Skyview is a city near Mobotropolis, it is often referred to as the media center of Mobius. It is home to dozens of stores which sell countless pop culture items, from music to video games to movies to comics. And of course, there's live entertainment, if you're a nerd, a geek or even the popular kid, there's something for everyone here.

At the center of the media metropolis stands the magnificent Skyview Resort, a multi structure long-term suite. So explore the imagination fueled city of Skyview or relax at the resorts many accommodations (and meet new people) it's your choice!


  • No combat: unless you have a REALLY good reason, no mindless destruction either
  • No sexual stuff: you know the drill, PG.
  • No godmodding: where would you even fit that?
  • Have fun and be friendly: unless your characters a jerk
  • No language: words like hell, damn, etc are allowed.


Participating Characters





The Bus/Outside

The bus rattled as it went over the bridge leading to the massive resort. The bus driver, a black cat with a hat and a card stuck in the band, turned to look at the passengers.

"You all okay back there?" He asked, a slight accent of unknown origin in his voice.

A blue fox nodded. “Yeah! At least, I am...” A platinum colored hedgehog and a brown fox looked at her. They seemed to be quite sick.

Leonidas sat next to Jeremy, a grin on his face. The tenrec was excited to be on vacation, especially with his girlfriend working at the resort for a summer job. Jeremy was less excited, as the mongoose had been dragged along at the very last minute to 'let loose' and 'grab a girl', as Leo had put it. He looked around the bus, nervous.

A brown cross between a Fox and a Lynx sat behind the trio (the foxes and hedgehog) playing around with a tablet that hovered in front of her. Her sister, a similar hybrid, sat criss cross with a book. Behind them were their parents, another Fox hybrid wearing a sports coat; and a Lynx wearing a long dress.

The driver glanced back, checking once more he'd picked everyone up.

"Man, am I excited, Jerome," Leo said with a grin, slapping Jeremy on the shoulder. Jeremy rubbed his shoulder awkwardly. "Will, will you q-quit it with that, that embarrassing nickname?" "Aw, what's the matter, dude? Are you nervous or something?" Jeremy sighed and pulled out his sketchbook, deciding to sketch something.

A lavender chipmunk sat next to a white wolfess with pink hair, "Tsk, Anna why couldn't we just let one of my dads butlers drive us? You know it wouldn't have been an issue." The girl groaned as Annabelle removed her earbuds.

"Cause I didn't want to make a scene. Imagine being mobbed by a bunch of fans while we're on vacation. You wouldn't want to be stalked, would you?"

"Eeh-?" The chipmunk huffed and folded her arms, "I guess we're just too popular for our own good, huh?" She looked at her nails as she pouted.

Just behind them sat a blue fox all by her lonesome, her lone tail resting in her lap as she read what appeared to be a manga, completely in Japanese at that. She hummed softly with a pair of headphones on over her head, stuck in her own little world.

Far in the back, a blue hedgehog with blue, droopy quills and lavender eyes sat down. She wore a floopy brown hat with pink lining, a long-sleeved orange shirt, and some jean shorts along with brown sandals. This was one of the few vacation places Alexia Wynter loved to go to - the beach was somewhere she felt at home! She knew that there wouldn't only be a beach, but that was the image she kept picturing in her mind. This was going to be awesome!

A white-furred hedgehog slapped Alexia on the neck lightly, causing Aqua to flinch. Schnee Ainekas dyed her two upwards strands of hair pink, but left her north-spiking quills alone. She wore a grey and pink crop top that was a bit big for her, golden and black shades, jean shorts, and pink-and-white colored tennis shoes. "Isn't this going to be super fun, Aqua? We're going to the Skyview Resort! Oh, the rumors I heard about this place... this is gonna be legendary, am I right?"

"Su-Surely! I'm excited!" Aqua replied, a medium-sized smile on her face as she gave Schnee a high five.

"That's my girl! This is gonna be so cool, even Terra is pumped! Aren'tcha, Fauna?" Schnee asked Terra, who was watching the two.

