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Cquote1.png Did Dad ever stop trying when the going got tough? Did Mom ever stop smiling till the very end? ...Did I ever stop fighting, before I found a way?

No matter what we had to face we've all kept moving forward, always believing that we can find the best possible outcome of any situation. And we never stopped fighting to make it happen, because that's what a Corliss does! We. Don't. Give up. Cquote2.png

Smash The Echidna, to Pearl

Cquote1.png ...You've got a family now. You've had one all this time; for as long as we've been here. Your friends are your family.

We stick together, no matter what. We share the pains, the burdens, and everything else together. No matter what happens, we'll be there for each other. That's...what makes us family. Cquote2.png

Smash The Echidna to Splice, Splice The Hedgehog

Cquote1.png I've been making that same mistake all my life...! Every time, I'd stand alone in the face of danger; too eager to throw my life away if it meant saving another...just as (Inverse David) did for me! That was the path he chose.

But this time...this time you're wrong. This time I stand beside my friends and family, fighting together and supporting each other, uniting against anyone and everyone who'd threaten our way of life! I know the path that I'm meant to walk, and unlike my father's it doesn't end here—it goes on farther than you'll ever live to see! Even if you break my body, I won't stop fighting for it because that's what a Corliss does! We...don't...give up. That's can't kill me, Velious! Cquote2.png

Smash The Echidna to Velious, Odyssey - Part 3: The Jaws of Darkness (Original RP)

Cquote1.png I'm not here to forgive you; it's not my place to do that. I'm here to tell you to start packing your bags...'cause I'm gonna set you free. Cquote2.png
Smash The Echidna to Gregory Corliss, Lost Branches of the Family Tree

Smash The Echidna, also known as Smash Corliss, is a blue Kartillian echidna currently living in Greenflower City. He is a formidable and well known fighter at the renowned arena, the Blitz Pit, and is the son of and successor to the late David Corliss. Having been orphaned at the age of fourteen, Smash started his career only months later in order to support his little sister Pearl, and later her adopted daughter Sandy, all while trying to solve the mystery of his parents deaths. As the years go by, he finds himself knee-deep in more mysteries and conflicts than he bargained for; each one more dangerous than the last.

He is currently married to Luna the Hedgehog, and a father of four.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Smash Mugshot Icon2.gif.gif
Smash side.png

Smash is a blue-furred echidna coming up to about four feet in height. He generally has short blue hair reaching his shoulders at most, and has matching blue eyes as well. His outfits often vary, but his trademark outfit is his green T shirt with a yin-yang symbol on it and faded sky blue jeans. He's sometimes seen wearing a gray jacket over it. The outfit first appeared in one of his earliest appearances: a fanfic written by "Gameplay", a member of the forums.


  1. Smash New Sprite 1.png ~ Regular Smash
  2. Smash side.png ~ Usual Outfit
  3. Smash Jacket.png~ Usual Outfit + Jacket
  4. Smash (Memph Outfit).png ~ Alt. Outfit (based off of Memph's redesign)
  5. Smash Alt. Outfit2.png ~ Alt. Outfit 2 (based off of a commission)
  6. Smash Bandaged.png - Smash in bandages (from Hidden Strengths.)
  7. Smash Formal.png ~ Formal Wear
  8. Smash Monk Sprite.png ~ FFT Monk Cosplay
  9. Smash Armor (Worn).png ~ David's Armor
  10. Smash Armor (Complete).png ~ David's Armor (Upgraded)
  11. Smash David outfit.png ~ David's outfit
  12. Smash Alt. Outfit.png ~ MM8BDM Outfit


Smash is generally a serious, straightforward man who is never afraid to speak his mind. He's fairly smart and witty, and has little tolerance for idiocy and incompetence. While he seems gruff, standoffish and very easy to anger, he has never lost his temper and always keeps his cool and stays in control. He fancies himself a good judge of character, usually able to figure out who's trustworthy and who's not, but he always prefers to take a neutral stance before getting too comfortable with any new people he meets.

Around friends and family however, he's much more open and outgoing. Since many of his friends are years younger than he is, Smash tends to be a sort of elder brother figure to the others. While he's prone to watching over the others (somewhat protectively,) he's not above letting loose and having fun. He tends to poke fun and tease certain others, getting a harmless laugh at their expense. But he's also known for giving advice and encouragement to those who need it.

For the few friends that are closer to his age, he feels a sort of kinship with. He's more likely to confide in them some deeper feelings he doesn't normally show others; generally worries and concerns about current events, future troubles, or lamenting his past failures.

Season 1

Starting off, Smash had two goals: Find the truth behind his parents deaths, and grow strong enough to make a living off victories at the Blitz Pit. Some of his father's life lessons were still fresh in his mind, and he'd always think back to what he would have done in his current situations. One of the main things his father would tell him to do was to "Look after your sister," and it's the one thing he immediately took to heart after his death. Smash was very protective of Pearl for many years to come, but after meeting an older girl named Tina the Echidna in the Blitz Pit, he quickly realized that he didn't have the strength to protect her from any real threats.
Tina was a member of the newly founded Team S-Girls, and a young karate expert. While she refused to call herself a master, she was teaching the other two members, Jenny and Tami, and offered to help train Smash as well.
In the year he trained under Tina, he learned quite a few more life lessons from her, and began to see her as not just a teacher and a friend, but a source of inspiration. He soon realized that Tina was the embodiment of everything he aspired to be: A strong, brave, wise, older brother figure towards his family and friends, and one who guides and teaches them to be the best they can become. Someone who can protect everyone else when needed, but also work with them to overcome any obstacle together.
After Tina's sacrifice, Smash's growing optimism quickly vanished. He became more skeptical, irritable, and especially self depreciative. With this happening only a year after the tragic incident with Jenny's boyfriend, Smash began to blame himself for not doing enough. His training became fierce and he'd always push himself past his limits every day, regardless of whether or not his body could take it. Growing stronger and protecting those he had left became his top priority...

