to move onward in the tournament. Smash's high tension was, in a sense, the same type of power he had mastered. He said that without the proper training, Smash would never be able to clear the tournament. He wanted to give him that chance, and teach him how to control his energy. With that, Smash agrees, and they begin training between matches.

Author's Notes Button - This RP was held here. Visit the link above to read the full story.

There wasn't much of a story at first. In some ways the original RP was rather poorly executed, but it was mainly just hard to handle all the people involved. The main reason this became canon in the first place is because Smash gained some very important character development. The rewrite here focuses and expands on that.

Episode 55: The Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament

Original Plot written by: Sonicfan919, : Smash

Summary Button - Meanwhile, everyone in the park was in a panic after the sudden disappearance of Smash, Kyle and Electric. They had no clues, no leads, no explanations, nothing. They were just simply gone without a trace. The next day at noon, an ominous voice booms throughout the sky, announcing the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament being held above Arid Canyon. Having a strong feeling that this had something to do with Smash and the others' disappearance, Pearl decides to enter the tournament in order to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Author's Notes Button -This RP was held here. Visit the link above to read the full story.

The plot had potential, but sadly, was very poorly executed. I'd discussed a revamp with E-113:Xi a while back, and what we came up with pretty much overhauls the entire thing. I never actually put them into effect, and I think I forgot most of what we originally discussed. But I think the main thing was that we wouldn't have the stupidly dbz-esque finale thrown in there.

But now that I've bumped this forward in time, this takes place at the same time as the previous episode--which means that Smash is no longer the main character of this arc. Instead, Pearl takes his place, and Keela comes along as a secondary. I remember our brainstorming from before basically wrote out just about all of Sonicfan919's characters from the plot, but I've found a way to keep Rodney, Rodrick and Rachael relevant. Krinkinko might appear as a first battle again, too...but i don't know if i really wanna.

Still, I think we can all agree that Pearl needed this. Keela, too.

Episode 56 Spirit Sword: The Soulfire

Original Plot written by: Smash

Author's Notes Button - The long awaited sword promised to Keela has finally been forged. I thought long and hard about how this sword works, (and was wondering if I could come up with a cooler name than The Soulfire, but it sooner grew on me than I could look anything up.) I was thinking this happens during the time of Moonlight Visitor, (as Kyle and Keela never actually showed up in that episode) but I bumped it up earlier so that Keela could actually have a chance to use her weapon. As for the episode itself, I'm thinking that when Kyle and Keela go to pick up the sword, they find that the temple where the swordsmith stayed had been raided by a band of thieves. The smith was heavily wounded, and the temple's treasures had all been stolen--Including Keela's new sword. Keela sets off to track them down, while Kyle stays behind to try and tend to his wounds.

I recently had the idea of using this chance to reveal some backstory for Darkyle's true parents, and why they abandoned him.

Episode 57: Amber's City Tour

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Normally living alone in the forest, Amber gets a surprise visitor who offers to take her around Greenflower City. Violet wanted to spend some time with her and show her how things were when there was nothing going on, and hopefully encourage her to come by more often. Eventually a few more from the gang join them, all happy to show her the sights.

In the end, it turns out that it was part of a plot to set up a surprise party for her. It had been a year since they met her, and she still didn't have an actual house to live in. So the gang built a treehouse on the large, old oak tree she lived by, and held a party for her inside.

Author's Notes Button - I added a bit more to this episode, but to do that I had to bump it up further. It exists mainly to start giving Amber some character development, as in current times she's actually at a new level of development that was never shown. She's become more open and friendly, and overall a much happier person. I had the idea of making the party for her birthday, but her birthday is in August, which was too late for this.

Episode 58: Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Original Plot written by: Alestar13


Author's Notes Button - Technically this is a revived Lost Episode, about Marina's career as a model. It was different back then because Marina still had her left arm, but as she has a sort of robotic arm now things get complicated. She wants to forget the incident that cost her arm ever happened, and tries her hardest to hide the fact that she has a fake arm...While participating in a beauty pagaent. I'm sure the plot is easy to figure out from here.

