This is a summary page of all the fanfictions, games and crucial events involved in the Skyblade Continuity. All of them are in roughly chronological order. Naturally, this contains major spoilers.


Guardian Civil War

Involved Characters: Guardians of the Chronosabre, King.

Disaster Club Act 0

Main Characters: [Unnamed], Rugal, Thundereye, Drittenbac.

Supporting Characters: Austin, Nash, Rider, [Unnamed:Katana], [Unnamed: Shuriken], Gemma, Ringmaster.

The Flames of Hope

Main Characters: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Elise, Mephiles.

Supporting Characters: Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Omega, Blaze, Eggman, Iblis.

Sonic Forces: Kingdom Come

Main Characters: Shadow, Team Sonic, Infinite, Eggman, Kai.

Supporting Characters: The Resistance, Vendeta, Blaze, Professor Pickle, Kabletech, Rouge, Omega, Replicas, Eggman Empire.

The game picks up directly after Sonic Forces Episode Shadow, where Sonic is defeated by Infinite in Sunset. Shadow attacks Infinite, but is forced into hiding with Rouge after knowledge of the Shadow replica gets out. After arriving in the city and battling Eggman’s robots, Sonic’s friends are eventually forced into hiding in a hideout used by the Chaotix during the Black Arms invasion, turning the hideout into the Resistance base. Several squads of G.U.N soldiers are sent into the city, but are quickly slaughtered. The remnants join the Resistance except for one man: Kai, who fills the role of the player character in this continuity. He hides alone, followed by a hallucination of Infinite and trying to avoid Eggman’s patrols of the city, which are now rounding up civilians who didn’t hide with the Resistance.

After Infinite returns to the Chemical Plant, Eggman takes the Phantom Ruby to repair it, leading to Infinite hallucinating his dead squad members before being giving a prototype by Orbot due to Eggman wanting to use them up. Eggman also taunts Sonic with his success, using the Phantom Ruby to torture him. While Infinite is out of the fighting, the Shadow replica leads Eggman’s forces into the United Federation, obliterating G.U.N’s forces. Espio teleports the Commander away from the base while Gemerl and Silver guide the remnants of G.U.N’s aircraft to the Resistance base. Meanwhile, Shadow uses his Chaos Powers to call Infinite to his location and tries to defeat the jackal but fails miserably, being forced to teleport away in bad shape.

In Sunset, Kai remains on the run from Eggman’s forces. He tries to attack a patrol of Egg Pawns, but his hand is shaking too much and he misses all of his shots, getting captured in the process. Meanwhile, Westopilis is taken by Eggman after a short siege, with Kable Enforcement holding the city for longer than anyone expected. Kable strikes Eggman a deal: he will provide Eggman with his weapons and knowledge of G.U.N’s tech, in return for his freedom. Eggman agrees, although Kable simply wants the alliance to save his own skin. The Resistance also rapidly gain in manpower, as many Kable Enforcement soldiers defect during this time and being with them several advanced weapons. Tails also brings his Tornado III mech. The Resistance elects Knuckles as their leader, and although he’s apprehensive he steps up to the challenge.

During this time, the Babylon Rogues steal the Master Emerald under everyone’s noses, and Wave sets it up to generate an energy shield around Monopole. Jet uses the energy shield to bribe his way into position as the Mayor of Monopole, and asks Storm to raid Meteortech’s old facilities so he can assemble an army for himself.


2018: Kable Arc

Re:Destroyed Facility

Involved Characters: Kable, Deerthorn, Dr. Param.

A Kabletech agent by the name of Deerthorn send Kable an email detailing the destruction of a laboratory in Apotos, and contains the last diary entries of one of the scientists, Dr. Param, in the email. The diary details the scientists working to find a way to limit power gene growth, despite reservations from Kabletech’s board of directors and the knowledge of where the genetic material is coming from. The scientists find Dark Gaia energy limits the growth and develop limiters to stop the growth, but are unable to find test subjects, leading to Dr. Param to volunteer himself in the final entry. Kable congratulates Deerthorn on obtaining the information and states he will pick up where Param left off.