However when the threat of Skull Cross came around and Jenny wanted to keep the others away for their own protection, Smash was initially against the idea. While he too wanted to keep the others, who were all mostly still young at the time, he remembered how Tina would also strive to work together with everyone to overcome things.
But when Jenny was killed by Skull Cross, he kept his promise to keep them in the dark about it--even if it meant lying to them about her death. Being his best friend, Jenny's death had a huge impact on him. He became inactive and depressed for several weeks, unable to motivate himself enough to do anything until the next threat loomed on the horizon. When danger threatened the gang once more, protecting everyone himself started to grow from a directive to an obsession...

Season 2

For a time, Smash felt that he was the only one who could face Skull Cross, and protect everyone from their evil ambitions. He was the only one left who knew of their existence, and that was how it should stay. He was completely blind to how his actions affected the others, until Pearl discovered his secret and confronted him about it. She got him to realize his mistakes, but it wasn't easy for him to accept any other solution than his own.
But after encountering Skull Cross and being rescued by Captain Thunder was he made to realize that deep down he was somewhat distrusting of the gang. He assumed that everyone would go after Skull Cross and make the same mistake Jenny did, when in reality it was he who was making said mistake. From then on, Smash made more of an effort to place his faith in the others, and act more as their guide than their guardian. Despite that, he kept everyone else in the dark about the truth. But his objectives shifted slightly; Instead of desperately going at Skull Cross alone, he planned to train everyone else, as well as himself, to prepare for their future encounter with the evil organization.

Season 3

Smash S3 Walk.gif

By this point Smash had mostly gotten over his emotional struggle of wanting to keep the others out of harm's way, and was more accepting of their help. But even after mastering his new ability, High Tension, he knew that he still couldn't face Skull Cross alone. When it was finally time to face them, Smash had to be the one to ask for help--even if it meant admitting that he lied to everyone. But seeing how quickly everyone was willing to aid him was enough to lift his spirits higher than ever before. It was then when Smash truly realized that he was not alone.

Season 4

Having accomplished all that he had done, Smash felt like several weights had been lifted from his shoulders. What's more, he was given leave to take a long break from it all, being reassured by officer Speeder The Hedgehog that whatever they hadn't yet finished could be left to him. During his time off he spent recuperating from his non-stop adventuring, he really was at his happiest. Being able to spend time with his family, hang out with his friends, helping others out and even giving out gifts to his loved ones; Smash truly felt that he finally had a shot at living a normal life.

Unfortunately, a returning antagonist shatters that dream life by giving him a brutal reminder that this was all far from over for him; a reminder that, for one reason or another, there are still people out there that want him, his family and/or his friends dead. From that point onward, Smash's attitude pulls a 180 and he becomes far more cynical and irritable, and fully determined to see things through to the very end. He could no longer rest easy; he now knows that he and his family will never be at peace until each and every last loose end has been tied up, and every villain defeated for good.

As more and more things continue to go wrong, it becomes clear that Smash's growing frustration and stress is doing more than just making him snappy. He begins to lose focus in battles, losing his cool and putting himself in bad situations. Whats more, he begins struggling with his High Tension state again, barely able to reach the maximum potential without completely exhausting himself. He went back to his ways of burning himself out in the first stage, and it only frustrated him even further. The others notice this, and begin to worry...

Strengths and Powers

External Links

Smash in his MM8BDM exclusive outfit. (Drawn by True-Blue-Star)

Smash NewStance2R.gif

Smash has grown into a very skilled fighter. He started off with minimal training under his father, whose fighting style had evolved from Karate, and some years later had a year of training under a real Karate expert named Tina. Never having completed either one's training, (unfortunately due to them dying,) Smash took after his father and found his own style loosely based off of everything he's learned from them and from everyday experience at the Blitz Pit.
When battling, Smash generally takes precaution behind every move, making sure that he won't either leave himself open and he hits an unguarded spot. Ironically, He always lets his opponents take the first move to test his or her strength. The way he fights though, it's important for him to let an enemy attack first. He is completely focused on the battle; his surroundings, his enemy, he calculates an enemy's strengths and weaknesses against his own and devises a strategy based on it. He will pragmatically use the terrain to his advantage if given the chance. He is great at blocking and countering physical attacks, but some weapons are difficult for him to counter against; most notably bladed weapons like swords. This is one of the main reasons Gizmo created the Guard Gauntlets for him.
He is also a rather high jumper, which he often uses to help him counter.

Smash almost never uses any weapon in battle, with the exception of gloved/gauntlet weapons, unless it's necessary to use something else. He specializes in battling with his bare hands. He strongly dislikes guns, and fighting people with them as well, as he feels that they ruin the purpose of a good fight.

Art by Flame-Eliwood

(It helps that guns are taboo in The Blitz Pit .) Aside from firearms, he doesn't show much interest in other weapons, though has considered practicing with some. The most he ever got into that consideration, however, was simply swinging a stick around for a while. He does have minimal experience fighting with random weapons, in the spur of a moment in which he picks one up.

