Skid the Hedgehog has always been ready to go to school after reuniting with Sonic and the rest of Team Reborn. Sadly this has never been something that became a reality. So, with this not in mind, Skid decided to go on his own for a little while. Once his opportunity came back into mind, he knew it was the first thing he had to do. Now, we see what lies ahead as Skid has enrolled in a school for young minds and fresh fighters, and has been accepted into the Awakening Project, a program for rather... "Special" fighters with exceptional abilities. But, there is something more than what we see. Whatever it may be, the adventure starts today!








Rosie the Echidna


Skyblade743 (Bloopers only)

Involved Characters

Name Team Age Grade/Role Other Information Roommate Player
Skid the Hedgehog Chaos 15 Freshman A joyful hedgehog who loves to draw. Doesn't really refer to himself as an artist, though. Skid's speed is what he uses in just about any form physical activity. He also tends to reference things and give a lot of quips to certain situations and comments. Corey Skid
Lilac "Rosebud" Wood Chaos 14
Freshman An optimistic and loud hydro/cryokinetic. Rosebud is the most cheerful out of her group of friends, and seen as the most weird. As an optimist, she hates sadness, causing her to be obsessed with making people happy. A little bit too obsessed. (Is also Team Chaos' unofficial weeaboo.) Madison Speedy
Platinum Foehn Chaos 15 Freshman The quiet aerokinetic. Usually spends his free time writing, and sometimes won’t sleep until he finishes a story. Lilly Speedy
Andy Wood Chaos 16 Sophomore Energetic tomboy. Kind of a jerk, but isn’t a bully. Usually enjoys teasing the others, but doesn’t hurt them unless she really hates them. Closest thing this roleplay has got so far to a tsundere. Milssa Speedy
Lilly Granger Chaos 14 Freshman The creative geokinetic. Likes thinking outside the box, and is very artistic. Is pretty girly, like Rosebud, but to a lesser extent. Platinum Speedy
Eve Granger Chaos 18 Senior Is more mature than the rest of her friends. Usually doesn’t agree to Rosebud’s plans, but follows anyway. Is sort of like a mother figure to her group. Has the powers of botanokinesis and being a killjoy. Ruby Speedy
Kasai Ozaijolt Chakra 17 Junior A very arrogant member of a crime gang called the Kine Gang, Kasai is a pyrokinetic who believes himself to be one of the best at anything. He is very loyal, too, and will never leave anyone he has the slightest bond with behind. Is an emo. Max
Wolfie Wolfsbain Zenkai 14 Freshman As the princess of the Tenebris Kingdom, she doesn’t seem very princess-like. She is more of a nerdy umbrakinetic, who enjoys spending time on computers. Usually likes being alone, with the exeception of her (ahem!) “cousin”, Ruby, whom she is always happy to be around. Even if Ruby gets annoying at times. Dee Speedy
Ruby Wolfsbain Zenkai 14 Freshman The strange and childish chronokinetic. Is very obsessed with her cousin, Wolfie, despite Ruby being older. The oldest isn’t always the most mature. Eve Speedy
Alexia Clarisse the Hedgehog Chakra 15 Sophomore A very shy and timid cryokinetic/hydrokinetic who came to this school to harness her abilities for... personal reasons. Not the largest fan of violence, so constantly stressed that her abilities center around them. Terra's second cousin, and a huge fan of anime/manga. Kaiira Max
Terra Marvel the Ocelot Chaos 17 Junior Oldest of nine siblings, Terra is a girl who knows how to be kind yet serious. A very defensive figure who expects a top-notch performance out of most, and she has two differing sides depending on how well she knows you. Has no powers, but has extreme faith in her abilities. Alexia's second cousin. Kadri Max
Ethan Beryl the Hedgefox Knight 18 Senior A joker who cares deeply about the feelings of those around him, Ethan is the class clown. The guy who is always trying to turn frowns upside-down, he can sometimes be too obsessive with whatever his objective is. Nonetheless, Ethan is a thrill-seeking crystal-manipulator who tries to find the joy in everything. In battle, he wields two green crystal blades. Max
Madison Cooper the Hedgeguin Chaos 14 Freshman A thoughtful but vulnerable umbrakinetic. Her mood changes frequently, going from cheerful in "normal" circumstances to serious when someone needs help to anxious if she is bullied or suddenly realizes that she's made a mistake. Despite the frequent mood changes, Madison is often helpful due to her great planning skills. Rosebud Wiki
Milssa the Hedgehog Chakra 14 Freshman A very outgoing and honest martial artist whose social skillls aren't the best. Excited enough at the prospect of coming to the school that she had her age magically enhanced by 5 years in order to do so. Thinks she's bully-proof, but is weak to inimical allies. Andy Wiki
Rinnahssiah-2 Zenkai 18 Senior An electrokinetic and mind-controller. Suffers from having lost her very recent memories (despite her mind otherwise working fine), making it difficult for her to remember why she's at the school. A bit of an engima. Indrek Wiki
Kaiira Frost the Arctic Fox Chakra 14 Freshman She's a nimble and strategic Cryokinetic/Frigiokinetic. She's kind, sweet, and thinks a lot. Alexia Skye
Scarlett the Hedgefox Chakra 14 Freshman Tomboy, thinks of other mobians' safety before herself, and is a reckless pyrokinetic & infernokinetic. She tries her best to not let anyone else suffer like how she did in her past. Skye
Mackenzie Hyde Deimos Chaos 28 Instructor A clever but strange tiger who likes to teach his subjects in unnatural ways. Sometimes can be snarky to his students, and often doesn't try to soften to truth in order to prepare his students for the real world. Is an electrokinetic, and a single father. N/A Max
Headmaster Vibratus N/A 39 Headmaster The school's new headmaster. Despite his moments of informality and apparent lack of planning, he's much cleverer than he lets on. N/A Wiki