This was the very last roleplay between me and Alestar before we began working on the series rewrite.

Episode 59: Shadows of Evil

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - With all the previous conflicts finally taken care of, peace had seemingly returned to Greenflower City: which is why Smash finds this to be the perfect time to re-open investigation on the 7 year old case of his parents deaths. He talks with officer Speeder about the matter, and also discusses his own investigation on the "mole in the police force", which may be linked to Smash's mystery. While trying to crack the two cases, they gradually begin to realize that the Black Rose may not only still be somewhat operational behind the scenes, but could very well have been manipulating the authority from the shadows. Incidentally, Pearl had begun her own separate investigation. After learning that Vanessa, Sandy's blood mother, used to frequent a local bar in Station Square known as the "Swing-in", she began searching for answers on the crime she was falsely accused of, and where her missing spouse could be found...

All the while, Smash is growing ever nervous of the lack of activity from Skull Cross. In their last encounter they appeared to be preparing for something big...but it has already been a year since then. They've been quiet...too quiet.

Author's Notes Button - This episode I just came up with on the spot, while re-arranging Cymbeline's story arc to end before the Cosmic Championship. It's just as well, since I've been hoping to find a spot to address Smash's case. The details of this episode aren't fully clear yet, but I'm planning on taking a lot of elements from MoDTE. Rather, I've split MoDTE up into four parts. This is the second part, with the investigations going on. The first part is actually The Corliss Case, way back in Season 1. The third part, being the season finale, is what was to be the second half of the story. And the last is just going to be an episode about David, and that will be the one to inherit the name "Memories of David The Echidna."

Meanwhile I've been dying to find a place to reveal more about Vanessa's history--if only I knew what it was myself! I never did get Alestar to tell me what was up, so I eventually began coming up with my own crazy ideas...

On top of all this, the threat of Skull Cross still looms over the horizon. In fact, the end of this episode directly ties into...

Episode 60: The Mystery of Skull Cross - Part 1

Original Plot written by: AngelWings, Smash

Summary Button - A desperate plea from Amber sends Smash tearing down the road to Fox Forest. He arrives to see Cymbeline fighting...herself!? One claimed to be the real Cymbeline, and the other was a clone. The battle ended with the clone being sent through a portal to an unknown destination via Cymbeline's evenstar teleportation. It was after which when Smash realizes that the "real" Cymbeline had no memories of him, his friends, or anything that had happened since they met. The clone was the one they had really interacted with. What's more, this "clone" was created by Skull Cross.

Now that this had happened, there was no way he could keep quiet anymore. Smash called a meeting at his house, and told everyone the truth about Skull Cross, and Jenny's murder.

Author's Notes Button - This RP's just going off and on. It was started years ago, but we're barely past the first chapter. Despite that, this is one of the roleplays I have put the most of my efforts into brainstorming in the whole series rewrite. Cymbeline and I started the rewrite itself, but we haven't gotten far. Hopefully we'll be able to finish it someday.

Episode 61: The Mystery of Skull Cross - Part 2

Original Plot written by: AngelWings, Smash

Summary Button - The final showdown is near. The gang arrives at the Skull Fortress with two objectives: Find the clone Cymbeline and bring her back, and crush Skull Cross once and for all. With a team of over 20 people, the gang storms the space fortress at full force. But halfway through, Smash decides to split off from the team in order to investigate the Skull Labs in search for the truth. He won't be satisfied with just defeating Skull Cross: Smash wants to solve the mystery and close the case; to finish what Jenny started. In his absence, Splice is appointed the leader of the mission.

Author's Notes Button - I decided to split this RP in two. The first half being on Mobius, and the second being in space. This thing's big enough to be the season finale, to be perfectly honest, but naturally there are other things that need to be settled before it ends. And oohhhh man, the hype only goes uphill from here.