As Smash is skilled in martial arts, he also exceeds in great physical strength. If he puts all his might behind an attack, it could be fatal; thus creating his trump card skill "Skull Cracker", where he aims his punch at the enemy's head with all his strength. The blow is powerful enough to literally crack their skull open. Another variation of this attack is using his own head to bash against his opponent's skull. The great majority of Smash's techniques are self taught; Aside from the short time he spent under David and Tina, he had no trainer, master, or anyone else to learn under. He trained by himself since he was fourteen. And being a fighter at the Blitz Pit gave him the opportunities to test his skills and find out what he did wrong and work on improving it. He enjoys a challenge, and often tries to fight people stronger than him. Defeating them is a way of "Leveling Up" to him.

Smash is one of the few people to discover how to utilize his own life energy, in many different ways. The most common use, however, is his powered up "High Tension" state. In this state, his strength, agility and jump strength increase a substantial amount. His fur turns into a lime greenish cyan color and he has a sky blue aura around him. Running purely on his own energy, Smash has to be careful about using this for prolonged amounts of time. When he first utilized this power, the form only lasted a minute tops. Using a single

Smash High Tension.gif

skill drained or even completely diminished the form in an instant, leaving him fatigued. High Tension has a sort of "emergency shut-off system", in which he immediately powers down when running too low on energy, or after taking heavy damage. However, it won't stop him if he attempts to power up if he had taken serious wounds in his normal state. Ironically, High Tension is a skill that is locked away in Smash's bloodline; even had he known about the ability beforehand, he never would have been able to activate it without first "unlocking" it. And it can only be unlocked when one is wounded to the brink of death. It triggered automatically during Smash's first encounter with Vic Randall, a sworn enemy and member of Skull Cross.

Smash max high tension.gif

In present times, Smash has finally mastered this skill after an entire year of training with it. It lasts a lot longer, and he feels far more natural and relaxed in the form than before. After mastering the ability, he was able to take it to the next level in power. This next level is even more powerful, though it is still not as powerful as his form with the Chaos Emeralds. In this form, he is entirely lime green, with cyan stripes on his arms and legs. After much training in this form, he can last for a while longer than his previous form, which he can now use almost as long as he wants. With this newly acquired form, he has grown stronger. And after some training by a mysterious man named Angelus, he's learned different ways of utilizing his energy. He can now use it to repel projectiles and even people away from him (though his aura usually diverted most projectiles away from him when he was burning up a lot of energy, even before he had gotten his upgraded High Tension) and can use it to give him bursts of speed or an extra jump by releasing a small explosion of energy behind him or under him. To this day he still tries out new ways to use his energy.

Super Smash and Power Pearl

With the power of the Seven Chaos Emeralds, (or any source of equal power) Smash is able to transform into Super Smash. His power increases greatly, his jumping capabilities are incredible, and he floats gently downward like a feather. He can also hover just above the ground, or glide through the air, but can't actually fly. His fur turns gold in this form, and his eyes become cyan. Despite that, though, they appear as green, due to the golden aura surrounding him. Through experimenting with this form, he was able to achieve High Tension for the first time.

General Info

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Smash was born in Emerald Town and lived there until he was 3, when his family moved to Station Square to be closer to the Blitz Pit in Greenflower City. But they didn't stay there long and they moved a little house in Greenflower Zone. When Smash was about 14, his parents had passed away, and he along with his little sister had lived alone ever since. Smash joined the Blitz Pit just after he turned 15 a couple months later, and that's when he began meeting all of his current friends. Speedy, Violet and Lucy were the first friends they made, although Pearl had already known Violet for some time. Some time later, his sister adopted the orphaned Sandy as an infant, and the two raised her under their roof until he got married and moved into Greenflower City. Pearl still looks after their old house, and stays there sometimes with Sandy. The girls mainly live with Smash though.

Smash currently lives in Greenflower City with his family. Every morning, he starts the day by waking up at sunrise and begins his morning workout. (Smash began training outside after realizing that he disturbed his children's sleep in the morning.) He trains himself both physically and mentally. By physically, he hones his fighting skills and does various exercises, (Usually while listening to rock music to keep himself motivated.) After his morning training, Smash heads in for breakfast. He generally stays inside to relax until noon, when he heads to The Blitz Pit to check for any challenges against him or if there is a tournament being held. Smash afterwards hangs out with his buddies until sunset, which is around the time he heads back home. On days he doesn't head out to the Blitz Pit he'll generally stay home and spend time with his family. That is how he goes about his daily routine.

Smash Wallpaper (By FerniAngel)

Even while at the Blitz Pit, Smash does some of his training there while waiting for news on his next match. His income is mainly from fighting at the arena. People challenge each other depending on their ranks. They can only challenge people of the same rank or one rank higher. If they manage to beat everyone in the same rank then they go up to the next one. If they beat 2 people of a higher rank then they go up to the next one, with a head start on the people they have to beat. If someone they already beat challenges them and beats them, then they'll have to fight them again to regain that win. Winning fights in higher ranks earns them more money than the lower ranks. Smash's rank is pretty high, but not the highest. He has ways to go, but he is a good fighter and he works his way up smoothly. Of course, everything is set aside for when a tournament comes up. The prize is generally a large trophy and a wad of bills, but sometimes its even more grand; most notably when it's the Annual World Tournament, held once every summer.

Smash next to his motorcycle

Smash often takes the role of the "leader" when he's on an adventure. One might say the reason for this is that he is the oldest of the group, but what really counts is the fact that he always takes the initiative, and is more or less the gang's voice of reason. He takes this role seriously and does his best to lead everyone to the best possible outcome. As the leader, Smash looks after all his friends and comrades. He not only leads them, but cares for them, and won't let anyone get left behind. He looks at his friends as his family, and thus treats them like his own kin. His wife noticed this, and even commented on how he works too hard to look after everybody.