Kadri Leelo the Echidna Knight 16 Junior The twin sister of Indrek Kalju. Extroverted but often tactless, and sometimes hotheaded. Has no particular superpowers, but does have unusual strength born of a lifetime spent outdoors. Terra Lucent
Indrek Kalju the Echidna Zenkai 16 Junior The twin brother of Kadri Leelo. Introverted and sometimes mistrustful, but often plays the devil's advocate. Can sometimes read minds, and has telepathy and unusual stealth born of a lifetime spent outdoors. Rinnahssiah-2 Lucent
Corey Andover the Fox Knight 15 Sophomore The current guardian of the Segmentana, an ancient telescoping katana passed down for generations, finally landing with him. Eager to make new friends and to learn new skills, but somewhat naïve. Skid Wiki
Zerax-909 "Landon" N/A 573 Administrator An alien robot. Usually the guardian of a magical artifact, but took one year's vacation time to be an administrator here. Tries to be friendly towards the students, but is also incredibly strict about enforcing rules. N/A Wiki
Alice Wood Knight 40 Instructor A skilled swordsman (or swordswoman) who is the mother of Rosebud. She is always trying to have Rosebud switch to Team Knight. N/A Speedy
Vernon Millar the Snake Chakra 33 Instructor An expert on the subject of mastery of unique abilities, gained through the mastery of his own unique abilities. Very serious and often rather mystic, but kind. N/A Wiki
Adelaide the Flamingo Chakra 14 Freshman A studious girl who struggles not to be pessimistic. Has the magical ability of being able to use whatever power she wants, with one caveat: the closer she is to someone who can do a given thing, and the better they can do it, the weaker that power is for her. Rosie Lucent
Squiffy Bruce the Terrier Knight 15 Sophomore A wannabe pirate who is attending this school to improve his skills with a cutlass (as, in his opinion, all pirates must be able to use cutlasses effectively). Friendly, but may be hard to understand unless you understand mock-pirate jargon. Wiki
Dave the Axolotl Chakra 15 Sophomore Bruce's best friend. He is not a pirate-in-training, no matter how much Bruce may want him to be one, and is instead here to make use of his three arms, which he obtained through his axolotl healing factor after recovering from a freakish accident. Completely deadpan at pretty much all times, but good, as well as being more mature than average. Wiki
Rosie the Echidna Chakra 16 Freshman A peppy martial artist from the Hidden Emerald Dimension, who comes from a background where bonding through sparring matches is common. She loves to learn and practice different fighting styles, as well as forge friendships over a good, friendly fist fight. Rosie hopes to learn as much as she can from the instructors here and maybe even meet some new sparring buddies along the way! Adelaide Rosie
Dee Prower Knight 14 Freshman A Flynx Hyperanalysist, she enjoys running amok and bending rules whenever she can. She will follow rules and guidelines when a serious force is introduced into play, but doing whatever she wants is first nature. Underneath all this, she's clever, smart and energetic (maybe too energetic). Wolfie Lee
Cobalt Clarisse the Hedgehog N/A 47 Instructor Cobalt is the instructor for Stamina, Speed and Strength Training and Swimming. Cobalt is a very patient man who tries to be kind, but he is also prone to getting too attached to his students. This does not stop him from going all-out in classes, however. Strangely, him and Alexia have the same surname.... N/A Max
Crymson Nico the Cat Knight 16 Sophomore Crymson Nico the Cat is a mercenary-in-training. He has a very carefree and quirky personality, always trying to be stylish and cool-looking. However, he can come off as very dense, and he doesn't perceive emotions as well as most. In battle, he wields Midnight, which is a sword, a chainsaw, and a gun. Max
Bahn Akira the Rabbit Knight 17 Junior Bahn Akira the Rabbit is Crymson's partner in crime! He and Crymson are trained by Bahn's father, and thus, Bahn always tries hard to impress, and puts a lot of focus on his work. Due to this, he can seem a little obsessive, and he doesn't relax all that much. He also tends to be a loner. In battle, Bahn wields three katanas - Azula, which controls fire, Glacius, which controls water and ice, and Lazus, which controls electricity. Max
Kyoto Yakunitatsu N/A 29 Vice Principal Kyoto is the vice principal of Kaio-Ken, who would do anything to help his superior, Headmaster Vibratus. He doesn’t talk all that much, and he prefers to get things done quickly, even if doing so doesn’t have the best outcome. Kyoto doesn’t like too many of the students, although there are a few exceptions. Kyoto has no known powers or combat skills. N/A Speedy
Caleb Seldon the Dolphin Zenkai 18 Senior An enthusiastic and considerate engineering whiz. This last part was his ticket into Kaio-Ken, as he invented a headset that gave him telepathic powers, as well as a one-way dimensional transporter that knocked him to Kaio-Ken's dimension. At Kaio-Ken, Caleb plans to master his headset's usage and pick up some other cool skills along the way while trying to find a way back home for the end of the year. Wiki
Lia Seldon the Dolphin Knight 16 Junior A nice, but shy girl who has an unusually strong bond with her brother, Caleb. She came to Kaio-Ken because Caleb was there and the school interested her, then managed to use her skill with blades to get accepted to Team Knight. While Lia will probably be decent enough to other students in classes, if anyone messes with Caleb, they'll feel her wrath. Wiki
Samira Lim the Koala Zenkai 25 Instructor An externally calm, zen-like instructor who appears perfect as the teacher for Team Zenkai. Skilled at meditation and other techniques to hone the mind, Samira does indeed possess great amounts of knowledge on mind-building techniques. As to her personality, though she may seem calm, others would be best off not annoying her lest they incur her biting sense of humor...or worse. N/A Wiki

