Slush, the Goddess of Ice
Ice Cap Zone
Her sisters, Bark the Polar Bear (love interest), the Chaotix team, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Dr. Robotnik (depending on the circumstances) and others.
Dr. Robotnik (again, depending on the circumstances), Dr. Nega, Metal Sonic 3.0, Mephiles, and Iblis.
Places with extreme heat.
Theme Song

"This is Dr. Nega we're talking about, here. As long as he's around, we have every need to be paranoid."
Elemental Chaos Part 14

Slush, the Goddess of Ice is a character from Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, an episodic fanfic series written by SolarBlaze. She is one of eight supernatural beings called "Elemental Goddesses", which each have power and control over a specific element. Scorch is the oldest of her siblings, with Splash being the middle triplet, and Slush being the youngest (not counting Dr. Robotnik's "EG Experiments").


During her first appearance in the story, Slush has been shown to be somewhat competitive, possibly as a result of the sibling rivalry that she had with Scorch thousands of years ago. Despite the differences they've had in the past, Slush admitted that she still cares about her sister, but because of her pride, she was unwilling to tell that to her face, and vice versa.

Slush has also proven herself to be somewhat of a flirt, starting with Legend of the Elemental Gems Part 8, where she was seen flirting with Bark the Polar Bear on a few occasions (a trait that was later "passed on" to Silvra during the events of The Goddess of Destruction). Slush can also be quite cunning and sneaky, since she was able to successfully spy on Robotnik and leak information about his plans to the Chaotix and company without the doctor finding out about it (until the end of Elemental Chaos).

Unlike her sister(s), Slush has never been seen showing any sensitivity regarding the subject of her age, and willingly admitted that she's old (but still withheld her actual age). As an ancient being who's been sealed up for thousands of years, Slush found herself somewhat confused by some of the slang terms Vector used during the Elemental Chaos ending.

Powers and Abilities

Slush has the power of cryokinesis, being able to use all kinds of ice-related techniques. She can freeze enemies or objects, create blizzards, launch objects with a telekinetic force (as long as it's made out of ice), and others.


Slush is weak against fire and thunder-related attacks.



Slush is one of the original three Elemental Goddesses, and the youngest of the pair of triplets. It was explicitly stated that thousands of years ago, Slush and her sisters were the "outcasts" of their society, due to the fact that many people saw them as a potential threat, because of the unusual powers they possessed. Due to the general public's intolerance of those who are different from themselves, Scorch, Splash, and Slush were constantly belittled and bullied by those around them.

One fateful day, the three Goddesses came across a mysterious fortune teller. They desperately wanted to know what the future had in store for them, and if peoples' mistreatment of them would ever stop. The fortune teller responded that someday, there would come a time where people would finally accept them for who they are, but before then, a tragedy was bound to befall the girls. Scorch, Splash, and Slush were then told that they were going to be hunted down, and imprisoned, due to everyone seeing them as a threat. Although they were disheartened about this unexpected turn of events, Scorch declared that if this was going to happen, then she wasn't going out without a fight.

After Scorch's imprisonment at the hands of Tikal, there ended up being a riot in the village, due to all the destruction that Scorch caused during her rampage. Figuring that Splash and Slush were as "dangerous" as their sister, everyone opted to have them imprisoned along with her. After fighting off hordes and hordes of villagers, Splash and Slush eventually ended up exhausting themselves to the point of unconsciousness, and found themselves sealed within their gems, just as the fortune teller predicted.

Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems

Many years later, Dr. Robotnik learned about the Elemental Gems and the Goddesses contained within them, and began seeking their power in order to use it for his world domination plans. Upon releasing the Ice Goddess, Robotnik tried coaxing her into joining him, but unlike Splash, Slush accepted his offer- or so it seemed. In reality, she was merely posing as the doctor's ally to make it easier for her to spy on him and learn whether or not he was truly using Scorch as she and many others began to suspect. In the process, she also filled the Chaotix in with first-hand information about Robotnik's plans.

