Slate the Shrew is a 16-year old Stone Manipulating Shrew. She is a great dancer, but has been too shy to express this. She has lived her life in the shadow of her older sister.


Slate is normally very shy and reclusive. Normally, she can be found in meadows or forests in her free time. She is quiet a good amount of the time. When meeting someone new, she will introduce herself first (if she can) and make eye contact with who ever is speaking.  

She has a very low self esteem, and almost no friends. Her only hobby is practicing her dancing and powers in solotude. She fears if she uses her powers in public that people would hate her. Her face is usually a nervous expression, unless she is alone.

For her entire life, she has lived in the shadow of her older sisterAdelite the Shrew. While her sister went on to become great at dancing and singing, she lost all of her confidence and resorted to become a reclusive person. She doesn't mention her sister.


Slate is a rather short for her age, only about 2'8. Her fur is colored yellow and her dirty blond hair reaches down to the bottom of her neck. She has eyes that are colored brown. Her hands are clawed, but she clips them regularly.

She is rather thin for her age, almost unhealthily so. Her muzzle is slightly tanned from going outside constantly.


Her clothes are pretty basic. A blue pair of jeans and an aqua green blouse are normal attire for her. She also possesses a small silver necklace lined with onyxes. She wears two bronze earings that she bought herself, and is very proud of them.

She owns a blue one piece swimsuit that she wears whenever she goes swimming. She also wears a white skirt that she uses for dancing on occaison. 


Early Life

Slate the Shrew was born in Central City to her parents Poncho the Shrew and her mother "Harpy". She was born six years after her sister Adelite. As an infant , she absolutely loved Music, and loved to hear the radio every day. She also had a keen interest in rocks, but her parents would not let her out much.

Late Childhood

As her life went on, Slate tried many things. Dancing and Singing were among the most important. However, her sister surpassed her in every single thing. By the time she was ten, her sister had been hailed a prodigy, while she had been seen as little more than average. While she retained aclose relationship with Adelite, she became more and more distant from everyone else.

Adelite's Departure

At the time Slate was the age of twelve, Adelite left for her entertainment career, and left Slate alone in a no longer recognizable enviroment. She was alone, and at this point her self esteem was in shambles. She went the next year into a bit odf a depression that she kept bottled up to herself.

Discovering Geekinesis

A the age of thirteen, Slate found herself with an unnatural attraction to stones, most specifially river stones. As time went on, she took more and more walsk by the riverside, and started taking up skipping stones. Soon, her skill improved immensely. Eventually, this came to a point where she realized that she could control the stones. 

Naturally, she was terrified of this power. She believed that if she told anyone, that she would be locked up (Unfortunately, this was a correct assumption). Because of this, she never told anyone about her powers, and instead went to continue her dancing, further isolating herself. 

However, her strange attraction to stones did not cease. Instead, it strengthened. Soon, Slate started to sneak out of her house at night so she could practice her geokinesis. In this time, she started implementing the use of her geokinesis in her dancing. Pleased with the result, she decided to perfect this. 

Relationships wth Other Characters

  • Adelite the Shrew:Adelite is Slate's older sister. She is a great singer and dancer, and has forever put Slate in her shadow. While Slate doesn't like to mention her sister, she also doesn't hate her. She is wholly responsible for Slate's shy personality.
  • Metalloid the Wolverine:Metalloid dated Adelite for a few months, and she met him a few times. He is one of the only people who has seen her dance, and believes she is actually better than her sister.


Slate has the power of Geokinesis, but it is limited to stone only. She is rather unskilled, but spends a lot of time practicing. Her low self-esteem supposedly hampers her ability to use her powers. She is an extremely good dancer, and has worked dance moves into her powers.

  • Inhuman Flexibility:Slate can contort her body past the normal human limitations. She can easily do a spilt, and some rather complex yoga moves.
  • Geokinesis:Slate can manipulate Rocks in a subtle way. She likes to make rocks float, and has incorporated it into her dancing. She may have many times more potential in her, but her low self esteem prevents her from this.
  • Super Smell:Slate has an excellent sense of smell, far exceeding that of a normal Shrew. Her sense of smell even works underwater.
  • Echolocation:Slate can use sounds and clicks to help her naviagate her enviroment. She rarely does that, as she hates going to new places.


  • Dancing:Slate is a skilled dancer. She practices whenever possible, and has learned several forms on her own. She has no confidence in her skills. Normally, she dances with ribbons or with rocks floating around her. Normally, she will practice in private.
  • Swimming: Slate has a natural swimming ability, which is only amped by her echolocation. 


  • Ribbon:Slate carries a pink ribbon with her that is used in her dancing.


Slate technically has no weaknesses. Her elemental powers are far too week for her to develop weaknesses. Her actual body is also incredibly weak compared to most other characters. 

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