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Cquote1.png Always make a wise decision in Ovilis. Any consequence can bite later. Cquote2.png
Moderator Hoberzt to Savoice at breakfast

"Sleep to Humiliation" is the eighth episode in the original web series, Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. It was completed on September 4th, 2016 in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

Character Appearances

  • Savoice Allashar Demoy the Dhole
  • Uisas Agent Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen the Ragushara (a mere reference)
  • Dojyu Coffnaigh the Oiva
  • Cerva Teroice Sah the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Byer Hoberzt the Cougar
  • Moderator Callinaiva the "Night Crawler" (a reference)
  • Saz Tuy the Rhino
  • Lalovan Zedda Rova Wasyu the Pangolin
  • Interpreter Myaari Erchliy the Cat
  • Interpreter Zona Kon'effin the Mouse
  • Interpreter Wequt Derse Renin the Dog
  • Interpreter Salmah Ogan the Wolf
  • Interpreter Khovab Nam Reliso the Swallow
  • Interpreter Pulin Satire the Tiger
  • Interpreter Pheru Vun Lalsu the Fox
  • Interpreter Lovopian Azax the Rabbit
  • Interpreter Polyizxen "Polly" Feryit the Echidna
  • Dagra Vanneh Quais the Red Panda


Savoice wakes up in Interpreter Satire's room after a while of conversation bleeding from the previous episode. It takes him a while to recollect his reasoning of sleep, only to be dissatisfied in the end. From there, he takes a trip to the restroom, running into Interpreter Lalsu. They send their common pleasantries and then leave each other after short time. Savoice goes back to his room to examine.

There were black blotches on the ceiling.

So, anxious Savoice wakes up the entire facility in fear of the situation. Interpreter Myaari attracts even the executives to hint the denial of reality. Savoice insults Cerva Sah for intervening in the conversation, and Dojyu Coffnaigh relieves of the suffering. Instead, he is released on a "fair" warning, with no more chances next time. For the assistance, Coffnaigh tells Savoice to instead keep his reality to himself.

After all of this, Savoice is practically humiliated and hides in his room. However, the blatant, mysterious Moderator Hoberzt confronts the truth about the Ovilian Arch of Studies, telling secrets dangerous to his career as an executive. As Savoice becomes closer to the once enemy, he also finds his answer on how to subdue all enemies under him by releasing truth and holding it over their heads. So, the two go to breakfast together and discuss there.

Then, Savoice goes to hide in other places through exploration. He goes around to the discussion area, the Wall of Conclusions, and finally the Words for Finalization. He ponders himself for a while on how to control the people of Ovilis under his oppressive condition being there. Then, he goes to an enclosure garden where he attempts to run from the facility.

Unsuccessfully done by running into Finalizer Tuy, he instead retreats back into his room and goes to sleep.

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