Sleek the Salazzle is a major antagonist in the story Hunter's Trial, but a minor antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave overall. She is incredibly vindictive and sneaky, as well as the only female member in Lycus' Gang.


Sleek resembles an anthropomorphic lizard with a mostly dark gray body and purple belly. She has pink markings on her chest and belly, and the underside of her tail is pink. She also has a pair of long ribbon-like appendages that emerge from her back.


Unlike her compatriots from her former clan, Sleek is incredibly vindictive, sneaky, sly, cruel, and even sadistic. She is unafraid to resort to low blows or tactics in order to assure her own victory. It is this behavior that got her booted from her old clan.


Before the Series/Hunter's Trial: Salazzle grew up in Totem Salazzle's clan as one of her allies, but Sleek was determined to become the Totem herself, believing that the role was rightfully hers. It was this belief that got her booted from the clan when she tried to fight the Totem for the rank, and lost. Angry and vengeful about her loss, Sleek ran off, deciding to seek the elusive Z-Crystals. Along the way, she met a Wimpod named Brutus, who chose to follow her after developing a crush on her(that she uses to manipulate him). Her quest led her to clash repeatedly with a mountain-dwelling Alolan Marowak named Hunter and his Alolan Sandshrew and Vulpix friends Puck and Veila, respectively. When the Coming of Alola happened, Sleek and Brutus went to the Four Worlds and joined the Outsiders. It was Sleek and Brutus who left the Outsiders first, viewing the dying group as weak and inconsequential. The two went to worker Eggman, but ditched him in favor of Finitevus when Lycus and Silvally chose to leave.

Austin's Battle: Sleek appears after she lights SwiftClan's forest on fire. She tries to Fire Blast Austin as he's carrying Stonepaw to safety, but the big dog dodges. Austin shoves Stonepaw toward a nearby exit, then tackles Sleek, and they tumble down a hill. Austin pins Sleek down with his greater weight, and demands to know why Sleek burned the forest when the Clan did nothing to her. Sleek laughs at him, then says in a high-pitched voice, "Doctor's orders!", alerting Austin to Finitevus' involvement in the plot. While Austin looks around for Finitevus, Sleek kicks him in the stomach and escapes.


Sleek's full moveset is unknown, with Fire Blast being her only known move.


Sleek's Ability is Corrosion, which allows her to hit Steel and Poison-Type Pokemon and hit them with Poison-Type attacks.


Sleek has almost superhuman agility and speed, able to overpower larger enemies with sheer speed alone.


Being a Poison-Fire Type, she is 4x weak to Ground, and is weak to Water, Psychic, and Rock; She resists Fire, Grass, Poison, Fighting, Bug, Steel, and Fairy


Sleek is the fourth Pokemon to appear overall with a unique Typing.

  • The first is Lerry the Bear's Terry the Tyranitar(Rock-Dark), the second is Puck the Alolan Sandslash(Ice-Steel), and the third is Veila the Alolan Ninetales(Ice-Fairy).

Sleek is the only female member in Lycus' Gang

Sleek is the second gender-exclusive Pokemon to appear, as Salazzle is strictly female. The first is Skyfeather the Braviary(Braviary is strictly male)

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