The Skyblade Continuity is a group of universes created by Skyblade743. All of the universes have similarities and sometimes cross over, but overall they are largely different.

The universes were created and are still presided over by the Endless Gods. Due to the Gods having recently being almost annihilated by Solaris, the dimensions have fallen into disarray, with most being devoured by the Time Eater. However, the multiverse persists and is starting to rebuild.

For a summary of important events, see the second tanner above. Beware of spoilers


The Primeverse is where all the fangames and fanfictions so far defined as canon to the continuity exist. It is based off the game canon, although it obviously adds large amounts of fanon and borrows several elements from the Archie comics when needed(for example, the name Mobian). The Primeverse takes the main canon and puts it in a more realistic setting, focusing on the life of people in the wake of Sonic's rise to fame, as well as explaining various questions about the game canon.


Present Chronology.

The order that events happen in after Sonic Forces, all in the year 2018.


Zeroverse is essentially the playground universe. It's designed as a much more lighthearted version of the Primeverse for crazier concepts. It also consists of characters for non-canon events, like roleplays and crossovers. All the characters in the prime universe exist here and are mostly the same, except obviously for current arcs.


Home of the upcoming Sonic Ultra cartoon, the Ultra Universe basically takes the old game canon and reimagines it. It takes various design elements from the main game, the Primeverse, the Archie Comic and Sonic Boom.


The Guardianverse is for Sonic Guardians and any following games.

Chaos Boundary

The Chaos Boundary is where Chaos Energy is drawn from and is a huge wall of energy separating dimensions, although it's not a dimension in itself. It contains the Place Beyond Time(the home of the Endless Gods) and White Space, where dead universes are destroyed by the Time Eater.

Other Dimensions

Various other universes exist outside of these. However, they are rarely seen by anyone in the continuity. The only canon universe still to exist is the Boom cartoon universe, the Sol Dimension and the IDW continuity. The rest have been destroyed by the Time Eater or are trapped in White Space.

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