Episode 62: For A Better Tomorrow

Original Plot written by: AngelWings, Smash

Summary Button - With the defeat of Skull Cross' leader, Smash's three year long case has finally been resolved. However, it isn't over yet. Now comes the matter of cleaning up the mess this terrible organization left behind. There are still many members of Skull Cross remaining in their fortress, and there are still a few Mobian Experimentation Facilities still operational around the world....

Author's Notes Button - This is essentially the epilogue to the Skull Cross arc as a whole. The remaining members of Skull Cross are only a third of what gets settled here, but I can't reveal any spoilers.

Episode 63: Odyssey - Part 1: The Dimensional Conquest

'Original Plot written by: Banzai123

Summary Button - When a seemingly invincible man named V begins a dimensional conquest, A chunk of the gang all find themselves being swept up into the mess and separated from their friends as they get scattered across the dimensions. As they scramble to find a way back home, they find worlds at war with V, and eventually join the hidden Resistance that oppose the all-powerful villain.

Author's Notes Button - Being one of my favorite roleplays of all time, naturally I'd have some plans for this. Big plans. As great as Odyssey was, there's a lot that needs to be filtered out to fit my series. On top of that, though, I have ideas to tie this in to the ongoing story. I've cooked up some foreshadowing in the earlier episodes, brought in some characters that were meant to appear but didn't, etc. Heck, even Daz is coming back. We haven't seen him since SpTH! Though to be honest he'll probably show up for Cymbeline's birthday party after the wedding crash. It wouldn't be right to not have the whole gang for that.

Episode 64: Odyssey - Part 2: The Inverse

'Original Plot written by: Banzai123

Summary Button - The war against V ended abruptly when Ciels power rips open a wormhole in the center of the battlefield, sucking everyone into an alternate dimension. However, this was no mere dimension hop: they found themselves standing in an entirely different plane of existence! This strange world was like a mirror to their own. People once seen as evil were now upstanding citizens, while famous heroes were dangerous criminals. V's forces leave the scene with a scheme, and the heroes try to figure out where to go from there.

Author's Notes Button - Seeing how utterly long this roleplay is, I decided to split it into three episodes. This chapter had fewer parts but felt like the longest of the three. I'd thought up a lot of lore for the inverse (such as David and Sarah being the protagonists that Smash and Pearl were while the two children died off young, Splice never being born, and something about Thunder's crew being pilots,) but not much of it got put into effect.

It's also worth noting that there's quite a number of revisions going on in this version of the story. For an award-winning roleplay, it wasn't without its flaws. Too many users flooding up the place with all their characters, all their characters with individual battles that raged on for too long (actually it was really just one person guilty of that.) All kinds of messy non-sequitors and characters that are too irrelevant to keep around. Some were fairly important in certain chapters but the inclusion of them kind of throws the series as we know it to this point out of balance, so they've also been replaced with characters that have been around and can do virtually the same thing.

Episode 65: Odyssey - Part 3: The Jaws of Darkness

'Original Plot written by: Banzai123

Summary Button - Their seemingly final battle against V ended in success, and the gang finally makes it back home. Unfortunately, they realize that the worst has yet to pass, as some of their friends suddenly go missing upon arrival. Most importantly Ciel, the center of this entire quest. Certain that it isn't over yet, the gang heads back to Gizmo's house as the cat begins working on a way to travel through dimensions once more. With the creation of the Dimensional Door (name stolen from Skull Cross,) the heroes vow to put an end to the everlasting odyssey once and for all.

Author's Notes Button - Unfortunately, Banzai seems to have vanished entirely, and I have not been able to contact him. Even with the few cool ideas I have for the final chapter, for some time I didn't know how this story ends...but after heavily researching the chapters from the previous episode, I came up with a huge breakthrough that explained just enough for me to figure out how to end this. And OH MAN, it's big. After the end of this episode...well, there are some things that change permanently for the rest of the series.

