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Sleeky The Newt Roadrunner
Full Name
Sylvester Charles "Sleeky" Jones
Chaotic Neutral
(insert ridiculously specific detail here)
Wait, what?

Sleeky The Newt Roadrunner is a mutated newt, and yet another resident of Mobius.


Sleeky's skin is an opaque cyanish-turquoise, and his irises are a glowing neon pink. There are feathers of various shades of blue on various parts of his body: said parts being the elbows, the back of his head, and his tail. His knees are completely artificial, though he commonly wears pants to hide this detail (and because he might as well); the lower section of his legs are similar to that of a certain cartoon bird, except a good deal thicker.


At first, Sleeky was just some random lime-green anthropomorphic newt. However, at the age of 19, the Trolls thought, "Hey, you know what this dude needs? Neon pink eyes, bandages on his belly, artificial knees, more blue, and roadrunner DNA."  Because, according to them, a simple & sleek design is one of the worst things ever. So, here we are.


Sleeky's personality tends to shift by quite a lot. He can be silent, thoughtful, and cool-headed one minute; then be wacky, energetic, and insane the next. However, it's commonly average beyond average, with almost no unique or boring traits.


The mutations inflicted upon Sleeky by the Trolls were partially beneficial. Not only can he run at a decent speed (decent by Sonic standards, that is), he can flex his arms and tail in virtually any way possible. He also has command over a Knuckles-like chao named Platypus because monotremes.


Every single thing a real-life newt is weak to, with its effectiveness divided by 100. And I mean EVERYTHING. Basically, if it hurts a person, it hurts him.

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