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Slish the Cat
3 ft. 1 in.
70 lbs
February 28
Evil, Anti-Team Weasel (formerly), The Cat Squad
Rainbows, ponies, "cool stuff", clowns, makeup, dresses, boys, make-overs, singing, tea parties
Dirt, bugs, seriousness, chipped nails, bad hair days

Slish the Cat aka "Anti-Slash" is the Moebian version of Slash the Cat.


Slish is extremely girly and bubbley to the point of being a stereotype. She loves looking pretty and talking about boys and romance. She hates getting dirty or anything gross. She is very emotional and laughs often as well as crys. When someone beats her in a fight she has a tendency to cry and exclaim "You're mean!" Don't let her happy innocent look fool you however, she is still on the bad side. Even though she is not as violent as her prime counterpart, she is more likely to participate in illegal activities such as theft. She has also been known to kidnap cute boys. Slish has an undying loyalty to Nerin and the cause of the Cat Squad. Although she is not always the brightest member, being easily foiled by petty things, she is an essential part since she is willing to do almost anything for the team.

Physical Characteristics


Slish is a light red furred cat with bluish lavender eyes and off-whitish fur on her stomach, face, and the tip of her tail. Her ears aren't straight triangles but sort of curve out to the sides. She has fluff on the sides of her face and some on the tip of her relatively thin tail.Unlike her prime counterpart, she does not have a scar.


Slish's typical attire consists of a lavender tank top with a frilly purple or orchid colored skirt. She wears blue high heels.


Slish has a high, cutesy, and excited voice.


Basic Stats

Agility - 5
Speed - 5
Strength - 9
Defense - 9
Evasiveness - 2
Dexterity - 1
Intelligence - 4
Skill - 5

Special Attacks

  • Roll
  • Spin ball jump
  • Slash attack - powerful slash at her enemies with her long claws
  • Whirly tornado - Slish's equivalent to the claw tornado, can be used to deflect projectiles in all directions

Slish has the same physical abilities as Slash including physical strength and her claws. One notable difference however is Slish's claws are manicured. She will call off a fight if she messes them up. Although her fighting style has some differences stemming from her personality, she uses some of the same standard moves such as the slash attack.


Early Life

Slish's parents were very passive and let her have whatever she wanted. She was basically spoiled and grew up like a princess. Her upbringing gave her a sense of entitlement. So when her family ran low on cash she began to steal things she wanted.

Anti-Team Weasel

Slish met Clank and Macaber when they enlisted her help with a crime due to her unique talents with her claws. Although they originally had no intent of keeping her around, they couldn't get rid of her as she claimed they were all friends now so they eventually gave in.

Mobius Prime

One day and accident trapped Slish, along with Nerin the Cat, in Mobius Prime. Slish said that since they were stuck there together they were "bestest friends forever". Nerin kept Slish around to help her with her new plans to conquer the prime zone.





Nerin the Cat

Slish claims that Nerin is her "bestest friend". The feeling is not mutual though. Slish annoys Nerin a lot but Nerin tolerates her and keep her around for her strength and other abilities. Slish will do most anything that Nerin says.

Slash the Cat

Slash is Slish's main enemy. Slish loves to mess with Slash. She knows that Slash hates her and all of the things she likes, which gives her more to taunt her with. Slish calls her "Slashy."

Gicandice the Cat

Slish and Gicandice get a long very well, especially since they both love to have fun. Slish once gave Gicandice a makeover. She is very excited to have her working with the team now.

Candice the Cat

Slish and Candice are enemies due to being on opposite sides and since Candice is the anti of Slish's friend Gicandice. However they do like each other's fashion.

Roleplay Appearances

Evil Kimiko

Oregon Trail


New Year Madness

Anti Mobian Recruitment


~"I don't know about traveling, I'm here. At the Robyd- er Roubido- Uh this funny named trading post." - Slish trying to remember the name of the trading post she was supposed to impersonate the owner of. (Oregon Trail)

~"Eew! Nerin there's quicksand on my dress!" - (Oregon Trail)

~"Hee hee! We brought our friend with us this time!" - (Oregon Trail)

~"The pink cat is mean!" - (Oregon Trail)


  • states the etymology of the word "slish" as "a corruption of slash".
  • Slish's theme is That's What Girls Do by No Secrets
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