Smash (almost) never had any villain to be concerned about more than once. He at first thought that he would be at peace after he married, but following roleplays proved otherwise. He ended up having to solve a mystery about someone trying to assassinate him, discovering a dark organization lurking in the shadows of the city, and even being thrust into a quest to save two parallel dimensions from merging into one. By the end of his first year as a father, he began to expect these types of things.

The Final Moment Online.jpg

Smash also sees himself as a sort of "undercover unofficial detective", as he likes to put it. He and Pearl have had a history of solving mysteries, big or small, together in Greenflower. Whenever something strange or suspicious is going on, more than likely he'll be right around the corner, nose deep in business that isn't his own. If it ends up being something serious or too big for him to handle, he'll call a meeting at his house to discuss the matter amongst his friends. He likes to call himself a detective, but he never actually goes out looking for mysteries. He doesn't have to though; they almost always find him first.
The two mysteries that gave him the most trouble were the ones about his parents' deaths and the truth about the mysterious organization, Skull Cross. The deaths of his parents were the main reason Smash and Pearl stayed in Greenflower. He refused to leave while the mystery was still in the air, unsolved. Though he had to focus more on making a living for him and his sister, he eventually learned that someone he knew had been at the crimescene that fateful evening. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated that the mystery would be left unsolved until some years later. In the meantime, he had his hands full with the more crucial matter; Skull Cross.

Skull Cross was an enigmatic criminal organization that he began looking into alongside his best friend Jenny, and her sidekick Tami. Smash and Jenny had worked together in many situations and had grown extremely close over the years. But neither of them had dealt with something quite as big as Skull Cross. They quickly began to realize just how dangerous they really were, and Smash had to promise her not to get the rest of the gang involved in fear for their safety. But it wasn't long after that when Jenny's life soon came to an end at the hands of the evil organization.
Conflicted and depressed, it was all Smash could do to honor his promise and keep the others away from Skull Cross. But he knew that he couldn't leave them alone; they were far too dangerous to stay at large. He followed Skull Cross' trail on his own. Tami, however, had already abandoned the case and sought solitude on a different continent to recover from her shellshock.

Artwork by Flame-Eliwood

For the entirety of Season 2 and half of Season 3, Smash's main objective, while secret to the others, is to solve the Mystery of Skull Cross. Discover what they're doing, uncover their motives, and put a stop to their ambitions. It's a mission he knows he cannot complete alone, yet cannot risk endangering anyone else.

Soon after Pearl discovered his secrets, Smash began training her for the battles and hardships ahead. Though he was loath to put her in any dangerous situations, Pearl quickly showed talent and skill, and eventually grew to be his most trusted partner in battle.

Smash as a Defense Attorney

Smash pretended to be a lawyer to prove his friend, Hyper The Hedgehog, innocent during a trial in the non-canon RP "The Unexpected Turnabout". Gizmo The Cat made an almost perfect replica of a defense attorney's badge, pulling an all-nighter on it. He told himself, and his friends after the trial "Oh, I am never doing this again.".
This event sprouted a spin-off series, called "Smash The Echidna: Ace Attorney", in which he takes the bar exam after the trial in an attempt to cover up his facade, and winds up having to defend more of his friends in 4 new cases.

Items Currently In Possession

Aqua Gloves: Mysterious water elemental gloves created and presented to him by his wife, Luna The Hedgehog, for their anniversary. With these equipped, he is capable of producing water based attacks as well as manipulating water around him. He still hasn't quite mastered this yet, but he can use it fairly effectively now. For the most part, he brings these out for defensive purposes.

Ultra Smasher Claw.png

Ultra Smasher Claws: A weapon created by Gizmo The Cat. The gloves increase his strength greatly, as well as having blood red spikes attached to the knuckle area. The spikes were specially designed with a curve to look more like claws. They can tear through his opponents.(In Splice The Hedgehog, the Ultra Smasher Claws are his ultimate weapon.)

Couple's Stone: A strange stone necklace given to both him and his wife at his wedding, This allows him to sense where the wielder of the other stone is, (specifically how far away from him they are,) and how high their "life force" is. In this case, that would be his wife. He usually keeps it tucked into his shirt, should he wear it. Otherwise it's left hanging from his neck in plain sight.

Guard Gauntlets: A lock-on for his gloves, made by Gizmo. They can be used on any gloves, or even by themselves and lock onto one's bare hands. Made of tough and thick steel, they are meant to guard the back of one's hands down to just below their wrists. Specifically designed with fighting blade-wielding opponents with his bare hands, these allow him to block and parry sharp weapons with relative ease, letting him stay on par with the opposition.

Angel's Key: A key for his motorcycle, received from Cymbeline as a gift for his 24th birthday. Powered by her Evenstar, it gives his bike almost infinite energy to allow it to run even without gas. It also gives it a super-charge to allow him to drive faster than his bike normally would without damaging it. While it seems to make gasoline obsolete, it's possible that the key's energy might not be infinite...Cymbeline seemed rather confident, however.


Early Life


Born in Emerald Town and raised in Greenflower Zone, Smash lived most of his early life peacefully with his family of four: Him, his sister, and their parents. When he was three years old, the family moved from Emerald Town into an apartment in Station Square. Soon afterward, Pearl was born. Unfortunately, their father had trouble finding work, and the place that really interested him, the Blitz Pit, was in the next town over. Fortunately his brother, whom had just begun his career as a professional construction worker, was fixing up a nice little house for the family in Greenflower Zone. Some months later, they moved down to the new house and began their new life there. David registered in the Blitz Pit and began fighting as his new job.

