Sleep Powder is a useful status attack, designed to sedate and force the target to sleep.


The user shakes their arms and/or body, unleashing a powder, typically stated as blue, tan or indigo with a shine to it's appearance, and then unleashes it towards the opponent. In some cases, due to the powder's notorious spread of area, the user may launch the powder sealed within a seed above the opponent, before triggering the seed to break, leaving the powder to be inhaled by the target.

When inhaled, the powder acts as a sedative, instantly sending the target to sleep, as long as they do not have a genetic ability preventing sleep while the body has adrenaline above a certain point. It also has a similar effect, although slower, when absorbed into the body via skin contact.

However, as previously stated, the technique suffers from poor accuracy and spreading, although that makes it effective against a group. It also suffers from elemental weaknesses - when set alight, the powder burns at such a rapid rate, it is compared to an explosion, while a Wind-user can blow the powder back at the user's side, forcing them to sleep instead.


Pokemon Users

  • Fushi (Teneko's Ivysaur)


Parent Technique


Due to it's ability to sedate almost any foe, but considering it's weaknesses, the technique bears a D-rank.

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