Slam Dunk
November 22, 2012
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Slam Dunk is the fifth episode of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. It is a half hour special.

Characters Involved


Sonic and Orange challenge Dr. Tacoman to a basketball game. If Sonic and Orange (Team Oranic) win, Dr. Tacoman will have to stop doing evil for 3 months. If Dr. Tacoman and Katie (Team Dr. Katieman) win, Sonic and Orange will have to stop thwarting him for 3 months. Who will win?


Part 1

Sonic and Orange are laying around, watching Wreck-it Ralph on a screen. Sonic points out his cameo appearance, and Orange is thinking of doing something against Dr. Tacoman, since he's been quiet for the past two weeks. Sonic says they should play a game of chess against their opponents. Orange thinks that's "boring" so he suggest they ski down a mountain, and whoever rides down the safest wins. Sonic reads the newspaper and sees that the nearest mountain is dry and has no ice. Sonic finally comes up with playing a basketball game. They agree and send a message to Dr. Tacoman's new lair, under his house.

Dr. Tacoman recieves the message and he says he's up for it. However, it's unfair that he has to play by himself against two athletic hedgehogs, so he calls his daughter, Katie. Katie is a pro at basketball, so it's a good idea to have her on a team. Sonic said to meet them at the basketball court in downtown at 5 that night. 5 that night... Sonic and Orange meet the doctor and Katie at the court, and Orange thinks this might not be the best idea, due to the way Katie looks. Sonic says that's nonsense and they should just play the game and get it over with. They decide what happens when one wins. They came up with this: if Team Oranic wins, Team Dr. Katieman will have to quit evil for 3 months. If team Dr. Katieman wins, Team Oranic will have to stop thwarting him for 3 months.

Part 2

The game starts. For the first 5 minutes, Team Oranic has been winning by 5 shots. Orange teases Team Dr. Katieman and says they'll lose for sure. Right after Orange finished his sentence, Katie made another slam dunk. And another, and another, and another, until they beat Team Oranic by 5 points. "Look whose gonna lose now!" Katie says as she gets a rebound. Amy suddenly appears and gives Sonic a ring. Sonic makes 12 slam dunks in 3 seconds, making him appear as a blue blur. Tim and Matthias are cheering for him on a nearby sidewalk, and they come over to watch.

Dr. Tacoman and Katie loose hope, and surrender before Sonic even finishes the last slam dunk. Katie runs away, and Dr. Tacoman waves a huge white flag in the air, knowing he's quitting evil for 3 months. Sonic and Orange just walk away and finish watching Wreck-It Ralph, which was just about to end.

Additional Information



Roger Craig Smith as Sonic

Daran Norris as Orange and Tim

Cindy Robinson as Amy and Katie

Matthew W. Taylor as Dr. Tacoman


  • When Sonic and Orange were watching Wreck-It Ralph, it was the scene where Ralph was entering Game Central and Sonic was talking on the PSA
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