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Many types of trees, Plants, and crop.


When Mobius was first formed, long, long ago, there were two main alliances, The Air-dwellers and The Land-dwellers. The Air-dwellers were people who preferred to live amongst the sky. This includes people like Sydney Shiun, who is an Angelic HedgeWolf. The Land-dwellers were those who liked the solid earth on wench they stood. Most times, the groups met in peace, and the land was calm. But one day, a Land-dwelling hedgehog named Wynona while practicing her bow accidentally shot and killed a passing Air-dweller. An argument about the murder broke out, which led to war between the groups. Troubled by the fact that the groups were fighting over a terrible mistake she had made, Wynona fled and made her way towards the mountains and visited the seven great sages. She begged and pleaded for their help at such hopeless times. The Sages, as merciful as they were, agreed to act. They took the land or the Air-dwellers and lifted it above the clouds, thus preventing the groups from meeting. This created Skydale, The Land of the Clouds, and restored peace to the land. Many moons have passed since, and Skydale is kept hidden by the spell cast by the Sages eons ago, undected by the rest of Mobius.

Notable Areas


Gracelore is the capital city of Skydale. Therefore it is the largest city in Skydale. Many people, including some Land-dwellers, live here, and it is filled with homes and all kinds of shops.

Lake Village

This small lake side town is near the very heart of Skydale, and home to The Sanctuary, a sacred place of the Seven Great Sages. Not many folks choose to settle here, since it rarely gets any visitors, but the villagers share what little they have with each other, and the town itself just feels heartwarming.


The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the sacred meeting place of the Seven Great Sages. It is a small, dojo-like building that a protective field around it, killing anyone who enters who is not pure of heart. The Sanctuary grants temporary immortality upon entering. In the center of The Sanctuary lies a marble carved alter with a hand imprint in the center. Pressing you're hand onto the imprint shall unveil a hidden staircase to the Room of Animy, the Sage of Sky. Speak with her, and she shall bestow upon you the Enchampion, a magical book which contains the strongest spells ever written.

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