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Dark Gaia Energy

Dark Gaia energy is energy naturally produced by Dark Gaia and naturally destroyed by Light Gaia. The Earth is naturally bathed in a low level of Dark Gaia Energy, although not enough to have any real effects. However, when concreted or found in large quantities (like during the events of Sonic Unleashed) it has a variety of effects on humans and Mobians.

For most people, Dark Gaia energy brings out repressed negative emotions, although what emotions exactly varies on the person affected. The person affected has very little or no conscious control over their actions, although whether this is a side effect of the powerful emotions or just another effect or the energy nobody know. Dark Gaia energy is also able to repress the effects of Power Genes, disabling most superpowered individuals, although again how much depends on the person affected.

The effects of Dark Gaia energy can be fought against, although how much by depends on a lot of factors. Those who know of Dark Gaia’s existence may be able to shake off the effects if they know what is happening, although this is only in a few rare cases (namely Professor Pickle). It is also able to be repressed by people who have strong willpower (namely Amy Rose), those who never lose sight of who they are (namely Sonic and Doctor Eggman), or those with pure hearts (although this mostly consists of young children).

Due to a lack of research (and how inhumane researching it would be in the first place), the exact science of how Sonic became the Werehog is known only to Doctor Eggman himself, and he has not revealed any information on the subject. It has been theorised that extreme build ups of Dark Gaia energy transform people into monsters, although whether the being still has sentience during this form if they are unable to resist Dark Gaia Energy normally, if they gain the stretching powers that Sonic had, or even the exact form of the transformation (especially on humans and those lacking power genes like Sonic had) is debated in entirely baseless theory, although it’s rumoured G.U.N has been trying to experiment with this effect to create biological weapons.

Political Standing of Lost Hex

Since the recent discovery (or rediscovery, depending on your point of view) of planetoid 23, known colloquially as Lost Hex, much debate has sprung up over the ownership of the region. Some countries completely ignore this arguement as they recognise the Eggman Empire as an offical state. However, for those that don't (like the United Federation), or who those who think the planetoid no longer belongs to him after the events of Sonic Lost World, who owns Lost Hex has been the cause of much debate, especially seeing it's positoned in neutral airspace between the United Federation and Chun Nan.

The main reason for this arguement's existence is the discovery that many materials on Lost Hex are valuable and extremely useful in the robotics business, which is the reason why Eggman made a base there in the first place. The United Federation plans to use the materials to make more G.U.N robots and develop new weapons with Kabletech, but many have pointed out that the materials would be much better served elsewhere in order to advance the robotics sector as a whole instead of focusing on the military section of it. There is also the debate of whether the Zeti deserve equal rights to humans and Mobians or not, which hasn't been helped by the lack of knowledge about the species except for the Deadly Six, who are mostly seen as either extremely dangerous or too stupid to be even considered sentient. This arguement does not seem to be ending any time soon.

Events surrounding the shattering of the world


Wisps and Hyper-Go-On

Wisps are a sentient race who live on Planet Wisp, a world far away from Earth but actually exceptionally close to Kryte. The Wisps are a mostly peaceful race and, although older than a large number of races in the galaxy, humans and Mobians included, have not made any major technological advances. This is mostly due to their physiology: Wisps are entirely made up of an energy source known to those on Earth as Hyper-Go-On, which have various reality distorting effects that have not been fully looked into. As such, Wisps have no need to eat or drink, don't get sick unless their Hyper-Go-On is drained and live exponentially long, with many Wisps living for well over 1000 years. Due to this, they've have no real reason to advance, instead happily enjoying their planet and company.

However, Doctor Eggman's arrival caused a massive stir on the planet. After the planet was returned to its original position, the Wisps largely evacuated to the south due to the wildlife destruction in the north of the planet due to Eggman. This led to the creation of four sectors-Nalarm, Lalarm, Galarm and Kalarm-each with it's own Mayor: the first political system on the planet for thousands of years. Recently, after discovering some had survived Eggman's takeover, Nega Wisps have recently been integrated back into Wisp society, with those who were previously Nega Wisps being able to communicate with them in a langauge dubbed Nega Wispese.

The end of a Wisps's name also displays their gender. -er is for a male, -ah is for a female and -ar is for those with a non binary gender.