A Different Kind of Normal

Main Characters: Powers Club, Kable

Supporting Characters: Sasha, Gabriella, Cyborg Squadron, Ice

The story starts with Natalie Walker returning home after school and explaining to her mother, Sasha, how she dealt with a group of bullies by accidentally using her latent psychic abilities. Sasha tells her that she has disocvered a group called the Powers Club that was made to help people like her come to terms with her powers. Natalie goes there a few days after and meets Johnathon Persona, Rugal Paramount, Angel Skyheart and Carl the Hamster.

Kable Spin-off

Main Characters: Kable, Cyborg Squadron, Poisonmaster.

Supporting Characters: Sarthel.

The story starts with Kable talking on a chat show making a statement about rumours that he kidnapped children with power genes, stating that his company's assets were used and he had no involvement, and that he would also be giving the families of the kidnapped children compensation. A few days afterwards, Kable meets with a businessman called Vernon Grey, who lets Kable know of an auction happening in Empire City which is rumoured to be selling Dark Gaia monsters. Kable considers them a legitmate threat and travels to the auction with Bladedancer and Wraith in disguise.

While Kable watches the auction, Bladedancer sneaks backstage to find out what’s going on and Wraith keeps lookout, using his intangibility to float trough the building. Kable watches as several Deep Nightmares are sold off to bidders. Meanwhile, Bladedancer watches a mysterious female white Mobian hedgehog with a cloak over her right arm and a mask covering part of her face as she walks through one of the building’s back corridors. Bladedancer follows her until she comes to 2 security guards who are blocking the door to backstage. When they refuse to let her through, the hedgehog unsheathes half of her katana and the security guards both collapse, having been stabbed in the chest despite the hedgehog not having fully drawn her blade. She looks around and tells Venus she can come out now, referring to Bladedancer by her real name.

Bladedancer attacks the hedgehog, but is quickly overwhelmed as she seems to avoid every single blow without even trying, and can strike Bladedancer without even drawing her katana. Wraith arrives and attacks the hedgehog, and she immediately vanishes before Wraith can even land a blow.

Disaster Club

Main Characters: Natalie, Rugal, Marcee, Dragen, Thundereye, Beautyface, Vendeta.

Supporting Characters: Angel, Dean, Sam, Ringmaster, Ice, Glass, Bladedancer, Kable.

ADKON Sequel

Main Characters: Powers Club, Mask, Sasha.

Supporting Characters: Sarthel

The story starts with the final scene from Disaster Club, with Natalie waking up and looking in the mirror to discover her face partially altered to look like the Mask Parasite. She then uses her powers to enter the Mask’s mind and discovers that, although it is still intelligent due to absorbing information from Natalie’s mind, it hasn’t grasped it’s powers properly due to only having been alive for a few hours. Natalie prepares to remove the parasite in the same way she did to Beautyface’s, but the Mask eventually manages to strike a deal with her: she would keep it and all of it’s powers under the condition it was under her control. Natalie agrees to this, and she returns to the real world before falling asleep again.

Natalie wakes up the next morning to discover her powers are stronger, able to target multiple people at once. In addition, she also seems to be much prettier and also physical stronger.

Horror Story

Main Characters: Dragen, Infinite, Null.

Supporting Characters: Brooklyn, Marcee.

The plot starts directly after Dragen’s final talk with Marcee in Disaster Club. After teleporting away, he appears outside a treehouse in the jungle, owned by Brooklyn Waterfield, a young woman who can create clones of herself across the world that she regularly uses to spy on organisations so she can act as an information broker, and also so she can go to multiple parties simultaneously. Dragen asks her to find Infinite’s location, and although she tries to get him to pay, she reluctantly agrees to do the work for free. The morning after, Brooklyn tells Dragen Infinite is located in the mountains of Icecap, which he teleports to next.

