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"You're wasting your breathe if think you can kick me and my skills to the curb." Sioux the Raven is the second Rival to Raven the Cyberhog on Extreme Gear. He is known to many Extreme Gearists as the "Native Legend" because he sports the Native American Apache chief hat on his head as he rides. This bird rides a board that bares the same name as his title, Native Legend.


Savoir is a brown and tan Raven with a golden yellow beak, red-orange eyes, and white fur on his belly. His feathers are dyed golden yellow with red-orange tips, put in a formation similar to jet's style. he also wears a red-orange and tan headband on his head. he also wears white gloves secured by black straps and red-orange boots with yellow plating, and have a black design similar to jet's. He seems to have fallen smitten with Vultra .


Sioux can easily be described as competitive, straightforward, and hotheaded. Each of these traits are exhibited after, or even before a race. He often tends to brag about his experience and tends to undermine his opponents by trash-talking. His competitive nature reaches the extent of turning a standard race into a demolition derby, vigorously slamming into opponents in the expected result of them falling off, or even destroying the board from the hit, and lies by claiming it to be an "unfortunate accident".

However, in a direct contrast to this, his proud nature stems from the speed he has as he rides past opponents in a brown blur, fast.


Savior was born and raised in a family that would go on a crime spree because: 1. His father was unemployed, 2. His mom worked at a SWEATSHOP, and 3. The were FLAT BROKE because of living in a bad neighborhood, and had to grab things such as a tire iron or wooden plank just to defend themselves. The main reason of being flat broke is because their neighbors would often steal so much as 200-300 dollars a DAY.

Savior took a lot of pity on his parents and tried to get a fundraiser campaign started for his family, but someone messed it up for all of them, and they were exiled from their homeland. Savior would often remember Raven, Jacqueline, and Amy come by give him 12-35 dollars a day, which is a pay split between the three of them in allowance.

Overtime, he and his family took justice into their own hands and they started robbing the money of their neighbors that have been stealing from them for years. Savior, at the age of 8, began to get training from his father to pickpocket unsuspecting victims, and if found, either stun them, or kill them. The main quote he remembers his father say is, "You can waste time thinking about you're plan of action, or you may do what you were taught and trained to do. The choice..... is all yours."

However, one afternoon, Savior was 13, and finally got the life he dreamt of for so long. But it all crumbled when he witnessed his parents being arrested by Roscoe for grand theft. In fear of too being an accomplice, he escapes through the back window of his second floor bedroom, and runs away, but stops cold when he hears a riot outside his house, and every neighbor he stole from had burned his home to the ground. From then and there, he vowed revenge for this and would rub it in everyone's face one day.

As time went on, he kept stealing from others, but only the extra-polished, cherished, and wealthy things like gold chains, gold nuggets, garnet gems, and pearls. Eventually, he decided to stop stealing on focus on other things. He later began to an interest in ancient tribe attire, but what stood out the most to him was the Apache hat. Since he didn't want to face the cops head-on, he crafted a tan and red-orange head that had a triangular design, and dyed the feathers on his head golden yellow, but made the tips red-orange.

a few weeks after crafting the Apache hat, he took an interest in Extreme Gear and Aerokinesis. He spent 5 months training in aerokinesis because he was struggling a little bit to understand it. at the age of 15, he took up Extreme Gear racing, and nailed it in 6 weeks. However, instead of revenge, he became obsessed with money and winning, and took on the terms of living a life of crime.


The only power he has is aerokinesis, or the ability to manipulate wind, thereby enabling him to cheat sometimes in racing


master Extreme gear rider

skilled thief


the thought of being rich makes him spoiled.

He takes his self pride very seriously.

His hatred of Raven makes him short-tempered.

If he finds anything shiny and valuable, he'll snatch it and swap with a less valuable object.


"My name's Savior, that's all you need to know."

"What do you think you are doing?

"No way in a millennia's time will I fail!"-Savior at the start of a race.

"No, No, No, No, No! I Failed."

"If only you had Extreme Gear capabilities like me, which you don't."

"Hmph. You couldn't have done it better then me, even if you tried ONCE."

"Ho, Ho, now. You're OWNED, dummy!"-Savior when winning a race."

"Of course, dummy! how would I know the difference between right and wrong?"

"Uh!Uh!Uh! That prize is mine!"

"As natural as the next best loser, which is 2nd place."

"time to fly!! Aero LIFT!


Savior the Raven

The Apache Rider himself.

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