Growing up, Smash and Pearl lived mostly regular lives like any children. They went to school in the city, and would often meet up with their dad on the way back home. Of course, not every child has a fighter for a dad. Meanwhile, their mother was physically weak and prone to sickness. There were many times when she had fallen ill and the young kids would do their best to take care of her until she was back on her feet. Eventually, they had gotten used to such events, and stopped worrying as much since they always believed that she'll pull through in the end. Until one day, their mother did not recover from her illness. Rather, her condition worsened.

History - Author's Notes

Smash has come a long way. He originally started out as a blue Knuckles recolor, based off of the blue Knuckles glitch in Sonic 3& Knuckles. He was greatly overpowered--even more powerful than Knuckles himself, and had a very bad temper. Although he was smarter than Knuckles, not being nearly as gullible. As the years went by, his personality developed into a mature and responsible character. Conveniently as he was aging as the years passed. His powers were toned down a little bit at a time until eventually he had no super strength rivaling Knuckles anymore. He is still very powerful and well built. Smash also slowly developed a new look. First he acquired cyan wrist bands, then a contribution by Sykog77 lead him to getting shorter hair and big brown boots with a black patch on the top of each. Soon afterwards, the spikes on his knuckles were removed and his gloves were turned into regular fingered gloves instead of giant mittens like Knuckles. That lasted for a while, until his hairstyle was completely redone; which leads Smash to where he is today. Smash once made a reference to the old days of when he was a recolor by saying that he used to be "young and foolish back in the day".

Smash first appeared on the Sonic X forums of Being surrounded by fancharacters just as bad as he was at the time, It took him far longer than it should have to improve. Despite that fact, 4kids was a very important place for his character. It was the place where he first met Luna The Hedgehog - his wife, Jenny The Hedgehog - An old friend who's passing lead to a great story, and many other characters who lead him to what

Chibi Smash

he is now. It also lead to the long drawn out battle between Frost and Dark Kirby to involve him and all of Mobius as well, (which quite literally took four years.) and ultimately lead to the huge crossover. As of now the crossover has been severed.

Smash originally had a backstory that "explained" what really caused his parents death. Metal Sonic had captured them and murdered them in cold blood. And for some reason there was a tape showing what'd happened in their back yard. For what point or purpose was unknown. And considering the timeline, Metal Sonic shouldn't have even been created at the time. The idea was scrapped afterwards, and no new ideas for a backstory were thought up. Evidently, he was left with no story. And many prefered that he had no story either, which only led to me prolonging it. His parents death are unknown. It is just known that Smash was an orphan and raised his sister until they were grown up. It's also known that they died the day after Pearl's birthday, on April 5th.

Memories of David The Echidna was intended to be the episode that covered up the plot holes I left behind. I knew this from the very beginning, but I still hyped up the story because those very plotholes made solving the mystery of Smash's parents' deaths more emotional to him and Pearl. Around the time I began the series rewrite, I began questioning whether or not I should keep going with that. I had begun fixing the series from the very beginning: I had the option to eliminate the plot holes from the get-go instead of handwaving them for a last minute cover-up. As such, Memories of David The Echidna has completely overhauled as the mystery itself is spread across the series.

Smash was the character who set the standard for my birthday updates to all my characters. Part of the reason for this is that many of the fanfics and roleplays he appeared in back in the day were for the most part all part of an ongoing timeline, each one separated by maybe a few weeks, months, etc. I wanted to show that time was passing throughout the series. The other reason is that I also wanted to show Smash's (and everyone else's) growth. It has a certain impact on the character development, as we see how they mature physically and mentally.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

= RP has been completed.

? = RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began.

?The Cosmic Championship: At new years eve, Smash and several other people were summoned to fight at the Cosmic Championship. Their host was a mysterious figure, and their location seemed to be a whole new dimension. Smash was immediately suspicious of him and everything that was going on, but soon came to realize that was an honest competition. During the first round, a mysterious man known only as "Angelus" offered to help him master his High Tension state. Not willing to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime, Smash accepts his help.

The Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament: Smash is actually missing during the time of the tournament, as his sister alongside the rest of the gang enter the mysterious Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament to hopefully find out what happened to him and the others that disappeared at the stroke of the new year.

Odyssey: When a seemingly invincible man named V begins a dimensional conquest, Smash finds himself being swept up into the mess and separated from his friends as they get scattered across the dimensions...

Other Appearances

Smash appears in SRB2 as a playable character. It is still under construction, however, and may not be released to the public.

Daz&Smash (Fan Hack of Sonic Advance)

Daz&Smash Advance (Fan Hack of Sonic Advance 2)

Daz And Smash Brawl (Fan Hack of Sonic Battle)

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Mega Man 8bit Deathmatch: (FPS Fangame. Smash appears in a mod as a playable character.)

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members


Pearl The Echidna

"Sometimes I think you know me a little too well."
"Well somebody has to."

Ever since the day Smash's parents passed away, Smash took care of Pearl by himself. He cares for her a lot, and does whatever he can to keep her in safety and good health. The two share a close bond and tend to worry over each other. Although Smash can sometimes be a bit overprotective of his sister, he can accept the fact that she can hold her own now. He trained her in martial arts, and she is nearly as powerful as he is. Even with all the training, Smash still can't help but worry about her every now and then, and tries to keep in touch often whenever they're apart.