Vendeta the Hedgehog Volume 1

Main Characters: Vendeta, King, Glass, Nethilis.

Supporting Characters: Gatis, Assassin’s Guild, Vendeta Blue, Figurehead, Powers Club, Kable, Sasha, Gabriella.

Heroes Rising (ADKON 3)

Main Characters: Powers Club, Kabletech, Sarthel, Rain.

Supporting Characters: Vendeta, Sasha, Gabriella, more to be added.

2019: Drittenbac Arc


Main Characters: Dean Stag, Deittenbac, [unnamed: Tratior]

Supporting Characters: [unnamed group: Conspiracy]

The story acts as the intersection between the Kable and Drittenbac arcs. It starts in 2018, with Dean escaping from Beautyface’s disastrous attack on Disaster Club.

2020: Tel-Eth Arc

Vendeta the Hedgehog Volume 2

Main Characters: Vendeta, King, Tel-Eth.

Supporting Characters: Ice, Dragen, Marcee, Dean, Testimony, Sasha, Natalie.

Time Irrelevant

Worlds Away

Involved Characters: Yacker, Nathah, Nega Wisps.


Merriment (short story)

Involved Characters: Vendeta, Glass

Stylish action game

There was a plan to create a stylish action game based around a Mask invasion of Earth that would be foreshadowed in the ADKON sequel. Gameplay would revolve around swapping between the Powers Club members and using their individual powers and roles (Natalie a balanced fighter, Rugal a tank, Angel a glass cannon and Carl as support) to create stylish combos and clear out enemies. DLC with Infinite and Sasha Walker was also planned. However, the project was cancelled due to not fitting the spirit of ADKON, being less slice-of-life focused and more superhero-ish.

Concepts for the game eventually led to the creation of Bladeware’s Shiki Harada, a stylish action game focusing on an invasion by similar beings and Shiki herself using a katana and having several moves based on the special moves planned for Natalie and Sasha.


Cold was a fanfiction intended to be written around the same time as ADKON. It would follow Ice's first days, where he was taken in by university student and secret vigilante Johnathon Persona, as well as his roommates Venus McCarthy and Matthew (no last name given). Ice would develop his overly simplistic sense of justice from his nights fighting Kable with John's hero persona, not realising who he was. Eventually, Ice would discover some secret about Matthew that led the sentient block of ice to kill him, leading to a showdown between him and John's evil persona that destroyed the flat. The epilogue would show Venus awaking in Kabletech Tower as Bladedancer and Kable explaining the situation from his very biased veiwpoint, leading to Bladedancer leading the Cyborg Squadron.

The project was cancelled as ADKON took precedent. However, the planned plot is still canon and would later be revealed by John in exposition.



Skyblade characters: Vendeta, Vendeta Blue

Other Characters: Max Irvaron, Eggman Empire, G.U.N.

Depths of Dimensions

Skyblade characters: Vendeta, Tel-Eth

Other Characters: Saviours, Rulers


Skyblade characters: Powers Club, Kable.

Other Characters: Orion Station and allies, Metaspace Comet Battalion and allies.

Roleplay:Hunt For The Elemental Orbs

Skyblade characters: Vendeta, Vendeta Blue

Other Characters: Team Mask,

Roleplay:Beast Legends

Skyblade characters: Tel-Eth

Other Characters: G.U.N, Elemental Gods, Eggman Empire

Worlds Apart

Skyblade characters: Word of Kiritsu, Nathah, Kable of να-τιδ.

Other Characters: Nickel’s Gang, Team Saturn, Crys, Venus, Rinnahssiah

Also by Skyblade

Sonic Guardians

Yeah, I can’t be bothered to do this one. Plot goes nowhere.

Mario V Sonic: Clash of Heroes


War of Blades

Main Characters: Blacksabre, Freeze, Firestorm.

Supporting Characters: Emaric, Flame, Tremor, Vampiris, Cobalt.

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