Episode 66: Moonlight Visitor

Original Plot written by: Kagome+InuYasha16

Summary Button - With summer vacation right around the corner and their recent victories over V and Skull Cross still fresh in everyone's minds, Smash found this to be a good time to invite all of his friends over for a party and a barbecue. However, that night, Gizmo's best friend Micheal ends up finding a mysterious figure in the back yard alongside Smash, and they are lead into the forest outside of the city, where a strange girl falls from the sky shrouded in a heavenly light. Mike's sister, Lina, had a nightmare where the girl in the light was a monster who killed him...

In a strange twist of events, it turns out that the girl, named Diana, was to be the next queen of her world. But something happened and she ended up drifting along in space until she arrived on Mobius. Her evil sister, Lucretia, had taken over the world in her absence. Mike's place in all of this? He is prophesied to be a sort of hero who can contain the very monster Lina dreamed of...

Author's Notes Button - It's hard writing abridged versions, I tell ya. Anyway, this is the first private roleplay with Kagome+Inuyasha16 that has been made canon to my series. All the others were deliberately non-canon. We'd been putting this off for ages now, and I'm not sure either one of us are really ready to get back into it despite how much we want to. It was originally just going to be focusing on the Gizmo, Mike and Lina trio, particularly to give the latter two some limelight and character development, but there's some heavy stuff in store for Smash and even Luna too. It even helps reveal some hidden lore!

Episode 67: (Pending)

This spot is being saved for a potential new episode. Still need to weigh my options first! There are lots of things that still need to be addressed between now and sometime mid-to-late season 4 but it's difficult to line them all up.

Episode 68: Memories of David The Echidna

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Some people fight for fame and glory. Others fight for the thrill of battle. David the Echidna, however, fought to support his family with the modest pay from his victories in combat. This is a short story of the late father of Smash and Pearl in the eyes of the man himself.

Author's Notes Button - Originally, this fanfic's original goal was to address the plot hole in Smash's backstory (what happened to his parents and why didn't he ever try to find out) as well as put some closure to it and some other people's minor story arcs. Due to the massive changes made to the series as a whole since then, this story has been split into several pieces. This piece consists of all of David's storytelling that took place at the beginning of each chapter in the original fanfiction.

It had begun in 2011, being the last new episode before the series rewrite began. I wrote about twelve chapters of this. (albeit the SFW version has far fewer) There's a lot that'll potentially go to waste, here...

Episode 69: The Ultimate Conspirator

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - Something sinister is afoot in Greenflower. A strange string of incidents have been taking place one after another. When someone breaks into the Blitz Pit and raises a ruckus in one of the locker rooms one night, Smash jumps right on the case when he realizes it was the same locker that was linked to his father's incident seven years ago. Soon after, a thief breaks into Gizmo's home and steals a Chaos Emerald. And then a massive jailbreak occurs, in which several criminals are mysteriously set free from prison under the police's very noses. And finally, several citizens begin to go missing; disappearing without a trace. What could all of this mean? Are they all coincidences, or is there one singular mastermind behind all of this? Searching for these answers leads to an encounter with the last man Smash ever expected to meet...

Author's Notes Button - This is essentially the second half of the plot of the original Memories of David The Echidna, which began on Chapter 12. I didn't get very far back then, so for a while I was just kinda winging it. But I've got big plans for this. If there wasn't a season 4, this really would have put the Grand to the Finale.

Season 4

For a while, it was ambiguous whether or not Season 4 would even come to be. With the way the third one ended, you'd think the whole series would end with it. But of course, the adventures continue...

Episode 70: Winter World Grandprix

Original Plot written by: Smash

Summary Button - The new year is coming up fast, and the first annual Extreme Gear World Grandprix has just been announced. Violet's eyes gleam with excitement as she immediately begins preparations. She was definitely going to bring home the gold! But there was only one problem: Where in the world would she get her hands on a gear? She heads to Gizmo's house for his help, only to find that he's already begun making custom models so that he could enter.