Sandy The Echidna

His niece, whom he helped to raise since birth. Although he protested when Pearl proclaimed that she would adopt the child, uncertain that she would be able to properly raise the baby at such a young age, deep down Smash wanted to take care of her too. It was a far better option than letting her go to the Black Rose Orphanage--more than he knew.
Now he couldn't be more proud of the young girl. Even though they aren't connected by blood, to him she's just as much of a Corliss as the rest of them. Pizza's even in her top five favorite foods!

Crash The Echidna

Smash thinks of Crash as more of a buddy than a distant cousin. Back in their younger days, they were often playmates, and always did everything together. As they grew up, they lead their own lives and they rarely see each other anymore. They still occasionally talk via phone line, and he comes to visit Smash on special occasions. Rarely, fate has brought them together for an adventure again. Crash is also the one who gave Smash his motorcycle for his 19th Birthday.

Diamond The Echidna

Diamond is who Smash thinks more of as a cousin. Surprisingly, They don't talk often. Every time Smash hears from one of them, its almost always Crash, or his uncle Spikes. Even though they haven't socialized as much as they should, He still loves her as his cousin.

Spikes The Echidna

Real name "Terry Jantis Corliss", Spikes is the nickname Smash's uncle grew up with for being the only member of the family to have spiked knuckles. Smash tries to keep in touch with him every now and then, and will go out of his way to meet him whenever his job brings him to town. He and Pearl call him Uncle Spikes, though the man's co-workers and friends all call him Terry or Mr. Corliss.


Smash has many friends, although he doesn't see them all often. The ones he does see and hang out with on a regular occasion, he and everyone else refers to themselves as "The Gang". The Gang includes Smash, Violet The Hedgehog, Splice The Hedgehog, Pearl The Echidna, Gizmo, Lucy, and Tab The Cats, Speedy The Hedgehog, Lily The Hedgehog, and finally, Shade The Dark Chao. They generally go on walks together and chat along the way, and just overall hang out.

(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Smash knows Sonic mainly by the stories he's heard about his adventures. He's actually accompanied him on one of his adventures, The two of each other are more of acquaintances rather than friends though.

Knuckles The Echidna

Smash met Knuckles a while back, and they've known each other ever since. They're pretty okay with each other.

(FC's by same creator)

Violet The Hedgehog

Violet is the girlfriend of his best friend, Speedy The Hedgehog. He actually helped on both sides to get the two together. Smash see's Violet as a friend, and also an apprentice. Violet had asked him to train her and teach her how to fight. Smash didn't question why, since at the time they still had a dangerous enemy to defeat. Violet was one of Smash's first friends, and as such, is one of his most trusted and cherished ones.

Splice The Hedgehog

He befriended Splice a little later on, though still fairly early. Even though they aren't best friends, they are quite often running into each other on the road, and end up hanging out for a while. One thing he likes about him is that he's definitely not the type of person to leave someone in danger. Smash holds him in high regards, respecting his bravery and willingness to go the extra mile to do what's right.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Smash first met Thunder when he and some of his friends were trying to find a ship to use to reach a destination across the sea. Thunder is a sailor and captain of the Thunder Bolt, along with his siblings: Lightning, Electric, and Zap. Smash and Thunder grew closer during their investigations on Skull Cross, dating way back to late 2008. Smash wanted to keep the investigation to himself for the most part, due to a promise he made to his friend Jenny, but Thunder found out eventually and, while respecting his wishes to keep the others out of it, insisted he helped. He gained a hard-earned respect from Smash after that.

Electric The Hedgehog

Electric is one of Smash's good friends. The two of them think alike, although their ways of speaking their minds are different. Smash is blunt, sarcastic, and tends to rant about a lot of things. Electric is very straightforward, honest, and a lot calmer about matters. The two of them get along very well.

Zap The Hedgehog

Smash does not know Zap very well. And there is a good reason for this: Zap is very shy. He isn't very open towards anyone but his brothers or very close friends. Smash tries to be kind around him to get him to talk to him, but there was little success. But one thing for sure, He has earned Zap's trust.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Smash is rather fond of Kyle. He's the most honest and honorable person that he ever met. And he's also very different from all of his other friends; his unique traits are what Smash likes most about him. Kyle is one of his closest friends, despite the fact that he lives so far away.

Keela The Hedgehog

Being Kyle's twin sister, Smash is good friends with Keela as well. With her energetic personality, She got along quite well with his sister also.

Crystal The Fox

He doesn't hang out with Crystal too often, despite being neighbors. He thinks of her as a friend, though can't help but watch over her like an older brother. He mainly knows her through his sister, Pearl, who is best friends with her.

Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo is the "geek of the gang", or at least that's what Shade refers to him as. Gizmo is a young inventor who spends most of his days in his basement, working on new gadgets and other interesting things. He is the one who created Smash's powerful weapon, The Ultra Smasher Claws. (In Splice The Hedgehog, The Ultra Smasher Claws are Smash's ultimate weapon.) Smash respects him for his work and intelligence, and is usually the first person he turns to if he needs something made or fixed.

Amber The Cat

Smash tries to look after her, somewhat worried about her living out in the forest alone. Amber looks up to him, almost like a big brother.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

"It'll be dangerous."
"Right, when do we leave?"