"For sure, Ainekas," Terra shot back as both she and Schnee smirked. "It's nice to be able to relax, especially with the Alban Tribe helping the village. I can practically smell the excitement from you two."

Team Saturn then dove into random coversation, including things about chores, driving, shopping, and meat (though Terra mostly drove that last one).

The driver tipped his hat and chuckled. "Alright... Right on time." He said, pulling into the driveway of the massive building.

A female Fox was outside the bus, holding a clipboard. From her nicely braided hair to her high heels, the woman breathed business; aside from the childish grin on her face.

"I welcome you all to Skyview!" She declared as the doors opened, letting everyone out.

“Woah!” The blue fox cried in excitement. She tried and failed to not explode from cheerfulness.

Team Saturn all walked out and stretched after saying "thank you" to the bus driver. Terra saw the fox and walked to her, putting her hand out to shake. "Hello! How are you, miss?"

"I'm good, miss...." She took a second to look at her clipboard. "Terra, right?"

"Please, spare the formalities. I'm merely a teenager, after all." She took a bow before smiling. "And yes, that's me. Terra Fauna the Ocelot, here accompanied by Alexia Wynter the Hedgehog and-"

"The super-hyped Schnee Ainekas!" Schnee interrupted, giving the fox a peace sign.

The two girls climbed off the bus, the taller one dragging three bags with her, her sister carried just one bag. Their father carried the remaining bags with his wife in front of him.

The tenrec and Jeremy both got off of the bus, with Leo noticing the various girls. "There are plenty of chicks here, dude," he said, nudging Jeremy in the chest with his elbow. "Maybe you'll have some fun with them on this trip." "Leo, please, I'm not here to pick up anyone," Jeremy said, not looking up as he kept sketching. The two made their way to the lady with the clipboard and waited for their turn.

She checked her clipboard. "Leonidas and Jeremy, correct?"

"That's us," Leo confirmed. "Hey, Jeremy, why don't you go and get our bags, eh?" Jeremy muttered and walked back to the bus, annoyed. "You couldn't have just got them yourself before we walked off the bus?"

"Come ON people, we don't have all century!" Diamond would declare as she and Annabelle got off of the bus and wondered over towards the lady with the clipboard, "Annabelle Rich, Diamond Calloway." She spoke, pointing at the clipboard and taking pride in both of their names as Annabelle raised an eyebrow while scrolling through her cellphone for something. She seemed to be texting someone quickly, letting them know that they made it in one piece. The chipmunk would then slip her shades on, "I'm ready to get my relaxation on if that's alright with you. I couldn't stay on that bus for another minute...My butt fell asleep!" She sighed heavily.

The blue fox that sat behind the two wondered off and noticed them all crowded around the woman in charge, "I guess I'll wait my turn..." She said to herself with a slightly heavy Japanese accent.

"...yes, ma'am." The woman said to the (apparently pressed for time) pair of females. "For those of that have signed in, you can go ahead inside." She added, motioning to the building's doors.

“What about us?!” The hyperactive blue fox cried while jumping up and down.

“Calm down, Rosebud,” the brown fox told her friend.

“You forgot about us!” Rosebud continued to cry impatiently. She continued jumping up and down like a maniac.

”Ohh man I still cannot believe we are actually at West side Island!” a young female bat at the back of the bus exclaimed.

“Don’t be too loud Lily we don’t want to disturb everyone else.” An older male bat sitting next to her said.

The Fox turned to the trio of youths. "...Lilac, Platinum and Lilly, I presume?"

“Call me Rosebud! And yes, that’s us!” Rosebud cried. “Andy and Eve didn’t come...they’re missing out on so much!”

Annabelle and Diamond would begin walking towards the building, and the chipmunk would start speaking once they were out of earshot of the others, "Ugh. Was she like a 6 year old or something? I about went deaf just standing next to her..." She scoffed in annoyance as Annabelle chuckled, "I mean really, act your age." She'd speak, before the two went inside with their luggage in tow...a good number of luggage at that.

