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Sleet the Wolf (Fanwork)
Biographical Information
  • Unknown, appears 20s to 30s (most fanfics)

Sonic Underground Remake & Sonic X Remake'

  • Holmes the Wolf (Father; Roboticised)
  • Unknown (Mother; Deceased)
  • Nack the Weasel (Slight adopted brother before Nack was 8-10)

Sonic XX

  • Lupe the Wolf (ex-wife)
  • Slick (nicknamed by Sonic & Nack)
  • Wolf Man
  • Mr. Sleet (nicknamed by Cream)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Wolf
Gender Male
  • Fur: Gray-blueish with brown on his muzzle, tail tip, and feet
  • Eyes: Yellow

Red-yellow armor with pants, red gloves, red boots, and purple-blue cape

Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dr. Robotnik/Eggman
  • Don Weazo (SU Remake & Sonic X Remake)
Shapeshifter Remote,
Using Guns,
Biting/Infecting Someone,
Vehicular Knowledge,
Hand-to-Hand and Weapon Combat Skills
Forms and Fusions Sleet the Werewolf

Main Bio

A wolf with purple body armor and blue cape, Sleet is cunning, greedy and manipulative. He was once an independent contractor partnered with the idiotic Dingo, but Robotnik 'persuaded' them to work exclusively for him. His task is to hunt down the Sonic Underground band, Queen Aleena, and other Freedom Fighters.

Because of Dingo's incompetence, Sleet often makes him into a scapegoat, and never hesitates to use the strange remote that transforms Dingo into other objects. Despite countless failures, Sleet does on occasion have a successful plan up his sleeve. Sometimes he and Dingo think of plans that make them turn on Robotnik, but these never go well.


Sonic Underground Remake Series

Sleet and Dingo are hired as minions of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who has forced them to work for them. During the series, he and Dingo had worked alone for a while, but during the remaining OAV and first season, he also worked with and has a crush on Nic. Throughout the series, it shows that Sleet is more that just some hitman and minion for hire as proven when he secretly let Cream and Cheese escape when they were captured and when he learned that Cream and Bunnie were related to his dead comrade that was killed by Scourge. Another thing is that he despises both Scourge and Fiona for what they are and what they have done, but due to Fiona being in the Freedom Fighters, all that is believed by him are lies. During the course of the series, Nic eventually joins the duo hunters after her adopted aunt dies and despite the failures, is thankful that she is there to defend the two from Robotnik's threats. Eventually, Sleet also finds out that not only Nic's medallion is similar to the Sonic Underground's, but he eventually gains one as well along with his own instrument, putting questions that may threaten themselves to Robotnik's league, especially when the boy he use to be friends with, now turned hunter, Nack is involved. He also holds a terrible secret that happens every full moon, which may cause a huge strain on his friendship with Dingo and perhaps his relationship with Nic: The curse of being a pure born werewolf!

Sonic SatAM Remake/Sonic X Remake

In these two series, Sleet along with the bounty hunters were never hired by Eggman, due to not only of Eggman's fierce hatred of Mobians, but Eggman's especially hatred of wolves. Here, Sleet tries to keep his cursed secret a secret during the first parts of SatAM remake. However, it isn't until "Cry of the Wolf" that his hidden werewolf curse has been revealed. Despite this, the hunters still treat him the same as ever. Later, in "Doomsday", Sleet was still reluctant about working together until he finally gave in as well.

In its sequel series, Sleet, along with many other Mobians, are transported to Earth. After finding Nack with Don and their crew, they relocate their temporary base in the Thorndyke Mansion and later be one of the Bounty Hunters forced to work with GUNS. Sleet is one of the only ones who knows that Chris, if not treated really fairly or respected, may be in a chance to turn to the dark side.

Like his SU counterpart, there are times when he can't stand Dingo. And also like his SU Remake counterpart, he has a crush on Nack's sister, Nic.

Sonic: War for Mobius

The War for Mobius version of Sleet is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Imperial Army and a much darker character and is no longer a comic relief character. He is more companant and ruthless than his Underground counterpart.

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