Not to be confused with Skye the Lycanroc

Sky the Falcon, formerly known as Skyplunge, is a male Peregrine falcon on The Storm Fighters who serves as their main Healer in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He does participate in fights, but only if he chooses to, given his small size compared to other Mobians on the Team.


Sky is a non-anthropomorphic Peregrine falcon(he is still capable of coherent speech). As such, he is a somewhat large bird with mostly gray feathers, a speckled white belly, and brown eyes.

Despite not being an official Mobian, he is still capable of using his wings as hands if the need arises. He can also use his feet as an extra set of hands if he needs.


Overall, Sky is a stern, sometimes sarcastic individual. While he cares for any patients he is taking care of, he is quite stern with them, and dislikes anyone who tries to resist, especially since he's one of the smallest Storm Fighters on the Team. Like all Alliance members, he harbors a deep mistrust of enemies and has come to hate Finitevus for constantly bullying Austin and eventually driving the young warrior and his friend Storm the Buizel from the Base.


Before the Series: Sky's past before the series is unknown, as is where he comes from. It was mentioned that his original name was Skyplunge, but he dropped the "plunge" part of his name in favor of being called just Sky.

The Return of Sonic.EXE: Sky makes a minor appearance just before the final battle in the story. First, he's heard by a recovering Ringo the Raccoon talking with his former protege Tuft the Ferret. Sky remarks how the last time he tried mixing something, it made a huge mess and ruined his feathers, and Tuft worriedly states that Fox wouldn't like another mess. Later, when Ringo wakes up from a nap he'd had, Sky offers him a drink, telling the raccoon that he'd hit point-blank in the chest, sarcastically remarking that it was a wonder he was still alive.

Revenge of Sonic.EXE: Sky's only appearance is when he warns Fox of trouble around where an item serving as Sonic.EXE's prison.

The Egg Boss Scare: Sky makes his only appearance to warn Fox about Eggmans plans.

Zorro's Shadow: Sky is mentioned to be helping Laker look at Magma after Metal Sonic attempts to destroy the Base.


Like all birds, Sky can naturally fly.


Sky has a vast knowledge of healing as well as healing items, making him a great asset to the Storm Fighters. He has shared this knowledge with his protege Tuft the Ferret(who later died), and later Rigor Marole the Red Panda and Laker the Greninja as well as learning a few things from the Ancient Army's Healer, Yarby the Albino Mega Charizard X.



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