The blue fox waved to the woman with the clip board, "Um, Mei Nakamura. Thank you." She'd speak softly whilst bowing a little, unsure of if she needed to be checked in or not. With this, she began to walk towards the building as well, glancing around with wide eyes as if she had never seen a resort before.

The woman nodded, motioning to the resort's entrance.

The family of hybrids were checked in after her, leaving only the pair of bats.

”come on Ash we it’s our turn now.” Lily said while pulling on her big brother‘s arm.

“I know, I know I was just making sure I had everything in the bag.” Ash said while sipping up his bag. The two then walked up to the woman by the bus exit.

The Fox looked at her clipboard. "Lily and Ash, correct?"

”Yup, that’s us alright,” Lily said to the woman while still holding Ash’s arm.

"That should be everyone... So, if you'll excuse me," She said, zipping off.

Main Lobby

The main lobby of the resort was a large room with a general "shiny" appearance. The roof held a large chandelier in place, casting shadows everywhere a person stood. The front counter was placed at the back of the room, with hallways leading both right and left.

Leo whistled in amazement. "Sheesh, man! This place is so clean you could eat off of it, eh?" Jeremy, struggling with their bags, set them down on the floor and wiped his head. "Sorry, I, I didn't notice with the luggage t-towering over my head..." "I wonder when we're gonna see Reens? I bet she's either front desk or a maid," Leo said with a finger on his chin.

Unlike last time, Rosebud tried to contain her excitement. She didn’t want to start screaming again, disturbing the guests.

Annabelle and Diamond would walk up to the front desk, looking for anyone there so they'd acquire their room keys, "I guess this place isn't too bad..." Diamond would whisper as she set her luggage aside, "I sure hope they send someone to take these to our room though. I'm a delicate little flower on vacation, right?" Annabelle chuckled a little at this.

"HONK!" Everyone within a 50-feet radius would be able to hear a large honk. Next to the bus outside the lobby, a black limosuine came, stopping once all of it (which appeared to be about seven meters long) was past the bus. Then, one of the doors opened, revealing a gold-furred deer with curly, long red hair wearing a very chic outfit that featured a flower design. After waving to the driver of the limosuine, the deer walked into the lobby and up to the fox. "Hello, miss! I'm Marissa Clyde! You won't have to worry about my luggage - I'll have people carry it for me."

Diamond would glare at Annabelle after the two noticed the limo pull up, "What was that about us not wanting to make a big entrance??" The chipmunk scowled a little as Annabelle shrugged and huffed, "Sorry. I just didn't wanna make a big scene and get mauled." The girl responded, "Look. This vacation is about us, and only us. No adoring fans, no keeping up appearances. We're here to relax, right?"

Diamond would scoff in annoyance as she folded her arms, "I GUESS...But people are gonna recognize you anyway, not to mention me. I mean, hello, up and coming super model...~"

Annabelle folded her arms, "Yeah well we haven't been recognized yet so enjoy it while it lasts. You don't WANT to get mobbed do you?" Diamond would huff, "No, but I like it when boys can't get enough of me." She spoke with her nose in the air, "...And some girls too."

A blue hedgehog with a long braid and blue eyes, wearing a porter's uniform, complete with tan tights and high heels, ran into the lobby, slightly out of breath. "Ah, hello everyone!" She greeted with a smile. "Pardon my late arrival; I was just finishing helping another customer. May I get your bags for you, miss?" She asked Diamond politely.

"You look stunning, Reens," Leo said to her with a smile. Jeremy blinked as he saw her, his face reddening. "L-Leo, don't talk to her when she's on, on duty, man. She's awful, awful busy."

The Fox disappeared from outside, arriving behind the counter in a burst of wind. "If you will all line up, I will give you your room keys," She stated. Her hair seemed a bit messed up now, despite having been fine moments before.

Diamond would sigh, "Well it's about time! I was worried I'd have to take these all the way up to my room by myself." She scoffed, "And yes, you can." She responded as Annabelle glanced towards Leo, raising an eyebrow.

