Skyler the Tenrec is a 17 year old boy who part of the the Freedom Fighters. He is Mina Mongoose's childhood friend and Holly the Seedcat's love interest.


Not much of his past is known, but its show in his flash back that he come from a good family, but don't get along well with his father for unknown reasons and went to all the right schools. He used to live in a small, peaceful village, that was so beautful. Until the day Hal the Cat came into his life, destroying every single thing in the village. Skyler swore revenge on the villian, who he will not meet til nine years later.

When he met the Freedom Fighters, He quickly became fast friends with everyone. When meet Holly, he became her friend and brother.


Skyler is the most laid-back, funniest, positive and innocent guy you'll ever meet in your life. his very out-going and full of energy personality, along with his athletic skills make him very useful to the team and very popular with everyone around him and is easy to be friends with. He can be clusmy and use wisecracks, which get him into trouble, but makes up for it. He rarely gets angry, but in the third season of Sonic Underground X, Skyler's anger rouse up when he heard about Hal the Cat, the one person who destroy his village and what worse, his anger gets worse when he finds out, not only is he Holly's father, but he becomes very protective of Holly and to keep her away from Hal because he trying to trick her into joining him on his deeds. Skyler shows he cares for others, but mostly Holly who he looks at as a younger sister. Like Sonic, he loves chilli dogs and running.

Physical Description

Skyler fur is cyan and has minty green eyes and his spikes are almost full. He wears a white jumpsuit with minty green lighting bolt and stars. he wears gray sneakers, snice his old ones got destroy and a pair goggles giving to him by Shadow.


Skyler is the the thrid fastest thing alive, running nearly close to Shadow but not closed to Scourge and Sonic. he also a perfect athlete, which is useful in mission at any cause and is well skilled using the nunchucks which he learn from his master and can take down enemies with a strong blow.


"Life never gonna be easy, but always think positive"



"Let's rock, dudes"

"Me and my old man never gotten along" Skyler taking about his father.

"You better stay away from Holly or your gonna to face me" Skyler giving Hal a warning.


  • He was supposed to be a Hedgehog and be name Blue. He was also was going to be the third sibling of Sonic and Sonia, but the story was changed.
  • Skyler is shown to hate water.

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