Author's Notes Button - This was planned to be a sprite comic. I had actually started a bit on it, but I totally lost it. I left it alone for a while since it was kind of a really basic idea with no big story importance. Season 4 starts off relatively peaceful.

Episode 7?: The Greenflour Baking Contest

Author's Notes Button - The last roleplay Kapus, Medley and I ever did together for this series. There was nothing really big going on; it was just a silly contest with some amusing moments. Summary coming soon.
Some highlights were:

When everyone was looking for teams, Lily showed up for a while, wanting to find a teammate, and then left unsuccessful. Splice then rises up from a nearby garbage can asking "Is she gone?".
Splice and Pearl team up and whip up a sort of cherry/raspberry pie with a creamy filling, iirc. Don't remember the specifics but i remember it made my mouth water describing it at the time.

Bonus: Since Splice teamed up with Pearl, Cymbeline is probably gonna be one of the judges. (and probably have some extreme bias towards Splice's cooking)

Episode 7?: The Family Vacation

Now that spring had come and the cold had gone, Smash felt this was the perfect time for everyone to appreciate the warmer weather to the fullest. So he takes his whole family out to the small island resort, Gardina, for a two week vacation. The first few days are bliss, but towards the end of the first week...[WIP]

Author's Notes Button - An entirely new episode to expand on Smash's time off from all that adventuring and fighting during the last stretch of Season 3. I also wanted to give this chance to revisit an old location from Season 2. Give some throwbacks. But it'd be boring if it were all just fun and games, so I'm working on some form of mystery for them to solve while they're out there.

Episode 7?: The Blitz Pit World Tournament 2012

Summary Button - With the World Tournament being cancelled and severely delayed respectively two years in a row, the Blitz Pit declares a comeback at the beginning of spring, replacing that year's regular Emerald Tournament and shocking the public. Smash jumps at the chance to prove himself to the world, but as always the fighters that have gathered look just as tough and seasoned as the greatest on Mobius. Will this finally be the year he triumphs?

Author's Notes Button - If I remember correctly, this was originally held on Sonic Blitz. (Tournament 2011, as it were. It's been bumped ahead for plot reasons. And because we already had two tournament arcs in a row in Season 3.) It never finished of course, but if I'm right then it was this episode where Smash faces off against Terrador Custos Bellator in one of his greatest battles in his career. At least, that's what it felt like to us. Smash actually fought Terrador twice, but it was their second encounter that was the highlight of it all. (If I'm wrong, then both matches were interleague fights. However, I can easily change that in the canon.)

Also minor spoilers but Smash vs Speedy hype.

Episode 7?: The Treasure of Mercedes Island

Author's Notes Button - I had some ideas for this but they're probably going to be heavily altered after I expanded a bit on the island itself. Mercedes Island is the final area of Episode 30: "The End of the World?" So the plot's probably gonna be a lot heavier than it initially was. And it was already going to be a callback to another episode from Season 2. Likely, this episode's main characters will be Thunder's crew as well as Kyle and Keela. This might actually be what kickstarts the final arc.

Episode 7?: Crossing the Line

Summary Button - It's the beginning of summer and Smash has grown quite comfortable with his life as it stands now. His fourth son was born recently, so he had taken some time off from the Blitz Pit until now. It's the end of the first week back in the ring, and he's feeling as good as ever. After a few successful bouts, Smash leaves the Blitz Pit for the day, fully content and unaware of what was happening...until he sees smoke on the horizon—in the direction of his neighborhood. Once he realizes that it's actually coming from his house, he rushes over in a panic, pushing past all the firemen and police that had gathered around his yard and busting into the house, calling and screaming the names of his family. There was no answer; no sign of anyone left—dead or alive. He screams in agony and frustration before Speeder shows up to calm him down.