"Hm, do they know her?" She questioned quietly as she raised an eyebrow. She'd wonder over to the fox who reappeared, but didn't give the sudden burst of speed and wind much thought, "I'm ready miss. Diamond and I are sharing a room. Here's hoping we got the larger suite that we asked for." She stated calmly, before Diamond pitched in.

"Yeah. I'm so sick and tired of people getting my requests wrong for the most luxurious suite they have!" She added on, "I mean...what's the point of having so much money and getting what you want if someone else can't deliver?" She'd scoff in a snooty tone.

Lily and Ash Walked into main lobby With there bags on there backs. The two looked around the room dazzled especially Lily at the area.

Reens smiled as she stacked Diamond and Annabelle's bags onto the bag carrier. "I'm sure your requests have been acknowledged, miss. You and Miss Rich should have a fabulous time here, I guarantee it." She patiently waited for them to get their room key before pushing the cart to their room.

Leo looked back over at Annabelle, raising an eyebrow as well. He smirked and gave her a slight wave, as Jeremy put their bags in small stacks. "Dude, what's, what's with the flirting? Reens is your girlfriend, at, at least s-show her some respect." "Hey, she was flirting with me, not the other way around, okay, Jerome?" "It's Jeremy..."

Diamond smirked to Reens, "Let's sure hope so. I've heard so many good things about this place and I hope they weren't all lying." She winked.

Annabelle would see Leo looking at her out of the corner of her eye as she waited to receive both her and Diamonds key cards. She'd sneer in disgust a little and roll her eyes before Diamond noticed. She smirked, "What's with the look?" She asked with a small chuckle as she followed her gaze. She snickered, "Did he seriously think you were checking him out. That's lame." She'd grin, her hand over her mouth to hide her snickering and giggling, before whispering, "As if he'd ever be in your league anyway...Boys would kill to be in Jason's position Anna." She added, seeing the wolf look away with a bashful smile, "Oh please...I couldn't ask for a better partner than Jason..." The she wolf added.

”Ok Lily I am going to get the room key from the front desk so we can put our stuff away. So you stay here.” Ash said to his little sister. As he walked over to the desk Lily continued to look around.

Lily took immediate Interest in Leo as he looked the most like an adventurer. But then noticed he was flirting with a girl and didn’t know what to think.

The Fox woman handed Diamond and Annabelle two keys cards with the word "deluxe" on them.

Reens looked over at Leo and cringed slightly. "That's my boyfriend for you," she said with a sigh under her breath. "Always a flirt..." She then perked up and started walking toward the elevator. "Right this way, ladies! Your boudoir awaits."

"I hope that our room is nice!" Schnee stated.

"Who doesn't?" Terra replied. "It'll be nice staying in another place for once, but if it's low-quality, it isn't worth it."

Leonidas went up to the front to get his room keys, while Jeremy looked around a little more. He noticed Lily looking over at Leo, then shook his head and pushed up his glasses, which had slid down his face. "I would've thought Reens had a better job than a luggage carrier," Leo mentioned to Jeremy in a hushed tone. "Probably all she could get considering the circumstances."

A pair of keycards was pushed at Leonidas. "Here you go, sir."

Annabelle smiled at the sight as she took them from the fox, "Thank you very much, ma'am." She responded in a polite tone, before she and Diamond turned to head to their room along with Reens. Diamond hopped up and down a few times, "Relaxation, here we come~!" She cheered.

Ash also get his pair of card keys. “Thank you.” He said to the front desk. He then walked back to his little sister.

“I got our card keys now Lily let’s put our stuff away.” Ash said. Lily nodded and straign up her back.

Leo took the key cards and gave a smile to the fox before walking towards the elevator, Jeremy picking up their bags again. Leo had more bags than he did, three to his single bag. As he followed Leo, Jeremy muttered under his breath slightly.


The two entered the elevator and held the door open for Reens, Annabelle, and Diamond. "Thanks," Reens said to Leo, pulling in the luggage carrier behind her.

”Hey Bro I’m going to race the elevator.” Lily said as she prepares her wings.

”Ok but take your key card first so you don’t get lost.” Ash said while handing his sister a key card.

Diamond and Annabelle would follow Reens into the elevator as they waited for the doors to close.

