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This is an article about Sirus Mionium, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 09/8/2014.
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Sirus' egg was an experimental Crucite created by Underground beings (somehow converted Lindwits' Empress, Emperor, and all Cups cards into a living being) as a method to conquer the land above. Due to many complications with the available technology, the egg was accidentaly discarded and sent out to sea, where it had hatched. During it's earliest stages, Sirus was similar in shape to a large yellow cocoon with a violet eye-pattern on it's front, which is truly bizarre for a Crucite, considering that most appear as grublike creatures after hatching. It simply drifted throughout the seas, absorbing nutrients and microscopic creatures through small ducts in it's shell to survive. After having consumed enough energy, the cocoon had developed more, having become somewhat thinner and gain two glowing tentacles from the growing being inside.

Sirus then discovered the newly gained abilities that it held from this new form of development. It had attempted to catch a Sea-Dwelling child Crucite, where it then found that it could both absorb the life-energy of whatever it touched with it's tentacles and brainwash any live prey to fight for it. Sirus quickly began to use this ability more, capturing and killing several other Crucites of varying size and shape. On normal circumstances, such a killing spree would be considered a sign of good development for a violent Crucite, but this was a rare case where it was developing too quickly, constantly increasing in power and developing in shape. This reached a point where it was considered a true threat, with countless other Crucites from all areas attempting to hunt it down, only leading themselves to their death and it's benefit.

Before it could reach it's final stage, Sirus was eventually restrained and contained within a gargantuan prism to hold it's immense size gained from many thousands of fallen Crucites, and was left to slowly rot as Crucite society regained from it's losses, and would eventually be abandoned on it's planet as overpopulation and migration would occur, though the events were never forgotten, meaning that it would not fall into the Void of Memory. It would remain trapped, incapable of any movement within it's prison for several centuries, slowly wasting away from what it once was, until one day, where a planet-sized asteroid had collided with and destroyed the planet it was trapped on, and it was flung into the depths of space, constantly moving throughout the empty void until reaching early Mobius. The resulting impact sent it many hundreds of miles below the ocean's surface and heavily damaged it's prison.

As millennia passed, the prism would wither away from the currents, slowly leaking out energy corrupted by the explosion (which lead to the eventual creation of Kinetic abilities) and in time, Sirus was free, having survived all those years by feeding off the energy it had stored within itself, and had regressed back to it's first evolution as a result. Now free to roam Mobius' waters, the cycle will most likely start once more.


The only abilities that would remain a constant throughout all of Sirus' forms is it's ability to fire beams from it's eye pattern (later changed to eyes) that can stun and even brainwash opponents, the latter of which will force a small portion of itself into the deepest of the target's mind, making it nearly impossible to fully remove, and it's ability to telepathically communicate with others. Throughout it's first five forms, the shell armor acts as a lightningrod to absorb any electrical damage and redirect it. In it's most basic form, Sirus' only form of movement/combat is to propel itself forward by first inhaling then expelling a large amount of whatever is around (whether it be water or air.) It's first evolution had given it the abiity to absorb life from other life by use of it's newly grown tentacles, which are truly formless and can seep through nearly any crack or crevice if not fully blocked.

Sirus' forms would not gain any new abilities up until it's third form, where it gains the ability to manipulate water (and only water plus variations of it) with it's mind, and it's hypnotic powers would increase in strength, now having a much wider range of effectivity when it's already implanted and gives it more control of the infected's functions such as speech and even combat capabilities. The sixth form would grant it a majorly increased physical strength and would give it access to many abilities used by those whose energy it consumes.

Sirus' eighth and final form would expand it's psychic abilities to levels beyond possible for most non-godlike beings, being capable of holding the form of a gargantuan water-demon with several millions of people within, acting as somewhat of a shield against attackers. In this form, it can alter it's shape and size at will, given that enough water is around to do so, and can create an immense wave of water and release it upon the surrounding area, engulfing any living beings caught in it within large bubbles of water, which then recede back into Sirus' water body and add them to it's living-shield and brainwash victims. Throughout this, it slowly drains life and knowledge from everyone caught inside, even stealing and sometimes completely wiping people's memory to make it it's own.

Physical Appearance(s)

For many of it's forms, Sirus will retain similarities to each one as it slowly evolves to perfection. On start, it will be a large yellow cocoon with various notches and ducts along it's shell and a massive white eye-pattern on it's front. It's first sign of evolution thins it's cocoon, though makes it taller and more developed, along with two thick tentacles made entirely of a glowing liquid and multiple blue spheres within which it can use to either grab distant objects/people or to walk around on land. Sirus' second form gives it only two more tentacles and nothing much else.

The third form opens two large holes on the sides of Sirus' cocoons, allowing it's (at that point scrawny) arms to move freely. The fourth makes the legs pop out from below, equally as weak and effectively useless at that point. The fifth form would remove most of the cocoon, save for the portion around it's head, where most of the eye pattern would move to while the rest of it's body would be exposed, now bearing resemblance to a normal, if very pale, crucite child (estimated age 5-8.)

The most development takes place during Sirus' sixth form, where it's body will pump up to become a tall, muscular humanoid, retaining it's pale skin, and the cocoon mask will slightly break to reveal it's mouth. The seventh form finally removes whatever remained of the cocoon, now showing it's whole body. In this form, Sirus' face and hair will finally reveal, somewhat long and pure white. The eigth and final form will make Sirus undergo a large mutation, where various veinlike tentacles will protrude from it's arms and legs, and will attract an immense amount of water using it's (now immeasurbale) psychic powers to form a gargantuan semi-humanoid (with many equally-sized tentacles,) and will attract most-all that it has brainwashed to become a thick layer of protection underneath the water.

The eighth form's water-body has many other physical forms that it can alter between. The main one is the aforementioned humanoid. The second is a long hydro-serpent with a massive wing-span. Another form it can take resembles a titanic neon jellyfish, with a countless amount of glowing tentacles protruding from it's underside.


Throughout all of it's forms, Sirus is cold and calculating, always having several plans to fall back on if one were to fail. It treats those it brainwashes as mere toys, and will dispose of them as soon as it sees fit. Sirus sees the whole world as it's own personal game, and will make the most of it in the worst kind of way. It also seems to have a much deeper and complex mindset underneath it all, but is really only used in the aformentioned backup-plans and in background plans while bigger events occur. Overall, Sirus is very childish yet calculating, the former slightly decreasing and the latter increasing as it changes forms.


  • The idea of Sirus had started as a tall Prospitian named "Quartz" whose only appearance was a major role then disappearance in "The Island of Doom." and a revival as a similar concept in "Resurgence."
  • Sirus' aquatic nature and brainwashing abilities are a reference to the M'arrillians from Chaotic, which were fishlike creatures with mind-control powers that were sealed away due to their immense power.
  • Sirus' childish nature, well-toned later forms, and ability to steal information from it's victims are based on that of the antagonist Love Machine from the movie Summer Wars.

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