Slash the Wolf.


Slash the Wolf (Full name Slash Razor Lupus) is a 14 year old timber wolf from the planet Mobius who is an adventurer, an orphan, and someone who uses Chaos Powers too much!


He has brown colored fur, with a green streak of hair. He also has yellow eyes, and a long, furry tail. Unlike many Mobians, he wears clothing, which includes a hooded shirt, red frictionless pants, lace-up blue shoes, a belt with multiple storage pouches, a backpack for storing stuff, and a short scarf. On his right arm, he has a watch with many special features, and on his left arm he has a device that holds onto a Chaos Emerald for him, so he doesn't have to carry one all the time when he's running. Finally, in his backpack, he has a gaming system that has been modified to allow playing of all games as well as contact with the rest of his team.


Slash has been described as wild, funny, and laid-back. He is usually the type of person who will go with the flow, but if angered, he will not hesitate to attack back. He also gets very irritated when things mess up continually in a way that makes NO sense at all. When he was young he was nice and more friendly, but after his parents were killed, he became more depressed and grim. However, he eventually got back on his feet after meeting Streak the Hawk and the rest of Team Slash. Since then he has been much more friendly, but he is still somewhat grim about the incident, especially when confronting Dark Blitz.

Powers and Abilities

As he is a wolf, Slash can run very fast for long distances, and he has good hearing and a good sense of smell. Due to these abilities, he is the speed type for Team Slash. He has powerful chaos powers, and is often seen training and perfecting Chaos abilities. He can do the boost dash from Sonic Rush/Unleashed/Colors/Generations, and it is the only way to break the sound barrier. He can do a Spin Dash, but he says that it makes him dizzy.


Slash, like everyone, has weaknesses. He is unable to run faster than the speed of sound without using a boost dash, and that drains energy. His Chaos powers require focus and energy, and he will often require a Chaos emerald to do the more advanced powers. His good hearing allows loud noises to stun him, and his good sense of smell allows him to be lured away easily.

Allies and Enemies


  • Abyss the Mouse
  • Phoenix the Leopard
  • Arrow the Cat
  • Lance the Owl
  • Strike the Raccoon

Will add more when I feel like it.


  • Dark Blitz
  • Professor Bladzer
  • Mecha Slash

Again, will add more when I feel like it.


Super Slash

Hyper Slash

Ultimate Slash

Chaos Slash


  • C'mon, lets go! (When chosen for a race)
  • Heh, this is the best!!! (What he says after getting an S-Rank)
  • Ha ha, too cool! (What he says after getting an A-Rank)
  • Sweet, that was easy. (What he says after getting a B-Rank)
  • Hmm, tough enough. (What he says after getting a C-Rank)
  • That..was rough. (What he says after getting a D-Rank)
  • Wow....That sucked!! (What he says after getting an E-Rank)
  • I can fix anything! Where's the duct tape?


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