Mei would wonder over to the fox as she smiled and waved, "Hello again, may I have my key card as well, Miss?" She asked.

The Woman turned. "Oh, just call me Felicia, and yes." She said, handing the keycard to Mei.

Mei smiled and nodded, "Oh, alright. Thank you Felicia." she smiled and took the keycard as she bowed her head and looked towards the elevator, "Mmm...I suppose I could take the stairs." She muttered, before she headed for the nearby stairwell reserved for guests. Once she was inside, she'd sprout her 5 other tails, and use those to carry her bags up the stairs without breaking a sweat. She preferred to keep them hidden so as to not cause a big fuss.

Lily had entered the stairwell soon after in order to race the elevator, she passed by Mei on the way. oh That’s cool to see in person. Lily thought seeing the Kitsune though had read enough to know it was best to not mention it out loud.

Mei would look shocked and at a loss for words when she noticed the stranger going up the stairs past her had definitely seen her. If anyone were to let out that she was here, her sister would no doubt hunt her down for...Certain reasons. And she wouldn't let any innocent people get in Akari's way. Mei would continue up the stairs, making sure to keep a watchful eye on Lily in case word got out. She wasn't one to start altercations, but for the safety of the innocents and for mortals, she'd have to sacrifice one to save many...It was something she didn't want to think about, but something to keep on her mind if push came to shove.

After getting her card, Schnee ran up the stairs, yelling "Excuse me?! Miss kitsune?!"

Those extra 4 tails would quickly disappear. She should have just waited for the elevator like everyone else... Mei started to grab the bags so they wouldn't go tumbling down the stairs. She gave Schnee a hard glare, "I would appreciate if you didn't go YELLING. To the WORLD. What I AM. It will start a panic and attract people that you don't want to MEET." She said, whisper yelling almost, "If you value the safety of yourself and those around you PLEASE. Be. QUIET." She hissed in anger. Mei didn't like getting angry, but if someone went idiotically yelling about to the world where she was, she was going to have to lose her temper for just a few moments.

Ahead of them both the young bat picked up the Kitsune’s threat. Yup good thing I didn’t bring it up She thought to herself as she continued upward.

The smaller Hybrid turned, having heard the shouting. "Hmm?"

"Hey, hey, if you don't like being called a kitsune, that's fine," Schnee said, dangling a metal bracelet on her wrist. "I've met a really weird fox mutant thingy, and she didn't have any problems when I called her the other name for a multi-tailed freaky cat hybrid. Then again, if I specifically called her that, she probably would... Anyway, I think you need to calm your tails. I was just going to say something about how cool you are, but it looks like some antisocial girl doesn't like conversation."

"And don't even start about 'threats I don't want to meet.' After defeating that arse of a bunny that almost killed my brother and friends, I don't think whatever your problem is could possibly scare me. So why don't you tone down the edge factor and allow us to have a normal conversation, hmm?" Schnee continued.

Mei glared darkly, taking a deep breath "Miss. I'm sorry but you're being very rude to me for wanting to talk when you're yelling to the heavens about my personal business. I'm not worried about you since you seem so sure of yourself. But it's the other people here that I want to keep safe." She stared at the floor, her heart beating in her ears, "My sister doesn't care where I am, but she will do everything in her path to get my tails so that she can become powerful enough to wipe out our entire village." She looked back to Schnee, "Now, I'm going to ask nicely, miss. Please. For the safety of those around you, who DON'T have the power or strength to protect themselves. And for the safety of my home. Don't go telling people what I am...And try to keep your voice down. Not everyone can be as care free as you..." She finished, seeming distraught and stressed, even as her vacation was about to begin. She turned, now struggling with her bags as she continued up the stairs with her ears flat to her head, and the looming threat back on her mind. Even when she tried to get away from it all, it all had to come flooding back as she tried to relax like normal mortals would...Maybe this was all a bad idea. She'd pass the young bat, "Excuse me..." With this, and her now shaky voice, she exited the stairwell to get away from prying eyes.

