Slippery Skin is a genetic ability, one that is incredibly common among amphibians, but not unheard of among reptiles or even mammals.


Slippery Skin is a passive ability; the user does not need to consciously activate it themselves. Rather, it is almost constantly active, in the form of a thin layer of mucus that is near-constantly secreted from the skin. The mucus not only helps to keep the user hydrated, it also causes weak physical attacks to, more often than not, simply bounce or slide off of the skin, and makes it easier for the user to escape from being grappled; however, it also leaves them more vulnerable to extreme heat. Dehydration practically nullifies this ability, especially if it is severe.

Manipulators of the Poison element can leech toxins into the mucus layer, for an extra form of defense against unarmed physical strikes.


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