Sledge big
Biographical Information
  • Physical Age: 18
  • Chronological age: 2
  • Shadow the hedgehog(Technical father)
  • Amy rose(Technical mother)
  • Eggman(creator)
  • EE-00 Alpha
Romantic Interests
Birthplace Cryo-egg base(Ice cap)
Physical Description
SpeciesArtificial Hedgehog/Elemental hybrid
  • Fur:Ice blue
  • Eyes:Blood Red(full power)/grey
  • Height: 3'3
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Red cap
  • Grey glove's
  • Black inhibitor rings
  • Grey boot's
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Piko-piko style maul
  • Cryokinesis
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced agility
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced jumping prowess
  • Super stamina
  • Super Transformation
  • Spin jump
  • Spin dash
  • Spin attack
  • Homing attack
  • Immortallity and agelessness
  • Cold aura
Super Forms
  • Super Sledge
  • Sub-zero Sledge
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics

Original Creator


Dislikes robots

Sledge the Hedgehog is a proto-type atificial hedgehog created by Dr. Eggman from the DNA of Amy and Shadow using a similar process that Eggman's grandfather used to create shadow which was found in gerald's diary. Sledge's DNA was infused with ice thus making him more akin to an elemental.



Sledge was created by Eggman after he realised that robot, while effective as shock troops and cannon fodder, are ill-suited against stronger targets like sonic or knuckles nor can they grow stronger over time, what he needed was an artificial lifeform. However at the time Eggman did not have the knowledge nor the mean's to create such a thing, that is until he found the journal of Gerald Robotnik, his grandfather, which contained direction's on how he created Shadow. Eggman attempted to recreate the process, within an especially constructed base under Ice cap, by using D.N.A aquired from both Shadow and Amy then infusing the result with Elemental energy as a substitute for Chaos energy, in this case Ice. Eggman had also created robot caretakers to oversee to experiment while he was overwise unable too himself.


While the process was supposed to last 18 months, it had to be halted 10 months in due to system failures which were believed to have been caused by the cold temperatures of ice cap but this hasn't been proven. Now active, if a little confused, Sledge was free to explore and leave the base although the security robots had also malfunctioned and gone berserk hindering his progress somewhat.



Reforging in process, Please stand by.


Because Sledge was created to be something akin to a super-soldier his physical abilities are far above a normal person, almost capable of matching the Ultimate Lifeform in most capablities except in stamina in which Sledge is superior, infact while Shadow can last at most 5 minutes in a fight without his inhibitor rings, Sledge last for 10 minutes before tirering. In addition to his stamina, Sledge also has an immense jumping prowess, capable of jumping 5 stories from a standing position and almost three times that when running.

Being designed for combat means that Sledge is capable of learning complex offensive techniques within a short period of time, even create his own variation's if he is unable to learn the base technique.

Finally Sledge is also highly skilled in the use of his maul although he rarely use's it in combat.


Sledge's main ability however is his Cryokinesis, the power to create and control ice and cold. Sledges mastery over this power however has allowed him to learn to manipulate the natural properties of ice such as it's flexibility and it's state of matter, he is able to ice into liquid, gas or energy like forms. Sledge naturally generate's a cold aura which act's as a radar of sort's as Sledge can detect anything that touch's it, this effect increase's massively in cold area's. Due to the fact he is partly an ice elemental, Sledge is immune to ice attacks and resistant to lightning attacks. Sledge is also much stronger in colder area's likewise he is weaker in warm area's.


  • Cryo homing: creates multiple icicles which track a "locked on" target
  • Reikiri: Gather's ice energy into the palm and delivers a palm thrust, an ice variant of lightning blade
  • Frost cracker: creates a container of ice containing highly compressed ice energy
  • Light Bending Ice Armor: Creates armor thats capable of bending light around the user to achieve an effect close to active camo
  • Niflheim: Flash freeze's a large part the surrounding area
  • Comet fall: shatter's the ice created by Niflheim, reform's it into large chunk's and launch's them into the air. the chunk's eventually return causing large scale destruction to the surrounding area.
  • Diamond dust: Shatter's the chunk's used in the comet fall attack into tiny but sharp ice shard's and evisirate's the target


Sledge can transform into a super form with the seven chaos emeralds, changing his fur from ice-blue to silver but the tip of his spine's staying a solid white. his spine, unlike other character's, don't rise. he has another super form with the sol emerald's, becoming pure white and his ice power's becoming greatly aurgmented.


Because of his ice base biology Sledge is natrually weak to fire and earth elemental abilities and sound attributed abilities, in fact sound is probably Sledge's greatest weakness as even a light sound attack can cause massive damage.

Finally, in much the same way cold area's strengthen Sledge, warmer area's weaken him. In fact if Sledge entered a hot enough area his body would start to take damage although this can be negated if he wears a device which can regulate his body temprature to keep his cold.






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