Schnee rolled her eyes. Ugh, some people. "My personal business," my ass. Oh, I'm sorry if your species is sooooo important to you that I can't even mention it. It's not like I start bawling and screaming if someone calls me a hedgehog, she thought as Terra and Alexia caught up to her.

"Sch-Schnee! What were you doing?" Alexia asked.

Schnee sighed. "Nothing. Just made an acquaintance."

"That sigh doesn't sound so reliable," Terra stated before shaking her head. "Alexia and I are going to explore. You wanna join?"

Schnee shrugged. "I think I'll go solo. I wanna meet other people on my own, so I can introduce 'em to you," Schnee said before walking off. Terra and Alexia did the same.

Marissa, meanwhile, was stalking following the Poppies and Reens. She thought she saw the famed Daphne Calloway and Annabelle Rich, so she just had to check it out. Plus, her security was taking her key card and luggage, and the song artist needed some entertainment. Starting behind them, Marissa said, "Hello, are you two Annabelle Rich and Daphne Calloway?"

The two girls would stop as they were walking, and turned around as Diamond scoffed a little, "First of all, yes we are. And second. Please, call me Diamond." The chipmunk would say, before Annabelle smiled, "We didn't think anyone would recognize us so fast." She admitted.

"Oh, it must be so bothersome, having to go out and have people admire you so much. Honestly, I know the feeling. Are you girls busy? I'm worried about not having anybody here to relate to, so I was wondering if I could chat with y'all. You both seem like people who I can enjoy myself with," Marissa replied.

Diamond giggled, looking just as full of herself as usual, "Well, it does get tiring but I can't blame them." She spoke, Annabelle nudging her with her elbow lightly, "Whaaaat? Tsk." Annabelle sighed as she glanced back to Marissa, "Well...I guess it wouldn't hurt to have another person in our party." She shrugged.

"Aah, isn't that just great? It'll be nice getting to know you two darlings~" Marissa said before taking a slip of paper out her pocket. "When you two are free, don't be scared to call me, alright? I promise I don't bite."

Ash senstive ears clue him into the fact that taking the stair will not be safe for him, so he decides to wait for the elevator instead.

"The elevator across the hallway opened, the interior empty. The family walked up behind him, a series of clicking and clanking of suitcases following them. "Mind if we ride in that one with you?" The father asked Ash.

The smallest member muttered. "I wanna take the stairs, I heard something."

Reens drummed her fingers on the luggage carrier. "I really am glad to see you, Annabelle. It's been a long time since that party you threw."

Annabelle took the slip of paper as she glanced over the cellphone number written down on it, "Mm-hm." The she wolf nodded, "Which party are you thinking of? I haven't had many recently...then again a while back I had one after another and they all sort of...blend together, I can barely remember the details...Sorry." She admitted as Diamond giggled playfully, "Of course you couldn't remember every single one!"

After getting no response, the Father led his group into the elevator.

Seeing the guests had begun heading to their rooms, Felicia walked to the front entrance, looking for any other newcomers.

Diamond would smile to Marissa, "Oh, we better get going then. Our room isn't gonna claim itself~" She stated, nudging Annabelle who had spaced out for a moment before nodding as they turned to walk down the hall, "We'll see you around though." The she wolf spoke.

"That's good, dears! Enjoy your vacation~" Marissa said, turning away from the elevator and walking away before the elevators started to close.

"You too~!" Diamond called back, blowing a friendly kiss as Annabelle nudged her and they moved on to find their room. The chipmunk smirked, "Who knew we'd be getting any sort of attention so early?" She whispered, "Not that I don't mind it of course. We just can't escape the admirers!"

Meanwhile, Mei made it to her room in one piece, having set her things down before she sat on the floor and attempted to meditate in some shape or form. She took deep breaths, hands folded over one another on her lap as she was able to calm herself and open her eyes, "I'm here to relax. I cannot let those who disrupt my journey have a long lasting hold on my mind..." She whispered to herself. With another deep breath she stood up, sprouting those 5 other tails in the privacy of her own room to help with putting her things away. A few items went into the closet, while her essentials went into the bathroom. She held up a small blue one piece as she caught herself blushing, "I don't think I'll ever truly understand Western fashion..."

