Skye the Mink

Biographical Information
RelativesJon the Mink (father), Melanie Mink (mother)
Romantic InterestsNone, so far
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian North American mink
DescriptionSky blue fur, yellow eyes, peach muzzle
AttireDark brown vest, light brown shirt, blue jeans, white gloves and socks, orange shoes w/ blue stripes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsKnothole Freedom Fighters
WeaponryBoomarang, slingshot
AbilitiesRoll, Spin Dash,
Super Formsnone
Other Information
American V.A.???
Japanese V.A.???
Theme Song(s)TBA
Original CreatorVenomTheEchidna

Skye the Mink is a character created by VenomTheEchidna. He is a naïve yet lovable thirteen-year old mink boy.


Sky was born way up high in Angel Island, by Maria Heather. He was always polite as a little kid, but got much more violent as he grew. He became somewhat cold-hearted, but was still kinda polite and cheerful. He was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, so he went to go on adventures. One day, he met a blue wolf, whom he made friends with. The wolf, named Yuki, offered Sky to become his sidekick, he agreed. However, Sky didn't know that Yuki was friends with Scourge and Fiona, which Yuki kept a secret. Four monthes later, Yuki betrayed Sky, banishing him, and no longer "acepting him as a sidekick". Sky tried to attack Yuki, but was defeated by him. Sky was angry and sad, he wanted to kill Yuki, and ran off to his home. He wanted to have allies again, so he joined The Chaotix, where he met Vector, Charmy, Espio, and the others. He met Yuki the next day, where they had a battle, and Sky, suprised at this, won. Yuki retreated and went to The Ice Cap Zone, Sky followed him. Yuki happened to be attacking it, but Sky stopped him. One day, the Chaotix and Sky, found a rather round man, bald. It was Dr. Eggman. They tried to stop him, but Eggman just laughed and went away.


Skye, as described in the beginning of the page, is a lovable adolescent. He tends to be timid when first meeting an individual, but will either warm up to them rapidly or grow to resent them, depending on his feelings on them. One of the flaws in his character, though, is that he can be incredibly naïve about certain things, and can be too talkative at times as well. Skye can also suffer from Bipolar disorder occasionally, going from one emotion to another. All in all, though, while this mink has obvious flaws in personality he is generally likeable by most.


Skye is a light blue-furred stout mink with a youthful look about. He is a slim boy, though barely has any muscles. He has light yellow, wide eyes, and a soft, fluffy peach muzzle. Skye has a full head of oily, blue-black hair, which isn't well-maintained and needs to be cut. His attire is simple; he wears a dark brown vest and a light brown shirt, and wears blue jeans. He has white gloves and socks, and orange sneakers with a blue stripe.


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