Awakening Project

This is mainly info. The awakening project is a program for students accepted in the academy that qualify as a "diamond in the rough. There will be 4 teams, 8 people on each team. 2 people will bunk per room so basically.... Roomies! =D The teams will be focused on different fighting: Team Chaos will have DBZ-esque/Sonic-esque fighting, Team Chakra will have Naruto-esque fighting, Team Knight will have sword-based fighting, and Team Zenkai will have mind-based fighting. However, all 4 teams will be taught together, as one class. There is a list below of classes that your character (s) will take.

There is the classic, "Homeroom".

  • Jitsu Training
  • Ki & Chakra Control
  • Melee/Weapon Training
  • Lunch
  • Free Period

The lovely... "Special Periods".

  • Swimming
  • Stamina, Speed, & Strength Training (Basically Gym.)

The Best Part...

  • Team Training

These classes will give your character (s) everything they need to be a future hero/fighter/something else. There are a multitude of clubs such as...

  • Art
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Trainer's Delight
  • Fencing
  • Horseback

Also, to decide which team your character (s) will be on, YOU will decide which team your character (s) will be on, by your characters fighting style. Place them into the according team based on how close they fit into that category.

Rules (Because they're important.)

  1. Minor swearing, and don't over do it.
  2. None of the Rule 34 stuff. You know what I'm talking about. I'll allow the minor stuff, you know flirtation, hugging, kissing, that sort of thing.
  3. I personally am not gonna be a teacher so if anyone wants to fill that role they can, but you know, ask 'cause I at least wanna know.
  4. There will be several roles to fill.
  • The students (Something you don't have to ask for, just put the name down.)
  • Instructors (Someone has to actually teach the kids.)
  • Administrators (Someone has to watch over everybody.)
  • Headmaster (Be an authority figure at the top of the school.)

These roles will be available for anybody really, but once I get enough students, enough teachers for the students, a principal, an assistant principal and a administrator for each grade we can start. A side note is that you will decide your character (s) team they go on based on their from fighting style.


Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival/Bloopers

Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival/Act 1

Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival/Act 2

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