The family reached their room, the Lynx flopping onto the bed. "It's so sooooooooft,"

The smallest ducked into the second room of the suite, opening her bag to make sure the mask and hood were well-hidden.

Arcane, the father and Raindrop, the mother, sat down on the bed next to the one the Lynx had claimed.

As each person reached their room, a small book would be on a desk near the window. The book was a directory, and thusly had a map to the various luxuries and a calendar for resort events. There was a pool, gym, arcade and restaurant on the bottom floor, there was a telescope on the rooftop, among other things. There also was some sort of game night at 6:30. with the current time being 11:28, the vacationers had time to settle in and explore.

On the following page was a map of the nearby shops. An Italian restaurant, The Broken Accordion, was in walking distance from the resort as a option for lunch or dinner. Besides that, there was a music store, a hobby shop and a cosplay store. At the bottom, it said a full map of Skyview could be requested at the front desk.

"Aaah~! Living the life of luxury!" Diamond would plop onto her Queen sized bed in her private bedroom, while Annabelle walked in from her own room on the other side of the suite with the small book in hand, "Hm, you wanna head out and get some lunch or explore the hotel?"

Diamond sat up while fixing her hair, "Hm, I'm pretty hungry after that ride. Lets get some grub." She spoke, "Lemme see." She was handed the book as she looked through, "Lets get all gussied tonight for the restaurant in town. I think we'll hurt some peoples self esteem when they see how good we look." She giggled as Annabelle shook her head and smiled.

"So we're eating lunch here?"


Ash walked to his room in shame, Oh my Light Gaia I totally spaced out when that Lynx asked me a question, I hope I get to apologize to him before it's to late. Ash thought to himself. Ash opened the door to his room and found his sister already in it. The room was as he excepted simple even with all of that saving he was lucky to get a room with two beds.

It had two beds with a desk and window in between a small closest to the left wall and the door to the bath room to the right, lastly to the opposite side of the beds was a small tv. Lily had sat her backpack down and was sitting on the left bed. "I see you picked your bed already, did you beat the elevator?" Ash said. "Yeah I beat it pretty easily." She said as she grabbed the so directory from the desk.

Annabelle and Diamond left their room after locking it up, putting their purses over their shoulders as they headed to the elevator with their map in tow, just in case.

"Ugh, I'm starving!" Diamond would groan.

Diamond and Annabelle would find themselves wondering around the hotel in search of the restaraunt. Diamond huffed, "So hungry...If we had let my butler drive us here we could have stopped somewhere but nooo, you wanted to be 'normal'. Normal is SO 1800's." The chipmunk huffed as Annabelle sighed and simply shook her head.

Sooner or later, they would bump into Felica, but she was dressed less professional now. "Oh, um... hi. Anything I can help you with?" She asked, obviously not intending to see any guests at the moment.

Annabelle paused, "Oh hey! We're just looking for the restaurant is all." The she wolf spoke, "Are we going the right way, miss?" She asked.

Felica looked down the hallway. "Yes, ma'am. If you go to the lobby, it's your first right." She said.

Annabelle nodded, "Awesome, thanks." She waved as Diamond nodded in agreement, "Thanks!!" The two headed on towards the lobby together. They'd soon find the restaraunt and plop themselves into a clean booth before placing their things on the table.

A brown hedgehog walked into the entrance with a backpack, duffel bag, and suitcase. He had black shades on along with a black and blue leather jacket. He looked at Felicia and tipped up his glasses. "Oh, 'scuse me, miss. This is the way to the hotel, suite, whatever rooms right?" he smiled, seeming nice enough, and he was late enough to just miss the celebrity women walk off. "I just arrived so I'm trying to find my way around the place."

A mobian wolf walked Into the lobby as well. He was wearing Jeans, a flannel, a pair of sneakers, and a white t-shirt, and a broken pair of glasses only being held together by some tape. Noticing Scotch was busy Hugh just sat down near the restaurant and opened his laptop.

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