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Smash has a wide variety of melee based attacks. He is a close-quarters brawler with a fair balance of offensive and defensive tactics. His High Tension state expands on his abilities and capabilities a great deal.

Splice The Hedgehog Character Complete ~ Smash the Echidna-0

Splice The Hedgehog Character Complete ~ Smash the Echidna-0

Smash in Splice The Hedgehog


Quick Blow

As the name implies, Smash deals two quick punches to the enemy. This is his weakest attack, but it's fast and easy to land a successful hit with it. He mostly uses when he needs to land a hit before following up with a stronger attack.


Smash Pummel
Pummel is probably the attack that Smash uses the most frequently. Smash ruthlessly beats down on an enemy, increasingly picking up speed and building up power as he does so. The finishing blow is often something to knock the enemy back, but it could be another skill in it's place. (i.e Seven Stars or Super Uppercut.) This is a powerful attack, but many fighters he's faced have been able to defend against it more often than not.

Rising Knuckle

Smash Super Uppercut
Smash attacks the enemy with a rising uppercut. There are a few variations of this particular move. In one variation, he spins like a piledriver as both he and his target rise off the ground. This version deals multiple hits against his opponent.
In another variation, he punches the enemy twice before following up with the uppercut. Both punches have a delay between striking, as he puts all of his strength behind it. His arm begins to glow with the second punch, as he builds up energy. And finally, he transforms into his High Tension state precisely as he uppercuts the enemy. The timing is everything, here, as he hits harder while transforming, due to the blast of energy he releases.

The third variation is it's own move.

Endless Smash

Smash Endless Smash
Adapted from the skill "Endless Bash" which was passed along throughout many of his friends. Smash's version is the strongest by far. He repeatedly bashes an enemy at nearly super speeds, almost as if he were literally trying to tear through them. (One could imagine just how devastating it could be with the Ultra Smasher Claws equipped.) The finishing blow, much like Pummel, is generally an attack specifically to knock the enemy back. But it could be anything he wanted to.

Seven Stars

Smash Seven Stars
Seven Stars was one of the first skills Smash developed. Seven Stars is essentially a punch to the head, intended to knock the wind out of an opponent. It's successfully caused people to drop their guard and succumb to dizziness, when successful. However, this move is greatly overshadowed by Skull Cracker. Smash can develop different takes on this, however, if he had the necessary resources and/or abilities.

Swallow Dance

Smash Swallow Dance
Balancing on one foot, Smash attacks with four or more powerful spin kicks, ending by switching to his other foot with a ground-based axe kick. It took him a while to master this skill, as he had to exercise perfect balance and strength. He can also use this move quite well in mid-air, in which he ends with an extra flip and full axe kick at the end, sending the target crashing down hard into the ground.

Emerald Trophy2 Voted Best Attack of Winter 2016

Rending Charge

Smash Rending Charge
A quick, yet powerful combo he's developed. It begins with him rapidly jabbing his target, and following up with an equally fast chain of kicks aimed at every section of the opponent's body. He then sweeps his foot across in a spin kick, whirls around in a complete circle and deals a right hook as a finisher. Like Swallow Dance, he balances on one foot while kicking.

~Rending Counter

A shorter variation of Rending Charge, used primarily as a counter attack to stop an enemy's assault before they fully reach him. In this version, he goes straight to the second part of Rending Charge, with his chain of lightning fast kicks aimed to keep them at bay. The end of the combo is usually a bit different, with him switching to his other foot to knock the enemy away.

Eagle Killer

Smash Eagle Killer

A two hit aerial assault. This move requires both him and his target to be airborne. The first attack is an upward kick, with the purpose of keeping the enemy suspended in air just long enough for him to bring his foot back down for the second one. The second attack is a far stronger, downward smash kick which sends the target plummeting toward ground level. Although it's a very circumstantial move, it's one of his favorites. It's a favored follow-up to Rising Knuckle.