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

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Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Before she was released from her gem during the events of Legend of the Elemental Gems, Slush overheard everything that was going on, concerning the argument that Splash and the Chaotix had with Scorch about whether or not Robotnik was taking advantage of her. After being released, the doctor tried coaxing Slush into joining him (just as he did with Splash), but surprisingly, she actually accepted his offer, but only as a means of spying on him and gathering information.

In addition to finding out whether or not Robotnik was truly taking advantage of Scorch, she has also taken it upon herself to relay messages to the Chaotix team about his plans. During the events of Elemental Chaos, Robotnik began to get suspicious, and eventually caught onto her "blatant act of treason" (as he put it), and decided to make her pay for it by using her blood for the creation of EG-005 (against her will), and he decided to use Dr. Nega's camera to turn her into a card.

Throughout the course of her "alliance" with Robotnik, Slush had mixed feelings about him. While she knew that he was aiming to conquer the world, she was able to see that he wasn't completely evil (at least compared to other villains, like Mephiles and Dr. Nega). After the aforementioned incident took place, Slush has begun to despise the doctor, almost as much as Splash does. Slush also considers Robotnik to be a bit of a pervert, due to the "ample bosom" comment he made toward her in the first chapter of The Goddess of Destruction.

Dr. Nega

"I’m with Scorch on this one. Trusting him would be no different from trusting Mephiles, which, by the way, HE’S responsible for reviving!"
Elemental Chaos Part 14

Like Scorch, Slush also has a personal vendetta against Dr. Nega, which began in Legend of the Elemental Gems. During the events of the story, where Nega was impersonating his ancestor, he caught Slush spying on him, and before she had a chance to relay a message to the Chaotix team, Nega ended up crushing the recording device that Vector gave to her, leaving her without the evidence she needed to prove that "Robotnik" was using Scorch.

Just as Slush and Nega were going to have a showdown, the deranged doctor tricked her and had the Ice Goddess immobilized and locked within a room with the temperature set to a hundred degrees. Sometime afterwards, Dr. Nega began holding Slush for ransom, demanding the Master Emerald in exchange for her safety. It was this very incident that caused Nega to be one of Slush's most hated enemies.

When Dr. Nega returned to Robotnik's base in Elemental Chaos, seemingly to apologize for his actions against her (as well as Scorch and Robotnik), his apology fell on deaf ears with Slush, since she felt that he couldn't be trusted. Her suspicions later on turned out to be correct, since Nega attempted to betray Robotnik, so Slush and her sisters hurried The Doomsday Zone to help stop him from trying to destroy the planet.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities


Slush and Hex standing back-to-back, by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities to one another. Slush is by no means an exception, having much in common with Hex.

  • They're both part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • Both characters have power over the ice element.
  • Each of them have a jewel on their foreheads.
  • They both have a golden cuff of some sort around their sleeves.
  • Slush and Hex both have older siblings that are loyal to Dr. Robotnik (Scorch and Denomi respectively).
    • The two of them have or had a sibling rivalry with the aforementioned characters.
  • Both characters have a sense of "craftiness" and "mischief" about them.
  • Their story roles were similar, where they both secretly plotted against Robotnik while feigning loyalty to him.
  • Each character has a look-alike/counterpart that's affiliated with Dr. Nega in some way (Frostina and Negative Six respectively).


  • Slush has the exact same voice as Android 18 in the FUNimation dubs of Dragon Ball Z and GT. An example of it can be heard in this clip.
  • During the second part of the Elemental Chaos ending, Robotnik used his infamous catchphrase "Snoop PINGAS usual, I see!", after catching Slush going through his private files regarding the creation of EG-005/Silvra. This makes her the third character that he used that line (or a variation of it) on, whose name began with an "S" (with the other two being Scratch and Snively).




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