Sirenna Madan is a young, idealistic dog who was recruited into the Scarlet Assassins as an operative during the later portions of their attacks against the Acorn Kingdom, before she was taken prisoner by the kingdom.

Sirenna Madan

Biographical Information
Age 19
Relatives pending
Alias pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Labrador
Gender Female
  • Fur: White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Yellow collar w/ military-style dog-tags on the front
  • Red shoulderless shirt
  • Wooden bracelets
  • White gloves
  • Gold & brown belt
  • Whitewashed jeans
  • Red & brown trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry None
  • Possesses the genetic ability Beacon Protection
  • Can summon her family members
  • Trained in some elementless combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212


Sirenna looks her age. Young, with a perpetual smile on her face, and a dull light of repressed intelligence in her red eyes. With white fur and an impressive young adult physique, Sirenna can use her looks to achieve almost anything.


Contrary to what her physical appearance might suggest, Sirenna doesn't dress like a red-light prowler. While she does wear a collar, this is adorned with military-style dog-tags. Aside from that, she wears a red shoulderless shirt, whitewashed jeans and red & brown trainers, plus two wooden bracelets, white gloves and a gold & brown belt.


Early History

Sirenna was born into the Madan Family, a group known for it's near-violent grudge against the Acorn Kingdom. A lot of members of the family were skilled with their genetic ability, Beacon Protection, as well as a wide variety of elemental and standard techniques. Then she came. Sirenna stood out amongst her family - slow and slightly dim-witted, with only Beacon Protection in the way of powers. To counter this, her father began to teach her how to summon members of her family whenever she felt unsafe. This, she took to.


Sirenna, like most of her family, attended a specific school in G.U.N. territory. However, unlike the others, she wasn't a standout success. In fact, it was hard for her to be called a success at all. Her presence was a distraction to the male students, because what she lacked in brains, Sirenna regained with her attractive body. As such, while she barely kept herself passing, she was always telling her family how many friends she had, etc. Finally, once she was finished with school, her parents expected her to return home. Instead, she joined a group who hated the Acorn Kingdom as much as her family - the Scarlet Assassins.

Red Pride

Having joined with a massive influx of youngsters, interested in taking their boredom and anger out on the Acorn Kingdom, Sirenna was the object of concern for her parents and the higher-ups, including the former military commander, now self-proclaimed king Carass the Lorikeet. Using his position, he released a rumor that she was to be his private concubine, something that the bird had no intention of acting on. By doing so, all the young university-aged recruits would leave her alone, while she simply wandered the base. Carass knew all about her inability to fight properly, but left it alone, instead going to face Elias Acorn, his opponent for the throne, on Angel Island. Two days later, members of the Royal Secret Service arrived, arresting everyone left in the Darkcastle base. Sirenna was immediately imprisoned, awaiting a trial that never came. Two months after her arrest, Sirenna was freed by her parents. However, instead of returning home, she returned to the Scarlet Assassins, which had fractured into five different mercenary groups, each with a red-themed name. The group with the original name happily welcomed Sirenna, and made it clear to her family - she was to be a recruiting officer at the Darkcastle base, not a field agent. Reluctantly, the family allowed her to remain, as long as she swore to summon them should she need help.


Sirenna's powers are somewhat lacking. Her genetic ability, Beacon Protection, serves to make her into a bright point of energy, generating a unique energy field capable of disrupting certain wavelengths of energy, in essence cancelling them out. This same energy field makes her, and all members of her family who possess this technique, easier to be summoned.

As a trained summoner, Sirenna can call upon her summons whenever she wishes. However, in this case her summons are her family members, who have been known to get irate when the somewhat dippy young Labrador summons them for essentially no reason. However, because a lot of her family are combat-trained, in any dangerous situation where she gets thirty seconds without attention, this can be devastating as a group of up to ten highly trained mercenaries appear out of nowhere to protect and aid her. When she decides that they've served their purpose, she can then simply return them to where they were when summoned.

In combat on her own, Sirenna is capable of a few attacks, but not enough to defend herself as well as most Mobians could. As such, she is normally a low-priority in battle, allowing her to summon her family.

Elementless Techniques


Ditsy, absent-minded and somewhat strange, Sirenna isn't known for her intelligence. The girl really seems to notice only three things - the people paying attention to her, any danger she may be in, and the powers of others. This makes her good for recruiting people, and poor for just about everything else.





  • Carass the Lorikeet - her 'king' and the man who prevented multiple assaults on her person before they occurred, Carass overthrew the previous leader of the Scarlet Assassins to declare himself king of the Acorn Kingdom, his ultimate goal, only to be killed by Elias Acorn.




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