"First thing you should know about Sky the Hedgehog: when I make a promise I always keep it."

Character description

Sky the hedgehog is known as the strongest hedgehog in metropolis. His dream is to be the greatest freedom fighter ever. Even though he has left the Enforcers (his brothers and sisters), he soon joined the destiny fighters. Sky is a type that loves peace but when he is in a fight, he is a different person. Some may think he is odd and may be a battle hog. But he fights to protect his friends and he hates if something bad happens to them. His dream is to be the greatest Freedom Fighter ever and to be the best in the world.


Sky is a person who does not think before acting. Also, he is childish, arrogant, and a little self centered as well as pretty friendly. He respects the people he challenges along the way. Sky is always a risk taker and puts his life on the line before anyone else. Other than that, Sky is nice and sweet and a really good friend to his friends and rivals. 


  • Short spines
  • Red eyes
  • Black/white shoes
  • White/black shirt
  • Skull belt
  • Black jacket
  • Wears one necklace

Battle Appearances

Sky's Official Battle Outfit

  • Black/white shirt
  • Black pants with chains attached
  • Black/white shoes
  • Wears one necklace
  • Skull belt


  • Super Sky - Sky starts to gather energy and has his fur become golden as this increases his power, speed and durability.


  • Being attacked while helping someone
  • Girls: Sky never hits girls unless they're evil
  • After one of his transformations he loses a lot of power
  • His strongest transformation doesn't last very long


The name's Sky, Sky the Hedgehog

They called me Sky...

I'm always there when a friend's in need....

Hey, let's battle again sometime.....

Game Quotes

S-Rank: -break dance- I'm the best there is...

A-Rank: Awesome....

B-Rank: Easy.. No sweat...

C-Rank: Man, I'm good....

D-Rank: I'm off my game....

E-Rank: Man, I need to step up my game...

Sky's battle quotes

In the battles

  • You're gonna have to kill me.
  • You gotta go through me first.
  • (Fighting Eggman) Hey, egg head!
  • (Defeating Eggman) Looks like you lose again.
  • (Defeated by Eggman) Damn, I wasn't trying hard enough.
  • (Fighting Shadow) You really want to lose to me again?
  • (Defeating Shadow) I wanna fight someone tougher!
  • (Defeated by Shadow) Oh well, I had fun.
  • (Fighting Scourge) Alright Scourge, let's get this over with.
  • (Defeating Scourge) Hey, you're not mad at me.
  • (Fighting Sonic) How about another round?
  • (Beating Sonic) Hey Sonic, are you OK ?
  • (Defeated by Sonic) Well I try....
  • (Battling other destiny fighters) Wanna fight your leader?
  • (Fighting Nazo) Don't worry you guys, I can do it.
  • (Winning against Nazo) Ha! You're weaker than I thought.
  • (losing to Nazo) -pant- Dammit...
  • (Fighting Blue) ... Now for my rematch. I've been wanting.
  • (Beating Blue) -pants- Yes, I beat him....
  • (Defeated by Blue) Not again.....
  • (Fighting Cervantes) Time to win.
  • (Beating Cervantes) Yes!!!!
  • (Defeated by Cervantes) I saw this coming..

Sonic Riders Series

Extreme Gear: Shooting Star

Type: Speed

Attack: Spin Dash, Sword Slash, Overheat


Eat my dust...

See ya...

Goodbye, slowpoke.

Try to keep up.

Getting Passed

Oh crap!

No you don't!

Not on my watch.

Gotta catch up....


X-Rank: YAHOO!!!

SS-Rank:Go Go Go!!!

S-Rank: YES!

A-Rank: ALRIGHT!!!!

B-Rank: YES!!!

C-Rank: Cool!

D-Rank: Come on!

E-Rank: I gotta try harder...


You're gonna go far kid lyrics - The Offspring

You're gonna go far kid lyrics - The Offspring

Sky's Old Theme

Black Star 'Never Lose Myself' LYRICS Soul Eater OST 1 Track 9-0

Black Star 'Never Lose Myself' LYRICS Soul Eater OST 1 Track 9-0

Sky's New Theme


Free sketch 8 by haleyxh-d69bdhq

Created by HaleyxH

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