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Skewer looks like the lower class shadowains, the only difference is that he has two pairs of eyes instead of one, his eyes are a darker shade of red, and he has a tail that ends with a sharp barb.


Skewer can be described as coarse and crafty. His loyalty to Shadow Galaxia is undying. He would follow Shadow Galaxia's orders, though he does have his limits. He won't take orders if he thinks it's unnecessary. Though in a way, Skewer is more crueler than Shadow Galaxia.


Skewer was created by Shadow Galaxia to be different from the other shadowains. He wanted Skewer to be his second-in-command, knowing that he can't keep control by himself. Skewer accepted the offer, becoming Shadow Galaxia's second in command.


Skewer has the power to manipulate darkness like Shadow Galaxia, but it is more limited.


Skewer, like all Shadowains, has the ability to see in the dark.


Skewer is smarter than most Shadowains, but not by a lot. He also is very skilled at using a weapons.


Skewer usually uses long ranged weapons to attack his foes, or sends a shadowian troop to attack them. He is not good in hand-to-hand combat, and doesn't know how to wield a close combat weapon. Also, like other shadowains, dragon blood is deadly to him, being able to melt Skewer's tough exoskeleton.


"For the last time, I don't have anger issues! Now get your lazy butt over here!" -Skewer scolding a Shadowain who said he had anger issues.

"So you are the hedgehog who has been getting in Master Shadow Galaxia's plans?" -Skewer's first encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Say, you look a lot like that blue hedgehog. Bah! It doesn't matter, I'll destroy you anyway." -Skewer's first encounter with Shadow the Hedgehog.

Theme Song

  • Battle Music: Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon - Fight with Yveltal and others


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