Speedy is without a doubt, Smash's best buddy. They've been through pretty much everything together, or so they feel. He was the second friend Smash ever made, originally starting out as one of his fans from the Blitz Pit. Speedy often came to him for advice on various things, and looked up to him like an older brother, making Smash to be like a mentor to him. Speedy can be kind of dimwitted at times, and his over sensitive, hot-tempered personality makes it really easy for Smash to tease him. Nevertheless, They are still best friends and work very well together when it counts. When it comes to solving mysteries, Smash's detective work and Speedy's connections with the police (his father's a cop,) go hand-in-hand with each other. They make a pretty solid duo in battle as well, being known as the original "Bash Brothers" of the series.
Out of all his friends, Speedy is the one he trusts the most.

Luna The Hedgehog

Smash and Luna outside

Luna was Smash's first and only love. He met her at the age of 17 through some unexpected events, and they quickly became friends and developed feelings for each other. It wasn't long before she became his girlfriend. They got married on Friday, January 2nd, 2009, and they now have 4 children. David, his first son, Grace and Salina, his twin daughters, and Dash, his last son. Before they had children, Luna used to accompany Smash and friends on their adventures, as a faithful member of the gang. Though afterwards, she began to settle down with the kids, but still sends her support from home.

Luna and Smash, by Kagome!

Luna created the Aqua Knuckles specifically for Smash. With them, Smash is able to control water around him and even produce water from the gloves. As long as he wears them, he is granted water powers, like Luna herself. (In Splice The Hedgehog, the Aqua Knuckles are one of Smash's later weapons.)

Shada The Hedgehog

As his sister in law, Smash shows respect and kindness towards her and acts like a caring brother towards her. Which he technically is. He isn't nearly as protective about her as he is with Pearl though, because he knows that Shada can hold up on her own.

Sam The Hedgehog

They used to argue and fight all the time before Smash married his sister. Nowadays, they're on somewhat good terms. They act like friendly rivals, when they're in a "good mood".

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. As a part of the gang, Smash hangs out with her every now and then. But he really does try to avoid getting too close to her. She seems to have a thing for "decorating" his house with ladybug stickers...

Tab The Cat

Another member of the gang, although she's more of a closer friend that he'd hang out with even without everyone else. The two of them get along well. She is smart and uses a lot of common sense, leading the two of them together to be pro's at solving mysteries.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Shade thinks Smash is cool and often hangs out with him. As Shade puts it: "Smash is cool and he knows he's cool. I'm cool and I know I'm cool. Smash is cool and he knows I'm cool, I'm cool and I know Smash is cool." The two share the same opinions and views on various different subjects, so they get along pretty well...Most of the time. They'll often take verbal jabs at each other. Shade will make any snarky and sarcastic comment toward Smash whenever he gets the chance. Smash rarely seems super bothered by it though, unless it's a little personal. He'll snark back and defeat Shade at his own game, but even Shade sometimes takes it lightly as well.

Daz The Hedgehog

The two are buddies, and they've gone out on a couple of adventures with each other. (Daz&Smash spin-off series) They get along pretty well and sometimes spar with each other. Although on numerous occasions Smash has topped him in their battles, even though they never did finish most of them.

Terrador Custos Bellator

A person he met in the Blitz Pit. He is what Smash considers a "Worthy Opponent". They both share similar abilities when it comes to Martial Arts, which is what they both resorted to when they faced off. In their first encounter, Smash was obviously stronger physically. But Terrador, like Smash, rapidly improved. And he quickly picked up on Smash's fighting style, soon coming back to face Smash in the ring again with several strategies to use to defeat him, much like his own. He is the only one who brought Smash to his absolute limits (and to his knees) by relying heavily (not entirely) on hand to hand combat. Overall, Smash holds a lot of hardened respect for him.

Rock The Unicorn

While technically allies, Smash is very suspicious of this person. Rock only seems to show up when something's wrong. He has no idea where to find him otherwise. He's also noticed that he seems to be jealous of Kyle's relationship with Marina. The main thing that disturbed him was his ominous question towards him, when he asked what he'd do if he were to betray them. This happening during a monster invasion.

Banzai The Monkey

The two got off to a fairly good start, coming together to face impossible odds in grand adventures. His rash, impulsive behaviour kind of reminds him of Speedy in a way. They rarely run into each other on the road, but he is still a trusted companion regardles.

(Deceased Characters)

David The Echidna

Being his father, David means a whole lot to Smash. He was a huge inspiration to him in regards of becoming a fighter, as David had made quite a name for himself at The Blitz Pit. He thinks about him all the time, often wondering what he would do in hard times.

Sarah The Echidna

Smash loved his mother dearly, like any good son would. There was something about her that always kept the whole family in high spirits, even in the darkest of hours. Her smile and comforting words were all anyone needed to move onward.

Tina the Echidna

Before her death, Tina was the type of caring, competent older friend of the gang that Smash eventually grew into. He didn't spend a whole lot of time with her, but she was a bit of an inspiration to him. She taught him a bit about the value of friendship. When she passed on, he felt the need to look after the gang more closely. They eventually became more like a big family, over the years.
Interestingly enough, while Smash was inspired by her, Tina had actually fallen in love with him. She never had the chance to tell him, though...

Jenny the Hedgehog

"Hey Jenny."
"Let's win this one."
"You bet."

Next to Speedy, Jenny was Smash's best friend. Aside from hanging out every so often, they worked together extremely well during their adventures, mystery solvings, and dangerous situations. They had been through a lot over the years; she was someone Smash knew since he was a rookie at the Blitz Pit. She was one of the few people he could confide in, and vice versa. Even though Jenny was older than him by a year, Smash had a strong elder brother instinct towards her. He even described her to Luna, his wife, as someone who was "like family" to him. He was broken apart when she died, losing the will to fight in the Blitz Pit for nearly two whole months. The mystery behind her death haunted him for years. He nearly got himself killed trying to solve it. Finally solving the Mystery of Skull Cross and stopping the organization, finishing what Jenny started, lifted a great weight off his shoulders.