After Smash comes to his senses, Speeder begins to explain what he learned. First, he believed that his family all managed to escape safely, as there were no bodies left behind. He reassured him that they would be able to find them, as they've dispatched a search party of their finest men. Second, there were some reports of a suspicious aircraft lurking near the western outskirts of the city. By the time they arrived of course, the ship was gone. And thirdly, instead of explaining he felt that Smash should see for himself. He takes him around to the back of one of the police vans where a white tarp covered what appeared to be a body. He states that they did find bodies, but not of any of his family members, or anything natural for that matter. Smash slowly pulls back the cover to reveal the face of a scaly, mutant creature. “It can't be...” He says in shock, but it was unmistakable. The corpse belonged to the same army of creatures that invaded the city one year ago—under the orders of Skull Cross.

Author's Notes Button - Hoooooooo boy, this is the fastest I've ever come up with an episode. It took me a day to come up with the basic concept: An event that hurls Smash from his "retirement" back into the call to adventure. An event that's described as a "brutal reminder that he and his family will never know peace until every villain is defeated for good." All I needed was a catalyst for Smash's abrupt change in attitude; as his Season 4 design depicts, he is constantly wearing his equipment to always be battle ready, in case the worst should happen. Whatever caused this change it had to be big.
It took a few more minutes to decide on what enemy could cause this. What returning antagonist could get the plot moving without thrusting it into the final arc. But once I stopped thinking about the "who" and started thinking about the "how", the plot basically wrote itself! I figured out the entire beginning of this episode during a single day at work, and man it's got me hyped already.

I've got pretty much the whole episode figured out right now. It definitely kicks off the mood for the next half of this season.

Episode 7?: Shadows of the East

Summary Button - Things had begun to calm down after they captured the last member of Skull Cross, however Smash still couldn't rest easy. While Luna, Pearl and the kids were safe in Emerald Town with his relatives, he stayed in Greenflower to distance himself from his family in case trouble came searching for him again. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for trouble to come knocking, but not on his door. Late that night, Smash could could hear a girl's scream from down the street; the voice belonged to Crystal! He springs into action and rushed to the house, meeting Violet along the way when they encounter one of two mysterious men who had broken in--with the intent of kidnapping Crystal!

Author's Notes Button - The first private roleplay between me and our departed user E-113:Xi. Crap immediately hit the fan as the two antagonists promptly burned down the entire house, although Crystal and her family were able to get away safely. The Orochi clan had come to save them, and drove off The Followers. The clan declares that they are not safe here, and offer to take them overseas to the Eastern Kingdom. (formerly known as the Dragon Kingdom) That being said, this was fixing to be a big character development arc for Crystal herself. The Orochi clan was referenced in Odyssey, when the gang meets the inverse Orochi Clan as enemies. But before that, Smash fights the prime version of Ichiro in the Cosmic Championship.

Most of what's planned isn't set in stone, and even what we've got down is liable to change later on. But the most important thing is very few members of the gang set out to the Eastern Kingdom. Particularly Smash, Violet, and Thunder's crew. Jessie's coming too, and I have at least one idea on how to tie her into the lore. Long time coming!

Episode 7?: Lost Branches of the Family Tree

Summary Button - [PENDING] Author's Notes Button - By request of Memph, who wanted his new character to be related to Smash, this episode delves into Smash discovering that he has a step-cousin. His uncle Spikes is divorced, and his wife moved on and was never really mentioned much outside of that. It turns out that she remarried someone who already had a daughter.

Exactly how Smash comes to learn about this, I don't know yet. It's kind of sudden to just come out of nowhere and say "Hey, meet your step-cousin you never knew for X amount of years." There's gotta be some kind of event that pushes them into meeting.

Unfortunately, while I do have another lingering idea for this RP to get it moving, I have heard nothing back from Memph on this since we first discussed his new character. I would pull a Genetix here and just work off my own ideas, but I'm afraid they aren't going to be enough unless I completely overhaul them.

This is planned to be overhauled for an entirely different story arc I've been planning with E:113-Xi, while combining it with an arc planned with Kagome. Whether or not the two will be the same episode or split into two, I don't know yet. But the fact that both take place roughly around the same time has been confirmed.

