Skytail Rift is a character who is set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a tall, thin red fox with an unusually long tail and blue eyes. Despite being a fox, he is the husband of Mary Rift and stepfather of Jesse, who are both humans. He lived in Ocean Point Village until the events of On the Run, where he helped Maxwell Veschell get to the Storming Base, and it was confirmed he now lives there with his wife and stepson.


Skytail is a tall, thin Mobian red fox shown to be a bit taller than Roy the Fox. He has the usual color of a red fox, with russet-red fur, a white tail-tip and inner ears, white fur running from his chin to his belly, and dark brownish-black hands, feet, and ears. He has an unusually long tail, bright blue eyes, and wears a red baseball cap with a black brim, a solid red t-shirt, and blue shorts.


Skytail is a fiercely loyal family man. Despite being a fox himself, he is shown to love his wife Mary, a human, and her son Jesse-also a human-his stepson. Because of Starline's capture of Jesse, Skytail hates the doctor, even to the point he helped Maxwell Veschell escape when the young boy fled to Ocean Point.


Before the Series: Despite not being mentioned in the story, his past was confirmed by the creator. After Mary's first husband died in the original destruction of Ocean Point Village, Skytail helped her raise her baby son Jesse, and they later got married, making Skytail Jesse's stepfather.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

On the Run: Skytail is seen shortly after Maxwell Veschell reaches Ocean Point Village. He shelters Max, ordering Nicholai, an Echidna villager, to call the warriors. But shortly before a warrior patrol can arrive, Starline locates Max, and attempts to coerce the villagers into handing him over with the promise that Skytail and his wife would be left alone and forgiven for their son's own "crime". Skytail vehemently refuses, and he and Mary follow Max to the Storming Base with the warriors. As of Max's flight to Light Mobius in On the Run, Skytail is living at the Storming Base.




Skytail and Mary are the second inter-species couple shown in the series, not counting Pokemon couples.

Skytail's name is a reference to both his blue eyes and unusually long tail.

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