Eagle Killer becomes Eagle Destroyer while in High Tension. The second attack is powered with an Energy Burst, dealing devastating amounts of damage to the opponent.

Crushing Eagle

While regularly an airborne attack, this move is also affective as an anti-air. Smash lunges forward with an Energy Burst (if already in mid-air) with a crushing, stunning knee attack, and blows the enemy away with a fierce punch. He closes in on his target very quickly, making it difficult to dodge. Once he's struck them with his knee, the following blow is almost guaranteed to land.

With a fire elemental ring equipped, it becomes Crushing Phoenix; The punch is wreathed in flames and has longer range, as he actually launches a fireball out of his fist during the attack.

Dragon Swarm

Smash Dragon Swarm
A well known skill from the Tales of series. Smash makes a chain of several wide and spinning punches, moving forward while attacking. He adds a kick in between each punch through acrobatic flips, both racking up the damage and keeping the pressure on the enemy. Smash is quite possibly the first person to use this skill with his bare hands, as opposed to a bladed weapon.

Reaction Punch

A counter attack based solely on his reflexes. He whirls around to face his target, blindly throwing a lightning quick punch in their direction. This is, by far, the fastest attack he can pull off. He generally does this before an enemy attack; often what triggers this is someone (who he most often never realized was there prior to the reaction,) startling him.
Note: It's not a reaction punch if he actually means to do this. He subconsciously attacks who/whatever surprises him, regardless of who/what it is. He can, however stop himself from actually dealing the blow before he strikes.

Bone Crusher

Smash Bone Crusher
One of his more recent skills. He clenches both hands together as one big fist, and clobbers the enemy as if his hands were a club. It can deal devastating amounts of damage and has a high possibly of breaking through one's guard. This move is somewhat slower than most of his other attacks, especially the startup, but is still very effective and fairly quick.
A non-battle use for this attack is to break through weakened walls or sealed doors. Depending on how dense it is, it may take a few tries to get any results.

In SpTH, this is a powerful skill that lowers an enemy's defense. This is an incredibly useful tactic as there are some enemies with iron defense that cannot be phased by normal blows.

Rising Trinity

The final and most powerful version of Rising Knuckle. As implied, it's because he attacks three times in a row. The first uppercut is just a standard, fairly strong punch. The second one is a rising uppercut, like before. And the third is a rising, spinning uppercut, complete with precision High Tension activation. He has yet to actually use this on an enemy, but still regularly practices this move.

Spirit Blast

Smash Spirit Blast
A powerful attack that Smash developed while first learning of High Tension. Smash puts his whole spirit into a punch, which releases a bright flash and small explosion of energy upon impact. This move very powerful in it's own right, but it's actually quite slow. He seems to move in slow motion while throwing the punch, his entire body glowing and vibrating all the while. Once he gets around halfway towards his opponent, he suddenly breaks out and delivers the blow nearly twice as fast as he normally would have. The charge time allows opponents to get away, or even counter before he attacks. He has to be very careful about using this.

Skull Cracker

Smash Skull Cracker
Smash's most well known attack. Skull Cracker is a powerful blow, generally aimed at the opponent's head. As the name implies, it is powerful enough to crack a person's skull open. A normal person would almost always find a blow like this to be fatal. Smash has most often had to aim everywhere but the opponent's head, in order to spare their lives. (Mainly due to the Blitz Pit's "No Killing" rule.) Many powerful villains have survived this attack, however, and caused him to use it more than once.
One variation of this move is using his own skull to bash against another's.

Final Fury

Smash Final Fury

In this version, he uses a custom variation of Triple Beast (AKA "Maximum Burst") as his finisher.

Was once known as "Pulverize", an upgraded version of "Pummel". After honing his skills, he developed the skill far enough for him to rename it. Final Fury (also known as Satsugeki Bukouken) is a long chain of different attacks linked together in one long combo. He adds several of his past skills into the mix, such as Rising Knuckle and Seven Stars. He may transform into his High Tension state prior to beginning the combo, unlike the other skills he transforms in, though it is not actually a requirement. The end of the combo is either Skull Cracker or Rising Knuckle, both with a precision Completed High Tension activation.
Smash will only use this skill if he feels that it's completely necessary, as he may wear himself out. This is normally a last resort move, though it can be used to hold down an enemy before an ally comes to finish the job.

