This is a character, or should I say the main character of the Sonic Reborn Universe, Skid the Hedgehog.

That's it.


Here's the backstory. I tried to make it as edge free as possible. For your safety.

A village resides by the sea. It's name: Unoriginally, Seaside Bay. This is where Skid lives, where he would live for a while. He was happy. His mother and sister loved and cared for him, with his father... somewhere. People in the village knew and respected him, as he possessed incredible power and speed. He was said to be a part of the villages defense, which was comprised of ninjas, soldiers, swordsmen, stuff like that. So as of now, its said he went out abroad for intel and things of that nature, in order to keep the village safe in case of an attack. He's not dead, no, I wouldn't be implying that. Inconviently enough, he was keeping up with his son from the day Skid was born, but had gone missing a couple years before the current events later in this backstory take place.

Then there were his friends. His best friends, in fact. Melody Masira and Neo the Hedgehog, who will get their own page eventually. These three spent so much time together it was like they were all living magnets, always attracted to one another. They grew up together. Neo became a ninja in training, Melody got into magic and pursued her dream of becoming a professional singer, in English and Japanese. Skid grew up training his ass off and doing the things he loved. He hadn't found a particular interesting profession, but it'd come soon enough. Though he focused his training on his agility and speed particularly, as for some reason he thought that it'd be a better idea to do that rather than to go all around.

But anyway, it was the night of the village's 30th anniversary. There was a huge celebration. Dancers, singers, fireworks, good food. It was all there. The little trio of the village (that being Skid, Neo, and Melody) even volunteered to participate in the festivities. But one stood far from the party, hiding among the darkness and shade the shadows from the leaves of the palm trees had granted him. Xent, a prince, hailing from the dark world. A place where evil souls congregate, and lost souls wander into, thinking this was the customer support center.

He attacked, with hundreds of dark souls in physical bodies at his side. The bodies were fragile, a one hit kill, if you will. But they were strong, and in great numbers. The three took cover, figuring out a strategy plan to go back out there and help. They were ready to go, but Skid's mother would have none of it. She would not dare lose her son after she may or may not have lost her husband. Skid pleaded, even getting his sister Natalie on his side, but his mother would not budge. She knew that they wanted to help, but the risk was too great, and if something went wrong, she wouldn't be able to live with herself since she allowed it to happen. Then, a group of dark souls broke into their hiding place, with Skid, Neo, Melody and Natalie all going to get rid of them. They were a bit stronger than anticipated, but they managed. After the scuffle, they fled somewhere else, and were able to wait it out.

By the time it ended, it was morning. Clouds filled the sky, and the village was a total wreck. Tattered decorations scattered everywhere, almost every building had been destroyed in some way, people were hurt, whether it was minor, mild or major. Anyone who could work would help with reconstruction. Skid wasn't devastated, just more like disappointed. Mainly because they got beat by some random wannabe Zamasu-ass dude from their literal own hell. A couple weeks pass and its damn there the fall. Skid would be had turned 15 in July, and he had finally decided what to do next. Go out into the world and explore it. Have some fun, meet some people, and maybe even find what he wanted to do as an adult. He talked it over with his mother, and she reluctantly approved. Skid, however, had a promise to keep. That'd he come back to visit them, every now and again, if he were to stay out there for the rest of his days.

Traveling by boat, he reached a nice town by the name of Sunset Heights. Nicely placed along the beach, where he could get a peaceful view of his home. That, and yes, the sunset. Once he found himself an apartment he moved in, after the awkward discussion of why a 14 going on 15 year old boy would be moving into an apartment by himself. After that, he went out adventuring. By himself. Able to find enough rings to keep himself stabilized and live pretty decently, since that's a currency in this world. What'll happen next? I don't know, but you won't be finding out on Dragon Ball Z.


