Skymir the Vampire Bat

Skymir (said Sky-my-er) is a 10 year old vampire bat who is mute. He is the 6th Knight of Darkness and is a powerful, furious fighter.


Skymir was the youngest child of 7, he had 3 older brothers and 3 older sisters. His father, Samson, was a doctor and his mother, Ursula, was a teacher. As he was the youngest he got teased by his brothers and sisters bitterly. However, one of his older sisters, Celia, didn't tease him and liked to play with him. Unfortunatly, when Skymir was 7 he got laringytis, and couldn't speak. This made Skymir more teased and more alone. He was chosen to be a Knight of Darkness, and he accepted this quickly.

This is also where he met Eneja, and he fell head over heels for her. After the battle, he and Eneja became more boyfriend and girlfriend (even though he is 10 and she is 9)

25 years later

Skymir and Eneja are now married and they have one daughter: Laice,and Eneja is expecting another one. Skymir is now a pilot and is very famous. It is also said that the child is a son called Victor.


Skymir is a blood red bat with very large ears and large glasses. He has a brown fringe and yellow eyes. He has scar across his chest (it is unknown how it got there) and has black boots and blue gloves.


Samson the Vampire Bat (Father)

Ursula the Bat (Mother)

Tyson the Bat (Older Brother)

Vincent the Vampire Bat (Older Brother)

Olivia the Bat ( Older Sister)

Ethan the Vampire Bat (Older Brother)

Winola the Bat (Older sister)

Celia the Bat (Older sister)

Eneja the Fennec fox (Wife)

Laice the Fennec-bat(Daugther)

Victor the Vampire Bat (Son)

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