How Psychokinesis Works


Space Colony ARK

The Space Colony ARK facility was built by G.U.N in 1950 for weapons development. The reason the facility was positioned in space was in order to stop corporate saboteurs and journalists sneaking into the facility, as well as seeing if a self-sustained human colony in space was possible. The project was to be headed by several major scientists including Professor Gerald Robotnik, Winston Conley and Julia Towers. A whole regiment of G.U.N soldiers was also positioned there in the event of something going wrong. Several large fields with various crops were built within the facility in order to sustain the ARK's massive workforce, although they still recieved supplies from Earth in the event these couldn't function as intended.

The ARK generally focused on simple weapons development until the 1960s. However, after that point, Commander Hugo Brass was unimpressed with the progress from these well renowned scientists and asked them to create something truly astounding. The result was the Artificial Chaos, developed based off the legendary God of Destruction that slaughtered the Echidnas completely unprovoked. The Artificial Chaos were controlled through a central unit at the ARK based off the Master Emerald Shrine. The creatures proved a success, and they were sent back to Earth where they were fielded by G.U.N, although Robotnik still had to control the Artificial Chaos from the A.R.K as an Earth-based central unit was not yet finished. G.U.N used the creatures to put down rebellions in several nations, and were used in the killing of civilians in several cases undisclosed by G.U.N, often being drowned in them when they were at close range. Having to personally instigate these himself from the central unit, Gerald was horrified by what G.U.N was doing, as were many of the scientists involved. As such, they changed their plan: they were going to use the technology they had to help people instead of make weapons. They would still supply G.U.N with weapons to avoid being kicked out of the ARK, but would make sure the technology was either faulty, described in a misleading way or just not on the level of the Artificial Chaos.

This scientists worked on many things in this period, including researching ways to keep Ifrit and the Nocturnus Clan in the Chaotic Inferno Zone and the Twilight Cage, respectively. Also during this time Winston Conley and Julia Towers had a child, Abraham. However, Hugo Brass was again unimpressed by the progress of the ARK, and had likely seen through their facade, decided to give the group a task that would appeal to their sense of good and support G.U.N.

Gerald's recently born granddaughter Maria had been found to have a terminal genetic disorder called Neurone Inefficency Disorder. Maria's nervous system would slowly burn itself up until it fried her brain, killing her. Hugo Brass asked Gerald to find the secrets of immortality, for G.U.N and to save his granddaughter. Gerald agreed, and Maria was brought up to the ARK, never to set foot on the Earth again. Gerald found a way to slow Maria's disease by syphoning off excess electricity from her nervous system, allowing her to live fairly normally until she was 12, giving the researchers much more time.

Gerald found that he could slow ageing through Power Genes, following on from the research of Matthew Bazenhower, and the researchers started developing a new chemical compound that would give the host Power Genes that would slow, and hopefully halt, ageing. However, something they never realised while they were creating this new serum is that Power Genes multiply uncontrollably when outside a host born with them. When injected into a volunteer from the G.U.N regiment stationed onboard, the Mobian mutated into a massive lizard like being that tried to slaughter the ARK's occupants. This monster was hidden in the ARK's lowest depths and was named the Biolizard by the scientists on board, kept alive only for research and in case a sentient Mobian's mind is still contained within. Maria was 4 when this happened.


The Black Arms


Quick Notes

This is for anything that only needs a very short explanation.

  • Infinite was exaggerating in Sonic Forces when he said that Sonic had been defeating Eggman for decades.
  • Many people did die in the Perfect Chaos incident, but it was in the middle of the day and many were working in the skyscrapers above the level Perfect Chaos floodied, thus the death toll (while high) was much lower than it could have been.
  • The Wisps are not even remotely as powerful as the Chaos Emeralds.
  • While the echidna race is still in existence (the Nocternus Clan still exist in the Twilight Cage and some live in White Space), it's extinct in the main universe bar Knuckles and any refugees from the Twilight Cage and other dimensions (of which there's barely half a dozen).
  • Eggman replaced Shadow‘s limiters when he fell to Earth. Rouge still has the Flame Ring Sonic gave her.
  • As per the Twitter Takeover, Shadow only uses Android phones and his favourite anime is Kill La Kill.
    • As per the TSR Twitter Takeover, Doctor Eggman’s favourite anime is Tokyo Ghoul and Tails’ favourite anime is My Hero Academia. Sonic’s favourite anime is definitely not Sonic X for fear of breaking the forth wall beyond repair.

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