Skid's general appearance goes like so:

He has fluorecent blue fur, teal colored eyes, and three bangs that appear to cover his eyes when drawn, but actually stick outwards. His main outfit is a black T-Shirt with dark gray pants, while also wearing a white button-up shirt with pockets, that this usually left open. He wears red and blue shoes with teal bracelets and a bandage that comes up to his knee on his right leg.


He's generally a joyful kind of person, trying to see the good in some things, when others don't. He also makes quips and remarks at certain comments or situations, which are usually for comedy purposes. He tends to do silly things as well, though doesn't show it often. Usually gets angry from people who just do plain dumb stuff, or something that makes him stressed out, then realizes he's wasting his own energy focusing on it after he also realizes how stupid it is.


Chaos energy works differently in this world. It's kinda like "ki" from Dragon Ball. Its very easy to tap into, and everyone has it. Though, its not their life force. Instead, it's what allows people to run faster than normal, jump up as high as a forest tree, or higher. So, Skid has been training (and still is) to gain control over Chaos energy, in turn allowing him to perform feats such as using a super form without the Chaos Emeralds. So as of now he has pretty advanced Chaos control, which allows him to increase his physical stats at will, as well as use energy blasts. His actual combat is rather impressive, as he did train with his sister, so by the time of the attack by Xent, he was pretty advanced. A few named moves would be:

Super Soul Smash: A energy infused punch. Depending on the amount of energy used, can be a devastating finisher.

Spirit Zenkai Blast: A move usually used as a heavy damage attack or a finisher, charged with one or two hands using the user's spirit as energy. Which means it can be more powerful if the spirit is excited, as in how much its riled up. Or if you got people with you that are trusting or believing in you.

Piercing Homing Attack: Self Explanatory. Pierces through things instead of hitting it with inertia and your body weight.

Super/Perfect Chaos Cannon: Used primarily in Super or Chaos Super forms. Charged with two hands, and is very capable of obliterating a country to a continent.

Cross-Tag Combo: A serious of repeated single attacks from multiple angles, usually including some form of above, finishing with a devestating kick. This would usually be with Neo, as the pair came up with the move together.

Now to explain these things below.

Super: The Super Saiyan rip-off. Obtained three ways:

A. Use the Chaos Emeralds (Drains energy, but you're essentially invincible.)

B. Use the Chaos Emeralds once, save that energy, and train to be able to access it whenever.

C. Gain enough Chaos energy to be able to generate the same result as using the Chaos Emeralds.

(Note: Both B. and C. come with little to no energy loss, but comes with the risk of "You will get damaged".)

Chaos Super: Obtained through extreme to expert levels of Chaos control, meaning if you can keep all that overflowing energy inside, you get it.

Perfect Chaos: The end-all-be-all of transformations. Basically, chaos control is to be of a perfect level, or slightly below. This is legit god-tier, idk how the hell you could go further than this.

Appearances & Quotes

Roleplays: Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival

Fan-fictions: ERROR: The current form of media in which you are looking for involving [Skid the Hedgehog] is not available. However, a thought about fan-fiction may be in the works, so please hold.

Other. N/A


Family: His mother, Sara, his sister, Natalie, and his father. No name given. Yet.

Friends: Melody Masira, Neo the Hedgehog [I'll leave up to you if you consider Skid a friend in a canon he's in that involves your characters. If so, fill this in, cause I don't wanna make assumptions.]

Enemies: Xent, as of now.

Romantic Partner: He's been looking at Melody, sooo.. yeah.


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Concept for Skid in Skid the Hedgehog: School Survival.

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Fun Facts

The name of this universe which I titled Sonic Reborn, originally had Sonic as Skid's brother. I kinda want him in the story. However, there's the whole "Fanon and Canon don't mix" thing.

Skid has had two previous love intrests in old comics I wrote named Sky and Sapphire. I might repurpose those guys into actual characters.

For a while, I had a story that Fleetway Super Sonic killed Skid's first love, and they were enemies ever since.

The original Sonic Reborn story had a first issue kind of retelling a few Sonic roleplays, which started with a memorable one on Roblox with a dear friend of mine.

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