Episode 7?: (Unnamed MV Sequel)

Author's Notes Button - While Smash and the others are overseas, trouble's a brewing back on Animas. This is actually merging two sequel plots Kagome had come up with into one that ties into the last episode's arc.

Episode 7?: The Last Petal of the Black Rose

Author's Notes Button - All I can say about this right now is that while the others are overseas and in Animas, the remaining villains the gang had their eyes on up to this point make their move. With everything happening all at once, the gang is completely split up at this point. This is Splice and Speedy's time to shine.

Episode ??: Fading Life - Splice's Greatest Dilemma

(After doing some brainstorming to come up with an idea for a roleplay with a new friend, we ended up coming with both a big plot revolving around Splice, and tying it to a backstory for his character. This could possibly be the next big story arc like Odyssey, Genetix, and a definite callback to Splice The Hedgehog.)

Splice slowly begins to grow weaker with the coming days. At first Splice shrugs it off as a simple cold, believing that he will get better eventually. Until one day, a man with incredible psychic powers named "Ignus" comes to him with troubling news. Exactly one month from now; on the night of December 15th, he will have become so weak, that his body will cease to function. His heart will gradually come to a stop, and he will die.
Naturally, Splice panics. He consults his father about it, who is promptly devastated by the news, and does not know what to do. Even Gizmo is at a loss for a solution. They then decide to head to the Ocean Laboratory, where Burn's old research lab used to be, to search for a way to save him. And that is when they find that it is more than just's been rebuilt.

(Writing this description without revealing a ton of spoilers was tough. If you don't know the whole story of SpTH, then you might not even understand most of this plot when it gets written. Naturally, the whole thing is practically one big spoiler to it.

There's just one big problem: I lost contact with the person I was roleplaying with. Ignus didn't have a chance to do anything but be the bearer of bad news. And you know how I am about one-shot characters like that. I'm going to have to find some other way to break it to him.

As an update, Splice's dilemma is still canon, but the circumstances of such are a bit different. Instead of just suddenly falling apart, something serious causes this terminal condition...)

Episode ??: Genetix

(This roleplay is pretty much hopelessly dead, or so it seems. I don't see this starting up again anytime soon, so I'll probably just have to take this entirely into my own hands. It was my base idea to begin with. Memph had some extra plot elements to get the story going, but I don't know what he had in mind for the future. I'll probably try to take my own spin on it.

Update: My ideas for this are big enough to make this part of the grand finale. Fading Life has been bumped backwards. Summary coming soon.)

Episode ??: Worlds United (Finale)

(Actually splitting Genetix into two episodes after coming up with some ways to add on it further. I wanted to expand the last trials on a much greater scale, hence the name.)

Episode ??: The New Years Reunion (Epilogue)

It has been two years since the events of the previous episode. The gang is celebrating the new year (of 2015) by inviting friends and family abroad down to Greenflower Zone for a reunion party, scheduled the day after Gizmo's 20th birthday. (which would be Smash and Luna's 6th anniversary.)
During these two years, the residents of Greenflower City had finally seen peace, and were able to live their lives the way they wanted to.

(This episode is one of the newest ones in the series; both in and out of universe. It's for that reason this takes place two years after the previous episode. Yes, there is a legitimately large time-skip outside of Season 1 (which has the excuse of being mostly backstory and character building for the main cast.) In fact this is the largest time-skip to date. The main cast are pretty much all adults now, save for the kids like Zap and Crystal. (who are going on to be 16 in this year.)

As such, this episode will mainly focus on showing how everything/everyone's changed and grown over the years, before the big party at the end. There are some design changes as well, such as Violet and new hairstyle. I still haven't figured out what all has changed in this time, but I'll probably figure it out as I go along.

Like the end of Season 1, this is set to be the epilogue after the grand finale. It's the episode that answers the question: "Where are they now?" I hadn't decided to end the series off here until recently, as it was initially just going to be a handful of bonus episodes. But now that I know how the series ends, I feel that this is the perfect way to wrap things up.

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