Shining Blast

One of Smash's most dangerous attacks, to both his target and himself. Smash violently unleashes all of his latent energy in front of his opponent, striking them several times with his fierce aura. He then places his hands forward and channels all the energy into his palms, charging up a massive Energy Burst. It takes just a moment to get it fully charged, but when he does, he puts his entire High Tension state into a devastating blast of energy at point-blank range. The blast is strong enough to pierce even some of the most durable armor, and can send even large enemies soaring.

As stated above, he puts all the energy supporting his High Tension state into the attack, and then some. It has heavy repercussions, leaving him too fatigued to do much else. While it can be used as a counter to oncoming enemies, as anyone close to him will be caught in his aura, this is truly a last resort attack. He will be left open when it's finished, and sometimes may even lose consciousness.

In SpTH, this serves as his ultimate move. It deals massive damage, but leaves him at 1 HP.

Emerald Trophy2 Voted Best Attack for Winter 2014!

Divine Fist

Divine Fist

Quite possibly Smash's most powerful attack. Divine Fist is essentially a fusion of both Spirit Blast and Skull Cracker, two of Smash's already very powerful skills. This move requires him to be in High Tension for him to use. He leaps into the air, high above the opponent, and lets gravity pull him downward while charging up Spirit Blast. He puts everything into this attack, causing his entire arm to glow with it's own aura separate from the aura generated from his High Tension state. When he strikes the enemy, it causes a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a wide pillar of light that reaches into the sky. Like Shining Blast, this is a last resort skill, as it can leave him completely drained afterwards. He will lose his High Tension state and will often be too fatigued to do anything else--if he's still conscious, that is.

The only known person to survive this attack head on was Terrador Custos Bellator.

Meteor Smash

A combination of all of Smash's previous ultimate techniques, starting off with trapping his opponent in his aura as he does with Shining Blast. After powering up all the way to MAX High Tension, he proceeds to pummel his opponent with several quick and powerful blows ala Final Fury. He ends this chain with a grab, and lifts the target above his head to send them skyward with an explosive energy burst. While the enemy is in the air, Smash launches himself up after them, flipping upside down and kicking right past them. Once he's above the target, he uses another energy burst to send him crashing back down toward them, punching them head on and driving them into the ground with the explosive force of Divine Fist. Exerting this much energy is guaranteed to spend his High Tension state and leave him unable to do much else. He has only ever used this attack once.


Energy Burst

This is one of Smash's most useful abilities, and the first ability he learned to control with his energy. Whenever Smash activates his High Tension, he creates a blast of energy in the process. That is Energy Burst. Using this blast, he can control which parts of his body will release the blast, just about whenever he wants so long as he has the energy for it. This is one abilitiy he doesn't need to be in High Tension for, seeing how it essentially puts him in that state in the first place.
He uses this ability in many different ways of defence; Giving him a burst of speed to dash somewhere, blasting himself into the air for higher jumps, or repelling projectiles away from him. He's even used this as an offensive tactic, in the form of a "Precision High Tension" activation mentioned above.

Guardian Force

A defensive ability, in which Smash burns up his energy to blow anything near him away with a powerful force--much like two magnets repelling eachother. This is used to protect him against projectiles mainly, but can also be used to null physical, close-ranged attacks as well. Energy-based attacks, such as lasers, may even dissipate before him. The downside of this is that this rapidly drains his energy during use. The more he burns up at a time, the stronger the repelling force gets, as well as the fatigue that hits him afterwards. If he's not careful he could revert back to normal right after letting it down.

Non-Canon/M.U.G.E.N Exclusive Attacks.