Jenny used to live with her father and their butler in a large mansion in Station Square. But sometime after her death, Smash learned that the mansion was vacant. Her grave (as well as the graves of two other lost companions) was near the edge of the property, under a great big tree. It was mainly because of that, that Smash decided to take care of the place in his spare time. Once a month he goes to the big old house and works to keep it in good condition.


Smash has had few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. Smash didn't pay too much attention to him, seeing how Sonic always took care of him. Though if something came up that concerned him, he would be right on the case. Only a few times have Smash gone up against him when it didn't entirely concern him.

(Characters by the same FC)

Vick Randall

One of the elite Skull Captains and the second strongest member of Skull Cross--next to the leader himself. Vick Randall is a human man who specializes in fighting with a laser blaster in one hand and a sword made of crystallized Chaos Energy. He is known amongst his men as the "Deadly Viper", but to Smash he is the man who killed Jenny. Smash hates him with every fiber of his being, and simply being around him makes his blood boil. The two clashed once before, but Smash barely escaped from that encounter with his life. Even with his newfound High Tension state, he could only just barely even the odds, but by that point he had already taken grave injuries.

From that fight, Smash knew more than ever that Skull Cross was out of his league, and that he wasn't going to be able to beat Vick as he was now. He trained harder than ever, determined to master High Tension and hellbent on getting strong enough to avenge his best friend. Vick had to pay for what he'd done...

(Other Characters)

Unknown Group/Skull Cross

Skull Cross was the source of a lot of pain and grief to him for a good three years. It was at first a secret investigation he began alongside Jenny, from which he learned that his best friend was an artificial hedgehog created by this very organization. But it wasn't long before they killed her off, leaving Smash devastated. Jenny's last request was to keep the rest of the gang out of it, for they were all much too young and inexperienced to face an evil as terrifying and powerful as Skull Cross.

Knowing this to be true, Smash kept his word and stayed silent about the organization...and by extension, Jenny's murder at their hands. But he could not leave Skull Cross alone, either. For the next three years, he would secretly pursue them and their secrets, wanting to learn the truth behind their motives and goals, and what all they're capable of. Even after killing off Jenny, however, Skull Cross continued to make a mess of things for the gang even when the rest of them were unaware of their existence. It wasn't until Cymbeline was blatantly assaulted in the forest, when Smash was forced to reveal everything he knew about them to his friends and comrades. After learning the truth, they all banded together to defeat Skull Cross once and for all.

Brian The Hedgehog

Though this guy was put to justice already, Brian went through so much trouble to have him killed purely out of jealousy. Brian was a fighter at the Blitz Pit, who could never succeed because he couldn't beat Smash. He went so far as to trying to crash an airplane he happened to be riding on with his friends heading to Speedy's cousin, Phil's Birthday party.

V / Velious

The man trying to conquer all of the dimensions. He would do anything in his power to stop him from reaching his goal.

Fun Facts

  • Often when Smash is talking about something he doesn't approve of, he'll get carried away ranting about it. In an interview with him, he trailed off ranting about the holidays, and since then he was often called back so they could hear him rant about other things as well. These shorts were once referred to as "Smash Rants".
  • There was an incident where someone intercepted his pizza order before it arrived at his house. This may be the reason he encourages homemade.
  • The battle cry, "Urrghii", evolved from a startled cry all the way to an emotion.The emotion "Urrghii" is best described as "the pumped up feeling you get when you're in a battle". How it transformed from the startled cry is unknown. It's still used in the same ways as before.
  • Smash once made a joke about how hungry he was by merging the two words "Hungry" and "Urrghii" together. The results were "HungUURRGHIII!!!".
  • Smash can Not pilot a plane or any aircraft.
  • Smash can sometimes be a showoff, just for the heck of it.
  • Smash likes to flick his thumb past his nose like Bruce Lee.
  • Smash has tried to crack his knuckles at very fitting moments but failed due to having cracked them beforehand.
  • Smash sometimes takes his motorcycle out for joyrides.
  • Smash doesn't like anyone but people he knows who are not bumbling, clumsy, or incompetent to even touch his motorcycle.
  • A sprite of Smash was once altered so that the black part of his yin-yang symbol on his T-shirt was changed to red, greatly resembling a pokeball from the Pokemon series.
  • Smash used to be big on soda as a teen, but eventually grew out of it. Nowadays if he's not drinking some sort of energy or sports drink, he's seen with a mug of hot coffee.
  • Smash is quite good with children, despite what seemingly a lot of other people think.
  • Never, On Any circumstance, interrupt Smash when he's giving a speech about "Urrghii".
  • Smash never facepalmed harder than when Speedy tried to explain why he was currently stuck inside of a water cooler.
  • It is rumored that the one person who almost defeated the Host of the Cosmic Championship was none other than Smash's father, David The Echidna.
  • Ironically, given the fact that it's a family of Echidna's, Smash has the biggest family in the entire series.
To count them off, there's his sister Pearl, his parents David and Sarah. His uncle Spikes and his grandmother, Rose. His two cousins Crash and Diamond. His adoptive niece Sandy. And his wife Luna, and their four children, David (named after his father,) Salina, Grace, and Dash. And then we have the In-laws...
  • Smash has been dubbed a "Knight in Shining Armor" by his wife, after he returned home with his father's upgraded armor. Fittingly enough, his wife is a princess...
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