A staple move of the Tales Of series. Smash slams his shoulder into his enemy, and unleashes a massive wave of energy in the shape of a lion's head, which blows the enemy and anything else near them away. This is a powerful technique that can break through one's guard.

  • Though this is a non-canon skill, It is actually very possible for Smash to pull this off. With the way he utilizes his own energy, he can definitely use it this way. He's already used it to force enemies and projectiles away from him as a defensive tactic, before.

Twin Raging Beast

An altered addition to Beast. Like above, Smash rams into the enemy and blasts them with energy. However, the blast freezes them in place, instead of blasting them away. Smash typically spins around in a complete circle in mid-air after unleashing Beast; Using this to his advantage, he follows up with a second Beast wave, one of a different color, and blasts them away even farther than before.

Wave Fist

A Monk skill from Final Fantasy Tactics. Wave Fist is a long ranged punch ability; Smash unleashes an invisible, harmful ball of energy with a punch. The energy moves at nearly sonic speeds, making it seem more like a long ranged punch. With proper timing, one could block and parry it like any other punch.

  • Although this is also a non-canon skill, Smash has actually canonically wanted to try something like this. After taking into account his lack of long-ranged attacks, he began to think about how to use his energy to help get around that. This skill was one of the ideas that came to mind.

Smashing Descent

A fairly recent skill. While airborne, he performs a few spin kicks directed toward the ground in an arc, firing waves of energy from his feet, before diving down to strike directly. He uses an Energy Burst to propel him in the direction. Being crushed under his diving kick at such speed is the main concern of the target, as they will be (almost?) completely at his mercy with him on top of them.

  • This was a special move for his character mod in Megaman 8bit Deathmatch. It's very unorthodox but has a powerful sweet-spot that can one-shot foes.

Paralyze Pound

A rather technical ability. Smash gathers energy in his hands, and slams them both into the ground, creating a stunning shockwave that temporarily paralyzes anyone in its range. The ring-shaped wave is a mid-ranged attack, extending no longer than 10ft tops. There are a few ways Smash uses this, but the first time it was shown, he used his fists to vault himself into the air and flip over his opponent's head. With them stunned with their back facing him, he had gained a perfect opening. As such, this is skill good for a surprise attack.

Meteor Smash (Old)

Smash's original Ultimate Technique. Smash would leap into the air, and transform into Super Smash/power up to High Tension, and summon a giant flaming meteorite from space with nothing more than a fierce war cry. He would then raise his hands and catch it, before hurling it down at his opponents. An extended version of this was for him to fly down after it and deliver a powerful punch to drive it into the ground and detonate it.

Naturally this was scrapped for obvious reasons.

Attack Quotes

~ "You're mine!"
~ "Try this on for size."

Endless Smash
~ "That's enough! Endless Smash!"
~ "I'll finish you here! Endless Smash!"

Seven Stars
~ "Take This! Seven Stars!"

Bone Crusher
~ "You're dead. Bone Crusher!"
~ "I'll put you in your grave. Bone Crusher!"
~ "I'm going to crush you."

Triple Uppercut
~ "No more holding back...Let's finish this!"

Spirit Blast
~ "That's...what I call a "Spirit Blast"." (After use, only.)

Skull Cracker
~ "This Ends NOW! Skull Cracker!"

Final Fury
~ "Let's finish this..."
~"This is it. Get ready..!"
(Quotes directly before beginning attack)
~ "Everything I fight for is resting on my shoulders. And I won't rest until I've taken you down! Final...FURY!"
~"This is your end; You can't win. I'm putting everything behind this attack. All of my rage, sorrow, and determination, are all within my fists! You will feel every last bit of the pain I've endured down to the last punch; and before you die, I will make sure that you know just What I'm Made of! FINAL...FUURRYY!!"

  • (~Quote only used against exceptionally important villains.)

(Both Quotes during attack, after either of the first two.)

Divine Fist
~ "Let me show you what I'm really made of! Diviiine FIIIIST!!!"
~ "The moment of truth...Divine..FIST!!"

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